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  • lunalight 4d


    Which we think everything for us
    Will never remains the same


  • pink_blue 2w


    Somethings should not be changed,
    Somethings should not be judged,
    Somethings just happen,
    Somethings just stitch, while somethings just break,
    Somethings should be protected n treasured,
    Somethings should just remain...


  • zilexx 5w

    #something rainclouds brings,

    The darkness it brings make one remember forgotten memories of the past, as sadness creeps through ones soul the loneliness we feel will soon fade like the storm it does not stay but it does come back.

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    Rainclouds make thee hearts ache.

  • zilexx 5w

    #something fact:

    sometimes we all need to experience what pain feels like in order for us know love.

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    Love a language that only the heart can speak.

  • sahilharish22 6w

    #love for her
    #something special

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    Draft folder

    He wrote what he felt for her ☺️

    One more note was added in his draft folder

  • sahilharish22 6w

    Breathtaking should mean YOU

  • deepa_ddm 8w

    Something hits a part
    Sometimes a whole of meee...
    Some leave like there's nothing
    Some live behind as souls...


  • raman_writes 8w


    कुछ तो किया होगा मैंने जो उन्होंने मुझे बुरा कहा ।

    तारीफ़ हर किसी की वो बेवज़ह नहीं किया करते ।।


  • tortoise 9w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #something

    The lines in ".." in last third para is from the song, "Ocean", by Anuv Jain.

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    S O M E _ T H I N (K) G

    It's been three days of trying to write something down, yet I've utterly failed. Don't you think it's quite important to write something? The thing with something is, it lacks the name. But Shakespeare had said, "What's in a name!" And, so i have pushed myself to write, something.

    I know what i should be doing, and i also know what i am doing. But my "should" and "am" are not the same. That's something.

    My heart yearns for one, and my brain releases dopamine too. But my "heart" and "brain" are not working for the same. That's something.

    To know a thing is good, and to accept it openly is better. But my "knowledge" and "acceptance" are not in the same line. That's something.

    It's my body that despairs for love, and my soul that craves happiness. But my "body" and my "soul" are not asking the same thing. That's something.

    They expect me to be someone, and i also want to be that someone. But my "expectations" and "reality" are not matching. That's something.

    It's alright that I've decided to keep my something to myself, because i know it's not something big that will kill me. It's a slow poison, and most likely I'll survive it out. And even if it kills me in the end, I'd be more than happy to live through it. Because that's something.

    The thing with something is that, it closes you in a prison, that's invisible to your closest people. Its walls keep shrinking, and suffocating you to death, while you keep laughing to waste your counted breaths. But then, death has it's time of arrival, and it can neither be early, nor late. It's punctual, like i am.

    Something isn't punctual, and that's why i don't like going on date with it. Yet it keeps chasing me, and now when i have begun to write it down, i feel at ease. I can admit it openly to something, that i was scared of it. I actually do not fear the death, i fear not living enough.

    Talking of enough, i don't know when it is enough. Dr. Jahangir Khan said, in Dear Zindagi, "Genius is about knowing when to stop." At times, I've desired of being a genius. Yet i have ruined the brakes for myself, and so "i keep drowning away. Will my Gods forgive me, for feeling this way?"

    I guess, it's enough now. Though i wish to tell, my something doesn't trouble me much, when i am with you. As if you're my palliative, you can't cure me completely but you can give an illusion that I'm on my way to healing. Who knows, it becomes a reality one day!

    Something had to be done about something, and so here, i vomit it out.


  • knightoflove 9w

    There's no difference between Wanting Something from someone and wanting someone for something.

  • siacullen 9w


    There's something,
    Only I wish I'd know what it is!

  • _yuku_08 12w


    When you truly opt for something you will surely get it. You just need to be dedicated to your work and be true to yourself.

  • deepa_ddm 18w

    I know I am just writing something but yes at times I do face myself in the midstream and I just wanted to write something so I wrote this...

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    Had it ever happened to you that you have something that oozes out of your heart but isn't noticed by anyone...
    Have you ever felt like something is touching the very last notch of your heart, and it's so deep to affect you but you are unable to withstand it....
    Had your heart ever been in lerch when you can neither speak of your heart nor can you succumb it to silence...
    I don't know if you ever have been in any such situation, but i have...
    Yes I have... And the tragedy that lies here in that I am still unknown how to overcome it. I have no idea what to do when I have something like this going on within me. I don't know whether I should cry it out or I should mut my heart.. I feel like I am loosing myself, I am loosing my soul... But all that I can do is to feel helpless.
    I try to fight myself, I try to overcome it by reminding myself all the morals that I had learnt earlier. I try to remind myself who I am. I try to counsel myself with the lines that could motivate me but at times even they seem failing. I try to be decisive in the direction that would be right in eyes of many others but sometimes it hurts me more. I try to write down in order to vent but even that doesn't work for me sometimes. It just feels like there's nothing in world that could stabilize me...
    I had been in such situation quite a few times, and I have even overcome those times but I haven't been able to figure out what will make me suffer less...
    Had you been in like this???
    Have you felt like this???
    Did you overcome the situation???
    How did you deal???
    Would you like to say something???

  • wilmaneels1 22w

    #something i wrote in my home language Afrikaans for someone who lost her son a year ago.
    Not in the language of the app but will delete from here once I have shared it with her

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    Daar is tye wat die pyn te veel word
    Wanneer die vermisting my wil opvreet
    Dan is daar tye wat die goeie tye my laat lag met die wete dat al was ons tydjie te kort as ma en seun hier op aarde het ons die beste tye saam gehad.
    Al was dit partykeer nie altyd maklik nie was die liefde wat ons kon deel die moeite werd

    Vandag is dit 'n jaar en tog voel dit soos gister, toe die dood jou kom wegsteel het
    Dit is innerlik seer, party dae is beter as ander. Maar dai leemte bly so dig teen my
    Dis asof dit aan my klere bly vasklou

    Maar die hoop beskaam nie jy het baie nagelaat.. Jou engel dogtertjie, die invloed wat jy op jou suster gehad het

    Ons mis jou boeta (onbeskryklik baie)
    Jou voetspore het kom stil word
    Jou stem word nie meer gehoor nie en tog weet ek jy is altyd saam met ons.

    Die jaar het verby gesluip
    By tye was alles so mistig
    En tog is ons nog hier, om jou lewe en jou liefde te celebrate

    Dis nie dieselfde sonder jou nie, maar ons moet aanhou leef, aanhou asem haal al is dit deksels seer

    Jy word gemis
    Jy word nogsteeds gekoester
    Jy word nogsteeds lief gehe
    Al is jy daar en ons is hier

    Lief vir jou vir altyd en verewig
    Alnico ❤️

  • zhayden 28w


    Summer. The dazzling sun and sweltering heat.
    You came knocking to my door unexpectedly,
    A new person that moved next door,
    Then like that, you also entered my life.

    The way the light falls before you
    Made you shine that it was so blinding
    And the way the wind blows your hair
    Made it into such a mess that it was funny

    Yet your laughter and smile gave me a feeling,
    It was as if something was scratching my heart
    A fluttery, yet itchy feeling
    It was new to me that sends me into a torrent of confusion

    Your smile made me smile
    Your sadness was my sadness
    Like peacock, I did everything to make you smile again.
    It was so silly, and yet so worth it

    When you're gone,
    My eyes can't help but find even a glimpse of your shadow.
    And when you're here,
    That's when I can't help but keep on looking at you.

    They said, "It's love"
    What? I thought to myself
    What do i know about love?
    Nothing, nothing at all.

    However if this is love
    Then maybe it's fine if it's you
    But I wonder if you feel it to
    The same thing I do for you.


  • i_shukriya 29w

    Nothing remain same after,
    the time changed,
    May be today I 'm nothing
    But remember one day I will do something..
    Something doesn't mean I had not yet decided what..?
    Although my something will be disclosed when I achieve it.....


  • iam_pnkaj 33w


    Riding home with thoughts
    Can I be safe or dead before dawn
    Rising again to live that life
    Isn't it ended last night
    Or I was lost in the summer
    The heat that I lay upon
    Maybe that melted the heart
    Still trying to go on to road
    Taking the trip with the lost tune
    Holding own hand talking to own fears
    Did I made sure I told you
    I was
    Riding home with thoughts
    Can I be safe or dead before dawn.......

  • iam_pnkaj 33w


    Keeping it all inside the dead heart
    That Melted sometimes ago
    It had flown like the river;
    When it meets the mountain shore ,
    Had it been easy or was it hard
    To control or to be lasting this long ,
    Did it hurt or am I getting healed
    Is it a question or fake answer for the mirror,
    Seeing through the closed eyes
    Making sure it's all right even if it's only in my dreams ,
    Sure to go ahead or
    Staying on the same road after the ages ,
    Keeping it all inside the dead heart
    That melted a while ago.......

  • charvee 37w


    I am alone that much like
    Just bored in my own life.
    I am fed up by all things
    Just wanna express my tears.
    My feelings towards my life.
    No one is there with me.
    I wanna follow my dreams.
    I wanna enjoy by myself.
    Just feelings nothing is left.

  • boundless_bound_ 37w


    We started out as strangers
    But very soon we got closer.
    The feelings were same and so was the warmth
    But differences and delusions overshadowed our bond.

    We shielded each other,
    Held tight during highs and lows.
    Compromised, pushing our limits, we tried our best.
    But destiny wanted something else.
    Though connected spiritually, we are
    Still separated physically and emotionally.

    Our bond, those secrets,
    We shared everything but pity, we
    Couldn't share self respect and tolerance.
    We walked together but on different sides,
    You were on the left, I was on the right.
    We were similar,yet so different and
    That's why it didn't work out well.

    Our bond was unique and sacred,
    But still lacked something.
    We complemented each other,
    But couldn't seal those cracks
    And so our red hearts
    Became black as hell at last.

    All those deep conversations made us feel so special,
    All those lame jokes, funny snaps made us feel high.
    Who knew that it would take this turn?
    Our talks turned into arguments
    And memories which used to be happy,
    Now make us feel sad and caged.

    Life wanted us to meet,
    But didn't want us together.
    We spent a grand time,
    But it didn't last forever.
    Our lives were just parallel, we
    Mistook them to be intersecting.

    We don't know what went wrong.
    I want you back but life has
    Something else in store for us.
    We would have made it perfect,
    We would have sorted it out,
    But we had to part ways,
    And that becomes
    the final truth.