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  • iamsatyajitrout 1w

    I sleep only to see you in my dreams...
    To communicate with you...
    I want you to make me motivated...
    Make me realise how beautiful this world is...
    Till the eternity...
    I would cherish this world...
    Thank you for your love...
    Which you shower even after all the misdoings...

  • superrita_21 4w

    Happy Birthday my Son

    You were born to me my dearest one
    A gift from Bhaghwan truly awesome

    What can i say, i am surely blessed
    I recieved you like a treasured trinket

    You have the name of "Balaji" the great Lord
    I bow & pray with reverence, you be protected by him, exploring life's mystery pod

    U came to this world as my little son
    But, today you grow tall & smarty, filled cheer & joy , in mom's ❤ty bossom

    Oh, ya today i see you not only as a Son
    You took over & graduated as my best friend who advices me, when troubles are so cummbersome

    Yay, Balu , you are my television buddy
    Watching shows together cuddly cuddly

    I enjoy our hour long discussions on different topics
    I feel so elated & proud to hear all your intelligent advices

    simplicity & love is your mighty traits
    Sweet compassion & kind to all your friendly mates

    I enjoy being with you & having loads of fun
    Time just flies when i am with you Son

    I love , bless & kiss you abundantly
    Truly, its my honour to be your Mom, my sweet jelly

    My bangaru golden boy
    I wish you true happiness, health, wealth & joy

    May you achieve all your dreams
    Push your horizons & reach the top of the creams

    You told me, nothing is impossible Mom
    I believe in you , always my son

    So, be a go getter & never shy back at any opportunity ever
    Let divine strength be your side, guiding your path , everyday as you walk to strive

    Mom's blessings shall be always on you
    Wish you all the best on this beautiful birthday , my dearest one, your heart is so true

    ❤ Love you Baby


  • emeraldjay22 6w

    #mother # fight for rights #son

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    Just wait and see

    I need to express something to you

    Oh yes a secret i cant keep

    I'm weary due to sleepless nights
    For you've tied stones to my feet

    I'm filled with sorrow and agony as you maliciously withhold my precious son away from me

    Oh yes my sweet child I miss him so desperately

    For I dwell upon these captured memories to watch his smile I crave to see

    He is older now and I've lost time to embrace his growth with the help of me

    But what you don't know is that a mom is a well defined warrior that will battle for there Youngs rightful destiny

    Yes I am his God given mother and I will never let you take that away from me

    Guess you'll have to just watch and see

    For I love that child more than anything.


  • silentechoes 7w

    I have a Trans daughter son, a son that is poly, an uncle that loves kids, a mother that is a lesbian, a gay nephew, my uncle is my baby daddy, I never knew my father but certainly, the only thing that makes sense is that it was a person with a "male" looking part and my mother being naiive, fell for its rainbow hat and buck teeth and walah! Here I am and I'm fabulous! And she didn't even know it was a "man" or whatever, she just jumped on the ride because of that snazzy rainbow hat. Anyway my aunt is a nu*d**t and she likes me to be one too when I go to her house. Oh, and my God mother is Lady Gaga, if that tells you anything.
    #lgtbq #Disney #pedos #gay #poly #nudist #mom #dad #uncle #auntie #brother #kid #son #nogendersallowed #fabulous #daughter #transgender #antigender #antistraight #antikindness

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  • angels_halo_shines 7w

    From A Nightmare To A Miracle

    I am a firm believer in miracles. They happen, you must believe that it can happen I have noticed that. Every now and again you get a surprise. A miracle you didn’t expect.

    And I write for truth and awareness, so what I’m saying I have had it happen to me. Or I have seen it with my own eyes happen. But, in this particular miracle it happened to me last night.

    During the chaotic hours of my son being a 9 hour drive away from any of his family, it happened. My son got in a big blowout disagreement with his girlfriend and her family. They made my son leave. He is 20 in May. My son, he freaked out, he and his girlfriend went south. And apparently that was all on her. So, she is calling me asking me what to do. I dk because that doesn’t sound like my son. No way no how.

    My daughter and are saying we can’t just jump on a plane this minute to go get him and check on him. Cuz that’s what I do, if they are having problems I do what I can to help. Any mom would, no matter the age. To me he’s still the little boy that took to my heart the day he was born. It hurt me not to be able to do so.

    So, my daughter was reaching out to everyone my son had established as friends here, family so they could reach out to him. Letting him know we all care, we love him and miss him so much. He has friends from the first day of school. During all that she reached out to my oldest daughter. She has spoke to any of us since mom passed 10/19/2021. Molly was concerned, said she could make a call to him. It was a miracle she even answered back. We have missed her so much.

    It took a nightmare to turn into a miracle, maybe it is hard, but see I didn’t expect a miracle. It was a long and tiring day. And just out of nowhere. Just have hope. Always believe it can happen.

  • vs_thoughts 8w

    Just want to meet you once
    Just wanted to hug you so tight where I want to stop my breath and time because I don't want to miss that moment where we meet again
    But God made me helpless now you're only left in my memories and in my tears.

  • porcupine 10w

    Happy 25th Birthday son

    Today is a special day
    Because a special someone
    Turns twenty five
    It is your birthday
    Twenty five years young
    You can party and feel alive

    This day is just for you
    A quarter of a century you are
    Enjoy this day
    Graced by you
    You are a gift from heaven
    You are the best gift I must say

    May you have a great time
    Have a few drinks of whiskey
    Twenty five years
    Passed so fast
    Stay safe please birthday boy
    Happy Birthday and I will say Cheers!

  • luicava 11w

    My Father and I are like GPS and a Driver
    He always shows me the best possible way


  • nikitagrwl 11w

    If you want to know your mother,ask your wife!

  • bhawanaa 13w

    Genuine pic

    It was 31 first January 2021,
    My lovely son was departing when,
    It is his first posting as a warrior
    I kissed on his forehead
    Poured a lot of blessings
    I and his dad।
    After than a pic with my son
    Trying to control my emotion
    Tears in eyes and a fake smile on face
    Was making a fun।
    Oh mom! please control yourself
    Now you will be habitual
    Please don't make such yelp
    Thank you for this lovely pic

  • dnswords 14w

    दुनिया की कितनी भी बडी हस्ती हो

    एक मुकाम पर शांत होती हे

    और वो हे

    माँ बाप की बढती उमर और तब्येत


  • kunjjiquotes 15w

    I remember my childhood days.
    When I was in 2nd standard
    In the evening everyone left the school
    I only was there
    No one came to pick me
    I was about to cry
    I knew my mom would come
    But it never happened
    After that I never felt love

  • holybible 17w

    John 11:4

    When Jesus heard that,
    he said, This sickness is not unto death,
    but for the glory of God,
    that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.

    © HolyBible

  • leaonmars 20w


    My mommy was right I am stupid. The stupidest there is and the stupidest there will ever be.

  • haslarr 26w


    बुढ़ापे मे आपको रोटी,
    आपका बेटा नहीं, आपके
    दिये हुए संस्कार देते हैं।

  • semicolon_ksa 27w

    My little heaven

    It's our world dear love
    The one we created for us and only us

    Many days and nights of love and comfort
    Lazy days crazy nights

    Sleepy days movie nights
    Where no one and nothing else matters

    In itself a bundle of joy
    Now ready to welcome our bundle of joy

    Our little prince should be welcome here
    With all love and care

    I longed for this day since forever
    To make this come back

    To fall back in your arms
    To feel home again

    It's our world dear love
    And I call it
    My little heaven


  • _akshay_bond 33w


    "Father mother and son you never knew when it begin and when it stops"

  • yasirahmad_ 39w


    Rain always effectuate joy, hope and
    It Refreshes each and everything
    Everyone sends good tidings to these
    Small diamond-shaped droplets,
    Be it an insect or a giant tree,
    Every part of mother nature is dancing
    With joy, everyone is celebrating
    This moment till it's going to last,
    Summer was unkind with these
    Little bugs and shrubs, now they are
    Standing out in the rain with their
    Hands pointing up towards the sky
    And making merry with their loved ones,
    They're joined by two lions, by their
    Size and shape they appear as father
    And son, they are dancing, playing and
    Splashing the water from the potholes
    There is a stream running next to them
    They jumped into it, and son
    Climbed on his fathers back, trying
    To hold on to the mane of his father,
    One can easily assume they've
    Met each other again after
    A very long time, while watching
    Their play, Others are joining them too,
    Celebrated their union, and
    They are now happily together.


  • bclark2681 41w


    Born of infant and innocence
    Now before eyes of disbelief
    Blooms young man important

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 43w


    I am the princess of roads and streets,
    Wrapped in the velour of dirt, my personality greets,
    I do not have a diamond tiara adding to my grace,
    The only jewel I wear is my emarald eyes and smiling face.

    The harshness of the passers by couldn't snatch my charm,
    A bowl of hopes in one and nurturing starvation in another arm,
    I swallow my thirst like a glass of old wine,
    Waited all my life for a miraculous turning point of mine.

    O! But so stupid was I, never knew, never ever realised,
    Dreams aren't meant for the eyes, with poverty that are paralysed,
    He used to pass daily through that lane in his car,
    Dropped more than I desired in my bowl of scar.

    He claimed that he loved me and his love was true,
    He was the prince Godsend to pull me out of my days of blue,
    Very soon I sat next to him in the car, crossing the same streets,
    Not for begging, but enjoying his sweetness, lovely treats.

    We completely forgot that we were still unmarried,
    We lived our lives like a couple, his child I carried,
    But destiny was a foe and remained until last,
    It dugged out my misfortune and enliven my past.

    He broke all promises and merged with the soil,
    A major car accident was the reason for the spoil,
    Months passed by and my labor hit me finally,
    I became the mother of a son whose father silenced eternally.

    The unborn I carried, didn't abort though I had the option,
    As I didn't want to kill the sign of my love, resting peacefully,
    Breast-fed my baby once before giving away for adoption,
    To a barren couple who would give all the luxuries to my son, like a royal family.


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