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  • taytay_nicole424 4m

    Oh how I wish I could murder you
    Forever turn off all these sweet little things you left to sting at every piece of my heart
    Like some kind of sadist you got off on my hurt
    If only you were gone
    Maybe then I could gain that blissful yet illusive clarity

    Oh how I wish I could murder you
    Throw your cruel necklace in the trash
    Like you did with me three years ago
    When you chose to mess around with that bitch in South Korea
    While I awaited my brave soldier lonely yet patiently in the states
    Like some love sick idiot
    Was she even truly worth it

    Oh how I wish I could murder you
    Permanently eradicate you from my once thriving earth
    Instead I allow to pour your deadly pesticide
    All over my tormented flowers
    Killing what little life I have left inside of me
    You left me to perish 6 feet under my own dirt

    Why can't I just murder you
    And wipe you off the face of my earth

    This makes my 100th Poem!!!����But certainly not my last��Thank you all of you for your continuous support on this young fragmented writer��I hope y'all continue to enjoy these little fragments of my heart��

    #song #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Dead To Me

    "I need to kill you that's the only way to get you out of my head oh I need to kill you to silence all the sweet little things you said"
    ~Melanie Martinez- Dead To Me

  • iamsatyajitrout 16h

    Oh my dear little musing...
    Thank you for your orchestral music...
    You sang it for yourself...
    But I felt It was for mine...
    Hope you would touch the sky...
    With your little musical wings...

  • abmaria 1d

    Hey ! My little moon
    The one that has an everlasting immortal smile...
    My heart holds a song for you
    A song that pours emotions onto your heart...
    Just close your eyes and listen to it's rhythm
    You can hear the soulful words beeping the beat of your heart up....


  • vsb_heartsays 2d


    You are the First stubbornness in my heart
    Raising up like a fresh brewing coffee under the Flame of love and bliss
    Cuddling me with a beautiful aroma of warmth
    Quenching my thirst by numbing my taste in the blindness of imperishable life
    Endorsing the magical flavours of emotions and feelings
    Dripping in with a cookie of longing for eternity
    With the essence of reverence

  • alextheft 3d

    I wish I could sing
    The words,
    there are
    only stories,
    And my rhyme
    Is all stolen,
    Oh your beauty
    Is smoother
    Then the plot
    And those
    Curious eyes,
    Light up
    Then the flame
    I will ever contain,
    I wish I could sing
    The words,
    Which you are stealing
    So very


  • lokendra__ 3d

    Haal e Dil Kya Main Sunawan
    Haal Sunawan Kyaa Main

    Dil Ko Tasali Dena Koyi
    Aankh Na Barsi Dil Se Royi
    Rootha Khuda Main Manawan Haye

    Dukh Dard Laaye Bedard Haaye
    Yeh Dard Ke Mosam Hain
    Seh Na Paaye Haye Bin Bataye
    Ye Dard Ke Mosam

    Barse Hain Naina Tarse Hain Naina
    Mere Kyun Rabba Batade


    Rab Hi Jaane Kab Tak Sehna Hai
    Sehna Bhi Hai Tou Kuch Nahi Kehna Hai
    Cheekh Bhi Lon Tou Sunaun Kis Ko��
    Humdardon Ne Tou Chup Rehna Hai:)

    Main Hi Karan Sab Ki Dil Joyi
    Meri Kisi Ko Fikar Na Hoyi
    Rootha Insan Main Manawan Haye

    Dukh Dard Laaye Bedard Haaye
    Yeh Dard Ke Mosam Hain
    Seh Na Paaye Haye Bin Bataye
    Yeh Dard Ke Mosam
    Dukh Dard Laaye Bedard Haaye
    Yeh Dard Ke..

    #song #lyrics

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    Cheekh Bhi Lon Tou Sunaun Kis Ko

    Rab Hi Jaane Kab Tak Sehna Hai
    Sehna Bhi Hai Tou Kuch Nahi Kehna Hai
    Cheekh Bhi Lon Tou Sunaun Kis Ko
    Humdardon Ne Tou Chup Rehna Hai:)

  • nocturnal_enigma 4d

    * 18.1.2022; 6.32 A.M (Malaysia)

    * Song title: Raise your voice. Korean-English song by F-Killer. (Gummy, Kim Jong Kook & Haha). They sang it during Running Man's fan-meeting event.

    #song #wod @miraquill

    * For my #crush #AHBA


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    Raise your voice ~ (Changed lyric)

    I listen to your voice.
    Listen to your hard breaths.
    You were so exhausted.
    I know, that you have a tough life.

    I wanna know, if you really liked me?
    Because I still like you & I love you.
    I'll never change my feeling for you.
    You're a sea-sponge. I'm a starfish.

    I listen to your voice.
    Listen to your heartbeat.
    You're the apple of my eyes.

    You really mean so much to me.
    You are so precious to me.
    Never going to change my feeling.
    Even after end of the world.

    Raise your voice
    I watch your videos at YouTube.
    I even subscribed to your channel.
    I'm your die-hard fan. Can you see it?
    You're among the stars. Shine in night sky.
    Wonder how's your day?
    Wanna hear you say!
    I’ll always support you.
    The one who shines. It's you!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • akshiwrites 4d

    Song: They don't know about us.


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    Love is what
    you and me

    //Just us//

  • sougata_ 4d

    Wrote this based on one of my most loved songs - Apocalypse by C.A.S
    #song #wod #pod @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Tik click tik!
    There goes my lighter
    as I try to light my cigarette
    and pour some wine into the glass
    and play my favorite artist on Spotify
    oh! how I wish I could fly,
    I can feel my emotions clash
    am I happy or rather upset?
    just hoping for my night to get brighter.

    Knock knock! Hello there?
    I shouted out from the sofa
    as I heard someone at the door
    wait it's him. Could I have asked for more?
    no I'm not dreaming. There you're, voila!
    my heart was now beating with love
    and joy and not in gloom and despair.

    Hugs turned to kisses
    turned to cuddles
    turned to...turned to.....
    I closed my eyes
    teleported to a parallel universe
    my body heated up as molten lava
    heart faced a tsunami of feelings
    soul flooded with adrenaline
    zombies conquering my inner self
    my nerves and veins set on fire
    fulfilling my pot of desires
    lost track of thyself
    are you now really mine?
    it's indeed a boon or a curse?
    On the bed we were laughing and giggling
    but now wrapped in silence
    the clock went tik tok tik tok
    I, I....

    Beep beep beep!
    So was I dreaming?
    I woke up from my dream by the
    sound of the microwave
    realised all this while I've craved
    for someone and that's was him,
    my sleep flashed visuals
    of passion and destruction
    was it love or unhealthy obsession?
    My cigarette lay dead on the floor
    Wine glass empty
    racing heartbeats, dry lips
    I picked up my phone
    to notice the last song played
    ..... APOCALYPSE.

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  • daunting_phoenix 4d

    #song I tried :) temp..

    Inspired from the song: secret base (10 years after version)

    @summersin @anirockz7


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    Your memories paint my nights
    In sullen shades of gray,
    Was it always like this?
    Does it have to be like this?
    Can it be changed?

    A million questions running astray
    In my mind; it goes in circles.
    I'm at square one again,
    Chasing those mellow sunsets
    Under the vast sky. 

    Secrets whisper ever so slowly,
    You brush past like winter snowflakes,
    Sand slips from my hands
    Sea waves splash on the shore;
    Drizzles fall like an embrace. 

    Those letters of ours,
    Were sealed with innocence of childhood;
    Fireworks adorn the sky,
    And light my house;
    Without you, can I still call it home?

    I want you to stay with me,
    But you slip past like a breeze;
    I can't hold on any longer,
    It is fine, isn't it?
    Visit me in my dreams maybe? 

    From the bottom of my heart,
    I'll let the feelings unravel,
    A farewell gift, just for you. 
    Under the cherry blossom you adored,
    We might cross paths someday,
    I'll wait for it. 


  • _broken_mirror_ 5d

    #song #wod #miraquill 'lovely' by Billie eilish n Khalid

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    Oh I hope some day I'll make it out of here,
    Even if it takes all night or a hundred years,
    Need a place to hide,but I can't find one near,
    Wanna feel alive outside I can't fight my fear,
    Isn't is lovely,all alone
    Heart made of glass,my mind of stone
    Tear me to pieces,skin to bone,
    Hello ,welcome home

  • rayhannahere 5d

    #song #pod #wod # @writersnetwork @miraquill

    I know, I know.. I m a whole day late. But my University Examinations are going on so, Perdónenme, Señores y Señoras..!

    I've taken this opportunity to write on one of my fave song:
    ~Khaabon ke Parindey by Alyssa Mendonça, Mohit Chauhan from movie
    Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara~

    Ude, khule aasaman mein khwabon ke parindey
    Ude, dil ke jahaan mein khwabon ke parindey
    Oho, kya pata, jayenge kahaan
    Kisi ne chhua toh yeh hua
    Phirte hain mehke mehke hum
    Khoye hain kahin baatein nayi
    Jab hain aise behke hum
    Hua hai yoon ke dil pighal gaye
    Bas ek pal mein hum badal gaye
    Oho.. ab to, jo bhi ho so ho..

    ●(In the open sky, fly the birds of dreams
    In the land of heart, fly the birds of dreams
    o, who knows, where shall (they) go
    when someone touched it happened
    I roam around scented,
    I am lost somewhere, there are new things happening,
    so intoxicated I seem to be,
    it has so happened that hearts have melted,
    in a moment I (OR we) have changed
    O.. whatever happens now...)

    ❤❤Our favorite song was already told in one of the older posts. So I'll take one of his song which was written in the way he has promised things to me.. song is ~Ek Mai Hu aur Ekk Tu from Movie of same name.. by Benny Dayal and Shefali Alvares~ It goes like this:

    Boring boring zindagi ke, muh pe chhidkenge paani
    Is pal ke hum baadshah hain, karein kyun na manmaani
    Gham ki baatein bhool ja, khushiyan saja
    Jo bhi hoga I am with you (I am with you)
    Yun na ghabra, thoda muskura
    Jo bhi hoga I am with you
    Ek main hoon aur ek tu
    I wanna be with you
    Tere peeche peeche main
    Mere aage aage tu
    Ek main hoon aur ek tu
    I wanna be with you

    ●(We'll splash water in the face of this boring life
    We're the kings of this moment, why not do what we want
    Forget sadness, celebrate happiness
    Whatever happens, I am with you
    Don't be so afraid, smile a little
    Whatever happens I am with you
    It's just you and me
    I wanna be wiith you
    I'm right behind you
    And you're just ahead of me
    It's just you and me
    I wanna be with you..)

    Signing out with a Geeli Pappi to all. Its virtual please.
    ���� ���� ����

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    Brewing only Academics in ones Life, will gain you only and only Numbers and not Experiences. I am Reviving my lost Time with the Person who reminds me of Living in the Present, just like his name..


  • adorable_girl 5d

    Jeena Jeena

    Words are just enough to express,
    The love to beloved amour,
    Whenever I give the ears,
    To listen this song,
    It becomes a tongue twister,
    Wanna learn to lead a life,
    To fall in love by accepting,
    The flaws just the way they are,
    Craves to fly in someone hearts,
    Mine looks gives a inevitable,
    Story of my self love.

  • kingdomdelight 5d

    Thank You, Lord (Song/ Jonathan Helser)

    The splendor of unfailin' love
    Tenderly warm, the eternal King of love
    steps gently into ur hearts room

    Pavin' the way
    Pourin' love
    Showin' up in amazing love!

    Thank You, Lord
    Your unfailin' love
    always, finds me ...

    Changes me ..
    Mends me ...
    Makes me whole ....

    Eternally, Your smile, burns brightly in mine heart
    Showin' daily UP, for me
    Kissin'mine soul
    Makin' love with mine eternal bein'
    Blessin' me, abundantly, above all!

    How do I say, from the bottom of mine heart,
    above all,
    Thank You, Lord!
    Always, enternin' lovingly mine hearts room
    How mine own words seems to fail
    when the presence of true love overwhelms me
    Oh mine heart cries out
    Thank You, Lord
    for lovin' me!


  • angels_halo_shines 5d

    In the quotations above they were taken from Yellow by Coldplay

    Photo credit myself ironically across from Jurado Lane (spelling matter be off.)

    #writersnetwork #yellow #empath #empathmimd #shine #hereinspirit #ceesreposts #song #coldplay #observations
    #sobernow #soberlife #spirit #spirtiual

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    Observing Your Observations

    “Look at the stars
    Look how they shine for you
    And all the things that you do”

    I know you see me now
    You see us now
    Up there with Mom laughing, it’s ok

    Observing your observations
    It never took you long either
    I guess now you see all you need now

    I told you I soak so much in
    You already knew that though
    You waited for me to figure it out

    The truth is, I never did on my own
    Only through LillyFlower I learned
    Thank God for her.

    “Look how they shine for you
    Look how they shine for you
    Look how they shine”

  • katladyt_ 5d

    #song #word
    I know it's too late, but over yonder here on the other side of the world, I like to sleep in on my day off ��

    @readwriteunite @mirakee_reposts @miraquill
    #mirakeeapp #mirakeenetwork #ceesreposts

    Song: 'If I Didn't Love You'
    Artists: Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood

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    The Truth Lies In The Lyrics

    Time and time again
    No matter how hard I try
    The truth in the lyrics
    Gets me everytime
    I ghosted you
    To protect my heart
    Your words cut deep
    The last we talked

    When one moves on
    And the other stays still
    You keep your game face on
    Brave the facade...until
    There's no hiding the facts
    Both know the reasons why
    That if you didn't still love him
    By now, you'd be fine


  • bellemoon99 5d

    River lullaby from The Prince of Egypt and Dear Rabbit by The herectics are the inspiration for this poem.

    #song #wod

    The gelid currents of wind seem warm compared to the frozen sensation within my core.

    Our tears melancolic snowflakes escaping this prison we can never leave.

    My beloved, why must our love turn into so much anguish? Our kisses, our tender embrace, all of them just golden dust in the morning wind.

    Hold me, allow our flames to set this cruel world on fire. May it burn to a crisp like our home did. May the ashes be the ground for a new life.

    Oh, but it shall never be how we wished under the twinkling stars. They are fading, dying in front of our very eyes.

    This merry song is now a dirge floating above the sleeping world like a lost ghost. Can you hear me? I am merely echoes of our past.

    Listen to my last lullaby, turn it into a boat we may sail in. As the arrows fall upon our tangled limbs, we will say goodbye to our forever.

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    Farewell, farewell pure love.

  • elli_mcfarlane 5d

    #song #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    This is a song I wrote recently, ever reminding me 'There is Hope'.

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    "There is Hope".


    Heart heavy with unsee burden,
    as I smile my way through the day,
    thinking if only you could see me,
    the real me, ohh the real me.

    Then something washes over me,
    a familiar feeling, a memory,
    somebody who always sees me,
    loving me even at my worst.

    Looking down at the sand,
    head held in my hand,
    my comfort is found,
    in one set of footprints.

    Fearfully and wonderfully made,
    reminding me of all that is me,
    set free from broken insanity,
    he loves me, ooh he loves me.

    Looking down at the sand,
    head held in my hand,
    my comfort is found,
    in one set of footprints.

    In the midst,
    in the middle,
    it is well with my soul (x3).

    Looking down at the sand,
    head held in my hand,
    my comfort is found,
    in one set of footprints.

    Jesus I thank you for reminding me,
    when the world is overwhelming,
    when I fear life is on top of me,
    there'll only be, one set of footprints.


  • soundsofsaddness41 5d

    Music from Last Christmas

    I just found it when I was searching up Christmas songs last year. I love it!!! It's my new favorite Christmas song. Here is some inspired poetry.

    Beth Crowley's "You ruined Christmas"

    When I told santa love was all that I needed, I probably should have specified I wanted to keep it.
    Now the day is ruined, I can't even hang my stocking without thinking of you... And...
    Congratulations, you ruined Christmas.

    This holiday's ceremonies, my head is filled with all these terrible memories, cause your the gift that won't stop giving me grief.
    I can't believe you ruined Christmas.

    I tried to have good will towards men, but unless their made of snow I'm done with them. Yeah I believe...
    You ruined Christmas.

  • shabbz_felix 1w

    That song

    Missing you ain't my thing
    Seem we were two puppets on a string
    Jumping through Loops violence brings
    Whose to be blame for that fling
    Two can play this lame game
    Catching you is a sensitive game

    So I'll wait on the other lane
    With key rings number chain printed in my vein
    Where ocean waves comes to rain
    Let the sound soothe tearful pain
    Anger added to make me feel sore
    A limited edition underscore

    Two things in life that's for sure
    Pen and paper gives me hope secure
    died to self now and then
    And sometimes it takes pain tough love bend

    To make music in the soul of mine
    And be hopeful for a love song combined
    Though words don't always make a joyful sound
    But might paint a beautiful a spring break round