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  • simranbawa 33w

    This is my interpretation of my favorite BTS song and it is called Butter��. I love this song because it gives an upbeat summer vibe and motivates me to dance even in these lazy days��

    @luvnotes_challenge_host please accept my entry for the challenge, I worked really hard on this one ��

    @writersnetwork Thanks for your kind like��

    #cees_bts_chall #poems #BTS #BTSARMY #songprompt @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Far-flung and off lying,
    I fathom out this blissful brilliance
    Of twirling in a trance:
    Tip of toe,
    A toe to tap;
    Beats that entrance
    Into treacherous trap.
    Howdy doo
    My baby boo
    Beat this bass
    Like fresh, new, brew
    Throw it back like you always do
    Hit it in that hater's face
    Come on baby it's your space.
    Sound in stereo
    A roar on radio
    Everyone shout "Heyo! Ayo!"
    No time to temper the tune,
    So step in the streets
    My nutter-butter
    Make it pop like pitter-patter;
    Left is the slide,
    Right for the glide,
    Over the top-
    Again, side to side.
    Smooth and smitten,
    This rhythm is both
    Bustling and forbidden,
    Catchy or cursed
    Still dancing dispersed,
    Move like it's morrow
    Dance like there's no tomorrow.

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 34w


    UPDATE: Thank you to all of the supporters and participants. I will be away resting for a day or two, but I'll be back as soon as possible to read the remaining submissions, and I look forward to doing so. See you soon. ��

    #cees_bts_chall #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #songprompt #bts_challenge #army

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    *BTS Song Interpretation Challenge*

    Greetings awesome Army and all esteemed members! Welcome to the "BTS Song Interpretation Challenge." Originally, I had planned to have members vote for one favorite song by BTS, whereupon the winning song would be selected for this challenge; but due to the large amount of votes, and because many members listed multiple songs instead of one, I decided to change the rules a little. So here they are below...

    -Participants are asked to pick their favorite BTS song and write a poetic piece of 30 lines or less that explains your interpretation of the song and it's meaning.
    -In the caption area, you can include a paragraph explaining why you chose the song and why you love BTS.

    -One submission per participant, penned in English, with no more than 30 lines.
    -NO plagiarized content ever.
    -Submissions must adhere to the Terms of Use of this forum.

    This challenge will run for 48 hours from the time of posting. It's officially over when it says "2d" in the upper right corner of this post, or at 5:30 am on Sunday (per the Eastern Standard timezone in U.S.), or 3:00 pm on Sunday, per India's timezone.

    For this challenge only, please use #cees_bts_chall in your caption area.

    *Don't forget to support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions.

    Happy writing ✍

  • agirlwithaheadfullofdreams 187w

    I was listening to some throwback Disney Channel Movie Music (although Lemonade Mouth isn't that old but still) and when I was listening to 'She's So Gone', this just popped into my head. I don't really know where it came from and it isn't my best piece of writing but I thought I would share it anyway.

    #ThisIsMe #ShortStory #SongPrompt #SheBelieved #ShesSoGone #WritersNetwork

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    She's So Gone.

    There was once a young girl who was full of insecurities. She was worried about everything from her appearance to her future. She felt like a puppet on the string being told what she had to do every day by masters who didn’t understand her. Time went past and the girl started to grow older, burning with the desire to be free and learn to fly on her own. She fought and fought and eventually broke away from the strings and confinements leaving them behind her. All they had to do to keep her with them was let her become her own person and encourage her to chase dreams rather than crashing down her world, squashing her dreams and exclaiming she will never amount to anything. Really, the joke is on them, if they had looked hard enough they would have seen the girl she was becoming, breaking away from the shy, quiet and insecure girl she used to be. That girl has gone now, she has been replaced by a girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. A girl who believes she has a place in this world. A girl who is stronger than she has ever been. She is shouting to the world, “Here I am, I will not be that girl again, this is me. The new me, the real me. I will no longer be silenced by their sharp words.” The people – if you can even call them that – who put her down are shocked by her sudden personality change and outraged she broke free. Out lookers cannot believe their eyes. How could they even begin to be mad with her, they are the ones who decided to lock her up, squash her dreams and tried to break her down till she was a robot who never questioned just followed orders. To her, it’s their fault they are missing out. Her past, although not the happiest, made her become stronger and made her learn that sometimes you only need assurance from yourself to become who you want to be. The small, scared little girl she used to be is now gone and can be told like a story in a history book. The strong, determined girl that is now who she is can write her own future with confidence.