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  • tarh_tapung 1w

    Adrift Petals

    As I lay in my bed, late night, awake
    Reaching out to you seems so far-fetched
    Petals falling already as the flower withers
    I dream of touching you before it dies.
    Till then I'd cling to the fallen petals hoping forever it'll stay.
    Pinned to my heart are you as a quest,
    An overt connection I know you've noticed.
    Thankful though I am for you,
    Insidious threats I sometimes feel too.
    ''Darker the days will get'', maybe!
    Afterwards the light will shine brighter, maybe!
    Rather to the petals I'd cling, than to wait for the next spring.

  • write_from_my_heart 1w

    #groupie #songs #lyrics
    This song says it all. Once you stan a group. It's for life. I..Will always be ��. # #kpop #chinese #korean

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    My idol for life

    He made my heartbeat,
    It hurt so bad.
    I knew all his stories
    I knew them by my heart.
    The language barrier was so hard,
    Chinese is the hardest language in the universe!
    But for him......
    I even learnt that.
    And I was the fangirl
    That he didn't know.
    I could just watch from behind the phonescreen,
    And blush tonnes like that.
    'Cause once you fall in love with an idol


  • lone_duck 1w

    Music is the best way to get relaxation.
    yet we don't have the option
    to listen it in our own time,
    Because most of us don't have the "Own Time".


  • the_noman_ 4w

    All Night

    Been thinking all night
    About the woman I loved
    Times we spent together and stuff
    Her curves and eyes
    Laughs and smiles
    Cause I been thinking all night
    Through all low & high tides
    Against the flow of times
    I've been in love
    With her curves
    And I've been up all night

  • rakeshbalu 5w


    I'm all alone!
    Let me to close my eyes and listen to one of my favourite songs.
    Allow me to fully immerse myself in the music.
    There, I discover another version of myself who is happy.


  • prianky 7w

    I drink wine

    How can one become so bounded
    By choices that somebody else makes?
    How come we've both become a version
    Of a person we don't even like?

    We're in love with the world
    But the world just wants to bring us down
    By putting ideas in our heads
    That corrupt our hearts somehow

    When I was a child
    Every single thing could blow my mind
    Soaking it all up for fun
    But now I only soak up wine

    They say to play hard, you work hard
    Find balance in the sacrifice
    Yet I don't know anybody
    Who's truly satisfied

    You better believe I'm trying (trying, trying)
    To keep climbing (climbing, climbing)
    But the higher we climb
    Feels like we're both none the wiser (ahh)

    So I hope I learn to get over myself
    Stop trying to be somebody else
    So we can love each other for free
    Everybody wants something
    You just want me

    Why am I obsessing
    About the things I can't control?
    Why am I seeking approval
    From people I don't even know?

    In these crazy times I hope to find
    Something I can cling on to
    'Cause I need some substance in my life
    Something real, something that feels true

    You better believe for you I've cried (I've cried, I've cried)
    High tides (high tides, high tides)
    'Cause I want you so bad
    But you can't fight fire with fire (ahh)

    Oh, so I hope I learn to get over myself
    Stop trying to be somebody else
    Oh, I just want to love you (so we can love)
    Love you for free (each other for free)
    Everybody wants something from me
    You just want me

    Listen, I know how low I can go
    I give as good as I get
    You get the brunt of it all
    'Cause you're all I've got left
    Oh, I hope in time (hope in time)
    We both will find (we both find) peace of mind
    Sometimes the road less traveled
    Is a road best left behind (ahh)

    Well, I hope I learn to get over myself
    Stop trying to be somebody else
    Oh, I just want to love you (so we can love)
    Love you for free, yeah (each other for free)
    'Cause everybody wants something from me
    You just want me

    You better believe I'm trying (trying, trying)
    To keep climbing (climbing, climbing)
    But the higher we climb
    Feels like we're both none the wiser

    The only regret I have
    I wish that it was just at a different time
    A most turbulent period of my life
    Why would I put that on you?
    That's just like a very heavy thing to have to talk about
    But because of that period of time
    Even though it was so much fun
    I didn't get to go on and make new memories with him
    There was just memories in a big storm

    Songwriters: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins / Greg Kurstin

    I Drink Wine lyrics

  • writtersfeelingz 7w

    The journey

    Every relationship starts with


    Ends with

    Silence .....

    Leaving the heartbeats mourning....

  • randalthor 7w


    Washing plates, thinking about love, and listening to Adele songs all at the same time is a different kind of zen.

  • mmbftd 10w


    First they took my music
    Off my 45's and 33's
    Off my daddy's "Reel to Reel"
    Off my magnetic tapes
    They stripped it down
    And exploded it
    Into pixels
    Then they glued it back together
    But missing all it's depth
    It got compressed
    To be
    Than what it was made to be
    And the organic flow
    Of creation
    Made magic by musicians
    Was siphoned out
    Strained out
    Until only an imposter remained.
    There is an alchemy
    In music
    When you create it with others
    A primal
    Releasing and invention
    All at once.
    This is true magic
    The way your voice can blend
    With someone else's
    A perfectly timed expression
    Of sounds that make other sounds that could not possibly exist
    In just one soul alone-
    And this is what they dismantled
    The mystic manuevers
    Of connection
    Of joyful or mournful voices
    They took away that face to face
    Incarnation of pure genius
    As the sounds are so perfect
    That you cannot help
    Bring your hand to your heart
    And hold it there
    Feel it there
    As it wells up inside
    From the cosmos
    From innerspace
    From somewhere unknown
    But perfect
    And you reach out and place your other hand on the other maker's
    All at once in gratitude
    For the sounds you two create
    And you feel it move through
    You both
    In perfect coupling
    In union
    In inspired frenzy
    And it is wild and unbridled
    It is young and old as time
    And sometimes it's so perfect
    That you begin to cry.
    This is what they took away
    And I'll never forget that
    As I wind my magnetic tapes
    And scotch tape broken parts
    I held on to relics
    Because I always knew
    They would steal my magic
    If it wasn't held on to.
    Hold on
    The music is worth
    Hold on.


  • khandelwalshivani 10w


    अकेली सुनसान रातों का अकेला सहारा ।


  • tarh_tapung 10w


    You held my hand
    And took me there
    To ask me if I was fine

    I told you then
    How it had been
    When u were gone all this while

    You'll never know
    How much I've been through
    And the pain behind my smile

    As I see you looking so cool
    Telling me you'll be gone again
    Giving me another hard goodbye..

  • lolari_words 10w

    The love songs

    The love songs don't help anymore
    I no longer want the words to make me cry,
    Let the words come alive
    From the beautiful love songs.

    To feel the emotions, relate from my angle.
    Let me experience the touch, from the author's fiction, let me smile just as bright as the poet's piece, let me kiss my lover like Ada and James in the love movie. The love songs don't help anymore.

    I feel there's a soul waiting,
    A connection I have to be patient for.
    Should I be in my best behaviour,
    Or I should do me?
    Maybe I'm too lousy,
    A bit more dramatic.
    Should I watch my weight?
    Maybe my lover is not in this parts,
    Do I carry the right personality?
    The love songs don't help anymore.

    The sad lyrics,
    The tears, the imaginations
    The poems I wrote, the smiles
    The manipulations I enjoyed,
    The love songs...

  • tarh_tapung 12w


    Reverberations of my name
    Called out by the people I used to know
    They're strangers now for good reasons
    The last I saw them was a lifetime ago

    They remind me of my cracks and potholes
    Unhealed wounds still bleeding
    Just that I can't feel the pain anymore
    The war had to end with nobody's win

    But the battle with myself escalated so quick
    My mistakes punished, maybe I deserved it
    Slipped through my cracks with rough surfaces
    Downfall now with nothing beneath

  • tarh_tapung 13w

    It's not everyday that we feel alright. Sometimes life takes its toll
    #poetry #songs #life #responsibility #depression #falling #drowning #thoughts

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    Downfall with nothing beneath
    Can't even try and welcome the death
    Vines and roots of responsibilities
    Trying to pull me back

    As I look up falling
    I stare with hopes of familiar faces
    Voices that I'd recognise
    To at least lighten my weight

    Drowning in my own built up sea
    It's becoming a bit hard to breathe now
    My own shattered edges cutting me
    The wounds deep, and so is the pit

  • beensn 14w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #songs #words #sounds #heard #creativity
    Thank you so much WN for the like ��

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    Songs are not only words,
    Songs are not only sounds.
    Songs are not only rhythmic,
    Songs are not only holistic.
    Songs are not only sweet,
    Songs not only makes our heart beat.
    Songs are not only heard,
    Songs are not only preferred.
    Songs are not only creativity,
    Songs not only bring festivity.
    Songs are the trusted friends in need,
    Songs succeed to soothe the soul and stops from bleed.
    © beensN

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  • saumoshri 14w

    Where do I find a boy with messy curly hair who will visit museums, libraries and amusement parks with me, will share my love for coffee and passion for literature, and will appreciate little things like the cold crisp mornings and the melody of 90s songs. Where do I find him?


  • pritesh_shah 14w


    It takes a heartbreak to find out that all the songs in your playlist are actually sad songs.

  • _angel_ishu_ 14w


    Listening to emotional songs in sad mood will make you laugh
    Listening to emotional songs in clam mood will make you cry
    What's the difference?
    In anger or sad mood you will not understand the pain of words and started thinking that it's just a emotionless song.....
    When you are free mood you Focus on the lyrics and realise the pain hiden in the words. ....
    So be clam and try to understand the situation and pain of others....

  • tarh_tapung 14w

    Better Lover

    There you are again today
    With the same innocence on your face
    As it was the first time I saw you
    Didn't know you already had someone else

    Not unapparent how u're happy with him
    It's all over the place when he holds your hands
    No reason why I should be telling you this
    No words great enough to defend me

    Chances, you won't even like me back
    Chances, I could never be the better lover
    But I want just to let you know
    How much adorable of a person you are

    The city talks about your kindness
    The flickering diamonds in your eyes
    Unparalleled the way you paved into me
    Nobody else could ever be