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    To you
    @murryben @wind_chime7 @heartsease
    Missing old souls

    #sonnetz failed to come close to #filvantopz

    I am extremely pleased. You have cleared my sour thoughts (i have been harboring lately) @writersnetwork sharing my joy with you

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    The sound of your absence
    Is too loud a silence
    Too heavy a weight to bear
    Too gloomy a shawl to wear.

    Yes my home wanders away
    While my feet root in my room;
    My mind's a garden turned gray,
    My heart a cage full of gloom.

    The sound of your absence
    Is too sad a music to play,
    A melancholic silence,
    A nightly dirge to sink a day.

    Your absence is a river silent,
    The wave of which is a torment.

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    @murryben @heartsease

    For a friend who loves a girl named Lisa

    Another #sonnetz I guess

    Sending my love to writersnetwork

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    Today I come across a blushing rose,
    It reminds me of your virgin cheeks;
    When I stole from your smile the first kiss
    Your shy lashes forgave my unruly deeds.

    A young tree stripped off its crimson gown
    Stands lovely with not a slight hint of frown;
    Winter comes with torturous gait from miles
    But she curves her delectable lips into smiles.

    In the hungry streets of romance I'll ache
    For you as does an unheeded bookshelf
    For its favorite book, stolen or wandering.

    In the empty courtyard of love I will wait
    Like a tree awaits the summer sun
    To build by its side a tender shade.

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    #feather #wod #ceesreposts #soulraabta #writersnetwork 0212010

    Dedicated to @blooming_fossil
    @murryben thanks for your concern. Yeah my mother is improving day by day. Her oxygen level is normal now. I have joined my duty too.
    @heartsease miss you, darla

    If you love sonnets read here #sonnetz

    Remember when
    We said when we turned gray
    When the children grow up and move away
    We won't be sad, we'll be glad
    For all the life we've had
    And we'll remember when
    - Remember when, Alan Jackson

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    I see the pages of my burning youth
    Blown away lighter than a feather,
    Yes, we've to deal with this bitter truth:
    Birds of a feather, we're in this together.

    The mountain of my arms have gone,
    So are the lovely sunsets of your hair;
    But when our voices have lost their tone
    Let our dying breaths remain one ever.

    Once I used to carry you like a feather
    Now I'm a feather divorced from the flesh;
    I've become so fragile I wonder whether
    I could survive if I land on the softest place.

    I had fallen badly for you in my early spring,
    In my late autumn be my softest place to land.

  • ckfilvan 15w


    I love to climb and be on top,
    Revel in cheer rising from below;
    I ask myself who's there to stop
    When you will so badly to make it so.

    So I climb a castle and sit atop
    For all my friends and foes to see,
    There I enoy looking down untill I drop
    When I hear of a short man climbs a tree.

    Up the sycamore fig tree he climbs
    Unlike me - to see and not to be seen;
    Never in my good times and climes
    Have I learned so profound a lesson.

    Now I swim rivers and climb mountains
    To doff 'myself' off me for humility to reign.

  • ckfilvan 17w


    He came robed in a white seamless cloak
    And the townsmen made out of him a joke;
    Walked among women in the mascarade,
    He was an elephant in the room to evade.

    Soon the local market was filled with chaos,
    Men in the name of comfort were invoked;
    True to their nature they healed itching ears -
    Raised men to walk the walk of a living dead.

    The white cloaked man cried and warned
    But the townsfolk wouldn't buy his words;
    Leaders uphold the confused mob for gains,
    And chaos fiddled with a lighter and gasoline.

    He left, and the town cheered amid fiery flames;
    Truth came but didn't sell so much as lies.

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    18,0202 #synecdoche #wod #ceesreposts #soulraabta @miraquill

    A little bit sensual
    Have some more here #sonnetz

    Some words are better left unexplained.

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    Exotic hills

    He woke up with a smile in the mornin' light
    With tender thoughts of the previous night;
    Well, he had the privilege of going to bed
    With whispers of hers on his tongue still wet.

    Exhausted every ounce of his strength to keep
    Still his antsy hands; dawn now and then peeped
    To watch the rise and fall of her swollen chest -
    The lovely realm where the Barail Range rests.

    He dove the deep and climbed the hills bare;
    Inhaled the dew and drank the heav'nly air.
    She turned to him and her apples dimpled.

    She pulled him into the kitchen, turn the fire on -
    She was a raw egg, a wildfire and unexpected rain.
    He savoured and walked down the rainwashed lane.

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    The society we live in

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    Youngsters, drunk and high on drugs
    Shout, ‘who in the world are you to judge?’
    They blame the fathers; the fathers their mothers,
    In no time the mothers set out to blame others.

    A young woman is pinned on the ground by men,
    Forget they're born of a woman born from a man.
    No, she is neither a tempting goddess
    Nor is she perfumed in a rain of sensual roses.

    The offender blames the victim’s garment,
    Blushes to red those prim ears of a nun, and
    Unclad hills blame man of being evil minded.

    The devil commends this arts; it's as old as Eden.
    On that cursed tree the sinless man bore all my sins,
    And here I blame the Lord for the evil I plant.

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    #twinkle #wod #ceesreposts #julietscorner
    Read my sonnets here #sonnetz you wont be disappointed (i guess)

    now he hurt you and you hurt me
    and that wasn't the way it was supposed to be
    so baby tonight let's leave the world behind
    and spend some time up on cloud number nine
    Bryan Adams

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    Blame The Young Doctor

    This young doctor talks ‘bout this girl;
    A best friend, sweet, and young and free.
    Had she accepted his train of proposal,
    What a lover, and what a wife she’d be.

    He says to me, you can't think straight,
    What worse than fall in love and be denied;
    I tell him not I smoke the nights and stay up late
    To behold a TWINKLE the stars I have to bide.

    Damn! I blame him when he exits my room
    For resurrecting the sweet tragedy from its tomb;
    You loved me silently once, and I you still.

    Remember the slow walks, behind our friends;
    Sun and shower, and smoke and teacups shared,
    Sodden in the confetti of our rumored love affair.

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    If you love sonnets, tap here #sonnetz

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    She’s a rotund face of golden skin,
    With dimples dancing on fair cheeks;
    She must not be as shapely as sin,
    I'd say she’s a heavy pear (if one seeks).

    I have carnal eyes that follow her miles
    Like you would a pretty woman new in town;
    Tease her blushing ears, or count her smiles,
    Masculine nails, bitten short, like a frown.

    Tarry no more on her handsome frame
    Lest you miss what she has in store;
    Sugar in her pantry - like ants you'd adore.

    You query if she's many a man to marry,
    I say I don’t know - I only know her as Rimi.
    She loves dogs and travelling, she tells me.

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    The rooms are empty, the courtyard aches
    We say our goodbyes and my heart breaks;
    We'd walked a walk before we bid farewell,
    The walk that made my heart in joy to swell.

    A woman weeps silently in her empty bed,
    She knows not this is how goodbyes are said;
    She talks to a memory that's been long gone--
    Times when you used to sing her back home.

    Life as short as it is, slips quietly like a whisper,
    Winter comes unannounced to steal your summer;
    Sad that some old letters of yours outlast you,
    Your goodnight kiss too outlives the morning dew.

    I dream of a place where we no more say farewell
    Where you and I shall meet again and ever dwell.

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    To read more #sonnetz #filvantopz
    Happy Mother's Day to all

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    Lines for mother

    I bless God, He who made you a woman
    That I found tender love inside your womb,
    Were I an angel, I would envy every man
    To receive such devotion in such a room.

    You have nursed five flowers before me,
    When I made a different entrance;
    My mischievous schemes drowned in the sea
    Of so singular a love you alone possess.

    A field of ripe corns, a miser's river of gold
    Now flows down by the land once full and fair,
    Yet what you have in your heart is not old--
    If I go inside my tomb I will hear your prayer.

    You are a jewel to my father who left early;
    Your winter too is come, I say I love you dearly.


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    @the_story_weed @writersnetwork

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    #quarantine #gulmohartree

    Read more on #sonnetz
    Amazing poets,
    Have you ever loved a tree? Share with in the comments.

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    During tedious classes I dream of you,
    The roof 'neath the sky wide and blue;
    Your soothing leaves to offer solace
    As on your arms my weary mind I rest.

    Schooldays have gone, so has the time,
    Silly jokes 'bout harsh teachers--new crime,
    And the humble tiffin taken at luch break
    You joined us boys who had but empty pockets.

    Twenty winters now sprawled between us,
    I doubt getting to you in time walking this circle;
    It chanced that I saw off, yesterday, a young nurse--
    We came past the likes of you blooming purple;

    Mate, you must've heard the plague shuts us home,
    You must know that I feel so blue (she) stands alone.

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    #julietscorner #ceesreposts #yaminireads #writersnetwork #writerstolli #mirakee #tanzread #word25feb_wt

    I don't know if this is an EXTRAORDINARY poem.

    ***I hope you got the meaning of this poem. IF NOT, READ IT AGAIN (open secret)

    "When critics crucify your latest show
    Another drink and then you lose control
    But then on stage I feel a fire burn
    There is no return, I'm always on the run
    I give it to you, babe, with all my heart
    For it's not too late, oh, it's not too late

    From the song: just an illusion.@writersnetwork
    If you love this sonnet, tap here #sonnetz
    With love.


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    A lady in Bark Town

    There came eons ago a lady in Bark Town,
    No ornaments to complement her white gown;
    Her footsteps left silver along the way,
    Her voice, ordinary, was like a breeze in May.

    Often she laughed or sang one's never heard,
    Rendering souls to silence, and dogs to bark;
    She expended no word to quieten the tumult,
    She cried few drops in silence while wolves howled.

    By day she borrowed fuel from a friend,
    Shared it with friends and foes by night;
    Told tales which you'd hate to have an end.

    And one day she left the town for good,
    For she had built a nest among the stars.
    Dogs barked, wolves howled--she shone from afar.

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    As we stand by the sea ,with hand in hand
    The nature , in backdrop , sings caroles grand
    Life , it seems to be like moving , and still
    Aspirations, they're on surge as of zeal

    Together, we are like tied by a bond
    The sea winds too, flowing as to abscond
    We vow , always to be with each other
    I can smell it well , Love is in the air

    Calm water or very rough , the seas be
    I will hold You, and You will not lose me
    Joyous or difficult , time's never last
    It's just the Love, that's lasting to the last

    Let The world, recite our stories or not
    Just we two , Love needs that ,as anxious knot


    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli
    #picture15_wt #sonnetz

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    The Love Couple

    write-up read in caption

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    On the journey called LIFE, just every day
    In the deepest waters , of existence
    Smoother sails of happiness, come there may
    Enchanting sweet winds of success, sublime

    Rays of acceptance and showers of praise
    Along with , blizzards of defamation
    Tornadic cyclones , humiliating
    And some of Storming typhoons of disgrace

    But, every patch , smooth or rough, I'll survive
    As you stand , beaconing to show me light
    Of your trust in me ,guide me in disguise
    Helping me , navigate , my tiny boat

    To the peaceful shores , of Serenity
    To anchor, with PURE LOVE , inner beauty



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    The Ocean Of Life

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    As night became day, it's a fresher say
    Gone is the dark despair black ,freezy cold
    Light and warmth comes back , alive the hopes stay
    Washing away sorrows, way for joys bold

    Now it's for us , get flying and behold
    To all the aspirations and dream chase
    Making moves unified , aimed sharp and bold
    Let's write sonnets , of dignity and fame

    Take this as chance, call , it's heavenly grace
    After a sunny day, it's again night
    If you want to stay alive , win the race
    Then it's THE time , show your spark ,inner light

    Path to success , it's never Pink , Rosy
    As night became day , it'll seem bit easy


    Image : clausheupel

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    It's a New Day

    Read available in caption area

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    A soldier's return

    He walks the dusty miles all alone,
    His wife and children await him home;
    The sunny day has almost passed,
    Eagles wheeled in sky blue and vast.

    The trees whisper songs of innocence,
    In his head sound happy little feet;
    A fanfare of epiphany drums and dances
    As he anticipates his wife's wet kisses.

    She shall free him for once from warzone,
    Gentle words now shall banish harsh orders,
    The cry of his child to shoo his nightmares.

    Lo, homely lights disperse the weary miles;
    Dog and children rush, and lips land on smiles,
    His sweet home sleeps under a bed sheet of stars.

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    This is my submission to the #cees_earth_chall
    The formation is #sonnetz


    You all, busy with all the work and play
    Listen my sonnet, it's voice of my mind
    I am always there for you , night or day
    Providing you with all needs, every kind

    The way you utilize me , rough and wild
    Killing green , polluting air, choking streams
    Ecology at threat , solace hard find
    What's the use of all the fuss , shouts and screams

    If you expect me as seen in your dreams
    You need to change you,for your and my sake
    To avoid cyclones,floods and droughts extreme
    Conserve water , spread green , air worth inhale

    Generations next have a right to me
    Pass on this legacy, PLEASE HELP SAVE ME


    Image credits : ArtTower

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    Earth's own sonnet

    Generations next have a right to me
    Pass on this legacy, PLEASE HELP SAVE ME

    Full read available in caption

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    Inglenook - a corner by the fireplace
    Rook- a small bird of old times, as like a crow

    Sometimes most of us feel like writing,but fail to express our feelings.
    This verse tries to address that situation
    Corrections and updations solicited

    It was just like every other weekday
    The Sun was scorching hot bright and shiny
    Life seemed to be as usual it may
    But still, there was something bit untidy

    Tried to write on though ,but she wasn't happy
    The words seemed as hiding in inglenook
    Failure this ,was raising her agony
    What the hell,she said feeling she was shook

    Staring at her,on a tree was a rook
    Why he's looking at me , she tried to think
    Curious she, enquired about the look
    His answer came as a magical trick

    He said,you're unhappy,how could you write
    You be calm,everything will be alright


    Image credits : Stevebidmerd

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    Advice of a rook

    read in the caption

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    #shoes_wt #mirakee #tanzread #writersnetwork

    ***Read more on #sonnetz #fathershoes
    Special to me. Please read with me.

    In loving memory of my father

    "So teach us to count our days
    that we may gain a wise heart."
    Psalms 90:12 (Holy Bible)

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    There were times in school days I cried
    'Cause my Liberty shoes were too tight,
    Too loose, or often worn out.

    Once, his ol' pair of shoes I did fancy;
    I as a child asked to hand down to me
    Unfamiliar with numbering a man's day.

    Twenty springs and autumns buried,
    Leaves of thoughts are being carried
    Away, away by the vagrant wind.

    Varied half dozen smart shoes in a rack:
    I wish my Derby and Oxford could go back
    To adorn and kiss his loving feet.

    If only they could sail the Seven Seas
    If only they could bring you back to me.