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    Old Men

    Remember when
    Old Men were wise?
    Now they tremble and shake
    Stutter and postulate
    They squint to hide
    A liar's gaze
    As they glare through
    Smoke bombed pages.
    The books of our lives
    Are burning
    Ashes to ashes
    Dust to dust
    The acrid scent lingers
    As the very pulse of us
    Slows under the stranglehold
    Of death.
    Old Men
    Used to sit on porches
    Looking out over the fields
    That nourished us.
    They would rock in the gentle
    Comfort of well earned
    Rocking chair thrones.
    And as the wood porches
    Splintered around them
    Paint peeled-
    Revealing decades of bright rainbow colors
    chosen by the thoughtful bright eyes, of a loving wife.
    She once shucked peas
    A repeaticious monotony
    Of vibrant green
    Tiny round vegetables
    Spun into an old wooden bowl.
    He hands smelling of garlic
    From meals lovingly prepared
    For hardworking sons
    In the fields with their father.
    Rising with the rooster and
    The yellow sun, later.
    His display; a sheen of red and green, his sound a boisterous
    Crow of waking hour.
    And sons become old men too.
    Picking what lessons to take with them into the world.
    What will serve them and their families?
    Remember when old men were wise? Instead of weighed down by imaginary lines
    Scrawled on imaginary maps
    And lapels full of heavy colored
    Markers of the death tolls they caused or became.
    Those men play a game so sinister, that you and I can perish
    In the blink of eyes that cannot know what is to come.
    These men are not wise.
    They have forgotten their sons, their daughters and their wives.
    They have forgotten the measuring board in the doorway as their children grew up, the pencil long since faded of how tall each year would make their children. They've forgotten the feeling of their children's silky hair as they held them still there, marking above their heads. They've forgotten that angelic baby smell of their kids still nursing. They've forgotten how it felt to fall in love. Such an antiquated thing to remember, with butterflies and the hot rush of blood to cheeks.
    They have forgotten the passion of skin on skin when the world fades away around two, and only they exist.
    And these generals, these oligarchs, these presidents and puppets, these placeholders and people movers and destroyers of time...they draw on maps, where they want. What do they feel they deserve?
    You, me, our family?
    Their entitlement is terrifying.
    Remember once when old men were wise? Telling stories of horrible wars with shaking fingerless hands. With wide eyes still seeing the past? And warning us not to follow their examples?
    I remember.

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    #sad reality#y always girls are blamed.....?#sons blames are covered by parents love #

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    Borning as a girl is sin to us.......

    Everything is blamed on us when something happens to someone/somewhere

    Girls do everything best to see their parents happy .....but never be equally treated as son's....

    If family treats girls & boys equally society blames ..... & Girls realise that they r not really equal to boys in some situations

    Everything is Changing in the world but not the people in society

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    You ask her for her nude pictures and she declines. "No, I would never do any such thing," she says.

    You proceed to convince her that all the other girls are doing it and it's cool.

    She reaffirms what she'd said. "No. I'm not like the other girls."

    You continue trying to persuade her, telling her she'll love it, telling her she'll enjoy it, telling her you'd never share it, telling her you love her or her body.

    She says she doesn't feel comfortable doing it.

    You hold the key to making her do anything you want because you know her secret. Blackmail her into doing it. "I'll tell everyone your secret if you don't."

    Or you just keep asking incessantly hoping that one day she'll get tired of you and send them or thinking you can try to convince her that it's normal.


    #saynotorape #feminist #feminism #power #equalityofgender #respectnforwomen #respectofdecision #respect #women #men #story #shortstory #secondperson #writeup #saynotorape #sons #daughters #female #male #girlpower #selflove

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    Am I right or...?


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    Fog of war
    Ghosts gathering
    Peace and silence
    Battleground serenity
    Carnage holds its breath
    Warriors meditate
    Preparing mind and body
    Praying to gods
    Sky painted in blood
    Trumpets and horns wail
    Sons and daughters fall.


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    Scion of Ultor, Mars

    I am one with the warrior inside
    My dominance cannot be denied
    Once I was brought lo
    My blood smearing the whitest snow

    And as I heard the snow cackle and crackle
    I let loose my shackles
    Becoming one with the fire inside
    Recognizing my darker side

    Seeing through their lies
    Divining demise
    The Sable shade mixing with the light in my soul
    As something new grabbed hold

    Hear my song
    Hear my right and my wrong
    All those who have been crushed
    Trampled into the dust

    Wallow no longer
    Take my hand and become stronger
    No longer take their blows
    For every man from defeat hath rose

    Has grown their thorns
    Show them your scorn
    An Edelweiss
    atop the unforgiving height

    Above their Pettiness and spite
    Held forever in the loving arms of night
    Look up to the curtain of stars
    Beloved son of mars

    Take Ultor's spear
    Make peace with me here
    Come reckon with your soul
    Who do u want to be when you grow old

    Shall you stay in the dirt or challenge the sun
    The shadows of fire in your eyes tells me I have already won
    Feel purpose bringing power
    No longer wallow in your dower

    But Rise and make thyself a new rendition
    Embrace your ambition
    Become all of thee
    Embrace your own majesty

    For ONCE in your life know pride
    Refuse to be denied
    Hear thy soul howl
    At the fates foul

    Become the predator no longer the prey
    An all consuming fire in the fray
    dire Wolves, dread wolves on the hunt
    Sons of Mars storming all fronts

    As loves labors are WON
    No longer shall you "patiently wait"
    But charge towards the rising sun
    In spite of all their hate
    Sing retribution, restitution, RESOLUTION

    as we stand atop the mountains of man
    Defying times sifting sand
    Broken ones
    Reborn as sons, of a blood red sun
    Never to be undone

    Sons of Mars
    Breakers of all chains, all bars
    Set up your spears
    For all the years I have loved you here

    And I shall give you an empire
    For your eyes an eternal beacon, a pyre
    On which the sun never falls
    And where the only darkness that may grace these halls

    Is restful sleep
    Comforting and deep
    That holds you graciously
    And you will not need to see

    For you will already know
    My voice that will help you sow
    Blessed peace
    Where all your pain shall cease

    All you must do is stand
    Act like a man and demand
    Your birthright your place
    refusing your sickly state

    And This pathetic form
    In which I find you, that deserves only scorn,     shall be washed away in the storm
    Giving birth to my, each and every son, and like an arrow shot true
    Will show you the heart of you

    Noble and true,
    The Edelweiss, untouched even by the morning dew
    Such is its power
    As master of its will and way, it's every hour

    For each shall only know pain as the blood left by lesser men upon its petals
    A strange form of dew which settles
    So beautifully on its trappings
    Upon it's wrappings

    That it has ever since
    Dressed itself up in red
    To warn the quick and the dead
    That it is one with the warrior inside
    Lethal grace which cannot be denied

    Dancing where it was once brought lo
    And beginning to sow
    Atop it's darkest day
    A Garden for all its children to stay

    So are my glorious sons of mars
    Whose petals reach for the stars
    And beneath their shade
    A small piece of paradise is made

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    Marriage,I guess this is the most beautiful bond because it brings two people two families together as one.But...but...but guys this is just a climax of the movie that starts well and ends with a hopeless disgusting story!
    So the story begings here.....
    Family starts finding groom for their daughter.
    Two unknown families meet each other to build a new relation by marrying their children's with each other.If both the families agree the marriage gets fixed I repeat when both the "families agree" not both of them who are completely unknown and don't even have idea about each other's life, likes, dislikes,dreams etc and this is called marriage like really!!!
    Yeah,you might be thinking this doesn't happens but let me tell you this happens in most of the arrange marriages & neither the families nor the couples take initiative to know each other but why I don't understand,maybe it happens to some extent because the couples wish to carry their life by their parents decisions or maybe afraid to speak up or face the consequences if they keep their words infront of their family.
    Well the interesting part of this marriage begins now.....
    Functions are planned and one of the so called well named function to take dowry in the name of rituals is "Tilak"
    which includes lakhs of amount and numerous gifts in the name of marrying a girl.
    And seriously the way this amount (Tilak)is decided;classifying in different categories is fantastically shamelessMmmm..let me expln you two of the main categories;
    Category 1:If the groom is fair in complexion and the bride is lil dark in her complexion the amount(Tilak)asked is "bhai saheb 10lakh bs...bki ap Jo dena chahy apni beti ko"
    Category 2: If the groom is perfectly alright and the bride is physically handicapped in some or the other way here they would say "Arey bhai saheb bs 20lakh nagad aur ek soney ka chain"
    Let me tell you people there are many more categories if you will look from the point of groom's family.
    We think dowry has deteriorated from this society but no it has actually taken a new name and continuing it's existence and it's such a shame that even in today's generation families are following this tradition of dowry in the name of Tilak.Even some of the groom or both the bride and groom who are well educated and don't deny this Tilak.
    And literally just shame on them,shame on the grooms family who didn't even made their son's learn to raise their voice against this evil,shame on the education that both the bride and groom have gained, shame on the parents of the bride who are ready to pay any amount for their daughter's marriage (You may call it concern & love of a daughter's father but I call it blind love that is not all appreciable)Shame on such marriages that involves Tilak.
    It's just not atall what marriage means!
    It's just a deal,an auctioning, a realtion that stands on the base of money instead of love,trust, feelings,loyalty, and priorities.
    Hell to do with such marriage!!!!!

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    The SADDEST, yet most satisfying, fact in life is that we raise our children to be so independent that they will one day leave us ....


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    Telephone Conversation

    This is a one-sided phone conversation but at the tone,
    Please leave a reply;
    Hi Daddy,
    This is your son’s voice sounding mechanical over your fax machine
    I know without missing a beat
    That you have to be at work
    but is thirty minutes too much to ask for?
    I have grown up learning to abide by principles
    Especially one from scripture that says:
    Obey thine Ma and Pa
    Because I want to have grand-children before I lay down to sleep
    I sometimes wonder what goes on
    On your side of our existence
    Do you feel the elements, the way I do?
    You say I love you son but my brain processes it,
    With a twist!
    The last time we met,
    Did you realise I am an attestation of your spitting image?
    So if you ever want a decoy, I’m your double
    Please just dont spit so many promises to swell my head
    Because I can’t afford to lose it
    I wonder if you would have wanted to share any moment with me
    Will there ever be a chance to see you behind my steering wheel?
    I want to come of age with your counsel burned into my footprints
    To keep me on the right path so I shall not tresspass
    I want to know your mistakes and never repeat them
    I want to draw strength from your worthy examples
    I want to wake to the cock-crow with you under one roof
    I want to ask you questions
    With deep rooted answers
    Who are you and where are you from?
    What do you want out of this life?
    How did I get to be here?
    By accident or according to plan?
    Why did we never play ball together?
    Have you been so busy all your life?
    I have a dream but I’m afraid they may be right
    Those people that say you dont care about my dreams
    But you haunt my dreams, a silent vision
    So I spend sleepless nights reviewing things we could do between us
    And when morning comes, I just hope nobody notices the strained look in my eyes
    I anticipate hearing you talk about memories
    Of boyhood days and growing up
    And of wooing or falling in love
    I cannot remember clearly the images of your going away
    But the truth remains, that beneath the grudgingly murmured ‘How are you?’
    There lies a deeply rooted ‘I miss you’
    I would give anything to be telepathic
    Just so I could read your mind
    I would love to hear you talk of dreams you had
    On your way to your mother’s farm
    Did you like to blank out in a corner like I do sometimes?
    I see grey haired Sirs on an evening walk with sons
    And all I think is,
    This could be me at thirty and you on a pension
    I miss the birthday post cards with cartoon characters
    And that familiar scrawl,
    Your name
    The R with the loop that always caught my attention
    I take a trip down memory lane once in a blue moon
    To see my six year old self in the sofa with you
    Talking about future careers I wanted to try out
    But when you left,
    I stopped day dreaming
    Rescheduling so I could dream at night
    And bring it to fruition in day light
    I want to know about family traditions you would want me to keep
    About those taboos you would advise me not to break
    What of the fears?
    Your worst nightmare?
    Time runs out for those who wish when they grow old,
    To sit in the warmth of family circles
    I want to be by your bedside when you’re ready to go
    Not to read you bedtime stories
    But to hear you tell me life stories
    Before then,
    I want to believe there will be time
    To share a few bottles of beer
    While we catch up on the lost years between us
    There is so much more left unsaid
    But you and I know,
    There is no luxury of time
    I wait to hear your voice over the line as soon as possible
    Please call back,
    At the click of the line.

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    Carefully raise your child,
    be cautious when they are near.
    For their identify can turnout weary or wild,
    based on what they see and hear.

    We are all products of our upbringing,
    the result of other peoples' action.
    So how we are thinking and feeling,
    Is the consequence of a past reaction.

    Give your child love, approval and praise,
    For they are the future of the world.
    A beautiful gift to raise.

    ©mariga 2019

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    Little hearts she raised
    Now men of strength and honor
    By her bed they praise

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    Pop lock and drop

    Free Bird. caged Bird. Raged Bird. Maged Bird. Magicially staged Bird. Brrrr paged Bird. Rest east tonight. Assured BirD. IR. And we both need CBD for our Dopey Head. IG. Insta Fam. Ily. God Dam. My name is your life matters. Quit killing yourself. It's not in God's Plan.

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    The Ride

    He makes little motor sounds as he rolls his cars on the floor
    He never gets tired of playing with those and always asks for more
    Hours of tireless fun spent spinning the wheels for miles
    Hours of time I've spent with him and thousands of happy smiles
    Those moments turn to memories and the car is now full size
    And the joy it brings with the rpm's is obvious in his big green eyes
    Little boys and their toys are just the same when they're grown
    Their expressions remain the same, but now they come with a loan
    He asks me if I want to ride, I wouldn't miss it for the world
    I thank the Lord every day I'm still his favorite girl
    As we pull off, he starts to grin, the engine revs so loud
    I watch his every move, and he makes his mama proud
    From toys in the floor to a real car door, we take these moments in stride
    But wherever you go, and whatever you do my son, always enjoy the ride❤

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    #Life #writer
    #Mother #Sons #Life

    ചെറിയ മനസ് ആണെങ്കിലും... അതിൽ പതിയുന്ന കാര്യങ്ങൾ വലുത് ആയിരിക്കും..... !!!!

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    ഹാവൂ.... ഇനി കുറച്ചു മനസാമാധനത്തോടെ ജീവിക്കാം... തള്ള മരിച്ചു..

    ഇനി ഓർമ്മകൾ ആയിട്ട് ഉള്ള ആ കീറി യാ പായയും... ആ പ്ലേറ്റ് ഉം ഒന്ന് കളഞ്ഞേക്കണം.... എന്നാലേ ഓർമകൾ നശിക്കു.....!!!!

    സ്വന്തം മകൻ ഓടി ചെന്ന് അത് എടുക്കുന്നത് കണ്ട അച്ഛൻ ഒരു ഞെട്ടലോടെ.... എന്തിനാ മോനെ ആ തള്ള ടെ പായയും, പ്ലേറ്റ് ഉം.....

    അച്ഛാ... ഇനി ജീവിതത്തിൽ അമ്മയ്ക്കും അച്ഛനും ഇത് ആവശ്യം വരില്ലേ അതാ..... !!!

    കുഞ്ഞു പല്ല് കാട്ടി ചിരിച്ചു കൊണ്ടു അവൻ മറുപടി പറഞ്ഞു... !

    ഒരു ഞെട്ടലോടെ... അമ്മയും അച്ഛനും തല താഴ്ത്തി....... തന്നെ താനെ ചെയ്തു പോയ തെറ്റ്കൾ ഓർത്തു....


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    A Mothers Love..

    A Mother's Love,
    Is Freely given. .
    A Mother's Love,
    Is strong & driven. .
    A Mother's Love,
    Is Gentle, forgiving. .
    A Mother's Love,
    Is caring & kind
    A Mothers Love
    Is Unconditional,
    & Enduring,
    A Mothers Love
    Is comforting and
    A Mothers Love
    Is Endlessly Giving.
    A Mother's Love for
    Her Children,
    Is Her God given
    Purpose for Living!
    Only One Love Is Stronger..
    Thats The Love of The
    Almighty Father!
    Thank You Dear Heavenly
    Father, for Blessing our
    Lives with A Mother!

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    So your day wasn't as great,
    as you hoped it would be..
    Even if the whole day long,
    everything kept going wrong,

    Think how much worse
    Everything could be
    Hang in and be strong

    there are blessings
    beyond what You see.

    Don't dwell on how bad
    the day was, imagine how
    great tomorrow will be,
    Don't see it as something
    that happened to you,
    look at it as 1 more day
    you lived through & Be
    thankful because.. Additude
    is Everything, guaranteed
    the same vibes will attatch to
    the energy you're sending & it
    Always comes right back to you!

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    No NOT mother earth..


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    #Galatians4 #Sons #Slaves #mirakee

    Scripture inspired poem

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    There are sons and there are slaves
    Sons of freedom, slaves of bondage
    Born of boldness, made of fear
    Sons of high-spirit, slaves of despair
    Sons by right, slaves to privileges
    Sons of glory, slaves to criticism
    There are sons and there are slaves
    Where do you belong?