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  • fitzwater 3d

    My Rainy Night

    You were my favorite
    I knew you were special
    The moment I saw you
    Your faith was unwavering
    You trusted and loved me blindly
    Making me proud as you grew
    I had such high hopes for you
    But life always reminds me
    That it's cruel
    I sat beside you
    Asking through tears
    To let me know
    If you were ready to go
    Or if you wanted to fight
    Begging you
    To not make me decide
    If you stay or go
    You answered that
    When you passed in the night
    Shattering my soul
    Now my heart weeps for you
    My Rainy Night
    As broken pieces lay scattered
    Never to mend

  • angels_halo_shines 4d

    It’s been awhile since I heard you laugh. Now I’m left in the silence of heartache. It’s not the usual type of heartache though. It’s a type I never felt before. I don’t know how to make it ease up. Or go away. I don’t think it will go away. It left my heart when you left this lifetime. I’m so very sorry, sorrow is not a feeling that anyone should have to feel.

    Photo credit my daughter Molly Sue

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    Sorrow Through & Through

    It’s been awhile since I heard you laugh. I’m so very sorry, sorrow is not a feeling for everyone.

  • mandah88 5d

    Not Ready

    I was forced to let you go
    much before I was ready
    this tragic loss that I never chose
    has my heart feeling so heavy
    everyone tells me to let go
    for acceptance is the key
    but little do they know
    that you were made for me
    how could you be wrong for me
    if you are my every waking thought
    and the only happiness I knew
    is the happiness that you brought
    so, yes I'm doing badly
    there's no need to sit and lie
    without you I have no desire
    to do anything but wait to die
    I could use some words of wisdom
    other than just to deal
    instead some words to tell me
    exactly how to heal
    cause without you, I am nothing
    in truth you're all I had
    and I never wanted this
    who knew it'd hurt so bad?
    so if you think of me at all
    please just let me know
    cause I don't want to be without you
    I'm not ready to let go
    © Manda H.

  • devlina_92 1w

    I have found You...

    In all my insecurities
    In all my difficulties
    In all my immaturities
    In all my imperfection
    In all my redemption
    In all my inability
    Again and again I have found only You beside me...

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    I have found YOU


  • thelostone_ 1w

    Dark sky

    Under a cloudy dark sky, he told me with a disappointment in his voice," you know what actually?! you don't love me, to be honest. you're with me just for the sake to forget your past!" his words were as sharp as the sword blade for me. It shattered me into million pieces. My love for him started questioning me that do I even exist? I was lost. Trying to fight with a lot of feelings. "How can it be like I don't love him?" I asked myself. It's just because of the harsh Situation around me from the past nine to ten years I have developed a cold nature. It wasn't like I was changed or I didn't love him. I wanted to tell him that I am feeling the same pain as him. The pain that I gave him but wasn't just hurting him. It was killing me too cause I never wanted to do this to him. I wanted to tell him I care for him, I love him a lot, I have huge respect for him but my inner soul kept torturing me that you don't love him? So Does that mean you're using him for the sake of yourself?! And I knew that wasn't true. I wanted to keep every thought, every feeling of me in front of him. I wanted to tell him I am sorry and I love him but all I did was remain silent.

  • ___someone__ 1w

    The Cliff of Regret

    Yes, I did start the climb, zealously.
    With new hope and immense courage.
    With all positive affirmations,
    Determined to let the universe
    Choose me, this time, over the rest.

    I always used to believe,
    “Well begun was half done”
    So, I happily reached the half.
    Until, I came across, those deadly turns,
    Testing my limits at last.

     Still with all hopes and prayers
    I decided to move ahead.
    Prayers to survive this stormy other half.
    Highly determined to reach the end.
    I ignored all the caution tapes,
    Lying straight beside my feet.
    I heard people call me back down
    But I chose to take them lightly.

    I went through toughest paths of my life
    Used every bit of my determined soul,
    To reach to the cliff which was rare
    Only to realize it brought me up to witness nowhere.

    I was shattered to experience the dark and chills
    Standing all alone on the edge of the cliff
    With no beautiful and peaceful scenery,
    waiting for me the other side.
    all I could feel was extreme pain inside
    coz now I realized
    how bruised was my heart, and how was I torn apart
    In my obstinacies to reach the end.

     I wish that I had saved
    some part of my soul and strength
    To come back down to that starting point
    And rest there,
    for the rest of my life.

    But here, I am stuck on the cliff
    With no energy or hope left
    No strength to go down back again
    The Only options left
    Is either to free fall from the cliff,
    Or to stay there up in pain.

    But I choose the second one ,until I regain.


  • im_vk47 2w


    Being broken doesn't make me feel sorrow.
    Being unfixable is what makes me feel low.

  • rheavachhani 2w

    Don't expect warm hug from a person who doesn't value your forgiveness,
    Don't expect warm hug from a person who increases emptiness,
    Don't expect warm hug from a person who doubts your worthiness,
    That person is ruthless,
    You have to end this or else will find yourself near nothingness.


  • lairdproductions 2w

    Psalm 56:8

    You keep my tears, Every single one.

    Where my tears have fallen there You are, whether I see You or not, capturing every overflow.
    Storing the sum of my sorrow in a vial upon which You have written the secret name of my heart.

    You see my tears, Every single one.

    Every moment of my pain from the Then to the Now to the Beyond, gathered up never ignored, never to fall unheard.
    Every moment written and marked and timestamped in eternity, awaiting the day of my deliverance.

    You see my steps, Every single one.

    And now I wait for my breakthrough and the moment where I see the vial of my tears in Your hands and the book of my wanderings in Your arms.
    The moment I see Your quill touched ink to paper and the Father of heaven heard and wrote down every single word I uttered here on Earth.

    My tears You will redeem, Every single one.

    When I see You here all along, when You show me the vial of my heart, kept carefully all this time, for such a time as this.
    Every step I thought was in loneliness in my wilderness, there they are, passionately written by Your loving hand.

    You see every moment, Every single one.

    In that moment I will know that despite one or one thousand moments, whether it takes one thousand days or just the one.
    My Father will be revealed to me and all that was seemingly sown in vain, will be redeemed and have purpose, purpose despite the pain.


  • devdevil 2w

    Life will teach you that you are nothing to anyone and everything to you.

  • devdevil 2w

    Never think like you are the favourite of someone just beacuse of the love they showed you.They may have lot of other people in their favourite list. And you don't have any idea who really loves you or who is gonna lend a helping hand in life when you are in trouble. Life will let you know these things in the most unexpected ways.

  • ray_manjiyani 2w

    The sorrow of love is a hidden treasure.


  • anthony_ 3w

    Insomnia ©anthony_

    I know not what keeps me up at night
    there is no feeling at times only the silence
    even the voice in my head sometimes dissappears in the background of nothing

    As I lay in darkness and silence I can't help but play through all the events in my life, it's then when I realize misery loves company

  • anthony_ 3w

    Inner Demons ©anthony_

    The company has been here so long I honestly can't tell who was here first I just know we share the same space and speak only to each other.

    I feel them always there not watching its as is we are one and the same taking turns on the driver seat as the passenger sits there along for the ride maybe it's moral support or maybe to avoid further loneliness we create are demons to cope with it all, with life itself

  • anthony_ 3w

    The Heart of a Raven ©anthony_

    Anger and Sadness
    Both so strong, both have sunken so deep into my existence,into everything I am that I can no longer feel the difference

    Pain and Sorrow
    Have found solace in my heart and in my mind so much so they forever remain even in times of happiness and love.

    The scars
    Are do deep and hollow all i feel is the ache, the discomfort of the heal wound that went the so deep my heart never let's it go while my mind refuses to forget

  • jeshveena 3w

    Oh, river..

    I whispered,
    My insecurities,
    My secrets,
    My fears,
    to you.
    Why didn't you wash me of them?
    Why didn't you get rid of them,
    Like how you let all your troubles flow away.
    I offered you my tears,
    In return to escape from my sorrows,
    So, that they may be of use to you,
    To expand your vast empire.
    So, why didn't you return the favour?


  • serenarose 3w

    By Side of Sun

    When you went away,

     All of my colors
        were sent into chaos
    Happiness was brown,
              envy, blue-

    I was painting a life
    I didn't recognize

    The strokes weren't of my liking-
    I've always been
           rather particular
               about clean lines,
                     proper edges-

    But you can hardly paint
    when you can hardly think
    And you can hardly think
    when you can hardly breathe

    And before you know it
    The pain has begun unraveling
    It's own visions on your canvas

    You behold peculiar landscapes,
    cold colored intentions-                
         You don't dare claim to be an artist
           You don't dare claim this mess
    Yet still you waken
    And so does the Sun

    Since you went away,
    Sun reaffirms me each morning

    That goodness doesn't halt
           just because you stop believing in it

    That heaven is intended
     just as sincerely
     for our waking hours

    As the unavoidable toils
    that seem to steal those moments away

    Now when the winters voided gray
    Plays upon the void you left behind

    I can look at the sunset
    And see more then an ending
    For the Sun has never left me
    And neither will you ………………………………………...........

    S e r e n a R o s e


  • natrosapoetry 3w

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    it hurts

    like when your nails get weak when under water for too long, my lungs have grown to believe that i am breathing lead into them, and my sleeves are now tear soaked, and it is so sad to see that my legs have begun to betray me, as i always end up on my bed or on a couch or on the staircase to daydream about something other than now, and i've been trying to fill up my cup but all that's been poured into it is blood, blood from my gums that have begun to bleed around my worn down teeth, and the words i've caged at the back of my throat have rotten, and you all don't believe me when i say it hurts, you ignore my tongue when it spells out "i'm tired," "it's agonizing," it's as if you're all tormenting me and you can see it, i'm positive you can see it, the lead, the blood, the letters building up and clogging my throat, yet you all watch and and you're ignoring it, you're ignoring me, and i say it hurts it hurts so much it hurts and still you're not trying to save me.

  • unnamedson 3w


    I am so sorry I got lost in the hurricane
    We once called "love"


  • just_jotruth 4w


    Sadness is a warrior,
    Master of all worries.
    Joy is happiness,
    Driving away bitterness.

    The part of you that's sad,
    Seeks tranquility.
    So master Joy,
    Don't be a servant of sorrow.