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  • mariateresa 14w

    Be who you are, accepting all that you hold inside. We all have "the good, the bad and the ugly" pieces. Show them off, dancing within a each aspect is truly living. Don't follow or copy, mindlessly believing what the masses say. Find your own purpose and be free. That's all I have to say. Imagine. Just for today. Challenge the "norm" and think outside the box.

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    Accepting the shadows while embracing the Light

    For someone like me who's intensity runs in one mode
    Balancing life requires a more mindfulness ode
    Instead of operating in one polarity or the other
    Multidimensional feeling expressed through soul breaks the veil of delusional cover
    I am more than a human doing, not living merely to work
    Quirky and eccentric, I dance around judgements of others not yet awakened by heart's beat fancy footwork
    Following one's path requires a strength and courage not many are willing to master
    Being all of me, accepting the shadows while embracing the Light
    Willing to fail and keep trying
    Sometimes created life changes some would call disasters
    Shifting perspective is how I choose to see
    Understanding it all serves to teach
    Continuously daring to be me
    Proving to myself that my soul reaches a higher alignment after triumphing each rift
    This life is a gift
    Live it by heart
    Internalized rhythm plays intuitively within each of us Becoming who we are is our own special art

  • mariateresa 26w

    I am Maria Teresa, master shaman and writer. I'm part of an Earth angel clan. Helping others to rise and reveal their soul's purpose to the world. Contact me on https://linktr.ee/Emotionalmusings for more......

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    Far past where imagination leads
    In another space and time, my soul speeds
    Watching as the lights dance across the sky
    Unknown forces whisper ancient wisdom that allows my being to fly

    Far beyond rational thought, within an altered state of consciousness I'm brought
    Here is where I learn the truth
    Of why I struggled in my youth
    Inner eyes wide open to reveal
    Believing in magic and embracing miracles is real

    Far past where imagination leads
    Forgetting expectations or attachments that steal
    Nothing holds me back from wonder
    Pressing onwards upon soul journey's spell I'm under
    Powerful Light energy fills my heart
    Blessed beyond measure for this life I lead is my art

    Shamanic healing is my calling
    Spirit guides me all the way
    No words can adequately capture the feelings so high

  • mariateresa 26w

    Today's prayer for all of us is to return to the childlike wonder we were born with. Believing in magic and knowing unconditional love.

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    Child of Light

    Child of wonder come out to play, for too long have your skies been shrouded in gray
    Rainbows and magic line the path, glistening light that twinkles and winks in the pebbles to guide your way

    Child of Light with your heart so pure, believing in fairy tales and stories bathed in imaginative lore
    Smiling wide with curiosity so deep, forever painting the picture you keep reliving in dreams seen vividly through your mind's eye, connected to your soul's core

    Child of love who carries the golden heart, kindness and compassion rule your being
    Our world needs more from you, your vulnerable truth helps others to believe and stay focused on seeking

    Salvation is gifted when inner peace is claimed
    Freedom rings loudly echoed by the sound of your name
    A song we can all join in, intuitively knowing the words to sing along
    Love is the vibration we are all striving to share and get along with
    Allow this wonder to spread like passion's wild fire
    Glowing with desire, cultivated like diamonds, created under tremendous pressure
    Breaking free from societal lies underneath the blanket of depression
    Walking taller than ever before, tossing off illusions by your ever growing laughter
    Life is for living, aliveness of spirit is your master


  • sarahcandlemagic 119w


    Now when I look at the world,
    It's like it's through new eyes
    Eyes filled with child-like wonder
    It reminds me of the girl
    I forgot I used to be
    The Dreamer
    The Dawdler
    The Doodler
    The Determined
    I am bringing her back, in full force
    I will allow myself the time to dream in the daylight, to envision my future and manifest its fruition
    I will take my time and gaze at the flowers in amazement, notice beautiful things, be in awe of nature, my community, my home
    I will draw, create, let the freedom flow. I will not judge or expect anything of myself other than the love of pen to paper, thought into reality
    I am determined, to nourish the happy little girl inside me, the one lost for so long under sadness and darkness, the one who forgot how much light she had - until she cracked, and it found its way out again.
    Now when I look at the world, it's like it's through new eyes
    But they are actually rather old.