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    I looked at ,what I just saw right now , and to be honest my eyes sprinkled with the burning agony of unbelievable memories to cherish,
    as I thought that I just recognised that certain someone's voice.

    "Varun ,is this you ? " , that certain someone asked me with a gulp in her throat.

    "Yes , Ashna", I replied as I hugged her within my embrace, but her shiny eyes seem to have a deep story aside her untold will.

    Something seemed different about her.
    She was far more beautiful than I ever could recognise her, as my heart beated endlessly.

    "Varun,let go off me", Ashna said with a slight blush painted on her cheeks, as she hugged her luggage , slipping her strands of hair away.

    "You've grown so ..."

    "So what Ashna? ", I replied curiously.

    "So handsome", she ended her sentence with a giggle.

    "Your luggage, give it to me", I said as I ignored my fast heartbeats tactfully.

    "No , it's fine Va-"

    "Shush!", I replied as I placed my finger on my so called best friend's lips, as our gaze stopped for a second ,revolving around us.

    "Um , k " , she said nervously , as she looked away, handing her luggage to me , as I called out to a cart nearby to take us to my bungalow , where my parents and I live in a cozy aura.

    "So how's your dad , Ashna? ", I asked her as I looked into her eyes with emotions of curiousity.

    She looked silent for a second and replied with a smile saying , " Haha , Varun he's all good you know".

    "Nice to know", I said with a smile as she giggled and said , " Wohooo , you have a beard now".

    "Yeah, why?", I asked her with a laugh.

    "You look so big", she replied like a baby as I laughed at her cute nature.

    The cart stopped at my bungalow , as I carried her luggage, crossing the wooden bridge with her, whom I met after a several years.

    My mom was looking eagerly at the doorstep as she recognized Ashna and shedded tears of joy , complimenting her changes and beauty as always , as she laughed in glee.

    "Varun , show her bedroom , son", my mom said as she went towards the kitchen to prepare some food and arrange the dishes as I took Ashna across the corridoors and showed her , the white washed room which stayed up for her, for several months.

    "Um, thanks", she replied nervously as I passed her a slight smile exiting the wooden doors.

    After about a half an hour passed by , my mother's calls were met by me , as I entered the kitchen , as she suggested me to call Ashna to eat lunch , within the aromatic delicious dishes , prepared by her.

    I smiled like a crazy guy , as I went through the hallways and opened her bedroom door , but was met with her back turned half naked body,
    Which was carved in large red bruises of sheer suprises which sent shivers through my spine.

    To be continued...

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @saloni_04 @pink_berry @extreme_case

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    Hidden chapters of a heartfelt love

    Chapter 3


  • 2chinmayee 22h

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    Cranium put the hard disk under the shower for
    the soulful bath in the dawn to enjoy the coffee
    with my soulmate in the Golden flashes with the rise
    of morning aura but the bleeding of anonymous
    heart portrayed the caligo of little heart and made
    conversation with heart and mind but my ear holes

    heard whispers of the broken angel where she was
    typing oxymoron upon crumpled diary of her
    old version and poked my vein to capture the rain
    of emotions by the feathery quill not keeping sad
    and deep status as our generation prefers

    // I'm the heartbreak of broken angel who get
    abandoned for the unknown sin bound with
    the unseen scratch and named bad omen with
    the coronation #A shadow to the happiness
    who once was drenched with the blue inks

    but my pain adorned the inks & named it poetry
    and I owe it as I am the owner of my poetry.
    Voyage belongs to me & needs no doctrine
    in the valley of meditation where the tomb is mine
    where I'm free from the orthodox of sapiens.

    where my emotions will no more be judged
    and will never be named as fake tear
    where I'll breath to live my life not for other's need
    where my scribbles will kiss me.

    Poem ; Mate of my insomnia....


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  • telepathy123 3d

    Chapter 2.♡

    The hooting of the mere train within lushy greens of meadows, announcing ones comeback to my rippling heart , as I stood there impatiently , as the foggy mists covered the wrestlets of the mountains as my exuberant heart itself.

    It's been five.
    Five years ,since I yearned to see her within memorable interactions of my past childhood memories.
    The letters we exchanged lays in tight strings, as a bundle, inside my crafted mahogany cupboard, with the fragrance of inked words talking to my heart each and every night , with giggles and sweet words as the unspoken stars in the night curtained sky itself.

    Today, after all these years , I'm going to meet my craved sculpture of my childhood memories.Nothing has changed except the departure among us after I left my old school and travelled here within memories of tears and questionings,but dear here I am to see you ,my never lost friendship after all these years.

    Have you changed ? Is all I could think of ,as I stood impatiently, infront of the railway , lifting my board of ones name as I stood impatiently for that certain
    person to step out from the hooting trains which came to a pause in a while.

    My heartbeats increased with each second as passengers, stepped out from the metallic caverns of the trains. Little children, crying in their embrace of their mothers, an old lady struggling through the busy crowd was the last thing I saw , as time passed endlessly.

    Could I recognise her? I just didn't know...
    She might recognise me as I'm raising the board plated with her name, waiting for her arrival , impatiently.

    I leaned back on the white washed walls for a second, half closing my eyes as I took a deep breath ,and that 's when I heard a voice,

    "Varun", it said , as I lost my balance for a second .
    My heartbeats stopped cause of what I just saw right now, in front of me.

    To be continued....

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @extreme_case @saloni_04 @2chinmayee


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    Hidden chapters of a heartfelt love.....♡♡♡

    Chapter 2

  • telepathy123 5d


    @miraquill @writersnetwork @2chinmayee @pink_berry @rish_jee

    Lol smthin erotic ����

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    Rhyming between the whispers of your breaths...
    In your arms....
    Under you..

    The dipping sunsets never failed to withdrew
    On the darkened nights which her sizzling coffee brew
    Set ajar on the wooden edges of which ones knitted heart drew

    Out she stepped within her cotton strip of clothes
    Drenched her hair within sizzling pure waters
    As her clothes hugged upto her thighs of fragile white dews

    Her ebony hair drew the nights of loveable twinkling skies
    Watching her above with beguile
    As her lips called out to her lover's soft petals
    Dragging her under him mercilessly...

    Her blushed mellow cheeks of rhyming heartbeats
    Called out to not make her lovers merciless deeds
    Suffer her within beats of love marks on her fragile petals

    The sky twinkled with the blushing chambers of love
    Which made the curtains blush within the sweet honeyed move
    Of an attractive pearl white dove
    Roaming freely within the sweet honey caverns...

    And now the fort
    Of the fragile dove of ones heart
    Begs for a warmth within his arms of sparkling loft
    To dive down mercilessly deep inside

    // Nightingale of her hearty rhymes
    Thats why your melodic rhymes
    Beated mercilessly among lullabic pines
    To let her crave your touch of sparkling erotic heartbeats within her//

    -A Telepoetess writing out her erotic heartbeats out..

  • telepathy123 5d


    "It took ,all my strength to ink my words across pages , as it was my own story I flowed out", I conveyed my clashing heartbeats into words ,as the audience applauded in a rhythmical manner,on my newly debuted book opening ceremony, the day , which I longed for since a few years ago,or might I say since the day my alive soul died within the darkened heartbeats of misery ,with no light to clasp on.

    Well,might be..

    "Mr. Mehera" ,the interviewer began her questioning as I , stared at the black mike placed on the wooden table ,infront of me carrying my mind out to a new world,my past, which I craved for, since a long time ago.

    "Today you have been a very successful author ,within minutes of clasping the heartbeats of the youth, with your own story."

    "Yes ,might be", I nodded in agreement as my mind flowed with pain of just her, my painful love, just nothing more.

    "Would you like to give out an advice within your own experiences ?"

    "Yes ,of course", I said , as I adjusted my posture on the cushioned mahogany chair ,folding out my arms near my chest as I began my speech,
    "Some say love dies within moments of endings , but I suggest to find a new hope within an ending , so that you' d not in justify ones sacrifice for yours , and ..." , I said , as I paused for a second.

    "Never think about ending your life ,within a love loss , cause his or her soul, might never endure the partner's in justified decisions."

    "Thank you for your golden advice Mr.Mehra", she replied as she got herself ready for another couple of questions , portraying my darkened heartbeats behind.

    "Your wife " , the interviewer said as she adjusted her mike with exuberance.

    "Has been a motivation to let your past love clasp within her sacrifices.Don't you think your lucky enough? ", she said with a smile.

    "Umm , I would say that , one would never do such a thing as she has done .Umm so I'm forever grateful to her and her sacrifice which none would ever do", I said fiddling with my fingers nervously as I looked at her heavenly smile at the audience , hugging our daughter , Sekha tightly towards her warmth.

    " As a young man , you 'd have come a long way , giving a moral full image to the newer generations. So ,who would you like to hand the first copy of your golden book , within minutes of its opening ?", She said with a smile adjusting her auburn hairs behind.

    "To her , who 's soul rests in peace in utterly heavens ", I said , as my throat burned with the pain of fired love moors.
    Tears , trickled down my immaculate beard , as I hid them with forces of clasping my orbes.

    "Ashna", I thought.Wish you were here within me , so that, my broken pieces would have been healed with your heavenly vows.
    Nothing more...

    To be continued....

    @writersnetwork @sparkles09_ @pink_berry @2chinmayee


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    Hidden Chapters of a heartfelt love ...♡♡♡

    Chapter 1


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    @writersnetwork Thanks for the repost Wn (7)th.
    Lol i didnt even write this properly idk how i got one even������

    @2chinmayee @pink_berry @sparkles09_

    Logs out**

    Omgs hi me online again��

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    Learning to walk out in the malignant bays

    I walked out within the bays of auburn sunsets
    Reaching my destiny of loveable petals
    As I engulfed crimson cores
    Teaching me the light of ruby dusks of love
    Within moments of stepping onto the horizons of my destiny

    The skies tored up yearning for my fragile
    Body of drunken hopes
    As I tried to learn from them
    The way to scream and cry
    Like one does every night
    Looking at the night curtained skies
    Within monsoon rains

    In the midnight skies,
    I looked up for butterflies of darkened blues
    To teach me how to fly
    Among the darkness
    Within ones azure twinkling bays
    To reach ones hopes
    To engulf ones heart
    Within the celestial bodies...

    Learning how to talk
    With the pearl white moon
    And the golden chariot of sun
    To hold ones moments
    Of darkness and pain
    And still stay the same
    Within the chambers of
    Ones heart...

    With the tored heavens
    I learnt how to change
    Between evil and malignant
    Scars of red blood
    And rise within roses of star dusts
    Just eternally
    Nothing more

    This is how I learnt
    In the midnight skies,
    Learning how to talk
    With the tored heavens...

    -A Tele poetess learning her art of miseries..

  • telepathy123 1w

    Opening doors to flattered hearts of mere endings
    Passing ones memories of
    Fading away...

    How you and me held our hands
    While our hearts beated
    Fleeing across the auburn sands
    As the sapphire sea waves met the shore of ones haunted memories
    Like us who ran across the foamy waves
    Laughing and getting drenched in the poetic waves of our love
    Could you remember the way
    How you took my picture
    As we held each other in our arms
    of warmth and mere love
    As the honey dipped sun
    Sunk within the oceans of our love
    Syncing our lips
    For a better tomorrow
    As we always dreamt of....

    Your white sheets of papers
    Where you inked your blood of love
    For me in the fragrance of your petals
    Touching my heart softly
    Like feathers of a honeymoon cavern
    Sinking deeper and deeper
    Flying high in the drugs of sparkling hopes
    over me
    And under you

    Your strings of your guitar
    Where you used to play melodic lullabies
    of silver strings and hearts
    And newly embedded cocoons
    Of fragile butterflies
    Holding me just tightly
    Nothing more
    And dippng me in pure waters of blushy sparkles
    Just endlessly...

    But dear
    You know
    The sun sunk forever within the poetic oceans
    Saying forever goodbyes
    The camera clips in your memories
    Dived into my corneas
    Of never lasting memories
    within our words
    Your sheets of parchment papers
    Now lies within a bundle
    In my forever drenched tears
    As your ashed melodies
    Lies within the museums of my soul
    Of your oakwood guitar
    And dear

    // Here I am in front of your grave within your memories as I held our newly born son who's birth happened just within hours of your farewell forever//

    And now I see that,
    A new hope ends our miseries within an ever stuck past ruins forever....

    - A Tele poetess writing ones endings of a new hope..

  • telepathy123 1w

    Last forever

    We all say 'I love you so much',to the ones we love and more than that ,to our partner or loved one who's dearly very close to our heart ,like the horizons that won't exist without a blending of the thirsty sky and damp gold soil below,we all do have mighty attachments within each other.

    We all grow like seedlings which transform into mighty willows entering the mere society going through ups and downs ,passing rocky cliffs and poetic oceans grounding us away from our lighted paths.

    Through our mere journey through our childhood, then passing our crimson young hood ,with moments of looking at cute boys and giggling while dreaming to collapse within journies of romantic novels for a dreamy day , we all pass and fail through exams and depressions and after all college and a boundless journey to the doors of a darkened society are met within another.

    After everything reaching our success we yearn for a heart to engulf our dear soul and bind boundless bonds with them.
    We laugh ,we grow dreams ,we think about a happy marriage life ,we grow castles of dreams within another and after finally reaching them,some become parents and some become lovers forever till they grow old.

    We do everything for an eternal happiness but, can you imagine your life without your loved ones even for a minute?
    More than just your parents you might have a close bond with your eternal love.
    Can you just imagine a life without her or him?

    The answer is a big 'no ' and we all know that.

    Listen for a while to the winds echoing around you
    Can you feel its silent whispers?
    Can you feel it trying to tell you something...
    Just listen carefully ....
    The hidden message might be,
    Never do anything you regret.Nothing lasts forever but loving your loved ones and not regretting your decisions for a better tomorrow can be only done by you just you.

    So cherish everything you can with your loved ones,
    Feel the moments ,
    Forgive the unforgiven blowing away blazes of fire...
    Cause life is temporary with just you and your temporary breaths within it...

    // Nothing lasts forever so cherish the moments with petals of your love//

  • ckfilvan 1w


    There's been a talk about this bride,
    Loveliest and gentlest of all the lights,
    She's been to the lost and hopeless
    A light in the sea of darkness.

    She walks the streets of starry skies
    With a gown divine and white as snow;
    The stars dreams and the blackhole vies
    For this lovely face with mystic glow.

    Yet with all her heart, and mind and soul,
    She loves the one who loves her first,
    For he alone fills her scars and holes,
    Feeds her manna and slakes her thirst.

    A council is held in the dark castle,
    A plan is planned to sink this vessel;
    Morning Star with his ever lying lips
    Smirked as he's sinked many ships.

    He himself attends to seduce her
    And compliments on her divinity,
    Says the Sun's demand is too severe
    And she waste in darkness all her beauty.

    Her eyes opens, breaks in a fit of temper
    To think she's been blinded by the sun;
    If not for the handsome Morning Star,
    She'd lose her beauty and miss all the fun.

    So she gives herself in to the charming star,
    And is passed on by among all the stars.
    She boasts in her beauty till they strikes down
    Her lover and she joins the funeral of the Sun.

    Guinevere's her name, scoff the stars
    And a shadow she shall always be,
    A vain prostitute who's nothing but scars,
    Back to her vomit where she should be.

    She weeps in the darkest of night
    Thinking of her brave yet gentle lover;
    She knows now He is the father of lights,
    A laugh in the sea of sadness ever.

    Unceasing, she weeps brokenhearted
    Once eyesome, now a soiled rag discarded ;
    Yet in the dark learns the why and how
    Her life is a barren field frozen with snow.

    It is in the dark one finds lamps in the sky
    And night borrows the light from the day
    So thus in the dark she finds the light of grace -
    The Sun, risen, has never gives her up for a day.

    He picks her up, holds her against his chest,
    And she kisses his feet, and her sorrows rest;
    And her tears flow as if they would forever,
    And she loves more, for she was forgiven much.

    Then the Sun kissed his bride back home,
    To be a beacon of light in the realm of the dark
    And to look ever on the face of her love, the Sun,
    In the sea of night when she'd need him most.

    And the moon is lovely not because of the night,
    But the night is lovely because of the moon;
    The darker the night, the brighter the moonlight,
    For the grace of the sun is perfect in the dark.

  • telepathy123 1w

    Movie Dilwale..

    Her smile resonating through the chapters of my life,
    As her street paintings engulfed me in another rhythm
    With her pale white skin highlighting her brown auburn shaded hairs
    As I got lost in another realm through the notes of her speeches
    And notes of her rippling heart
    With hands shaked in another aura of love
    Making my coal hearted sins
    Sink into a darkened abyss
    Making me remember her
    Just her
    None more

    Our first day of our date
    With strings of music
    In a five minute awe struck lullaby
    Ended in scoops of ice creams
    And short trips
    Through our mere streets
    With farewell of meeting each other another day
    As I sunk into my deepened sins again
    Until the day you crashed my car
    With a pistol
    With laughters of evil
    Making my coal heart burn into blazing ashes
    Within the blazing fires

    But no
    You came again
    Engulfing my trust
    With pure raindrops
    Echoing the rhythm of our newly budded love
    But was lost again
    Within betrayals as you left me
    Fourteen years ago
    Never to meet again
    But here we are love
    Within our youngsters bondings
    Meeting again
    After fourteen years
    Of our betrayals and blazes of fires

    We were lost
    Among the darkened shadows
    But never failed to meet your heavenly smile again
    You've changed
    But more beautiful
    Within your own chores
    We might not have united
    But our story
    Would never end
    Some love stories are never meant to end...

    //With poetic waves rippling the chores of our hearts endlessly within changes of our love

    Our parents might have their own history
    But its now meant to be lost and faded infront of our crimson love
    Within a new bond and memories//

    Janam Janam

    Your car
    Lost within the brakes of our love
    As I blended within the pure petrichor
    With an unaccepted red rose in my heart
    And a black umbrella in another
    As I drew away from my caverns
    Leading your brakes to another level
    Of a guided light
    As I imagined an illusion
    Of your blue rose veils
    Gushing to the winds of mystery
    As we danced till daylights
    Among the dusks and dawns
    With your fragrance
    Adorning my body
    Within rich blue veils of mysteries
    And your floral hair
    Within my breaths
    Dancing till light of our memories
    Fades away
    Creating my mind to travel to reality
    Within the bliss of waters
    As my darkened umbrella
    Held tight to my hands
    As you went away
    Leaving me alone
    Within your brakes

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @pink_berry @2chinmayee @sparkles09_


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    Crimson petals never fade away within ones untold stories...
    Opening ones heart to endless chapters

  • telepathy123 1w

    I saw her auburn daffodiled hair ,which was shimmering down her shoulders,hugging her fragile waist,as I looked far away from a corner at her glimmering smile and blushy cheeks which always melted me away.

    Today was the day that I'll be accompanying her on our first date which was solicited within my red primroses given from my delicate heartbeats to her.

    "Sure",she said with a smile as she accepted the newly plucked cores , tucking her hair strands behind her ear with a smile taken from the utterly heavens above.

    It was about a week ago, and here I am waiting for her ,near her doorstep opening towards her heartbeats and well,to our first date as well.

    Ari ,was her name.My childhood classmate whom I had a crush on since a several years ago and suprisingly that crush converted into a purely crimson coated rose flower as we got close during our college years within yellow roses to a newly budded red rose.

    Never thought that I'd be that lucky to have her after waiting for a several years,for my love to touch her innocent heartbeats and blend her within my freshly new lips waiting impatiently for her.

    Here she is,near me suprisingly, as I looked at her with utmost love, sending her endless giggles through the silent airs existing between us endlessly.

    As we reached the cafe the aromatic soft whipped creamy choco lattes adorning our appetites were newly orderd within seconds of requests,as we looked into our eyes,speaking through them, with a language none could understand so...

    Just us existing between signals of our eyes as our hands were met with candlelight sparkles,adorning my girl's delicate face, with a refreshing aroma of love spreading throughout our flattered hearts.

    Strings of lullabies and romantic musicians adorned our date , making her blush within seconds of me staring at her innocent face, and here we are looking at the skies above hugging each other and snuggling ,looking at the midnight skies with just us adorning our chamber of crimson petals,yearning for another day with endless memories of auburn memories ,spreading love....

    Just endlessly...

    @2chinmayee @pink_berry @maestral @rish_jee @sparkles09_



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    Miming heartbeats of a love
    Through melodies

    Strings of lullabies and romantic musicians adorned our date , making her blush within seconds of me staring at her innocent face, and here we are looking at the skies above hugging each other and snuggling ,looking at the midnight skies with just us adorning our chamber of crimson petals

  • juanogando 1w

    Dad, you don’t get it

    Lessons of my mistakes
    Have been earned.
    As I see my child struggle
    He refuses what I’ve learned.
    I watch my rerun through his woes
    And the battering of the heart.
    He clearly refuses my input
    Or any wisdom to impart.


  • telepathy123 1w

    Ignorance with exuberance through vulgar skies

    There would have been better days for me if I weren't with you
    feeling cries and hollow echoes in my heart for no reason
    i know I was a second chance
    thought it was changed
    but no it isnt
    as Im diving into it again
    without vulgar screams in my tears
    just blending within the echoes of the rippling heart
    as I'm bound to leap into it again
    ignoring rejecting criyng within the caverns of my heart
    but in utter silence
    as the screams wont gain my desires
    leaving me just quiet
    nothing more...

  • telepathy123 1w

    The door was left ajar,as the midnight screams left me in a hopeless excursion, twisting and turning away within my feathery duvets, and hugging the soft pillows, looking at the unspoken memories of skies above.

    The stars did talk with me,every single night ,by glowing their memorials into my chestnut irises as I looked at them with emotions of having a desire to hear their unspoken words with sheer screams.

    How was the moon formed within the midnight skies?
    Does the midnight maiden love the golden chariot of the glorifying prince and,

    Does stars scream with sheer agony within their heartbeats when they see my utterly silence of azure tears flowing down my mellow cheeks,after daylights of being under him within duvets, scraping my skin with unholy scars mercilessly, making my life a million shades of nightmares.

    Just cause of him, my step father who looks at me with his wild eyes, craving to feel me within daylights as my mother utterly keeps trusts on him.

    The first day he slammed me onto the wall, stripping away my clothes as I screamed in pain within his unholy scars blending my fragile body, the azure sky still smiled in stillness like my mother who never trusted my words of him hurting me within daylights, as she locked me in a room as a blind punishment for a few days.

    My sister was my only comfort as she protected me against my step father, but... no my mother never believed me.
    I wanted to scream out my pain and dip my unholy body in the dusks and dusts of shimmery skies and dissolve within unheard stories to never return again.
    I want to dip my head in the pure poetic waves and scream out my darkness to the world, but,

    no I can't cause it would hurt me more than ever .
    I'm so scared cause I have already fallen in love with the mere pain to never return again within the darkness.

    I have fallen in love with the unspoken blinks of the star dusts within unheard stories of tales within their secret pains, like a rose petal fading away into the mist.

    I have already fallen in love with the pain, but not with the illusional happiness which always fade away.

    The reason to speak silence without screaming my midnight memories to the skies might be ,

    me being afraid to feel neglected and dipped in bloody dusks of illusions within my heartbeats, making my crimson cores fade away into the mist

    like my pure virginity which I lost due to an unspoken stranger who devastated my eternal innocence of dipping in my pink shades of innocence forever...
    @2chinmayee @pink_berry @miraquill @writersnetwork @sparkles09_

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    Soliciting Winters to carry ones existence
    through mere screams of heartless pains...

    the azure sky still smiled in stillness like my mother who never trusted my words of him hurting me within daylights, as she locked me in a room as a blind punishment for a few days.

  • telepathy123 1w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @2chinmayee @sparkles09_ @pink_berry


    This poem might b not good cause its my scattered true emotions without an order....... written in broken heartbeats

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    Might be
    Might not be

    Nights and days
    With sweetness and compliments
    Among confusions and rejections
    Jokes and melodic lullabies
    Ice creams fluorished within ones illusional yearnings
    Chocolates never left alone without a blending of cherry lips
    Sapphire diamonds tears adorned
    Chores masked away
    In moodiness
    Screams of helplessness within ones chambers
    While being afraid to give out an answer
    Within the translucent glasses
    But still bites and lips syncing
    Without yearning for another world
    Crieng when signals go away
    Torturing ones guardians to reput them
    So that you could go near that person again
    We'll meet someday
    Said yes
    But pushed inside ones stripping clothes of rooms
    With uttterly advices given out
    Never to say yes
    But a big firm no
    Translucent glasses given
    To check throughs ones privacy
    Without minding
    But now she does
    Cause she feels used
    And exhausted

  • juanogando 1w

    Baby Blue Morning

    My daughter’s favorite colour
    Is blue, a hue limitless without bounds.
    The mourning sea kisses the blushing sky
    As a lively gull expounds.
    The bluejay is rough at play
    Taunts the feline to recline
    Beneath a shrub of indigo flowerets
    Yet the stray is attentive and sanguine.
    A periwinkle scooter scoots on by
    The rider with steel blue eyes
    Seizes the morning with bursts
    Of speed, taunting his demise.
    A sapphire fantasy fills my mind
    As the slate hued dread of winter descends
    Of cerulean seas in the Caribbean
    With my Carolina blue friends.
    I am assured her mood is azure
    As I greet her with a kiss.
    I wrap her in a new turquoise scarf
    Lifting her mood with kindness.


  • juanogando 1w

    #rhyme @writersnetwork @miraquill #miraquill #soulraabta #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #wod #pod. My beautiful 12 year old daughter has taught me the truest meaning of sensitivity. This father’s role is to hug and listen.

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    Distraught Daughter

    Daughter, daughter please don’t cry
    So inconsolable , my oh my.
    What has brought you such sorrow?
    Was it some bellicose act of dishonor?
    Please tell me of this unjust horror.


  • telepathy123 1w

    Inspired from the sinhala song
    Adaredha mandha

    Where twins fall for a single boy,
    The tension and confused feelings of him could be seen throughout..

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @2chinmayee @sparkles09_ @crystal_snow


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    Two parallel beams
    Syncing for a single crimson heart

    Ebony hairs glimmering to the sunbeams
    As one looked at another like a pure dew reflection
    Running across fields of ones heartbeats
    And reaching the irresistible male yearning for ones love
    Within comfort
    As the other maiden
    Looks away
    Masking her face with an elegant smile
    Feeling her parallel maiden's happiness
    With ones own heartbeats

    Days and nights
    Spent throughout
    With glimmering candlelights
    Though the wax never went away
    Melting into anothers core
    Binding a triangle in parallelism
    But leaving another
    On the edge of a doorstep
    Looking into her reflection with masked heartbeats
    And illusional happiness
    As duvets and pillow fights
    Within giggles and laughter
    Echoed thoroughly
    Among the echoes of skies
    As the male looked at a translucent glass with an attractive smile
    But yet craving for ones touch
    Within midnight memories

    The untouched coffee latte
    And the sofa where one laid on with confused memories
    Within a triangle of love
    But stars never spoke out
    For utmost justice
    For a share of crimson petals
    Among a duet adding another
    Not leaving another along
    Within sapphire tears
    To be blended within her
    Candlelight memories

  • lovethatneverfades 1w

    Choice of rejoice

    Her Eyes filled with joy
    On me lending a broken toy
    How silly of her , a novice

    Later, Made me ponder of my life choice
    With Strangled inner voice


  • juanogando 1w


    The Sausage plant based
    Hits the skillet searing
    The sound of mothers’s kitchen
    Now mine. Cinnamon rolled
    And baking, eggs waiting
    For a layering of cheese,
    Onions assault bringing tears
    The mushrooms bounce
    Ready to be folded the omelet
    Served. Coffee aroma inspires
    The pen, the dog’s wet nose sniffs
    Outside the window the sparrows
    Play and the wild rabbit dashes.
    The children giggle animated
    Talking to laugh. The first
    Bite hot the taste slows time
    The coffee, bitterly washes
    It all down. And the day begins.