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  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 1w

    I am a pretty little girl
    Sugar and spice
    And everything nice.

    When I smile
    My canines gleam
    In the moonlight
    As sharp as knives.

  • smilesofwhiles 11w

    impulsivity is the spice of life

  • anupriyachauhan18 31w

    I hope you guys encourage me through this journey since I am very new to this!
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    Just like salt adds flavour to the food which no variety of spice can , you add flavour to my life.
    You are the salt in my life without which nothing feels good.
    Excessive of you is harmful for me but I dont seem to stop.
    I tell my heart that eventhough there is no love like yours just pause for a while, for it goes wild everytime it sees or even thinks of you but it doesn't seem to stop.
    You are the salt in my life and I need you so that life doesn't become tasteless.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • _shael 32w

    Salt & Pepper

    My life has been seasoned
    With salt & pepper
    The right kind of fusion
    To enhance any flavour.

    I have had bland days
    That were strenuous to swallow
    But all as well at the end
    With a pinch of salt & pepper.

    Often wonder the resemblance
    the dark night & it's starry sky
    mimic my plate sprinkled with this duo
    As if I was served a piece of heaven.

    My pallates have now mastered
    The tastes of world cuisine
    With a dash of salt & pepper
    To create the right kind of spice.


  • karumpiravee 32w

    In deep
    Capture to
    Enrich me

  • heavenly_broadcast 32w

    And so as salty �� spices, filling the earth,
    Let us beware, of loosing our savour to fear
    Not Dreading it's fear, nor fearing it's end.
    As you Remember that-
    "Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men."
    Matthew 5:13

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    Salt they say
    is the Spice of life,
    A Potent Spice
    which fully I Am
    A light of the world,
    The salt of the earth
    An integral spice,
    Which makes
    our world go round
    But if the salt
    looses its savour
    And the spice
    Looses its taste
    What then shall we
    Spice the earth with?

  • sonu99 32w

    #cardamom, #spices, #pod, #wod, #spice,@mirakee,@writersnetwork
    Having lingering aroma
    And piney,fruity flavour
    Stands "The Queen of Spices"
    With complex power.

    Antioxidant and antimetic
    With a variety in its types
    The passion fruit
    Gives sense of good vibes.

    After Saffron and Vanilla
    It's the third most expensive spice
    Belongs to the ginger family
    The capsular fruit combines well with rice.

    The Mother of all other spices
    Is the 'Cardamom'
    Let's make our personality like it
    And use the seeds of knowledge for welfare of the world just like the psalm.

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    The Queen of Spices


  • serrated_ink 32w


    On a sunday sunrise
    Waking up to some good tidings
    Thought of rustle up some nosh
    Peeped into the wooden spice box..

    The red hot CHILLIES
    Swirled in stance of attitude
    As if the red devil queen..

    The bright yellow TURMERIC
    Smashed the spoon
    Making an angle,
    Too bold in my eyes..

    The warm brownish CINNAMON
    Twisted in sharp posture
    To pinch the taste tight..

    The deep, muted, rusty orange
    With a copper undertoned NUTMEG
    Tinched to make sour warm exit..

    The brownish black CLOVE
    Stood tall in pride, as a cox
    As to host my wooden spice box..

    The greyish white fresh resin
    Which turned to dark amber colored ASAFOEDIA
    Acerbed to flinch my face right..

    The last, to catch my site
    Pure white SALT in my mind
    Smirked in triumph as the ruling knight..

    As these spices talked to me
    With their appearances, I turned
    To my favorite delight
    The powerful pungent GARLIC
    Giving significance texture to all my viands..

    1. Good tidings = Good News
    2. Rustle up = Prepare
    3. Nosh = Food
    4. Cox = In charge of a its crew
    5. Acerbed = Sour
    6. Triumph = Victory
    7. Ruling Knight = To rule all the cookings
    8. Viands = Item of food

    #spice #wod #pod #spices #spicejournal #journal #lalawrites #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee

    Pic credit to the rightful owner..♥


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    On a sunday sunrise
    Waking up to some good tidings
    Thought of rustle up some nosh
    Peeped into the wooden spice box..


  • preetkanwal 32w

    Dried wounds were leaving
    pungent smell
    from the skin of an old diary
    chewing the cardamoms
    of forgotten memories
    I gulped the juices of bitter past.
    With the dry ginger of words
    made a teapot of poesies
    straining leaves of pains
    sweetening with metaphors of life
    poured strong emotions
    on the turmeric coloured pages.
    Tasting their lingering aroma
    through the tongue of my pen
    I spiced up my life.


  • stelly 32w

    I belong
    To a family of Amaryllidaceae
    From kingdom plantae
    Like a king I bear a crown
    And dress in red satin
    Sometimes in purple
    And golden brown

    My master loves me
    He feed me manure
    And fertilizer
    So I can grow bigger
    But when I'm a grown up
    He betrayed me
    He trade me for money

    He takes away my throne
    And sold me away
    To another master,
    My new master
    Takes me to a strange places
    He throw me from one place to another
    My clothes are torn he made me suffer

    Then came a stranger
    Who look like my master
    He said he need me
    My new master once again
    He trade me for money
    The stranger put me in his bag
    I don't know where he will take me?

    I reach the stranger home
    And he put me in a basket
    As I look at him
    I saw him holding a sharp object
    He wanted to kill me
    He was a murderer
    He want to eat me

    He took away my red satin
    And he cut my head
    He slice my body in circle
    Sometimes in pieces
    But this stranger
    Is strange
    He weep whenever he murder my kind

    The stranger bought me
    Killed me
    And eat me
    Sometimes raw
    Sometimes they throw me in hot liquid
    They mixed me with other ingredients
    They always want me.

    #spice #writersnetwork #mirakee

    Pic credit to the rightful owner

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  • kudirat_mojisola 32w

    Without you, I'm like a stew with absent salt, please come back to me and bring out the sweetness in me.

  • the_speccy_outsider 32w

    He presented her
    With enchanting Violets
    For every cold night
    When blood burgeoned within
    Betwixt her tender legs

    When the bond of holy matrimony was sealed, it seemed as though all the best pieces fell into a quintessential chronological order. That every young canary dreams about. Since childhood she played, encompassed by spices of life. Some terrible, some beautiful. Some went awry but some were scrumptious.

    I used to watch this drill every day through the window. But one day, that bud blossomed into a beautiful flower. And soon there were potential admirers who wanted to have it. So was a young gallant fellow.

    A jocund affair it was when they became one. And so the leaves gave it a new flavour. Like a bewitching dream it was. But soon the dawn of Autumn arrived and a monochromatic abyss announced its arrival.

    Day after day it stormed. With leaves falling every now and then. The tree wept for it no longer had the capacity to hold the little canary, the innocent bud that used to stay jauntily at its behest was plucked by lecherous beings.

    Blood dripped from her stem, her branches, her petals. And Violet turned a shade darker. Coercion was like a daily chore for him, and endurance for her. Even though he had the utmost right to do so, consensus was never an option.

    I was no longer a bunch of violets. I was transformed into melancholy. That stayed hovering over the poor soul that was bereft of tears as well. Too tired to even cry.

    It happens in a marriage as it's considered normal. It is an offence that hasn't been promulgated into a law as of yet. But there seems a need for it. Everyone interprets it as though they have the pertinent knowledge. When we talk about sexual assault, then I guess Marital Rape should also be given a legal status. Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) considers the forced sex in marriages as a crime only when the wife is below age 15. Thus, marital rape is not a criminal offense under the IPC.


    For posts on similar theme, check out #BreakingStereotypesAndTaboos

    #spice #autobiography #wov2 # #wov3

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    Violet(s) Blood

    Love was lost
    Amidst matrimony
    That was once
    Claimed holy
    Contemplated to be one
    For eternity

    Entering in holy bond
    Sacred one for life?
    Was it worth?

  • tuiethetweety 32w


    There's no such dish,that
    doesn't need to put salt in.
    deriving from the ocean,
    this one of the spices that
    are used on a regular basis.
    even some of the sweet dishes
    need to have a pinch of salt,to
    enhance their sweetness,perfectly.
    from poor to rich,every household
    whether have other spices or not,
    must have this very one there in kitchen.
    Do you know,the best instant way to
    get relief from continuing hiccups is
    nothing other than a generous amount
    of salt diluted in a glass full of water and
    drink that glass of water in single gulp.
    I personally believe that each and everyone
    is like salt,who may not have others attention
    but still nothing is done well without them.
    our existence islike this most required spice.

  • inkandfable670 32w

    First time tried the Shakespearean sonnet form:
    Rhyme Scheme - AB AB ,CD CD ,EF EF ,GG


    The Spice Box:

    Poetry is like the form of dishes
    Belonging to the skillful hands of writer
    Prepared with preferential spices
    Contains salt of tears,or sugar of laughter,

    To spill the bitterness of his heart
    He adds peppers and chilies of irony
    To paint his ideas and thoughts
    Sprinkles saffron and turmeric colours

    With cinnamon, cardamom like words
    Enhances the essences of emotions
    Like the tanginess of tamarind,he gulps
    The savouriness of painful situations :
    This is how a writer uses his heart as a spice box
    To exactly expressed his ideas,notions and thoughts.



    #spice #wod

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    The Spice Box:

    This is how a writer uses his heart
    as a spice box
    To exactly expressed his ideas,
    notions, emotions and thoughts.

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 32w

    #shadorma #wov3 #spice #wod #spicy #ak_wov
    #alliteration #ak_alliterations
    All written rights reserved
    16 June 2021 9. 05 pm

    Shadorma - 3 5 3 3 7 5

    " The marks humans leave are too often scars. "
    - John Green

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  • _beingbeautiful_ 32w


    I am like a salt ,no one notice me unless I give less flavour to their work .


  • taekook_maknae 32w

    This is a short poem for the ones who are hunger for ....food , peace , dreams ,poem etc..,

    Ahh i know this is senseless

    Edit: i'm sorry ,won't be active
    See y soon.... IMY and ILY

    #lame #acrostic #spice #wod #paprika #AP_fin

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    Paprika scented , metaphored those void plates
    Olfactored aroma of oldstreet ramens
    Eager to savour past , Guts startled emptiness
    Tongue trembled! parched! Not with spicy but zilches
    Road sellers rattled paprika corns ,as my satchel on hiatus
    Yearns for a piece of peace loaf ,prior to funeral


  • bhavya_6 32w

    let's describe spices personalities
    some of them are described ..
    tell me your favorite spice nd why..

    lots of spices in
    kitchen fly
    spices don't have single flavor profiles

    Black pepper
    and chilly flakes
    here are some spices being narrates...

    being chilly
    one needs guts..
    bold like wintry gust
    enjoy its heat
    with courageous beats ..

    Sugar - everyone
    want to be ...
    but remember you need
    to be a sweetener in every field .

    Ginger is peppery-sweety
    with pungent scent
    being mellow north sea breeze

    lemon , apricots and dates
    Tamarid tangy flavor on high rates..
    sometimes it is sweet as sunset
    but can be sour and tarty nights..

    flavor of king time
    its Salt right...
    enhancing texture nd colour bright..
    but little extra can
    ruin your feel ..

    Garlic - onions both have
    mustard-y flavor profile
    your eyes will bleed
    used in kitchen often times

    last is cinnamon ..
    like refresh gust of winds
    leaving strong flavor in mind

    miraquill you are like rosemary
    in my life ..

    by : @bhavya_6

    16 June 2021
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #spice #wod
    #xd ignore

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  • lone_dolphin 32w

    Twitched eccentricity of the opulent crimson flaky-
    flakes impart tangy condimento
    fiery buds savour in awe...

  • nehashirude 32w


    ज़िंदगी हैं बेस्वाद अगर न हों उसमें कोई मसाला,
    कोई हो उसमें ऐसा की धुआं निकल दें मिर्च जैसा,
    नमक भी तो होना चाहिए मज़ा आ जाएं।
    इलाइची जैसा खुशबूदार कोई हों,
    तो ये जिंदगी महक जाएं ।
    गुलजार हो जाएं जिंदगी अगर कोई ऐसा आ जाएं।