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  • she_wrote 10w


    It seems to me that a sickness has gripped me. I have become part of a spiral where thoughts come and then bead by bead the spiral keeps on increasing , layer by layer to a point from where I fail to find the beginning.

    My brain has stopped taking this, the pressure, the pain, the suffering I go through in each moment when I should be resting and I have become reckless with my memories.

    Memories of yesterday,today and coming tomorrow . Why?
    You ask me why?

    Because it's unbearable to be in the limelight and pretend to be alright. Not being able to scream out, show your joy, sorrow, anger,hurt and pain.

    Fear grips the heart yet the smile doesn't flicker.
    Do you know how that happen?

    Practice . Practice. Practice.

    But it's enough. I am exhausted and I sincerely hope for the earth to stop moving and my ethics to stop talking .
    Kanchan Balodi

  • writeweird 15w

    there's nothing as joyless as watching a poet struggle.

    -- unknown

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    crying for september: an incoherent piece by a fragile mind

    fold me in threads
    a thousand pieces alike

    carve me instead
    of setting the sun alight

    -- defiled.

    there's always more than i
    seek in my head

    if i hold my breath
    cut my throat

    i love you so

    maybe I'll kill myself
    next tuesday

    there's a storm on
    the offering

    by the window

    i wonder if this
    month will ever end

    how about tomorrow
    when it is sunny and

    all things considered
    i don't think i prefer the blue
    skies anymore

    maybe something more
    grey and tired

    like an autumn afternoon just
    before the winter

    whence the air is crisp
    and there's ambient silence

    like a painting you cannot
    stop staring at

    maybe it is september
    i cry for after all

    i hope it's not october.


  • writeweird 16w

    there's no title for despair

    as old as summer days
    and now i must grieve

    there's a morning to tend to
    another nightmare to cry

    that old tv occupies far too space
    in my mind

    collecting dust and silence in
    words i do not yet know how to speak

    maybe I'll talk to myself
    next tuesday

    there's a storm on
    the offering

    they say walls can listen
    you scream

    but no one ever visits this
    rusty old house

    where the night falls ever
    the same

    and people go to sleep
    as if nothing has ever happened

    perhaps it's not my story
    that the world cares for

    nor am i his favorite child and
    the thought scares me

    what if there's no one
    to pray to

    on a day you have much
    to pray for


  • poetic_catastrophe 79w


    Just sometimes in the middle of the night when I am curled up in a ball, bitter and cold, with pangs in the pit of stomach; I like to think I'm hungry and not the overbearing anxiety crushing my bones. In the middle of those night, oh how I wish I could curl further, get smaller and disappear just to feel safe.


  • conflicted_ 85w

    Today's prompt of "Everyday in June" is "Pause or play"
    //Play * Static * Pause* static *plays
    You say how you feel nothing tonight,
    You say how you feel so done with everything,
    I thought, a few throwbacks and my lame jokes would set up things,
    But you wouldn't give it up so easily,
    Thinking to find something to fix you,
    But this night,You feel something more?
    Don't you baby?
    Pushing me away to dodge something messy
    Pushing me away to avert the crisis which was initiated in your mind,
    You drained your emotions,Waking up too rational...
    Or did I?
    Or is this normal??
    Or is this All to come along???
    pauses static play
    Closing my eyes,
    Saying this is just a glitch,
    This is just all the same,
    We go through circles everytime this happen
    And when we decide to play our part,
    Everything's going away,falling apart,
    Hands trying to reach yours,
    To reach all those precious moments
    Those memories
    Falling memories drowning like all
    the waters I couldn't hold in my hands,
    As I see everything drowning away
    The memories...your face...
    Static Stop Rewinds Play again //

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    pauses static play
    Closing my eyes,
    Saying this is just a glitch,
    This is just all the same,
    We go through circles everytime this happen
    And when we decide to play our part,
    Everything's going away,falling apart,
    Hands trying to reach yours,
    To reach all those precious moments
    Those memories
    Falling memories drowning like all
    the waters I couldn't hold in my hands,
    As I see everything drowning away
    The memories...your face...
    Static Stop
    Rewinds Play again....

  • lockhart_red 94w

    Spiral candies

    Confusions of confessions
    are fusions of spiraled motions of notions
    Candies of life
    Sweet and sour
    Black and white concentric circles
    Displaying way to life's crispy crux
    Picturesque view of the dainty light
    Peeping from the dark end of the tunnel
    lighting the entire path
    Smooth blend of emotions caramelized
    into glazed spiral confectionary


  • rasanga 103w

    The last word

    A trembling voice utters a word.
    Not a name, but a word, faint yet strong.
    It creeps out of the bed,
    like the nightfall on a gloomy day.
    Looks around the room
    and hides behind a shadow.
    A heavy sound of footsteps get closer,
    With a faint clinking of a tray.
    The word burries it's head in hands
    blending in with darkness,
    eagerly listening to hear another word.
    Footsteps arrive, moves around the room,
    picking things up and settling things down.
    A glass clink, the tremble pause
    sip, sip and a gulp!
    Head falls back on the pillow, bed squeaks,
    body trembles again.
    Floorboards creek, footsteps leave,
    slowly disappears in to a downward spiral.
    The word slowly rises it's head
    Looks around like the shoemaker in castle
    Leaps toward the window
    and slowly pushes the frame
    that wind banged shut a while ago.
    A strip of evening light falls in
    painting a straight line across the floor
    dimming the darkness a little more.
    The voice moves fast, again
    drags it's dark, lean body
    next to the man lying on the bed,
    eyes closed, face turned to a side.
    The word sits by his pillow wondering,
    Are there going to be any other words?
    A moist breeze enters the room,
    curtains shiver and something else rustle.
    Breeze flows through the room,
    kissing both man and the word at once.

    The man opens his eyes for an instant,
    his lips curl upward in a smile,
    Eyelids slowly shut
    the trembling stops!


  • angels_halo_shines 108w

    Ok, not many will understand, the reference to riding the spiral, is actually what Tool fans call listening to Tool. Spiral out. You are listening to Tool. Pretty silly, perhaps. But it's said Tool fans are a whole different type of fans. Idk about all that. Radiohead fans, are in another whole new dimension if you ask me. No one did. Just through observation. NIN Fans are said to be brutual. Especially in Chicago. ������

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    Riding the Spiral

    Living to gain strength,
    Strength turning into endurance.
    Endurance ends in stability.
    Stability makes you able.
    To be able makes you free.
    Freedom makes your spirit carefree.
    Carefree turns makes you a warrior.

    The warrior inside of me, makes me push forward.
    Push on through.
    I made my own philosophy.
    That makes sense to me.

    I so desperately seek solitude.
    At the same time, the need to feel love.
    Now, it has to be one or the other.
    I have to choose solitude.
    That's why I make disappearing acts.
    Not many understand.

    I still ride that spiral.
    Every chance I get.
    The never ending perfect circle.
    That makes me go round.
    That spiral, takes me to another time.
    Fast forwards, or rewinds.

  • writeendlessly 111w

    I spiral
    Further and further
    Down my own rabbit hole
    Which way is up?
    Which way is down?
    It's easier to fall then to pull yourself up.

  • markmhn 99w


    Walking on the water of Difficulties
    Wind drying the lost happiness.
    Walking in the spiral of anxiety,

    To find
    The end.

  • danaha 120w

    Round and round

    Round and round into a spiral,
    Round and round like a snail's home,
    Round and round in the garden
    like a teddy bear.
    Step by step through a tunnel leading us to a place we never knew we once dreamnt of as a toddler.

  • jayeesha_merchant 128w

    The Spiral

    Ride the wave,
    Ride the wave,
    Through the rings,
    Through the loops,
    Skin shedding,
    Body trembling,
    Falsity crumbling,
    Ride the wave,
    Ride the wave,
    It's only a wave.

  • quimey15 130w

    Amor Incorrespondido

    Fui un torpe.
    Un iluso.
    Un tonto.
    Un maldito idiota.
    Pensar que podría estar junto a ti.
    Pensar que podría extender esa felicidad que a tu lado sentía.
    En serio, no sé en qué momento pasó.
    No sé en qué momento...me enamoré de vos.
    Simplemente quería pasar cada día a tu lado, abrazados eternamente sin preocupaciones.
    Finalmente te lo dije y te bese. Te amaba y eras lo único que me importaba
    Pero claro, mis historias nunca tienen un final feliz.
    La confusión en tu rostro, la voz que te temblaba, balbuceando lo que me temía "no te quiero de esa manera"
    Fuiste dulce hasta en eso, luego de eso intentaste mantenerte a mi lado.
    Pero las cosas no podrian ser nunca iguales.
    Las peleas aumentaban, los momentos lindos decrecian, hasta que todo fue un eterno espiral negro de dolor.
    Hasta que, entre lágrimas, decidimos dejar de existir el uno para el otro.
    Ahora somos completos desconocidos, no sabemos de la vida del otro.
    Mi corazón está entre espinas desde ese día. Otra vez condenado a vagar solo. Cuando pensé que había conocido la felicidad, el universo me devolvió a la realidad de una bofetada. Como cada vez, cada chica valiosa, cada experiencia buena...todo termina en miseria y llanto.
    Que hice para merecer esto?
    Tan mala persona soy?
    Tan cruel, frío y malvado?
    Y lo peor...es que siguen insistiendo en hacerme creer lo contrario.
    "Sos una persona increíble. Ojalá encuentres a alguien que aprecie lo maravilloso que sos. Ojalá encuentres a alguien que aprecie cuanto la amas."
    Siempre otra persona.
    Nunca por la que me desvivo.
    Nunca con la persona que quiero estar realmente.
    Nunca de quien...me enamoro.
    Al final, lo único que soy es una gran carga.
    Estoy resignado a encontrar a alguien que me quiera en este mundo salvaje.
    Sigo pensando que es mentira, que alguien está esperándome ahí afuera. Pero los días pasan, el frío y la oscuridad me consumen...y a veces solo pienso en acabar con todo de una vez y por siempre.

  • thepinetrail 131w

    With a conscious that's driven by assimilated infrastructure of information we tend believe that we're free.....
    the prison we are captured within is an illusion in which we don't want to believe......
    .so soar high in this life of slavery my dear friend.... haha haha ha ....for the soul pities for your suffering and dwells alone in dark dungeons to be free

  • soft_zephyr 132w


    Raining hard on window panes;

    Heart is excited but body is lame;

    Soul says that humanity still survives;

    But mind knows it’s a mask parade;

    Every face around you is a fake,

    Every behavior is for their own sake,

    Beauty is nothing but created blushes,

    Smile is nothing but concealed rashes,

    All this is clear, and some where

    Loneliness is raging war;

    But still life is too precious, and

    All efforts are taken to keep death apart…….

  • inkbleeds 135w

    Black hole

    Her eyes are the only black holes
    I spiral down into fearlessy and
    vision us glowing in bare skins.
    A blink and she locks me in.

  • charade 143w

    The Upward Spiral

    Sometimes I'm spiralling out of control,
    I'm cold but vigilant.
    I'm breathing in warmth,
    Whenever I'm holding a cigarette.

    The smoke spirals up,
    My hope dials up.
    but then my focus erupts
    into spiralling dust.

    My mind grinding crazy,
    optimistic aint my style,
    Not lately, not ever,
    My denial plays me.

    I say ridiculous shit,
    in the hope you'll erase me forever.
    The why isn't basic,
    The why is soul destroying.

    The spiral is everything,
    I'm trying to elevate it.
    Control it, not let it be controlling,
    The only thing I want is to hold is you.

    I want to spiral into control with you,
    and if I spiral off into random tangents.
    I hope I'm holding hands with beautiful you,
    because that's what will keep me anchored to the glamorous truth.

    And that truth is,
    I'm so enamoured with you -
    there's not a single thing you could do
    to stop me wanting to grab at you.

    No one else could come close,
    it has to be you.
    And if I haven't told you enough
    I'm telling you now.
    You're fucking beautiful,
    you got me spiralling into the clouds.


  • charade 143w

    The Downward Spiral

    Fuck this year,
    fuck this life.

    Fuck thinking logical.
    I didn't read the signs right,
    and got blindsided -
    by what I thought wasn't possible.
    Crystal clear hindsight,
    highlights the mistakes I've made.
    I look back and I dissect every second,
    every minute of every fucking day.

    You underestimate
    how much I love you in my own way.
    I stretched into dual roles,
    I thought it would help.
    but the pressure left me exhausted as hell.

    I tried so hard to make you happy,
    for nine years and I failed,
    I guess because I'm an apathetic mess, emotionally closed off.

    I took you for granted,
    Started to use our time
    for my peace and quiet,
    While you must have been pleading
    for me to fill the silence.

    What you wanted from me,
    you got the opposite,
    now I understand.
    You were always destined to find it
    in the arms of a better man.

    But did you spare a thought for me
    While your relationship grew?
    Did you wonder if I noticed?
    You must've known I wouldn't cope with this.
    I thought you were supporting a close friend at his worlds end,
    Not finding a soul mate and becoming his girlfriend.

    Through this storm
    Im drawn back to old habits,
    It's pathetic - yes I know,
    back to the bad stuff I crawl.
    It's hard sometimes,
    When I've been played for a fool,
    When I've got no pride or dignity left,
    when I feel this knife so far in my back
    its digging into my chest.

    I sit in a clean, dead empty house,
    With an empty bed
    that doesn't tempt me at all.
    I start to miss the mess and the noise,
    The stuff that made it our home.
    And in spite of everything,
    I miss you most of all.

    I stare at the empty wall
    with my heavy head,
    Go over all the texts,
    re-read the messages you sent,
    but seeing them different,
    knowing now - what I didn't back then.

    My self-loathing is ceaseless.
    I must've been so boring to be with,
    when you wanted to talk,
    but I kept falling short.
    I really do wish
    I could let the words come pouring out,
    I still don't know how,
    and I know you don't believe me.
    I hope no one shows up to see me.
    I hope no one notices.
    That I've fallen to pieces of hopelessness

    The timeline for survival
    In this lifestyle is short,
    caught in depressive cycle of thoughts.
    They're so hard to fight,
    My dark pupils open hard and wide.
    Pure black
    No spark behind these eyes.

    I'm stuck and alone,
    I have more than I'd ever hoped for,
    It should be enough to keep me composed,
    but I feel hardwired to self-implode.

    I was once a scared little boy,
    bluffing and pretending.

    Now I'm a big scared man,
    and I've still never stood up for anything.
    I still haven't grown a spine,
    still scared of confrontation,
    scared of honesty,
    scared of being vulnerable,
    scared to fight.
    Fuck me I'm fucking scared of life,

    Consumed by nothing -
    being eaten alive.
    scared that one day the facade will fall,
    I'll have no mask and have to bear it all.

    Self harm helps me focus,
    not the type that leaves an arm scarred,
    instead I rip myself apart
    and float across the far side.
    I run until my lungs burn,
    my legs nearly break under the weight,
    I do drugs and drink
    because I'm too dumb to think
    or learn from my fucking mistakes.

    Some days I miss you so much I want to go back to pretending,
    Some days the depression creeps up and I can never see it relenting.
    Some days I'm so confused about what the actual truth is.

    I question everything,
    insecurities prey on my brain,
    and they weigh too much.
    Some days just suck,
    they mess with my heart,
    Thinking of all the ways the three of us tore our family apart.

    I feel my life become a stranger,
    Some days the rage builds up tension.
    Until I want to grab a blank page,
    And just spit pure fucking venom.

    Some days I want to criticise,
    some days I just hold my fears at bay.
    Some days I want to apologise,
    hold you tight and beg you to stay.

    Some days im confused,
    It hurts in ways that words can't say,
    Consumed in the worst of pain.
    Some days I refuse -
    to be burdened under rage.
    But some days
    I want to light the fuse
    And just burst into fucking flames.


  • sweedle 144w

    If I had to imagine the shape of our imperfect love story, it would be a spiral.

    You know the ones that start from a single point and roam around in many little circles, round and round till your head spins. It’s funny how it all begins from one tiny interaction, one sudden eye contact, one unintentional bump of a shoulder or a whip of your head when you hear that voice you really liked. But our case was different, wasn’t it? We met yet acted like we didn’t, small talk with loads of sneaky glances. A secretive smile we kept to ourselves, never dared to share with each other thinking the thrill in this anonymity would end.

    We wrote letters when we fought and sent songs when words were never enough to express our feelings. The silence was so comforting, just us, our hands entwined looking at the horizon. We watched the moon dance in twilight and the sun rising up from its deep slumber. The birds were familiar to our presence and tweeted a friendly hello while the owl hooted more with its wide watchful eyes.
    Friends tried to know the secret of what made us tick and how do we do it. But we had no clue what to answer so we ignored it. I didn’t give much thought into the future of us and you …. you just said forget all that and go with the flow.

    Staying in love was one thing, moving ahead was another. We kept our own pace, stumbling upon rocks of disappointment, argument and misunderstandings. Things started to fall out and we started drifting apart before we even knew it. I took off your cheap dollar store ring so many times I lost count. I would thrust it into the palm of your hand yelling "it's over!"

    Three days later you knocked on my door, telling me we should talk it out, but didn't you know? We never talk, just exchange glances that carry different meanings at different times. We should have called it "the sign language for the dumb people in love who can actually talk". A bit long but you knew I was right.

    We fought again, this time it was meant to be for we were arguing why did we even make up since we are going to break up once again. Why couldn't we just let go and settle down with someone easier, less complicated and one who actually opened his mouth and talked?
    With and without each other, we were happily miserable. You bought me a dozen pyjamas but I still wore your shirt to bed and you still did not wash dishes on the weekend even after I beat you in a game of chess.

    You forgot my birthday and trust me it didn't hurt that much. Well, it did a little bit but it escalated when you remembered to pay the plumber you owed 12 freaking dollars, an account two months old. We officially broke up the next day and I was happy to be free from further entanglement.

    So that's it. We are done. No more moving round in circles. Spirals. Whatever shape it is.

    By the way, I've changed the locks to my front porch.

    Come and meet me through the back door.


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    © Sweedle

  • akira_seijuro 150w

    When feelings come in the way of behaviour, every in life seems to be messed up.