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  • angels_halo_shines 1d

    Hopes of a Sign

    As I always do
    Looking up to the sky for just a glimpse of you
    Staring with hopes of a sign
    I know you’re here with me
    You’re here with us
    As you know we need you by our side
    Going home was what you needed
    I just wasn’t ready to let go
    I wasn’t trying to be selfish
    You fought so hard for so very long
    Showing us all what strength is
    I will keep waiting for signs
    You will forever be in our hearts
    Please forgive my selfishness
    I wasn’t ready


  • mariateresa 1d

    I am a modern day troubadour spreading the power of love through my poems. The energy that is occurring on Earth right now is life changing. Powered by the New Moon and solar eclipse in Sagittarius, we are rising to feel much more of the love vibration that is pouring upon us through Spirit, the Divine light. Tap in, feel its power and trust the truths that are ushering in New Earth. Welcome to the mass healing, the Great Awakening. What an amazingly beautiful time to be alive!!!

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    The magic of December

    In this month of December, the time of my birth
    I pray for Divine love to enlighten one and all, pouring through the Light upon the Earth
    Energetic lift of aliveness awakens each sentient being
    Truth ignites healing by radiating its power onto one another through feeling
    Rising towards our higher purpose, breaking systems that damage humanity
    Together we understand communication telepathically
    This is our new reality
    Believe in the magic of the season
    Winter creates a stillness within drawing us closer to intuitive reason
    Like ice breaking around the walls of our hearts, fear no longer serves our existence
    Collectively we understand that only love is the path of least resistance

  • goddess_rebelkatt 2d

    Unconscious Manifestation

    Often, when people are unhappy,
    they assess & focus on
    their reasons for unhappiness.
    This energy is sent out
    & this is what they call towards them.

    Unfortunately, this energetic habit
    leads to a vicious unproductive cycle-
    which unless broken by
    turning intent & intention
    towards what is actually desired,
    - never is truly left.


  • goddess_rebelkatt 2d

    Seeking Growth in Duality

    In all conflict-
    whether the conflict is
    or Physical-
    the warring ideals of said conflict
    tend to be *POLARIZED*. ☯️

    Being Blinded by Bias
    leaves no (true) regard for compromise.

    Relief from polarization
    & destructive biases can be found
    because it's the name
    for the concept of Inner Growth.

    The comforting freedom of Inner Growth
    has only one catch,
    & that is caused by it being
    a non-observable inward process.

    The required condition
    to receive its support,
    is a genuine & urgent desire to seek it!


  • mckennakay 4d


    Will you stop for a moment and listen
    to the trees growing, breathing
    the Earth spinning and spreading
    pause for a second and feel
    each person growing, living
    drawing nearer to their ends
    We all race through this life
    drawing lines in between us
    to make us feel safe
    feel alone
    But true peace happens when
    you observe the togetherness
    that we all must practice to remember
    That consiousness is shared
    in you
    in me.
    hearts beating
    the unsure
    the fear of death
    the illusion of separation
    is but a mere veil
    that must be lifted from time to time
    Once you stop for a glimpse
    And simply exist as one being
    in unison with the rest of the choir
    echoing in perfect time
    The intangible connections
    so wickedly intertwined
    We are all growing and breathing
    We are all just fine

  • angels_halo_shines 1w

    They asked who I am, I looked at them straight in the eyes & said I am a different version of myself everyday. I am content one day, lost the next.
    My mind, looking in from the outside, it’s wired especially for me. I don’t know who else could go through what I have & took the one thing I did learn about myself. Enduring as much pain as possible. And still more on top of that. So. Here I am, today. Stronger than yesterday.

  • angels_halo_shines 1w

    Surrender to the Unknown

    The days just float by. Not sure what to say or think. Our DNA is not wired for death. No matter if you knew, eventually the time would come. The inevitable outcome. Sickness, cancer, dialysis & consistency of pain.

    ~ ~

    I can admit, I didn’t want to accept it. That’s the whole truth. I didn’t want to talk about it, even though it needed to be. I just didn’t want to think about it. I couldn’t. As tears stream down my face, I know that it’s the cycle of life.
    As I look back on all the great times we had, I realize how much you did love me. And the kids & I did mean the world to you. As you said many times.

    ~ ~

    I wish I had an answer as too why you suffered as much as you did. Nobody can deny that you were the strongest woman we know. We all learned from that alone. Through your pain, I felt your strength. Teaching us that no matter what is next, you just have to take the good with the bad.

    ~ ~

    Jason has held true to his word. As have I, showing you we have learned through you. Your willingness to fight as hard as you had to, our weaknesses don’t compare to yours.
    I shed tears, I know acceptance of the truth that I still have in my mind to deny. Denial of it all like a big bad nightmare. That haunts me & maybe it will until I can say to myself I admit & surrender to the unknown. The life that must go on without you here. The lifetime that is not the same now. For anyone. I love you mom. Fly high my Angel, be free. Always know that we are watching for signs from you everyday. I just miss you so very much.

  • angels_halo_shines 2w

    Been Said

    Its been said,
    "There is something different about her."
    "I don't know what it is, but different."

    I guess there is.
    You lose all you ever have known.
    But, you tell me "you've known for 2 years this day was coming."

    That doesn't make anything any better.
    I am just lost in the darkest parts of my mind.
    Not knowing how to shine light there.

    I am not sure of anything anymore.
    I don't think I ever will.
    I keep feeling I could have done this or that.

    I feel like I took for granted all I could.
    And never went back to correct that.
    I could have done better, I could have done better.

    Now I hold all this in.
    The darkness is overpowering me.
    I suppose I'm letting it.

  • goddess_rebelkatt 2w

    Inner Power


    Creating things Consciously
    prevents Subconscious Destruction


  • goddess_rebelkatt 2w

    Ego & Duality

    However, especially for anyone striving toward Spiritual Completion, Our Ego
    (Latin root: 1st person-Self)
    was never meant to be destroyed.

    For that is both concept & a reality
    of rejecting and turning away from yourself.

    Yes, The Ego becomes destructive when it takes over
    & gives Our Soul no room to breathe or exist.

    Yet rising above the polarity of destruction versus surrender,
    the non-advertised yet so desperately needed 3rd option emerges.

    That glorious option is Acceptance.

    Conflict only exists in biased polarities. Neutrality leads to the dissolving of conflict.


  • ltsoul 2w

    For physical achievements
    They clap and they cheer
    They revel in your lust
    They even commandeer,
    But these things don't
    make us better people
    Are they truly happy for you?
    Or is it for themselves?
    To make them feel better
    For not being better...

    Applauding your graspings
    of low hanging fruit,
    so they can follow suit
    And feel proud...
    So they can feel no pressure
    So they may boast loud,
    And perceive no measure
    For what they understand.
    They're just here
    For physical demand.

    There's no need to understand
    Anything more.
    To you...
    When you jump you soar.

    Limited to your physicality
    caged and entrapped mentality
    Delighting in your ignorance
    Of sports, play and romance
    But where will intelligence dance?
    Where will your spirit play?
    Where does it lay while you delay?
    Wilting away, lost in the fray.

  • angels_halo_shines 2w


    We are in the ocean of love, only it seems all love is lost. Look around, look into the eyes of strangers.I hope it’s love you see & feel. If it’s not, gravitate towards love. Love & laughter with good people, family. The ones closest to your heart. I have been blessed with a best friend like no other. My 😇 Angel LillyFlower 🌸, she keeps me going, passing me rays of hope & faith through her eyes. Eyes blue like the deepest ocean. Within her guidance, her presence there is so much to learn, much more to heal. We will together. Taking her hand as we walk forward. We can’t even glance back of what was. Just look head on forward. God, please help us, guide us. Take our hands, we will surrender as we should have long ago. There is so much I look back on & wish I had done something different. Maybe it’s just the way it has to be. Every path is walked differently. Yours is yours. Mine is mine. There are no two alike. When times are bad, just gravitate toward the unconditional love you I have been shown through LillyFlower. Taught many things but no book was written as I grew up. I grew up the best I could. Memories, oh the memories. They take me back, I tell ya. I refuse to give the bad any of my place in my mind. It’s hard, a hard habit to break. So used to reliving them. Like the cd on repeat. Just not the cd you wanted or chose yourself.
    I don’t want to hear the voices that haunt me the most. I used to let the thoughts control & consume me. I just can’t give anymore time to that part of my life anymore. Thinking back all the time wasted. Overthinking. Then. More overthinking. Always been pushed mind killers, the kind of mind killers that make you numb to any feelings at all. I decided no more of that. I have lessons I need to feel deeply. It turns out those are the ones I need to be taught the most. I don’t know. When the time is right. I’m not trying to rush. Not this time. I always been on some sort of speed factor. Whether it’s my mind is in overdrive or not. I am doing all I can to keep myself together. Lost in the biggest waves of over processed thoughts. Then you wonder if you should even tell anyone how you feel. Got you in a train of thought that you second guess. Yourself. Again & again. Impossible to stop that now. A learned behavior has been ignited to the flames of Hell. I done been warned by the devil, danced with death. For the sake of playing Russian roulette. I regret every addiction I ever had. I ALWAYS pushed my limits. Why the Hell did I do that? I hold the key deep down. Believe that. Never knowing what’s next. Oh, it’s hard telling. We’ll see how it turns out.

  • angels_halo_shines 3w


    I ponder on my thoughts on a daily basis. Not knowing if my mind is speaking to me through spirit. My mind is noisy. Never waiting for me to understand. I mean, maybe it’s supposed to be that way. I’m not one to be sorting it out. I mean it’s my mind & all, I don’t know where to start. That is beyond my abilities, out of reach. Nothing is out of reach if you want to learn bad enough. Maybe for a little while I can find a quiet place, quiet my mind, see what happens. Got to do what works for you is all. I’m scared, not scared of much. Just scared of the innermost haunting memories just wanting to rise to the surface. Ironically enough, “it will all unfold Halo, all in time. It will unfold. “The universe has plans, for me, for you. Trust your instincts, trust your mind, if it’s clear, it can’t steer you in the wrong direction. Or won’t steer you in the wrong direction. Trust in yourself. Even in the roughest of times. You got this Halo. Yes, yes I do.
    Just need some configuration is all. That’s what I do best, configurations.

  • monosijsen 3w

    Sweet Child 'O' Yours

    The fire in you will burn out one day.
    You'll become ashes, but the burns will stay
    In the hearts and lives of the people you hurt.
    Your rage will be causing harm centuries apart.
    Your sacred fire is actually greed
    Fueled by vengeance disguised as need.
    To show them or to keep the pain at bay
    Or to be immortal or you just have bills to pay.
    Like the guy in punch-drunk love
    Never sees grim reaper lurking above,
    And when his scythe suddenly comes down
    Tears fall and also crowns.
    When you hurt you hurt your child
    Unborn maybe but ever undefiled.
    Nothing will shine like your little girl's eyes
    When she'll find you up in skies.
    "Was a great man.",when she'll tell her boy
    You'll know that god's no ploy.
    And after a good life when up she comes
    You both cry in each other's arms.
    And finally when all the tears are gone
    God will know that he's not alone.

  • ltsoul 3w

    In The moment

    What is it about my lips
    That granted access to your hips?
    A certain magic or attraction
    They are alike in their traction
    You broke me down before i knew
    And away my inhibitions flew.

    It was magic in a moment
    With no hesitation or atonement
    There was no need,
    As long as i could read
    Your body language energy
    As you entered me spiritually.

    For a moment you were me
    And for a moment i knew you
    It was beyond deception
    We shared one perception
    Simultaneously aligned
    We were one in the divine.

  • angels_halo_shines 3w

    I have written my thoughts on sensitive matters. Which are not up for ANY debates. I will not argue. I will not tolerate any judgement you would pass upon me. I will simply block you. These are my thoughts & I am free to express myself as I wish. Thank you!

    #empath #empathmind #ceesreposts #spirit #spiritual #spirits #thoughts

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    Not Up For Debate

    And then she was taken, before we could say goodbye. Taken to a better place, to heal herself. Taken to see the cycle of life from within. The authenticity of life hereafter. Some will say it doesn’t exist, I will argue it does. I have seen it. I have been there & was pushed back down. I am here to tell you there is a heaven. And they say there are 2 places to go when you die. I don’t agree. I say you go to heaven. And this life we live, everyday with monsters we walk down the street with. They flash a half smile, diminutive at that. Thinking to themselves, no one knows just how evil they are. Wishful thinking. They say if you commit suicide, automatic it’s written in stone, you’re going to Hell. No. No you’re not. I have came in contact with the other side, one particular that did commit suicide. He hung himself. He comes through to me. He comes through to his parents, to other family members. I am not here to say suicide is a manner of death which is good because it isn’t. By any means it is NOT. I fight suicidal thoughts almost daily now. The struggle is so real, it’s a damn demonic force so deep in my soul. Maybe it’s meant for me to take my own life. I choose to fight it, with all I have. I fight it. I have to. I will win the battle. It’s mind over mind. My mind. My thoughts. My life here it’s limited. As is yours. Don’t think it isn’t. And to each their own, you may or may not believe what I do. I am not here to change your mind. I am not here to judge. I am expressing my thoughts as I have to have a thought process to overcome all I feel. On a daily basis. It’s daily, not weekly not monthly. I feel this every second, every minute. Count it up. Not fun. I have to endure all in store for me here. In this lifetime, to fully understand life hereafter. No one can save us. It’s said we can save ourselves, but really? Can we? I think personally it’s too much on our own. Too much pressure. To those that left before me, I love all of you. You are all missed dearly. My heart, it aches for many that have left before me. But, that is God’s plan. That’s what was written for me. What’s written for all of us, is unique & only for us. There is no trading. You have one single life. In the shoes you walk in now. The soles of your feet, only here 1 time. And the higher power, the way I see it & feel it, are making it harder each day. It’s a daily struggle for everyone here. Even for the millionaire you think they have it so easy. They don’t. They still are human, they endure death. They endure hurt & pain. They endure addiction. They may endure more than the poor. We will never really know. We are just us, walking through this lifetime the best we can. The best way we know how. Hoping to find comfort in the days of pain & frustrating times. In the end, we will all be buried. We will be cremated. In the end there are no comparable outcomes. We are all created equal. I am no better than you. You no better than I. You can think however you wish. You decide what’s best for you. In the end, that’s what matters.

  • goddess_rebelkatt 4w

    Unity Consciousness

    We are all the same 'gallon of koolaid'
    Our Souls, in search of growth
    In their state of perfect unconditional love
    Poured theirselves into 'separate cups'
    We've completely forgotten
    & now we go around
    Cursing each other's cups.

    Conflicted in duality,
    We must remember
    We are all the same 'gallon of koolaid'


  • diksha_singh 4w


    The fear with "being emotionally pacified" is that it sometimes makes you question intentions. Whether the universe intended to pacify you or the intention was to pacify the matter.


  • kajalpawar2911 4w

    The city of Gods

    Where the dead cannot smell like death,
    Where the place is made of divine math,
    Where the water is sacred symbol of divine,
    Where the ground vibrates in the god's mind,
    Where the fire is doorway beyond the existence of time,
    Where the gods want to live and embrace their sacred line,
    Where the life is lived like it should be everyday,
    Where the eternal lovers are spiritual in every way,
    Where there is beauty even in the burning of karma,
    Where there is fear when someone takes the path of adharma,
    Where the place is as old as sacred spell of om,
    Where the sound is as enthralling as a child's dream in a womb,
    This is kashi, my kashi, our kashi of Mother Earth,
    The death meets here with grace if not the birth,
    I have nothing left but her longing lies within me,
    Just to be in her lap again just yet to be!

  • kajalpawar2911 4w

    "Love is a spiritual dimension of time and space."