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  • hungerwrites 152w

    First sight

    Lights dim, alone, and on bed today
    Together always if you wish to stay
    Sex? no just unburdening of the love
    Which just filled over the brim on chats,
    Don't you think my love?
    it's hard to believe how mature our love stands
    With tests of long distances, limited talks, or even a moment to propose you right in hand
    I'm breathing your love purely it seems,
    Uncontaminated with lust, insecurities and suspicion at any means.
    I don't want to continue the brain storming over you,
    Since it fuels every dimension to think about you.
    I'm perceiving you saintly , raw , holy and untouched by the slighliest of any sensation,
    As you're my nature's crafted creation.
    You're asleep baby because it's midnight,
    And I'm awake...
    because I'm living my love at first sight.