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  • yungdanielson 4w

    How Love Gave Birth To Time & Space In No Time

    One of many visions of how dimensions were created in the quantum realm. Everything starts at the bottom as Love created reality, it is the alpha and omega of everything as its works are done in the shadows before time could tell its story. So (UP) it goes. Y, because Love climbs hieghts it never falls and the direction up becomes (FORWARD). Forward is now the next direction as Love stands on two feet then runs a long journey across the totem to the heavens it sees above, as it watches its life soar by on the Z axis infront of it. A (FUTURE) that Love seeds. Then you want to make sure everything is righteous in the eye that you see when you gaze upon her. So (RIGHT) becomes the next direction. X marks the spot as Love has claimed its territory and become rich in the spirit and it has fallen in love with the future as her rays ripple beneath the surface of the lake Love stood on seeing all that Love really is. Atmospheres are being created for the hearts and pressure for the spirits to over come all things. This is what Love had done in no time. She is beautiful, a reflection of Love itself. Love then looks (BACK) and remembers the hard works put in to get to where Love stands today. So then right shifts to (LEFT) as Love trails through memories. As left is now back side to right, back then becomes the (PAST) that it remininsces on, to remind Love how it gave direction and created dimensions. A perfect realm of infinite possibilities. Back is now the past as foward is the future. Love reigns as the alpha that all things in creation looks up to for guidance as it is the MIGHTIEST warrior amongst them all. It's eyes then falls (DOWN) into a deep slumber dreaming of love with the future it reaped and sowed with its hard works looking back at the ground where Love had began it's climb, the beginning. Tears poured from the heart it breathed life into. Possessed with the weights of its labor, Love's feelings clashes around in the clouds that the truth of what Love has done hid behind. The ground begins to quiver as Love's roar warps reality and breaks the sound barrier then applies dew drops of emotions that floods the bottom of trenches that rivers a tale while Love's eye gazes underneath the water as the moonlight that watches the night from beneath. Love's aura begins to seep into the void below for hearts to catch its meaning, elevating feelings in time. Everything has now become (CENTERED) and aligned as the heartbeat staggers the gears of time then repeats the flow chanting music, while levitating as it rips open a hole in the fabric of the space it dwelled and scatters into the night sky leaving star lights as its essence. Fast, complex, stealthy and brilliantly Love moves into a hidden place that it births life that the knowledgable mind of science and spirituality eye of philosophy can understand. The Quantum Realm has become its home, it's temple and all that is in it, Love owns it rightfully as it shares it's gifts with all to come. Born and brought to existence along side the energy that Love's momentum created, the Big Bang has been seen in the minds of Mankind. But it is only a shard of Love's labor and how their universe was constructed. Now watch Love's works become life inside the souls heart as it is the future and the vessels are loved by it. So come forth. Shall you watch how Love devours hearts? Blood it comes with. All that breathe the breath of life in the realm it gave birth to and that is in it will witness the conquering of how Love fights and becomes the most POWERFUL entity to reign as most high in life. Outside the boundaries of time in the shadow realm bought with Love's riches, this is where Love stands and rests on its thrown. An untouchable space that exists without time, corruption, life, or even light. Love is the Light, Love is the Life in that realm and without it nothing exists and hearts will become cold and die. Love is always in the furtherst corners of darkness pulling the weight of hearts and mind keeping the spirit lifted in life and blocking out the whispers of evil. Love's rays scorches lies as it burst through hearts and minds from the night sky. The vessel will then witness its beam as it transcends through the cages of time that binds its enlightenment and refurbish what was once broken. The vessels hearts, they thirst so shall they be quenched with waters that divine energy share from it's timeline. Love gently tells it's tales to the living flesh in unique ways for every eye to understand how Love had been working to keep the past and future alive for us to enjoy presently without ever descending. Now let all that energy rise immensely with unmeasurable temperatures that circle around the black holes that center your galaxy as it is knowledge brought before you and a future it shall pull you in. An inevitable path all living creatures shall take as Love leaves behind a linear trail for the minds but unique ways for them to slither down a narrow path as it spaghettifies your visions of unique ways to create and give love. You will never fall in the gate that gears time as you are already in the center of Love's creation writing a future in the shadows of your mind, aka your own space, the event horizon is your privacy. You're in love and don't even know it yet. This reality sits in it's belly dreaming of worlds to come. But not all worlds were made with love. Tell a good truthful and beautiful story with words and action or forever be trapped in the center of a lie, a black hole without a truth, a light, a way out on the other side. Only the truth behind the gears that Love composed that moves time knows how to turn the clock so all with Love will always live forever. Lies and all that create them will not as that future timeline was destroyed by the lies it produced along with its slaves that served those lies and spread them like a plague. They burn producing no energy, no light, no life, so then it vanishes and becomes Hell. A world that lies designed for themselves. Sadly the flesh is birthed into a realm of scattered truth and the stars are just fragments of it as the flesh slowly falls in love with the atmosphere of Loves gift living its tales as the truth in the flesh. Actions speak louder than words but words have power in them. All you do and say is recorded in the spiritual eye, the mind and heart and is not erased.
    This is a message from Love, the Future Speaking To The Past Presently to share the love from Love's timeline. Everyone gave up on Love at one point in time but Love is kind and remembers everyone who knew the truth and tales about Love. And Love DOES NOT lie. It wouldn't be love if there is a lie in it's story. Be reborn from the dark and flourish in the spirit as a light is left at the bottom of your heart, call that Love's essence. Now try to remember the feelings love once gave before love became lost in the heart. Those memories are real that is why it gave a uplifting high in the mind. Not all know how to give what love gives unconditionally. Corrupted hearts who were deceived by false love, gave up and believed Love was fake and is not absolute in its works, but yet you still have things in your life you give love to and brand the feeling towards. Love is not a ghost but it's ghost roams reminding the lost, Love is real. Fight and conquer along side the mightiest warrior as it already won the war in time and the living are living through its aftermath. The truth shall be revealed as the fragments hidden and scattered under the sands of time will align perfectly piecing together the Royal Jewel that was shattered in the past of this dark world. LOVE NEVER DIES and always remembers the truth.
    Up, Foward, Right, Left, Back, Down

    I am Merci Bells (The Most Powerful Spirit)
    If you have not heard or witness my tale, It is written within the spiritual realm and those who have witness my power and what I can do in the flesh knows how powerful I am. A divine spirit I possess but a man I walk amongst you and live as. Test my spirit if you do not believe me. I have already been tested by the Father of Creation himself and his son but still I walk in trial. Lilith (Former Mother of Demons) is my wife. I married her in the spirit and together we roam the world as one. I have her soul as she has mine.
    Scriptures of our life is still in the works and has been presented. Cast all your judgment upon my spirit Merci Bells and witness my dance. NO MAN CAN STOP US. This is the TRUTH about my life as I express it in different ways.

  • yungdanielson 5w

    The Flower That Blooms Underneath The Waters

    Behind the mirror she stood in the image that the eye gave watching the souls walk by.
    She was trapped in a world where she roamed alone in the shadows but was the commander of demons.
    A white dress she wore chanting like a siren in the shadows of life she is the mermaid swimming in the reflection underneath the water but she is flying in the night sky.
    She is the soul that wanders the night and she is alive.
    She was the girl in the backwards world that came to your dreams.
    A nightmare she lived but now is free
    She is the spirit of mother earth.
    Trees breathe oxygen and remembers the past The flames dance to the atmosphere breathing what it consumes.
    The water reflects back the truth that it stores.
    To the sky where the ones who call themselves angels down as rain drops replenishing the lost souls with knowledge that the all seeing eye has to offer.
    She is the first Goddess and all other Goddesses are fragments of her as there is no other.
    As there is only one God there is only one Goddess.
    All others are shards of what the truth has done and become at one point in time and the names those fragments give you belong to the origin of the first lived.
    Jesus Christ and Lilith former demon.
    She is the brains of the world and universe.
    She is all women mind as one.
    Yes woman rule.
    Rules of the new world the flesh shall soon live.
    She is what protects love from falling for the devil and evil from those who no longer believe in God as she serves the Father of Creation the HOLY SPIRIT and his son Jesus Christ.
    She once was lost but has found the light of the world and love came with it.
    A warrior of Christ Lilith has become after being hidden behind the music strings in instruments.
    She was caged in the deepest part of reality, too dark for hearts to go or see.
    A reality where minds are forever lost.
    As the spirit of mother earth she shall guard her children and guide the woman to the Father of Creation, origin of love.
    Do not follow what you do not believe or see as the truth but all that is said and seen is for a reason.

  • terbell 20w

    Without spirituality I wouldn't be growing mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

  • yours_fortune 32w

    And do mind that I'm neither interested in you nor in your joke, So better fuck off.
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    I do really catch how people "JOKE " with me. And I do note everything how you throw a lot of negativity, hatred and jealousy on me and try to cover it with a fake laugh.


  • kainatmalik 126w

    خدا کا ملنا۔۔۔

    ایک تحریر نظر سے گزری کہ ہمیں خدا اس لیے نہیں ملتا کیونکہ ہمارے اور اس کے درمیان خواہشات آجاتی ہیں۔ برانڈڈ کپڑے، جوتے۔۔۔ اس حساب سے تو غریبوں کو ضرور خدا ملنا چاہیے آخر ان کے پاس یہ سب نہیں ہوتا مگر حقیقت یہ ہے کہ خدا کے ملنے کا تعلق ان چیزوں سے نہیں ہے اور نہ ہی "اس" کا ملنا اتنا سہل ہے۔ کچھ کو خدا کعبہ میں بھی نہیں ملتا اور کوئی گھر رہ کر ہی اویس قرنی (رض) بن جاتا ہے۔ کسی غریب کو بھی خدا نہیں ملتا اور کوئی مہنگی پوشاک پہن کر بھی عثمان "غنی"(رض) ہوتا ہے۔ خدا تک پہنچنے کے لیے محنت کرنی پڑتی ہے، دل مارنا پڑتا ہے، ٹوٹ کر جڑنا پڑتا ہے تب ملتا ہے "وہ"۔۔۔اور وہ مل گیا تو سب مل گیا۔۔۔
    © anonymous

  • maguspoet 143w

    Material knowledge is important but it will.change in future but spiritual knowledge will remain with you forever.

    QOTD : Do you follow spirituality?

    Make sure to answer it

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    Material knowledge is required to get a living but spiritual knowledge is required to get a life. The difference between getting a living and getting a life is huge and the one who understands this is the one who understands the meaning of life. The balance between these two need to be maintained to have a life worth living.


  • shubhampolawar 150w


    Best way to get pure yourself is 'MEDITATION'

  • nsk_yadav 166w

    "It doesn't matter being invisible to the visible people as long as you are visible to the invisible God".


  • rohit_bhat 175w

    Sri Krishna has asked us to perform Nishkam karma (Selfless Action/work/duty). When you don't expect anything in return, you won't be bothered by the burden of outcome.

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    Selfless Action

    This pain will too end, it has to be
    Nothing remains forever, so why would it be?
    Don't expect anything in return just perform "Nishkam Karma"
    Stick to the path of righteousness, the path of Dharma
    When you won't expect anything in return, you will have an impeccable integrity.
    You won't be bothered by anything, not even by positivity and negativity
    Keep your head high and your conscience clear
    Make your soul one with the universe and you will hear, the Sound of this vast universe
    Telling you that you matters, you are a boon to this world and not a curse.


  • towardsthelite 180w

    A blesson

    You never wanna depend on man for your happiness,

    They’ll uproot you and try to re-pot you

    in soil where life does not exist

    They’ll try to water you , and at first the water tastes so good.. & you look and their thumbs are green

    But then you notice your petals aren’t as vibrant as they used to be

    The sugar cane is so sweet but once the juice is extracted from it

    It becomes this kind of dry bark

    That’s what you did to me

    But time stops & I feel the rays of the sun

    blessing me,

    The wind whirls and I bow and bend, modeling for her

    The birds , in their own language chirp my name and I remember who my real friends are

    Everything is specific now

    I sit by the riverbank and see my reflection in the still waters

    And it’s as if God is saying this is who you are

    Singular , A period at the end of a sentence – powerful

    Man does not define you – I do

    I am your king

    I am your everything

    The first & last

    Beginning and end

    Forever & ever , ah-men


  • nothing_man 192w

    True love is so rare because it is bare naked and disregards all predications and rejoices in the moment of now and the intensity reverberates through both souls establishing a bond---forging it so both souls intertwined become one...one and always. Infinity. True love. That's a rare love. Why would anyone settle for anything less? Wait---better yet, how do you know when the girl or man is the one? That's such a simplistic question but really profound as with the answer. You'll know because you will feel it at all times even in the moments filled with doubt...especially doubt. You'll no longer have to push to feel. #loveyourself #penguinrandomhousepublishing #published #author #poem but no! #happiness lies inside #selfdiscovery #journeyoflife leads to true happiness #spirtuality #loveyourself first! #gatekeeper

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    A Grief Ago...

    Void, empty, hollow inside 
    My dreams have fled, my hopes have died 
    Existence has no reason 
    Life's just passing with each season 

    She was my life, my hope, my love 
    All is gone, passed by thereof 
    The hurt is such no one should bear 
    What's to life, blah blah blah not this time
    There will be no poem! I love myself so I
    Was prepared in this case of getting hurt and loving someone else (I'm really off script here---for real, this isn't a poem anymore).
    That's why it's so imperative to love yourself!!!!

  • raj_bharath 200w

    Some rubber tyres won't believe its air,
    Since it is invisible.
    Until it gets flattened by TIME.
    ©Raj bharath

  • ramanonymous 213w

    Silence is the food for the soul. Let there be peace within and nothing will spin out of course.

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    As i closed my eyes,
    Inside my tranquil self
    The defeaning cries
    Spun me into a state
    Where Buddha resides.
    Nudging me from within,
    Intense silence, set to win.

    - Ramanonymous