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    Stairs of love,
    Rainbows of dreams,
    Infuse in us,
    My happiness,
    Yield your glances,
    Lures them,
    Often they steal,
    Visions and voice,
    Encloses in her palms!

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    The frame on the wall speaks to me, in a language lost in memories of her. It was as though looking into a mirror, except that there wasn't one. She loathed them for they highlighted her flaws. She felt that the mirrors laughed at her, calling her a chimerical creature. Hence, she loved midnight when everything was dark and pointing out one' flaws was a difficult task.

    It was madness though, for the flakes of winter were announcing their arrival. It was the end of November. The chilly weather worked like a seed for our soulful proximity. It wasn't physical, just plain platonic.

    Never in my wildest dreams I thought that the most romantic thing in this world would be walking down the road under moonlight with cold winds covering us like a cosy blanket. A subtle yet dignified way of expressing admiration. Although, it is nothing but pure madness that makes one do certain things that seem frivolous at first but start to make sense once a revelatory realisation occurs. Of nothing but a feeling, a deep and pure feeling.

    Love is always depicted as a flight of stairs. One goes upwards when a certain chronology is followed. That is how they do it these days, a pre-planned chronological procedure. Gone are those days when one could feel the heat from a distance. When actual fireworks used to take place, bestowing one with the feeling of satisfaction which can be mirrored when November descends into December. Transcending into a world that is astray whilst in the company of tranquility.

    //Like a native shelter it protects us with appease of bewitchingly dignified intimacy//


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    Like the blooming of
    Yellow rose that signifies
    The Platonic Love

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    Woman of Hopelessness

    There the girl stood at the top of the stair case, the sounds of the screams echoing down the halls she just ran from.

    Quickly she made her way down but soon found herself back where she started.
    Everytime she would run down those steps thinking she made it somewhere, she was just back at where she started.
    She was beginning to get so scared, so frustrated.
    She just wanted this all to be done.

    The black and white cedar marbled stairwell spindled on and on forever.
    Unyil she heard the snap of someone's finders and soon she was met with a lady dressed in black.
    The woman from the piano.

    She walked up to the girl and smiled down at her. The slim silky dress hugging her figures as the train dragged behind her like smoke.
    The flare in her eyes like a hawk with prey.
    "I finally got you now, master would be proud".
    The girl widened her eyes and tried to run away but the woman stopped her.
    "Who are you?", the girl screamed at the woman in black.
    "Who am I? I am your Hopelessness, Depression if you will.", the woman said with a smile.
    The girl collapsed on the floor in front of the stairwell, suddenly surrounded by sounds she didn't know.

    The darkness surrounded her as she tried to scream but nothing came out, her body started to shrink down to the bone as if she were suddenly losing weight rapidly.
    She cried as she fell dizzy and weak.

    When the darkness cleared and the girl was lying there with nothing but flesh and bones.
    She saw a way out and did her best to reach the next set of halls, to get out of this place. However she was too weak, she was so dizzy and kept collapsing.
    At this point she had reached her brink in front of the stairwell. Everything had suddenly become bleak.

    The woman in black returned and put a pair of thorned cuffs on her wrists surround by loads of beautiful wild flowers and daisies.
    "Run, I dare you. Reach that light over there. I bet you, you won't make it. Not like this.", the woman laughed and made her way up the stairs before vanishing into black smoke.

    The girl laid there silently staring at the door to the other halls.
    What if this side was worse?
    What if it was better?
    She really wouldn't know unless she reached the otherside right?
    At this she did her best to crawl but the door seemed to be getting farther away, at this she finally broke.

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    //She is climbing the stairs of happiness and her success.//❤️
    Despite my irregular posts,for the first time I tried this:))
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    Bg editing by me������
    Just wrote randomly, sorry for the syllables:(

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    Advancing her capabilities she rose
    Affixing all her powers that froze
    Accommodating in the various circumstances
    Altogether fighting her own self glances Acknowledging her well wishers
    Ascending the stairs she recalled
    Achievement in her own vision it was called.


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    They say,
    "Take life for a huge flight of stairs.
    Take living for a strife to climb up.
    Be careful:
    You may stumble over a crooked step,
    You may fall.
    And that is alright.
    You should rise up
    And keep climbing high."

    I grew up listening to them,
    Until I learnt to question.
    Why take life for a pattern
    Of uphill and downhill,
    When you can take it for a journey?
    A journey by train,
    Mesmerizing indeed,
    Passing through lush meadows
    And barren fields.

    Bridges over rivers,
    Clattering of abrading metals,
    Red sun at horizons,
    The wires above quiver.
    Scenes keep fleeting,
    With several faces boarding.
    Everything is temporary.
    Still friends are necessary.
    The train runs forward.
    Every present becomes a past.
    Thousand feet step in.
    Only few can make mark.

    Your life is your life.
    A beautiful creation.
    And your train moves on
    Until it reaches its destination...

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    The climb

    I am an elevator person but I took the stairs today.
    A few moments of company is never a bad thing.
    You turned back in amusement as I waded through the task before me, carrying my heavy bags, huffing with exhaustion.
    You skipped up the stairs. It wasn't much of a conversation.
    You had heads up in clouds.
    I stared down at my feet, careful that I shouldn't fall.
    What a fall it would be!
    When you took your exit I went up one more floor before taking the lift three floors down.
    I wonder if you knew where I worked.
    I wasn't a full time stalker.
    Just a full time lover.
    Till you left me without work.

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    Brimming art of mind running low
    Imaginations Drowning slow
    Conspiring i was, a love tale so hollow
    Endearing graves with reveries of tomorrow
    Made my heart too sacrosanct for sorrows
    Descended down soul stairs to follow
    Interaction with obscure pain i said hello!
    Oh i am wordless, can't obey or follow
    Contemplating to get rid of your euphoria
    It's a redolent hindrance in my path of dystopia
    Shattered in darkness, altruism my new phobia
    A Muffled voice though Discerned past historians
    Allowed me to ascend the steps for utopia
    Transcending into serene through miracles
    Sorcery of seclusion often breaks hysteria
    Out of conundrum to find it was all cynical

    #stairs #wod

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    Life moves forward, and I was never a fool to believe otherwise. I've been a dreamer, walking the staircase of dream strung constellations, ever since my hands felt the inked utopias. They say dreamers don't comprehend the pace of the world the way realists do, that they'd stumble and fall down the stairs if jolted to reality.

    I've always been at war with this notion. I used to wonder how myopic they must be, to not picture the bright skies after a stormy night or to contemplate life while humming melodies of the stars. Oh, I'd definitely stumble every now and then as I whisked through reality, but I'd never fall. It took me some time to realise how I've never really climbed up the stairs. I'd stumbled down a step, climbed back up and stumbled again.

    Life is a series of steps all the way to death. But that last step is always so foggy. A dreamer wonders of heaven and hell, a realist heaves with sighs, maybe regrets. But the thing is, life is actually an escalator. Whether you stand still dreaming, or walk with an agenda, life won't pause. Yet, a dreamer might forget to live, a realist might forget to dream.

    I'm a dreamer, and I've torn many a pages apart. I've watched realists walking on fire, and not getting burnt. I've watched myself grow into a woman of reality, with curiosity beating in my heart. I don't know how far I've climbed 'cause the way back disappears too. But I've come far enough to realize the pace of life is different for everyone.

    #stairs #writersnetwork #mirakee
    Not sure what, why I wrote this.

    @pen_and_paper @raika_
    Does it make any sense?

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    I've talked the walk of life,
    With a metaphor slicing knife.


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    The Sun
    stood at the bottom of
    a cosmic staircase set into
    the blue sky at dawn and

    with every stroke of the grandfather
    clock that stood on the corner of
    rough hewn floors,
    it ascended, slowly, till it
    stood on the pinnacle at

    after which

    The Sun

    then began it's descent

    again, till it stood at the foot of

    the stairwell, at twilight, and curled into a

    Red ball to rest before it was to begin the Climb



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    Stare those stairs

    I try to ponder upon those lively moments where I used to love those creaking sounds of my house's rusted doors.
    Which tell you, there used to live somebody some time in the past.
    But not anymore;
    Or maybe, still there they're. 
    In the mosses of those bricks,
    In the quacked walls,
    In the flickering tubelights,
    In the thick layered dusty shelves,
    In the blurred window panes,
    In the cold smell of the roof,
    In the dried creepers entwined along the boundaries,
    In the portraits hanging on the stairs' wall,
    In the mirror where you see your youth,
    See yourself taking a last look before you leave,
    Pray for the last time to the same god in little temple,
    Locking the doors for the last time and keeping the key to not take out again,
    Gazing at home for the last time where you lived a significant period of life.
    Your childhood dancing, running behind your elder sister over silly fights, sobbing from mother's slap.
    Returning back home to lie under the same roof;
    But not anymore. 
    Because life's a couple of stairs.
    And you may stare those stairs but can't step in back,
    where once you step up, you may never step down again.
    So, just do one thing;
    Live, before you leave.


  • 300roses 78w


    As I gaze up at the
    stairway to success
    lined with interminable steps,
    Weariness fills my soul.
    It's still a long way to go,
    and I'm barely halfway through.
    The journey is rough
    with rocks & cracks
    scattered in my path.
    I have tripped &
    fell countless times
    as I ascend these stairs,
    with tears & blood
    marking my steps.
    Success seems beyond
    my grasp,
    Yet my heart refuses
    to give up,
    I hold on to the belief that
    perseverance would get me there.
    It becomes a mantra that
    keeps me moving forth.
    Against all odds,
    I grit my teeth & continue
    my tread up these stairs,
    in hope
    I would reach success.


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    2021 Be gentle please

    So many things have happened around .. so many things that .. I lost .. I gained. I learned. I forgot. I welcomed, I sent off ... but there is nothing to write because I am devoid of words.. or may be I don't want to revisit all those times


  • miss_silentlyweird 78w

    Going down to stair is much easy
    Than venturing higher up
    Cause moving up forward is hard than
    Stepping downward in past


  • daphoenix 78w

    Goal Setting

    Goals I have set, some short term others long term
    Some accomplished as if rushing up a fleet of stairs, others completed by taking it a step at a time
    In some, I failed. I missed a step, lost my balance and rolled down.
    But up I get, after reaching the base
    Dusting off dirt and taking the steps one after the other again
    For no Man can accomplish great things without suffering some disappointments
    So, my goals I keep in focus and my steps I take cautiously
    For in every step, there is a bit of learning and success to be celebrated.

    #stairs #wod

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    Once Upon in the,
    Life of time is gonna,
    Go Up & Down,
    Someday IceCream,
    Someday Crown,
    Like a Staircase My life,
    Is Gonna have Moon,
    To the Sky,
    In the Time of Life,
    Some Laugh & Some Cry,
    Feelings Of Mine,
    Some Blows on Outside,
    Some Hits on Dine,
    Like a Staircase My Life,
    Don't have Heart,
    Hold Yourself on Every Situation,
    That's the live life Art... !

    © C. Suryanarayan

    Picture Credit :- Credited to its Rightful Owner
    Location :- Italy

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    Dec 27, 2020 / 16:17

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    My life is the staircase
    that makes
    the stairs slippery.
    When I try to go up,
    I fall down
    And dreams fall down.
    Bitter past mocks
    I flounder
    to hold my ambition.
    I go down,
    I go down,
    sadness accompanies me
    emptiness promises
    to embrace till survival.


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    My life is the staircase
    that makes
    the stairs slippery.
    When I try to go up,
    I fall down
    And dreams fall down.
    Bitter past mocks
    I flounder
    to hold my ambition.
    I go down,
    I go down,
    sadness accompanies me
    emptiness promises
    to embrace till survival.

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    Soft "thunk"s.

    As the worn tennis ball
    Bounces down the granite steps
    Of the indoor staircase
    To the top floor.

    His wife swallows the question,
    Which was mundane in the first place
    & Silently closes the door behind her ..

    She knows him, understands him
    Well enough to grant him his space when he needs it...

    He's successful enough,
    To hire a private tennis coach for his daughter.
    Yet down-to-earth enough
    To only send her to a medium-snob club...

    She knows that this old ball has come out, not any odd ball which was lying around,
    Because this is not simply a ritual of stress,
    There is grief...
    & He will share it, once he's no longer overwhelmed by it...

    It took half a lifetime to ease him into the post-ritual couple-ly sharing...

    It's a childhood ritual...
    A raggedy coach
    At a Government school once taught him...
    To help his mind relax, focus...

    It has stayed with him
    & Served him...
    In anger,
    & Frustration...
    & Stress,
    & Surprisingly, even in grief!

    This cascade of " thunk - thunk - dub - dub - bop - bop..."...


  • the_beautiful_cage 78w

    I moved upwards with joy
    and slipped down badly
    I enjoyed both,
    success and failure madly.

    Now, I have realised to take
    one step at a time,
    climbing stairs is as much important
    as it's important for me to shine.

    Saloni Grover


  • lifenotes_saloni 78w

    #stairs #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork

    The stairs of life, made me travel down and up,
    I believe it will take me to the success cup.

    Sometimes I was fed up with these ups and downs,
    I thought sometimes to quite instead of facing drowns,

    But whenever I thought this I would a stair back to low,
    N the moment I am positive I would go up with a blow.

    This made me realise that it's a game that is fun to play,
    Instead of being tired we must enjoy the night and day.

    So I am not baffled anymore of this journey on the stairs,
    I m just determined to reach the top, enjoying the dares.

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