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  • gingerbread_cookie 174w

    Who Am I

    Baby, I know I'm really neurotic
    On and off, back and forth I switch
    People say I'm probably psychotic
    Others think I'm a crazy bitch

    But when my world is dark and gray
    And my mind is caving in on me
    Please don't run, I want you to stay
    Cause it's your love that sets the demons free

    In my head alone at night
    The demons come out of hiding
    Silently I cry, too weak to try and fight
    I swear it feels like I'm dying

    I miss the woman I know I am
    This other girl has stolen my spot
    Just call my name and take my hand
    Bring back the old me no matter the cost

  • rishchak1301 247w

    The creatures of the night

    The night is dark, the night is deep,
    The night itself is now asleep;
    But there are some creatures without slumber
    Lurking in the shadows, hiding in a corner
    Silently awaiting an innocent prey
    Which is all alone and has lost its way...

    The people are happy, the people are free
    But some fall prey to the creatures’ envy;
    These hapless victims always try to fight
    But seldom can they withstand the might
    Of those crafty creatures who devour the weak,
    The hunt's over, now the flesh will reek.

    The night is lifeless, the night is bleak,
    It's been sullied by the bloodied beak
    Of the nasty vultures who tend to feed
    On the corpses of those who don't heed
    The warning signs that they often hear
    That the hellish creatures are indeed near.

    The city is nice, the city is fine
    Close your ears if you hear a pitiful whine.
    Tell your family, “it's fine, don't you worry,
    But don't go out alone or you'll be sorry!
    Ignore the noises you hear at night,
    Beware! The creatures have you in their sight!”

    The night is dark, the night is deep
    But why does the night silently weep?
    The night was once a sight to behold
    But now she's weary, tired and cold.
    She's always alert now, gripped by fear
    Perhaps the nocturnal creatures are near!

  • kevinosullivan 291w

    Peace is Unprofitable

    The spine of a nations greed and excess need is blockaded by activists thwarting its progress.
    Corporatist police spray frigid water or mace and beat grandmas with batons about the face.
    Dogs, razor wire, rubber bullets; so called less than lethal. Prayerful peace and rights destroyed by capitalist evil.
    In solidarity we must unite together; all of us who have ever been oppressed and colonized wherever. Rise up you natives, immigrants and slaves. Change of climate for women, vetetans, cripples and gays. No matter if gentile, muslim or jew until the coming end of days we need you. If you cant beat them alone, join up and collude.
    If you breath air, drink water and live on earth.Everybody owes; everybody pays so please take heed.
    We are in this spiritual class war together!
    One planet, one humanity; yet two distinct sides of poverty and greed.
    Yin and yang, right and wrong, poor against rich; good versus evil business.
    All here descendent of immigrant, slave or native indigenous. We are all of the same fodder; mere disposable vassals and serfs to their feudalistic slaughter.
    Learn your history, or its bound to repeatedly unfold.
    Capitalism just the latest wave of complete control.
    The nations of the world all sucking on the death of its dole.
    Separation of church and state, the sinister rich laugh to the banks their typical trait.
    Blasphemous clergy, governance and industry our septic reality.
    Profit uses hate, fear and violence to ensure its satanic vitality.
    Nationalist pride, a charade to divide the masses of pawns against eachother.
    While the tides rise, the earth warms and we destroy our habitat; mother nature mourns.
    Capitalist greed, our temporal desire and gifted by the devil himself.
    Yet also approved doctrine of the Throne of Saint Peter and his Vatican wealth.
    Just war theory on behalf of profits is stoppable.
    Global moral erosion, paid conflict and destruction for Peace is Unprofitable.