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  • meline18_hk 1w

    We are nothing but dust
    and stars at the same time.


  • steffy2110 7w

    My Stardust Muse

    From the depths of the shadows,
    I sense your warm embrace engulfing
    Holding me against the heaves of your chest
    fuzzy like a bear hug, floating like sailing on the cloud
    Keeping me safe from the wild, your hold tightens around me
    Each of your shallow breathes in the slumber, gently stirs the strands around my nape, cooling the skin under, giving me the tiny flutters
    That everytime draws a sweet curve across my cheeks
    And I can't help but caress your heart with my sweet touch of lips
    I want to stay just like this, safe and loved in your arms
    Wish we could lay on this neverland, gazing at the sparkling stars,
    making more wishes to the wishing star
    To cease and drink it all, until the spell breaks
    But I fear, you retracting to stardust, and back into the shadows, if I raise the curtains of my gaze!


  • born_to_write_ 16w

    Stardust ✨

    Before you rest on the crust
    Either be rust or the Stardust.

    © Stenographer soul

  • wanderlust_dreamer 25w

    Flesh and bones❤️

    I want someone to take a look
    at what's inside me,
    Something that's beyond skin and bones,
    To pry into the deepest parts of me,
    Tear out all the impediments in the way,
    Until there's no more to go, nothing to hide.
    And then caress my bruised soul,
    That I've so willing laid before his eyes.
    I don't want to squirm beneath
    His scrutinized eyes, rather I want to be
    Soothed by his gentle touch, and reassuring gaze.
    I've been judged all my life, for things that
    I'm not liable for, by people who see
    Nothing beyond my superficial front.
    They don't see me for who I am,
    Rather they tattle about what I am not.
    And for once, I want to escape into the outer vastness of the universe, like stardust
    Smeared in the night sky.

    ~ Ira

  • joybirdpoetry 26w

    Nebula of dreams

    Atoms underneath the skin
    hydrogen pulsing soft within
    ancient celestial supernova
    connecting to the submucosa.

    Some ten million light years away
    a star exploded and fell today
    its elements dusted down on us
    our hearts and souls, we are stardust.


    #stardust #astrophysics #miraquill #writersnetwork #writersbay

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    Nebula of dreams

    Atoms underneath the skin
    hydrogen pulsing soft within
    ancient celestial supernova
    connecting to the submucosa.

    Some ten million light years away
    a star exploded and fell today
    its elements dusted down on us
    our hearts and souls, we are stardust.


  • k_unwinds 29w

    I abutted you
    In the winter cloud up high
    Through the pulse that
    Echoes our memories
    But you weren't made
    For me to keep, so
    I remain a parasite of night
    Hiding from the stardust of love!

  • puranidiary 29w

    Thanku @writersnetwork for ❤�� (27)
    Disclaimer - Too much of alliteration here ���� sorry

    Word - stardust
    Sentence -memories have wrinkled faces
    @writersnetwork @miraquill #alliteration
    #combination #wod #pod #stardust #memories #dark #love

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    Flinching nerves chases vitality beneath flickering city lights
    sluggish eyes sheds the tepid tears in late winter nights
    fingers traces the graveyards of grief and bitter falls
    Secluded sentiments seeks shelter in cracks of dampened walls
    Chaos of suffused sorrows weaves the cobwebs of 3am thoughts
    And the bleeding blue ink scribbles the story of her silent mouth
    With hues of heartbreaks and strokes of sufferings on torn pages
    she sketches the Silhouette of memories with wrinkled faces.
    literary devices decorates its skin lumps of demolished desires
    Tragic titles thickens its throat with traces of tyranny
    Verses molds its voice and clutches the collar bones with agony
    poetic phrases paints its pectoral muscles of miseries
    musty metaphors moisten the mellow breath of bruises
    Concrete cinaquin chiseled the chest with layers of excuses
    So she carved the effigy of exasperated emotions betwixt poetry
    And signatured the syllables with screams of her silent story
    But then the cosmos witnessed the chorus of heartache
    Avalanche of anguish sabotaged the flow of fury with line break
    Noise inside her head suffocated in slience of sleepy town
    She aches for love that survives the darkness before the dawn
    Rhymes chose the attire of rags,ironies inscribed resulted in rust
    once again she stained her sighs with shimmery smirk of stardust.

  • cheerfulmadwoman 29w

    Set A: Stardust
    Set B: She fell from the sky

    An Angel In Disguise

    She fell from the sky
    Her mellow wings invisible
    She descended, as a miracle
    Right into my arms
    As a blessing I never knew I needed.

    A gleam of serenity in her eyes
    Stardust everywhere she steps
    I swear I see a halo light up
    Everytime she smiles,
    Leaving me in an ecstatic trance.

    I discover myself in her embrace
    Like a lost traveler searching for meaning
    She is now my only way home
    She envelopes me with feelings anew
    Like the lines of a forgotten song on the radio.

    She doesn't know I unraveled her secret,
    That I'm spellbound, I'm lost
    In her luscious locks, in her faint freckles
    She's an enchantress, but she doesn't know
    I've been waking up inside daydreams ever since.

    Inspired by Finneas' song, 'Angel'.

    #combination #ceesreposts #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #love #angel #stardust @love_whispererr @dusky_dawn @spicy_sugar

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    I bought a house to live in
    But you're the home I'm missin'
    I know
    Nothing good lasts forever
    But nights with you are better
    You're an angel
    In disguise
    You're an angel
    In my eyes
    - 'Angel', Finneas

  • p_a_c_324 29w

    She fell from the sky,
    Like stardust,
    and for once in my life,
    I could feel the stars.
    She made the darkness in me,
    Brighten by the light in her.
    Every ounce of her has stardust,
    and all I ever desired,
    Was to watch her forever.
    -P. A. C

  • starkanonymous 36w


    hey there, freaking Jesus

    how blindly you do lead us

    with bullshit that you feed us

    about your almighty god

    stay there false messiah

    your followers aside you

    preaching lies, face turning blue

    shouting all about your god

    heresy! it's blasphemy!

    your one word is atrophied

    amen? a man's last relief

    pouted out to end his song

    but dear Jesus, don't you see just

    why your god, your god can't see us?

    naive child, crazed and wild

    your god is made of space and stardust

    hey there, don't you despair

    your voice can still sound off here

    message received, loud and clear

    doubt never occurred to sheep

    so flawed...

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • slaughtered_heart 37w

    I give meaning to the stars,
    as much as they give light
    to the sky. Their duty is
    to shine and mine is to write.
    Whatever it is, we all have a
    reason for existance, be it
    a star that shines or a
    stardust who writes...


  • sophrosyne_soul 40w


    You talk about waiting a lifetime for true love
    Then why do you lose your patience when you are with me?
    Didn't you say that what you feel is love and I'm the one
    Then are you a hypocrite or do you now disagree?
    Tell me the stories that intrigued you as a kid
    Were there monsters or jokers that popped up when you opened the lid
    Do you ever dream or do you sleep soundly?
    Do you keep your thoughts in your head or do you say them out loudly?
    Will you let me listen to the songs that made you believe in love?
    And all of the deeds that you wish were done
    Can we talk about the stars or just peacefully look at them forever
    Or would you rather not talk or be with me altogether?
    It's funny how I can let you go but can't
    It's sad to see that our promise was written on sand
    You don't have to pretend that you can see the stars in my eyes
    Probably cause the stardust you are made of is completely different from mine.
    Isn't it strange that different stars are in close vicinity
    Close in proximity yet far from affinity.

  • rhythmic_beats 41w

    What a rich and a poor equally can gift to others is "HUMANITY". The only currency you need is a pure heart which pumps love, yes we are humans may have polluted thoughts but when humanity awakes in oneself all the toxicity are purified and humanity flourishes like Amazon, home to all needy lives who once again breaths oxygenated humanity.

    Crying stomach needs food,
    Illiterate needs education,
    Poverty needs money,
    Blind needs a hand who will lead to light,
    Depression needs empathy,
    Illness needs cure,
    Problem needs antidote,
    Sobbing mind needs kind soul,
    What will bridge all the endless gap is humanity!

    There is no need of any occasions to
    Celebrate and gift humanity,
    You just have to simply light the lantern of smile
    And gift your heart wrapped with glittering
    Hopes, prayers and love
    And open your hands to the innocent
    And see how merrily they start flying like butterflies
    And sit on the garden of humanity,
    Quenching the thirst by drinking the nectar
    Of kindness, you will witness the most
    Aesthetic view when each of their cell start
    Emitting colours like a rainbow when their
    Storm has now finally found the sunshine
    After a long time.

    And in return gift they will drench your soul
    By falling on you like Nigeria falls
    Washing away all your worries with their
    Childish smile and would tickle you hard
    For thanking you instead of just simply saying
    "Thank you".

    Every soul on this Earth needs humanity
    As the biggest gift. Fill their empty pages
    Of life by spilling poetries of humanity.

    You know whenever their helpless
    Eyes crashes with our eyes;
    A heart which would have pinch of humanity too
    Will fall like a shooting star to fulfill their wishes.
    They don't ask much: they only want some smiles,
    Some sweets, some chocolates, one time food,
    And sometimes they would simply ask your
    10 minutes which is as long as a decade for them
    As they build uncountable memories
    In this short span of time.

    If you can't give much just simply smile
    And say God bless you.
    Can we just change the tradition of
    Celebrating Valentine's day/week just for couples
    And just not in February?
    Let all months blossom love and
    Unexpected surprising gifts!
    Can we gift those teddies, chocolates and roses
    To the homeless children and wise souls
    Resting in old age home, their prayers would
    Be shade of blessings one time.

    Humanity: the biggest gift one carries
    Like a stardust with million smiles.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Picture and edit by me. Those pure smiles are the loveliest gift when can ever get��♥️

    #gifts #humanity #poetry #life #wod
    #smile #stardust #children
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee

    Thank you @writersnetwork for editor's choice ✨

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  • queeniedoll1924 42w


    Balance the sighs of skies and sights you see
    With flights of phoenixes and fairies wings,
    The scattered dust fallen where the magic leaves blow tender
    kisses across the seas. Hold tightly to the falling star, and ride
    three wishes granted far. Soar high above so you can see the lands
    below you evergreen. Play your guitar upon the moon, and watch the notes dance off in colored tunes, and when you're done with this concert loud, go rest yourself upon a moonlit cloud. Sing softly in your angelic voice of whimsical love and dreams delight. Bring forth to you his love this night, for he will find you in this place of bliss... To end this night with his magic kiss.

  • shaundele 43w

    If water didn't exist
    We would simply be made of stardust
    Drinking in moonlight
    Showering in the sun's rays
    Gloriously golden
    Luminously lovely


  • muskanjalotra 44w

    Be the writer of your own journey

  • pi_infinite 44w


    I want nothing more
    Than for you to love me.

    Love me with the heat
    Of a thousand burning stars
    And let us trap the universe
    Beneath our fingertips,
    Tracing constellations
    Thought by dazed minds
    Onto scorching skin.
    Love me with the passion
    Of our hearts beating
    Just to keep us alive,
    Love me as if time
    Were nothing but a lie,
    Because seconds become hours
    As the stardust in our veins
    Reflects its light off our skins.
    A taste of immortality
    Lingers between our lips,
    The premonition of something
    Greater than ourselves
    That we don't have to understand
    Because our hearts have known
    Since the moment our gazes met
    And a spark ignited a flame.

    My soul, I want nothing more
    Than to love you
    Until the end of time.

  • shatabdi365 44w


    I have always had a hole in my soul and felt the need to fill it with the solace of love and connection. The void space in my Chest filled with stardust. Above the clouds I'm tripping with these Lucid vibes of paradise.


  • muskanjalotra 44w

    Once, Someone said me, "No one remember what you said or others said; its your work that define you, juss keep that in your mind".
    That hit me hard..


  • muskanjalotra 44w

    They come, they go
    Just like winter's melted snow...