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  • blackdee 2d

    Lust in Love

    We are in the ocean of love
    Drowning in the seven seas of desire
    Soaked in the brien of lust
    Doted in Neptune's blanket of warmth and intimacy.
    Lost in the high rising tide of the deep blue sea
    Enveloped in Pacific's ardour.
    Lust in Love

    © Blackdee

  • sobiya_amin 2d


    Zindagi Ka Hrr Din Akhri Smj K Guzaro!

    Zindagi ki raftar bdhti ja rhi h
    Dur ka Sonchna rok dou
    Gunahu ki TOBA aj hi Kro
    Wqt abi bht h ye khyal nikalo
    Kya pta kb kisai apki Janai ki khabr ayai
    Kya pta kb logu ko apki uss azan ki namaz ada krnai ka wqt ayai
    Kya pta kb sfaeed chadar mai litai dai ap kai bdan ko!
    Moet toh ani hi hai kisi din ayegi ye lmba sfar na jano tum
    Roz Tumhare ghr pai dstak daiti h
    Kisi bhanai ki tlash mai h wo
    Kya pta kb khali hath naa jaye
    Loot aww sahi rah pai khi dair na hojaye
    Mokai dubara na dega wo jb ankhai anderai kmrai Mai khulai gi
    Ae gumrah log! Chod doh kafiru ki dunia
    Wqt nikal ta ja rha h ye jan loo
    Sajdai mai roho kya pta konsa sjda akhri ho
    Lmba sfar na jano, tum ye glti naa krna

    Zindagi Ka Hrr Din Akhri Smj K Guzaro!

  • hazel_nut_sucks 3d

    To my younger self

    Just whine and bicker as much as you want because when you age you won't find anyone to listen to even if you are not whining
    Forget about what will you do when you get older because there will already be lots of expectations from others don't add yours too
    Just dance and run and play all day because you won't know there will be a day declared where you ll be too old to do these
    And the last thing don't listen to any advices because it will always be either of the two either you won't understand or you won't follow them so just do as much mistakes as you can

  • _rutu_writes_ 5d

    I am watching the painted sky
    sometimes blue, sometimes pink.....
    Sometimes dark and sometimes light....
    Sometimes, birds flying and sometimes left all alone....
    Sometimes, with stars and sometimes with rainbow....
    Sometimes speaking of limits and sometimes heights to reach.....
    Sometimes, with clouds and some with sunshine....
    Some with countryside and some from balconies.....
    Some busy and some free....
    Sky changing it's look and I appreciating the painted sky.

  • wings_happiness 1w

    "Hy, wake up one more time
    It's morning again, we have to live through this day.

    Let's go, one more night
    We don't know what'll waiting for us at the end of this."


  • nocturnal_enigma 1w

    * 26.11.2021; 12.11 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    #start #wod @miraquill


    * Based on personalityquiz.net, at Charts - Birthdays section, my birthday-animal is a Turtle. His is a Dove.

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    -ove (3) ~

    We are in the ocean of love.
    I'm a turle. You are a dove.
    So, only you can fly above.
    Me? I wait for U, at the cove.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • _ms_mystery_ 1w

    Meddling in the Dark
    Struggling in the Light
    Surviving the Life


  • hazel_nut_sucks 1w

    A day

    There goes another day,
    There are people waiting for a new morning
    There are people who are happy to have passed one more day
    There are people who dread the beginning of another day
    There are people who don't have time to think about what day it is
    And everyone is running towards the ending or the beginning in their own runways
    some see rose tinted glasses and for someone it is completely dark
    For someone it is raining cats and dogs
    For others it has no sunsets
    And they all still think there goes another day.

  • bubbly_bluebells 1w


    A laugh in the sea of sadness
    When heart becomes black hole
    it never gives right direction
    and mind only corrupts.
    Cause when i turned back
    Whole audience had been laughing
    At joker's mistakes, while
    I locked myself in a dark room
    I became too much ignorant
    heartless to give care,to my well-wishers
    because of some ignorants ignorance
    ruined my caregiving nature
    though nothing left but a distorted orientation
    Lost the devotion of responsibility
    Life is a barren field frozen with snow
    But why did I forgot?
    To take care of my song first!
    Pull back your love courageously?
    From those puppets of hell
    A light in the sea of darkness
    I'm not gonna waste a single breathe
    Thoughts over that inhumane culture
    Representative of my assault plan
    Which would give them power
    To overwhelm even after going away
    to exploit my days;could be candied in hope
    Everybody can come back
    from any road,I have footsteps in account
    Let's paint vangogh sunflower
    Just fix the shattered heart and plaster
    I can't paint the canvas in serious heat
    being dirty and stained crepe,
    spilling satin black agonies;
    Making everything colourless
    Pour this heart out again in
    Beauty of sunrise and sunsets
    Love is a growing garland
    paint the horizons and catching fireflies
    Let it be open like camellia blooms!
    Cause working on anything is
    holding it in heart,refilling life-force!
    The noise of creative movements
    Loud rants is music to his ears

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    A Hungary sunflower

  • gooddonewriter 1w

    Dreams are shattered
    Life is all blundered
    Still faith is not shaken
    Then all that remains is
    A laugh in the sea of sadness.

    Hold on and don't get upset
    For if your dreams will die
    Then you can never again continue
    A laugh in the sea of sadness.

    See the light in darkness
    Make your barren land of life
    A lovely garland
    And remember to keep forever
    with you
    A laugh in the sea of sadness.


  • extreme_case 1w

    My mind is blank just like my silence��too much info but useless ��

    Sorry for letting you guys read rubbish��

    #start #wod #pod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Want to scream all the piled up emotions
    But guess, silence is working louder than it.


  • hazel_nut_sucks 1w

    Early morning Dreams

    Dreams screams at the light
    Go away daily fright
    It's still not too bright
    Let me stay
    With my beautiful knight

  • hazel_nut_sucks 1w


    They said writing is a way to escape so I started again
    I did as every escapees do hide my identity
    I wrote everything that came to mind
    I wrote about love, I wrote about lust
    I wrote about the moonlight and its darkness
    The more I wrote , the more I realised
    The most longed oblivion was never from the outside.
    They said writing was a escape but they never mentioned from where...

  • roel_gonz 1w

    We are in the ocean of love
    Floating in the deep blue sea of hope
    As waves kisses the shore of doubt
    Lovers moonlight kisses the sandcastle of trust
    As the albatross fly high in sky of lust
    Rain falls in the window of heartbreak hotel
    Shattered dreams scattered in the limbo of uncertainty

  • shivani23 2w


    We are in the ocean of love.
    In our hands, oars of distrust.
    Swiftly stormy perils rumble.
    Our boat in temper grumbles.
    Tide of devotion violently quivers.
    Upturned canoe, drowning lovers.


  • solivagant_soul 2w

    ~ Trusted people who exhibited sympathy when I was at my most vulnerable phase.

    ~ Sticking to the norms and trying to meet the expectations of people, being the "good girl".
    I failed to live my life to the fullest. Being the good girl i failed to remember that this soul needs some fun and relaxation too, in order to have companions and well wishers with whom we can goof around and also share our deepest secrets and tears with

    ~ Always believing that family and blood relation was everything and that they would always stand by me no matter what. But, i was wrong.

    m̶i̶ (stakes)

    • "We are in the ocean of love, with each one of
    us being mere anchovies envisaging prodigious cachet of a foreign fisherman's reward woefully ending up at the dinner table"
    When a blanket of winter's fog suffocated my illuminating sky deluging my empyrean
    viridescent meadows with maroon gore.
    I lurked alongside my shadow enumerating
    blobs of unswerving tears.
    And when the sky rained stars ensuing after
    a thousand epoch, rousing me from a perdurable slumber, like a child among the fallen leaves
    my hands knitted utopic dreams.
    Little did i knew, the sonnets i weave from
    silence were a pitch of fantasy in a glass full
    of reality. Everything comes with a price.
    My feet unaquainted with the waves of the sea, espoused the terra firma as an epitome of Nirvana.
    His love was the bud, I bloomed pain and bliss together

    • "Depths of an ocean, a skeleton sunken city,
    a sulfer bottom whale perched on a throne.
    Life- eternal and endless, superiority embellished
    on its flippers, a heart weighing 400 pounds
    derelict, devoid of any companion."
    Head full of fire flies, tender fingers adhered
    to praxis of mensuration nodus, swallowing catamenial pangs. My little frame burgeoned stacking regimen laid out by stern pedagogues, praised for my well bred demeanor by elders. However, when the solemn skies depeleted of azure, I found myself surrounded by desolation.
    Was I enough alone?

    • "An ataraxic moana, appeasing countless fishes, under the sole shelter, birthing in
    cognated animalia but is kinship just about blood?"
    The scars and burnt marks on the fingers of
    my mother's brittle hands, narrated to me with
    tacit silence, the mephitic paramountcy of men
    in a family pursuing patriarchy.
    When each time,a gallant lassie was labelled
    "Vile" and her coexisting brother termed "Manly".
    The moment childhood ended, I cognized multitudinous wolves in sheepskin through
    the mist, under the shelter of the same ancestry, veins carrying homogeneous blood.

    ©Solivagant Soul

    Thanks for EC! ✨
    @miraquill and @writersnetwork

    #journal #start #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    m̶i̶ (stakes)

    "We are in the ocean of love,
    with each one of us being mere
    anchovies envisaging prodigious
    cachet of a foreign fisherman's reward
    woefully ending up at the dinner table"

    "Depths of an ocean, a skeleton
    sunken city, a sulfer bottom whale
    perched on a throne.
    Life- eternal and endless, superiority
    embellished on its flippers,
    a heart weighing 400 pounds
    derelict, devoid of any companion."

    "An ataraxic moana, appeasing countless fishes,
    under the sole shelter, birthing in cognated
    animalia but is kinship just about blood?"


  • extreme_case 2w

    My heart, my mind
    Everything combined
    Seems so empty
    I feel so empty
    Gone are the reasons
    So the motivation
    Like I stopped feeling emotion
    I don't have even the reason
    To ask why?
    Feeling so deadpanned
    Nothing seems to excite me
    Nothing seems to encourage me
    I became so blank
    Like never before.
    I don't seem to hate it
    Though I'm certain I don't like it
    Something like chained me
    Manipulated me
    To not think or feel anything
    Something wants me to stay
    The same as I'm right now.
    I feel so empty
    That I don't seem to be myself
    But still
    I don't know why
    I don't want to ask why?

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #start #wod #pod #empty

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    I don't know why?
    I don't want to ask why?


  • senja_23 2w

    Two side's of Love

    We are in the ocean of love
    Engulfing me with the soothing waves of love
    But also threatening to drown me leaving no room to breath
    Love, like the ocean has a shimmering beauty that mesmerising
    But, like the ocean it's has a dreadful storm that came without warning
    It's beautifull like a rose
    But also has thorn that as sharp as the roses
    Love is deep but in those depth we don't know what's waiting

  • i_shukriya 2w

    The happy hour I am looking for,
    unknown of reality,a day dreaming girl.
    Only wanna see the content of our story,
    not bothering that the lesson is end of every flow.
    Believing on him, whose not mine for ever.
    In a dreams of those, which is not possible.
    Pains too hard, when get aware by the book of reality.
    & here the story end with the lesson that life is all about the tragidies....

    #start #wod #journal.
    #writersnetwork #miraquillpost

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  • hamael 2w

    Our Family makes us feel like

    " We're in the ocean of love "