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    "Now yu guys are pleading for Modi's help, abhi sabko ModiJi chahiye,Modiji kyun support karega" -responded someone to my comment of how our PM chose to stay unaware of d flood situation

    Oh yeah! Y not, "Your party" doesnt have enough seats in kerala to help them. So u guys r really lookin into d fact that kerala dint vote for ur gvrnmnt?
    The first thing i want you ppl to undrstnd is that Your Modiji is UNFORTUNATELY the so called PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA (executive head of india) which includes Kerala too..He is the one resposible n liable to help.Vo koi ehsaan nhi kr rha h hamre upar It is his duty to help his ppl in need.
    N even if he isn't in d mood to help, its ok. We have a group of good hearted ppl across our REAL INDIA unconsidering whether it is north, south, east or west to support ..
    We will survive & we will return..
    N pls stop connecting keralafloods with beef eating or lord Aiyyapa wrath grow up ppl.. N to all those creeps who says calamity has affected the muslim dominated/ christian dominated areas of kerala only stop playing your political strategy, WE HINDUS-MUSLIMS-CHRISTIANS WILL ALWAYS STAY UNITED FOR A UNITED INDIA. Atleast pls dont try to freeze the relief efforts