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  • kevinosullivan 300w

    God Save us Tommorow

    Hours await as we watch our freedom circle the drain. Two women on the ballot for Comandress in Chief, by this time tomorrow I pray a woman will reign. To think of this moment while our countries a mess. Atleast we still have freedon of speech and the freedom of press.

    Privatizing government to generate profit, leaves exploited American blood dripping from the white house faucet. A power and energy cult has become our nationalist country charade; fracking, war and pipelines the media too sips the koolaid. Hues on the political colorwheel disguised and distorted. Red, Blue, Gold or Green party jockey for crumbs, control or collapse of our once great system.

    I beg of you racists, you imbeciles and socially worse; please dont elect a new Fuhrer Trump to prove your lack of worth. Democracy but a memory due to a neoliberal capitalist scam, here we were thinking Hitler was a just a flash in the pan. Do what is right, get out to Vote, dont let your houeshold be evils scapegoat. A demagogue, narcissist and son of the Klan, which Woodie Guthrie already exposed of his "old man".

    An evil regime of slavery, insanity and Reality TV, on the brink of power in less than a day. Before you I pray not to let this time live on in eternal infamy. As my life depends on my childrens bleak safety and future, I want to bandage whats left of the Flag with an electoral suture. This much is fact of me and of mine, we will march to the polls when the next sun does shine. We will vote for an underdog Doctor in green with no chance of winning office to be seen. But a US third party sure sounds like a begining process to dream. Heres how complicated and crucial tomorrow will be. I dont want you to vote as I do, no on the contrary.

    Go vote for the warmonging female oligargh, who cooks the books and deceives of her illegal communique. I can handle a lieing career politician over Trump any day.

    We only want 5% since we are not a swing state. I urge the rest of the right wing sympathizers to reconsider your choice. Lets not clean our guns, load ammo or sharpen up pikes. First he'll round up the Muslims, Wetbacks, Fags, Natives and Kikes. Next on to Leftists, radicals and activists a plenty. Guantnamo sites like Abu Ghraib in former childhood schools. Torture 101 instructed by water and burn in buildings first built to learn. Then he will come for whos left, paranoid of a coup, So lower your standards in the name of humanity too.

  • kevinosullivan 301w

    Seriously though, these are our choices to lead the free world?

    Fill to the brim and it will spill.
    Political Revolution, Bernie Still!
    Fascism knocks on our door,
    and or that of a corporate shill. Without doubt, history soon to repeat itself on either bill.
    Apples not far from the tree as son dons daddies hooded sheet. Fraternal oligarchs all involved in deceit. Profit at all cost, no surrender, no retreat.
    This land is her land, this land is his land. But what of all us tiny grains of sand? What of our Purple Mountains majesty, perhaps we need a bit of verdancy? Will we be the fodder of a man who grabs the crotch of his young daughter?
    This is the farce, this is the evil; open the doors and there's all the sheeple.
    Questions arise as the seconds tick by. Who do we choose when either way we all die. Business as usual if either are hired.
    Remember this and take heed, both of them are motivated by pure greed. Who then, If Trump is our Hitler? And Hillary our Nixon? Who, sooner or later is due off to prison. So if you too say Dump Trump and absolutely Hill No; who then will you choose to lead our free show? Unsure about you and please hold your atracks, but to me this two party system seems utterly whacked. Do we privatize it all and militarize our borders? Well, Ive got some colorful words on the good Doctors orders. Be heard. Be seen. Vote Green!

    Enough need to vote for Stein/Baraka to prevent future trouble in America . We need a third party to exist when the smoke clears and we crawl out of the rubble.