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  • wordsofwonder 3w

    Where I answered the Calling

    On a day where beautiful uncertainty was forecast, I could feel the calling.

    Although the warmth of my home held me throughout the morning, noon was approaching, and golden glimmers of the sun teased me through the patchy sky.

    I softly sigh and close my eyes to try to connect with the calling once more.

    Synchronicities aligned, I knew it was time to step out of my home, out of my mind, and let my heart wander.

    Soon I found a quaint raised wooden path. A familiar sight in a new adventure felt like a friend strolled beside me.

    Twists and turns journeyed me deep into welcoming nature, that gifted me with options to explore. I smiled, and allowed my intuition to decide.

    I worn, yet sudden turning arrived where the ending of the path brought a hidden spot. I stopped and in my stillness I could hear the swish of tall reeds dancing.

    Leaving the path behind, I step into the ground that call me. The crisp crunch of the fallen Autumn leaves before my feet bring my such joy. Suddenly I felt truley emmersed and my thirst for more dissolved.

    In awe I stand, my eyes drawn to nature's hand. An offering of a fallen tree. That beckoned me to simply be. So I rested, so grateful for this moment, grateful for this morning where I answered the calling.



  • devdevil 3w

    At times,a deep sense of desperation strucks me and it creates a sort of stillness and leaves a huge void in me.And the worst thing is,it leaves me with a feeling that there is no way in getting out from that void.And that 'stuck in stillness' kinda feeling sucks a real lot..!

  • devdevil 3w

    Each of us needs appreciation in carrying ourselves.The never ending thoughts,the chaotic and perplexed mind,the constant battles we fought inside the head and still trying to stay sane.Yes being human is not that easy and you are doing that,great.


  • shukla_jii 13w

    I am still trying to calculate the stillness,
    That lies in the hurricane she holds.


  • kingdomdelight 15w


    In a gentle basket,
    carries eternal peace
    On Snow white wings,
    a tender dove,
    softly kisses
    the horizon with pure love


  • bipoetic 17w

    O Universe
    I revel in your depth and beauty
    Sometimes even find solace
    In the passing sorrows that I endure
    When I look at the sky I see hope
    When I see the ground beneath my feet
    I feel roots of life
    Every moment a living poetry so vivid
    Impossible to capture the essence
    Yet I still write
    For in my words to you I express my experience
    My gratitude
    And I know that you are listening
    Will provide me with the answer I need
    At the right time for me to receive it
    Until then I will wander with open senses of wonder
    Take it all in
    Then exhale
    And let it all go
    A return to the calm stillness
    Deep within my heart

    ©Bipoetic (Hardy Kemp)

  • yourpoohbear 26w


    There’s a stillness inside you
    That refuses to explore,
    They are loud and quite disturbing
    And they fight a losing war.
    I am here to tell a secret:
    You are not what once had been.
    You’re a hoard of outstretched liars
    And a soul remains unseen.
    Your reflection doesn’t know you,
    Although you’re living in the mirror,
    You’re ashamed of what you look like,
    So you’re always aiming to get thinner.
    You don’t like your smile
    Or the “abomination” of your face,
    The kids at school are mean
    So you’re feeling out of place.
    You feel all eyes are on you
    So you duck your head in shame.
    You’re blushing at that cute boy
    But he’ll never look your way.
    Your clothes are more than modest
    And you admire all these models.
    You worship weight loss tea,
    Sipping out of baby bottles.
    You know life has no meaning
    So you don’t know why you’d try.
    You will be stuck on land
    Unless you’re aiming for the sky.
    You are right where you started,
    You haven’t even moved an inch. Whenever anyone gets closer
    You know you always flinch.
    It’s like you’re in oblivion
    Where there’s no one left to greet you.
    You try to take a step forward-
    But your feet will never get too.

    #stillness #feet #sky #outcast #flinch

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    It’s like you’re in oblivion
    Where there’s no one left to greet you.
    You try to take a step forward-
    But your feet will never get to.

  • 3_am__ 29w

    Do You Understand Stillness?
    #stillness #enlightenment #poetry

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    The fisherman sat in his chair on his dock
    Next to his wife. 
    She asked,
    'How do appreciate this stillness?'
    He sat for a moment, 
    Looking down to his side was a stone, Lapped by water washing over it, 
    In the sand
    He said, 'Do you see that rock?' 
    He nodded towards it
    'Yes dear' she replied. 
    'Well, do you see how it sits as is,
    despite the water?'
    'Eventually, it will go elsewhere. 
    For now, we see it as stationary. 
    Gently rejecting the waves,
    only to be fooled by the smallest
    grains of sand eroding from under it's seat'
    'I see'
    'So, that rock, for now,
    is complacent, as it was, as it is,
    as it will, as it shall, until otherwise'
    'I see, my dear'
    He looked up at her and smiled, 
    'Ahh, but I see you! 
    How lovely. 
    Though age comes upon us,
    Your beauty inside always has been, always is, always will be, always shall, my beloved.'
    She smiled and looked unto the lake the fisherman probed with his line. 
    Peacefully, they sat.
    As they were, as they will, as they shall.


  • bts_fangirl 31w

    Depression is a prison where you both suffer the prisoner and the cruel jailer ...........

    _Dr. Dorothy rowe

  • ray_madhusmita 34w

    we always chase..
    so many drums..
    for our happiness..
    rather finding stillness within..
    to cherish the real one..

  • kevinosullivan 35w


    Chipping sparrow looks on from the neighbors ridge
    Nina Simone's songs provides the background sound
    A cool May morning in the North End of Whaling City
    Breakfast and contemplative thoughts of being alive
    Daydreams of concert touring with Punk Rock bands
    Past hopping freight trains across the hot southwest
    Stillness of a restless and home bound gypsies soul
    For no man is an island, his family roots, deeply sewn
    Yet outside drifting with the birds, flies on his travels

  • drishty_das 36w


    I fear to be that piece of poetry
    written on an old parchment
    in between the pages
    of a book
    that has been
    long forgotton in the corner
    of the bookshelf.

    I fear to be that twig of leaves
    that has been,
    for years,
    pressed in between
    the pages of an old diary
    and now her veins are visible
    to your naked eyes,
    that you would abandon
    because she is too bare,
    too plain now.

    I fear to be that storm
    at night
    who rattles the windows,
    upturns the roots
    and fills everything with her tears
    only to be a regretful image of
    in the day light.

    I fear to be the warmth
    of that soft blanket
    on those early rainy mornings
    when the pitter patter
    is comforting to sleep to
    which wont allow the feet
    to touch the cold floor
    and walk out
    to maybe see
    a rainbow.

    I fear to be that vase,
    that sits on a stool in my room
    with a long line of scar
    where she had once cracked
    into two parts,
    is often told to be thrown away
    because now she is just a broken
    piece of an art.

    I fear if they made a pill
    in Pink and blue
    to unlearn your fears
    and become comfortingly
    I would take one
    and lose myself to
    a continuing stillnes again.


  • word_s_myth 37w

    The Crickets

    The night is still enough to be dead,
    The silence creeps into voluminous texts,
    And rubs off the embellished expressions
    Leaving the essence till the very end.

    The emptiness consumes me,
    I rummage through memories of loud voices,
    That commanded me, pushing to the ground
    They stormed over and trampled with glee.

    Sitting alone in the sprawled out night,
    The overbearing stillness began to grasp;
    I clutched my voices in clueless despair-
    As they wriggled, faded and I lost the fight.

    I've hugged the placidity here,
    The lack of words found expression
    As I hear the crickets call,
    In a night that's silent without a fear.


    #midnightthoughts #cricketsounds #silence #stillness @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    The Crickets


  • haarika 37w

    Everyone is wandering with minds filled with thoughts and hearts brimming with pain.
    Not a thing will can cause pain ; any further
    As we have become numb
    Waiting for the touch of a butterfly to open up and move
    Come out of the stillness and keep working
    Be alive
    Spread Love

  • mrspectacular 38w


    I may go out of existence soon at this rate,
    For my life does not seem to appreciate
    As it says glued to a spot to, my former self, berate.
    The power to move on, it does castrate
    Because till date,
    I cannot seem to elevate
    As e'ry plan made, the fear of a reenactment does frustrate.
    I stay scared that I may, again, not be able to get through the gate.
    My entire being is made, to progress, hebetate
    As it seems unable to generate the needed zeal to, an onward press, initiate.
    I do hope I get over this soon enough before it is too late
    Otherwise I would have, by my own hands, my self mutilated.

    Release me
    That I may, my promised land see.


  • sharmilajuliet 38w

    Love That I Wish

    Love that i wish to be
    Like a bubbles  passing over the stillness.
    like a magic that appeared from nowhere
    Like a lullaby cheesing away every nightmares
    Like a darkness that embrace the light
    Like a song that slowly allure my heart.
    Like a cool breeze that tingles sometime.
    Like a mother,  accept me as I am.

  • dasu24 39w

    The Last Chapter

    While I stood on the beach,
    The waters receded from the shore.
    The sun shone in the distance above the waters,
    But I was unfazed by its glow.

    I had wondered how it would be when we would meet after the pause.
    Exhilaration, warm and a joyous rendezvous?
    The typical tingling sensation is what I had expected.
    But none of it could I feel just then. It mattered, but not then.
    Perhaps it was warm, but not what I felt.
    I had looked forward to this day,
    But indeed not this way.

    It was the closure of a chapter.
    But not the beginning of another.

  • thefloatingverse 40w

    Getting scared comes easily to me
    As easy as the change of things in crucial little moments
    But a little birdie greets my nightmares like a regular customer
    Its continuity, the simple yet really intrinsic flow of the cosmos
    Time is a concept many respect, but forget to cherish until its whisked away
    And that’s the center of my concerns
    What if I fail to sail along with the navigation that the constellations designed
    And will me and my soulmate end up as star-crossed lovers
    Destined to be in the same universe, under the same sky
    But to never share the same breath
    Just like tangents, crossing paths once and then diverging till the ends of everything
    Doesn’t the speed threaten you,
    The way present suddenly becomes a long lost past and how future seems to come out of nowhere and seeks you with urgency
    Pace leaves me heaving but the stillness is no less haunting
    The unchanging weather is just as dismal as the nostalgia that changing seasons leave in their wake
    And the past memories perfectly balanced with the promises of future
    Just add on to the pros of moving time
    More so than rereading the same page over and over again
    Just like being stuck in an hourglass, running circles around the consistent drowning sands of fate
    Like they say flowing water makes lives and destroys them
    And stagnant settled oceans slaughters in its silent waves.

    #writersnetwork #time #continuity #stillness #regrets #fears

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  • kai_heavens 41w


    Static sentience

    Waiting in the minds of all

    Sleep little spirit


  • radhikamenon 45w

    Somewhere someday,
    between the pages of dusk and dawn
    the iceberg of stillness was cracked open
    by the Titanic of emotions.