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  • amii__ 20m

    Tauba kar lo amii ab
    is begani mohabbat se
    dil walo ka dil ab nahi
    Behatla isy


  • madinah_writes 7h

    Girl in roses that still wishes

  • shailesh_d_one 12h

    I should have made it !!

    I should have made it,
    you know when ??
    the time I was a kid,
    well actually 10 !!

    Why didn't I think,
    life isn't like ink ..
    wish I could it paint it,
    completely pink !!

    I often tend to,
    lose that link ..
    and was used to see,
    everything sink !!

    I should have made it,
    you know when ??

    Circumstances to blame,
    or few girls to name ..
    things never again,
    look the same !!

    Maybe it's me,
    who was wrong ..
    wasn't in the place,
    where I belong !!

    More than the past,
    the effect still lasts ..
    soul within me,
    now no longer laughs !!

    I should have made it,
    you know when ??

    Reached out to few,
    whom I didn't knew ..
    they tried to use me,
    I had no clue !!

    Life's asking me to pay,
    and settle this due ..
    wonder if I can,
    still continue ??

    Broke every day,
    asking what's my value ??
    Lord hasn't answered yet,
    n I have stopped to argue !!

    I should have made it,
    you know when ??


  • iamsatyajitrout 1d

    If you want take my heartbeats

    I have my name written on your heart...
    Just look in to my eyes...
    You are hidden as my dreams...
    How do I tell you...
    How much I love you...
    If you need...
    Take my heatbeats...
    As this heart belongs to you...
    I have my name written on your heart...

  • shailesh_d_one 1d

    This isn't the end !!

    This isn't the end,
    it's just a start ..
    living life to the core,
    is itself an art !!

    People often say,
    you are ageing fast ..
    that simply doesn't mean,
    you are out of the cast !!

    Worried about that past ??
    which is way too vast ..
    rather focus on today,
    n simply forecast !!

    Time is a factor,
    never does last ..
    lets live in the moment,
    n have a blast !!

    This isn't the end,
    it's just a start ..

    Add something new,
    in your chart ..
    remember there's scope,
    just try n restart !!

    Feel those emotions ?
    don't kill them in your heart ..
    never hold on them,
    if they want to depart !!

    One day we will make it,
    all are smart ..
    Circumstances can be dealt,
    just play your part !!


  • feelings_never_fade 1d

    The Betrayal lays here

    On social media, the unexpected is usually formed.

    A very usual satisfying moments now a days which isn't real and permanent lays only on social media. we tend to loose concentration on ourself and starts showing interest on strangers. People should know, understand that social media is an only object for advertising , gaining knowledge on a particular product to earn or show casing your talents which could reach world wide . Now days a lot of feeds spreads negativity and a few positive content.

    People never accept vegetables which are bought by farmers, sold at road sides and rather prefer Veggies kept in an air conditioning place with all kind of rare chemicals. That's how social media runs.

    I recently , I mean a year, may be....hmm...whatever .
    Few profiles attract in sight which you may like it or you must have already liked it .It may be the way the post look like , the person photographic technique .Yeahhh .... coming to the point. you come should understand you love the photographic technique and not the person .

    I kinda feel in love with a person who is unquie , may be to say ....rude in person, soft in heart ,kind ,brave. Receiving message from the person who you feel bought me goose bumps . Do you think he was the same way .

    we only upload the success and not the failures. We tend to get over excited and spend our precious time to make them warm which makes us feel special and happy only if the person we love ,loves back with the same affection and attention!!

    yeah and that's were I lost my mind.
    Few months moving with no thoughts, comment's just stayed beside him. I started Feeling the displeasure and simply observed no signs . Still I couldn't give up and started pouring out my affection without expecting back . You know what......... That later hurts !!. Hurts a lot when your call is declined, your text aren't seen for days , and there you see him online two four hours withou recognising you waiting for his one reply and call backs.
    Bloody Hell ......

    You feel like staying in haunted house when you aren't in a healthy relationship. One end indeed reflected ,words by him aren't true and was just a passing cloud .

    Love is where our true souls hold perfectly, respecting our thoughts and talks , impressing just to make us feel special with a good cuddles , with lot of laughs. Dominating isn't love at all.

    He just said - we aren't equal . you meant to listen what I say and no arguments.

    Later not anxious to get in contact with , once said ......silence make them understand our values, but here silence played nothing expect made me understand Social-media Plays a good role in displaying fake personality.

    Remember ,y we use dustbin. That's how social media is just 'use& throw'.
    Life gives us various options & opinion , that could improve,motivate , brings us failures as well as success.

    You have the right to choose who you are not others . Live the way but not representing a wrong role but a good loyal life .... possibly


    © s.a.n.g.a.q

  • liepa_malijauskaite 3d

    The forest of souls

    I once believed a tale of a forest,
    The one that's close to home,
    That there were lonely people,
    Searching for what they had lost.

    It said that once it's dark outside,
    One shouldn't go that path,
    As one of souls there flying,
    Could think that your their lost.

    But if that path for finding,
    For what you think you had,
    Then maybe what the dark is hiding,
    Are only souls that are feeling sad.

    So if you find the forest of souls,
    Be brave and go that path,
    As darkness sometimes,
    Hides not only the bad.


  • nikhilkhandare 4d


    She approaches & He took a chance.
    She spent some time with him & He found his lost happiness in long conversations.
    Ultimately He fell in love & ........ she left him.
    He gave an unusual smile with trembling lips and utter a word, "PERFECT".
    An exact meaning of Perfect.


  • darkmoon696 5d

    This is part-9 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ Happy Reading ❤️

    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee_post

    #shortstory #story #part9 #heartfelt #romance #action #drama #horror #gory #pod #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill

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    The Short Story-Part 9

    Dominating all the voices, there is a horrific male voice screaming ‘This is the beginning of the end; Satan is going to rip your tongues out’. The priest sprinkles the holy water over April’s body while reading out verses from the bible. Natalie and I can hear her skin burning, as the drops fall on her.

    Just when our hope started diminishing, ‘Get him out of me, please!!’, April yells in her voice and this brings back the hope that she is still in there, struggling. The demon starts rupturing her body from within and we can hear her bones cracking. It gradually becomes difficult for us to hold her down, so we get a rope and tie her hands to the back and her legs to the chair.

    As the priest continues yelling out numerous verses, suddenly, the cupboard placed right behind the priest tumbles over. Lucky I got him in time and pushed him away, saving him. The cupboard was intentionally pushed over by the demon as well as all the flickering lights, floating tables, and chairs. ‘Tell me your name, demon’, the priest yells at April in hope of a name to weaken its powers. The priest sprinkles the holy water and places a cross at April’s forehead that creates a bleeding cross mark on her forehead. The demon inside her groans and yells ‘Butcher’....


  • rajdeep13 5d

    My wildest dream

    Hey everyone,
    I had a wildest dream.
    I saw some bloody human's,
    Who took my baby's away.
    They caught all my wild child,
    Put them in a wood cage
    With a low quality of food.
    I cried a lot but,
    They never look at me.
    They made them do sums,
    With wear some sensible shoes.
    They put them in bed,
    At wrong time of the day.
    And make them sit still,
    At time of their play.
    They took all their wisdom,
    And wildness away.
    And put them to make,
    People laugh and get them pay.

    My dream was so real and scared,
    I just lost my wild friends away.

  • jpwriter 5d

    The Light of Essence

    She built an abatis for her defense
    Wondering what her status is
    Intriguing became more intense
    Blockage with stops made
    Continued throughout the fence
    A lock gauged for knockage
    Was the only chance
    The words of my writing
    Allowed me entry
    For the way that I ink
    Is more than elementary
    The servants were urgent
    To attend hand and foot
    When I saw the beauty
    I rubbed my eyes for another look
    The whiteness of a swan
    Could not describe the purity
    Lost and alone
    She was not sure of me
    I approached slowly
    With a written note
    It said as she read
    Never let go of hope
    Speechless she was
    As the guards came running
    A stopped signaled hand
    Stopped them from coming
    A tear poetically formed
    Grasping on her cheek
    I knew there were no words
    For her in which to speak
    I humbled myself in her presence
    & Thanked her for the opportunity
    To see the light of her essence


  • muskaanbhatt_ 1w

    So, the prompt "My 14 word life story" was given by #yourquotebaba on #yourquotesapp , so I wrote there and wanted to share this too on @miraquill platform, hope you guys like.

    So this line of 14 words actually defines what I am in real life, I mean I am both "mazhabi" And "modern"��

    (Swanky here means fashionable and modern)

    #pod #wod #miraquill #yourquotesapp #writco #writers #life #story #love @writersnetwork @miraquill_assistant @miraquill #combination

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    My 14 word life story

    I am a hardcore orthodox person and a swanky too at the same time


  • muskaanbhatt_ 1w

    Tried? ��
    #pulchritudinously means good looking, attractiveness or beauty.
    Sometimes it's better to work with advanced English rather than using everyday's easy simple words as I love working with complex words.

    #love #poem #pod #wod #petrarchan #beauty #combination #end #story #poem #poetry #life #writersnetwork @miraquill @miraquill_assistant @writersnetwork

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    Petrarchan (poem of beauty)

    How should I explain the beauty of you
    As you are the charm itself

    From the top of your head to the tips of toes
    Seems so pulchritudinously perfect

    The Depth of the eyes to the Deepness of your voice
    You seem so pleasing to my eyes and the ears

    That smile of yours fills my whole stomach with butterflies
    And the intensity of your laughter is not so unknown

    Honey flows from the sweetness of your words
    Seems like its giving enviousness to the buzzing bees


  • shk_huzaifa 1w

    Sucha pyar wo b hota hai
    Jiss mai humai yai nahi pata hota hum aik dusrai k hongay ya nahi
    Laikin pyar itna hota hai
    Ki jahan ka saraa pyar mil jata hai
    Chahay hum oon k ho na ho
    Par yai zaroor kahain gay
    Hum oon say bohat pyar kartai hai
    Oon k aanay say hi humai khushi milti hai
    Wo hai toh hum hai
    Raab tak chood diye humari kahani.....

  • the_etched_soul 1w

    A man

    Smoky Meghalayan hills on an inky night.I was up for a random stroll and then those glittering eyeballs grabbed my attention. As it came closer, the clouds slowly unveiled the full figure, LOVE in the form of a man!! Our glances met and I got freezed!My brain suddenly transferred the control of my body to my heart.I couldn't resist looking at him.The gentle wind was caressing his silky jet black hair and then I heard his captivating voice. We began to talk.
    He was a wanderer just like me.We sat at a nearby tea-shop, sipping sizzling hot tea together.From usual hi-hello to weather to cricket ,our talks gradually drifted towards the beautiful subject of love.
    His intense miraculous eyes,his sparkling smile,his chiseled physique and his lovely heart.He was the epitome of perfection! His eyes glistened differently when he talked about his dreams and aspirations.I wished I were a part of his little bright world.He recited some of his literary creations and they were simply alluring.It started to drizzle and we receded under a shade with our talks not ending.He took out his flute and started playing the mellifluous tunes.
    The sight of lush green hills clad with steamy clouds, the rhythm of falling raindrops,the cool ,gentle breeze,the scent of moist soil and his heavenly presence, all of this was enough for me to fall in love with him.
    Through our conversation, I slowly discovered that his hunky build enclosed a little child who deserved to be loved and nurtured.His carefree, jovial nature hid a very emotional yet responsible human.His flirtatious talks hid a man who could love profoundly when needed.

    It continued to rain, we continued to talk and I continued to fall in love with him; with every word he spoke,with every joke he cracked, with every time he laughed, with every time he blinked and with every time his lips transfigured as he took my name.
    His intoxicating aura was taking me over. I wished I could dive into his world and give him the kind of intense love that his heart longed for.I wished to behold him and cherish him till eternity; if only his heart permitted me to do so.
    The dark night was getting brighter for me with every passing second and I kept on wondering, was he an angel ,or a dream or actually.. 'a man' !?


  • boyinsquare 1w

    Life is one big library. There are many different books in it. Some of them are beautiful, engaging, others less so. While you keep going back to the nice books, the less nice books you read only once, learn from them, but have no reason to go back to them.

    ©Marek Caran

  • muskaanbhatt_ 1w

    Now I just want to know is there any other additional way to trace out that cellphone or to get that back without complaining to the police��‍♀️

    #pod #wod #miraquill #writers @writersnetwork @miraquill @miraquill_assistant #story #monologue

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    Handset Stolen (a short story)

    Few weeks back, I guess 4-5 weeks ago, I lost my cell phone ( vivo v15) in his locality, when we were on our date, there I kept my cell,slingbag,other stuff and food items near the bank of the stream, and went into the stream with him to capture pictures and shots, there we were so much lost in one another, and in clicking that we forgot there are alot of people(many were his known and others were unknown)present there who can easily stole our stuff as that area is already so much notorious which I wasn't knowing before the theft, therefore when we came back to the bank of the stream where I had kept all my things, there I was trying to find my cell phone, I checked my bag and things,amd I noticed the cell wasn't present there but the cash and atm,credit cards and other stuff was there as before it was, I was so much in shock and thinking how can a person steal things of others without any hesitation, I was disappointed at that moment not because of the phone, but because everything got spoilt be it his mood, our happiness and the date, just because of me being an irresponsible person, then there we tried to find but as everyone knows thieves won't be waiting there for us to come and take that back from him, then after alot of hardwork we couldn't find that, at that moment I wasn't worried about the cell more than I was worried about the sim cards and the personal numbers,as the cell was not having any password and pattern so anybody could have misused that for different purposes, as I never keep my cell locked as everytime I transfer my data to pc ( be it pics, vids, pdfs,notes, recordings,contacts,or anything except my call history details ,sms and whatsApp, drive, emails and backups,log in-outs) and fortunately I keep these apps locked and rest is always open from the lock screen to the other others and same was with that cell too ,I was worried about the sim but I was little bit happy also about that I wasn't having any personal data in that which could be misused, then later on I went to the sim service provider(with id proofs which are always with me)and immediately blocked those sims which were in that phone and bought their duplicates, and changed the passwords of all the accounts,and tried logging out the accounts from the device, but thanks to you love who always help me in hardships, thanks for giving me your cell to use as I refused but can't argue with you❤, so moving on I went to my house , and tried searching the cell phone box for imei no. for tracing that cell ,as he said he will trace out just give the imei, which I couldn't unfortunately find, then it took me 2 days to get that imei details through my gmail account which I had created on that cell phone, finally i get the imei no. He tried to trace out from alot of people who could help in tracing but we got no result but he said the thief could be the known one who were present there at that time and who we're stalking, he then said he will talk to police about the matter as it was the last option but I refused because I don't wanna interact with the police as I had never seen a police station from inside nor I had talked to any cop anytime as I hate JK-police and I didn't wanted to encounter with them, if I would they will definitely try to link my family, love and my life with that stupid cell and with that thief, which I never want to happen, so I said to him ❤ leave that cell now i don't need that back, after few days I bought the new cell and gave him his spare phone back and then mom was like where is your phone I just said that some girl stole that in my college and I have no idea who, and now I got the duplicate sims and that's why I bought a new cell‍♀️, she said you are so inactive and irresponsible which I am actually , and my Little sister said shouldn't you complain to police, I was speechless thinking from inside (story is something else what will I say to the cops) then my dearest mom said, leave that cell, no need to complain about that as that complain will surely ruin anyone's career which I don't want as I am also having daughters ❤
    That's my mom non comparisonable

  • jpwriter 1w


    The sound of the cicadas 
    Screeched in the reddened trees
    While rocks from the top tumbled, 
    Troubling the levied ravine

    A continuous tap, slapped my heel 
    Walking step by step
    A bicyclists pacing by I could feel, 
    Said talking 'on your left'

    The introverted sun 
    Was hiding behind the clouds
    Ready for the day to done, 
    Deciding not to come out

    With timing not impeccable, 
    His counter part, the antithetical
    Was rising in the opposite, 
    Leaving wonders of who was prominent

    The nefarious moon, 
    Clocked on to soon
    Creating a curious mind, 
    To those that do not conform in line

    Is it plausible that the impossible, 
    By the all seeing eye
    Orderly as chronological 
    The apocryphal was a true lie


  • kashu6 1w

    A Beautiful Journey

    On my way to somewhere,

    Watching man made buildings everywhere,

    The clouds moving with us,

    As if they are coming along.

    In the car, listening music,

    Falling raindrops slipping over the window,

    The beautiful scenery filled my eyes,

    The soothing music makes everything nice.

    I want the time to be stopped,

    Let my journey continue till eternity,

    The kids in front of there houses,

    Playing like nothing matters,

    The passing trees made me forget all my matters.

    The dim sunlight scatters within the clouds,

    Making me happy without uttering words.

  • kashu6 1w

    I Became a Poet. But Why?

    I became a poet. But why?
    I was not so into it. Then why?
    But it made me forget all my worries. That is why?

    I know I'm not that good,
    But it doesn't matter.
    I'm happy with what I do,
    I don't want that chatter.
    I love writing them,
    it makes me forget all my pain.
    I write so i get in my own imagination,
    Write my every notion.
    Wrire what I want,
    And write what I feel.
    I know there is no sense in my rhyming,
    But still thank you all for bearing.

    I became a poet. But why?
    I was not so into it. Then why?
    But it made me forget all my worries. That is why?