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    Your scars are....
    They are the window
    Into your hazel soul
    Telling me your story
    Reciting to me whole

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    Last words

    Since you are leaving soon
    I want to leave you
    With smile on face and
    Good memories only..!


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    Once you find your muse, release them before you destroy them. Become your own inspiration, not a creator of desolation.
    #pod #poem #mermaid #diver #ocean #art #heart #soul #life #water #muse #inspiration #story #fantasy @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    The Muses of Merfolk Cove

    The diver
    had heard rumors,
    of more gold and jewels and treasure
    than man could measure in one place
    off all maps
    called Merfolk Cove- murderous merfolk;
    every man
    who ever ventured in
    never made it out of the water-
    but incredulous and desperate,
    and in want of a rare diamond
    for his sweetheart
    and a grand proposal of marriage,
    the man enters a greedy,
    frivolous competition
    with his even more avaricious peers,
    donning their diving helmets
    and atmospheric suits,
    submerging into the expanding unknown
    to see who can swim the deepest
    and find the treasure first.

    In the beginning, there was only teal,
    seaweed and eternity.
    And then, just barely out of focus,
    on the ocean floor, glowing red-
    the treasure he had sought for so long.
    He swims further down, as far as he can,
    and the glowing red orbs
    reveal themselves to be gems,
    stones of great advantage and expense, incredible and crystalline,
    unlike anything
    his weary eyes had ever seen.

    He reaches an arm out to swipe some
    when he spots a bioluminescent figure
    emerging from the dark blue margins.
    As it slithers closer,
    the figure appears to seem like that
    of a mystifying, alien-like woman;
    hair long and splaying out for miles
    like a thousand sleek jellyfish tentacles;
    a chest completely flat,
    neck and arms uncannily similar to ours
    but a sexless and translucent body
    curving down
    seamlessly into a green, pellucid tail
    and two distinct, enormous fins.
    Simply floating there, mesmerized,
    he suddenly forgot
    about the glories in his hands,
    he didn't care as they fell back
    into the sand.
    The strange and sensual mermaid
    made her way closer to him,
    staring at him, emotionless, through
    halo-white eyes with no pupils,
    and yet the diver was still
    not uneasy. Her upper body,
    somehow a mix of sea bed and stardust,
    pressed up tightly against his bulky suit,
    and soon they were face to face
    through the hole in his helmet.
    She was so hypnotic in her movements,
    his eyes were locked onto hers;
    he didn't even notice her
    gently removing the helmet from
    his head- and suddenly he realized
    she cut him off, miles away, from oxygen.

    The diver shudders
    from his sudden death jolts
    as the water overflows in his lungs,
    and the last thing he sees is
    the alluring mermaid staring, smiling,
    stroking his stiffening face like a lover-
    and then, one final kiss
    when the convulsions finish,
    during that brief moment of peace
    as life smoothly departs from body
    and swims away into the indifferent abyss.

    The life leaving through his mouth,
    it is red.

    She pulls it from his lips
    into her own, like swapped gum-
    it hardens into diamond form,
    and she places it methodically
    amongst her pile of other red ornaments-
    her art piece in progress,
    made of other men, other innocent lives,
    ripped away in the name
    of becoming an addition
    to a lovely design.

    All they know in Merfolk Cove is,
    destruction creates masterpieces-
    masterpieces that will live on,
    at the bottom of the ocean, forever.

    Full of sadness, anger, and vengeance
    towards those stealing from
    and murdering her home,
    but still brimming with creativity,
    she wanted to channel it all
    into something beautiful
    that would last even after she passed-
    even if it meant causing harm to others
    or sustaining trauma herself.
    It was all in the name
    of spawning magnificent art,
    with no mention of the souls
    forced into ruin to make it. Destruction was her Muse, and she knew she'd be absolutely nothing
    without it.

    But was she ever really an artist,
    if all she left behind was brilliant
    and blazing destruction?
    What of all the souls she stole
    who will never get to see the beauty?
    Is it still beautiful to them,
    those poor beings, stuck inside
    her glittery debris,
    resting uncomfortably
    somewhere in between
    alive, dead, and artistic idol?

    I ask you this, dear listener of my tale-
    is a muse ever worth it?
    If you require a subject
    of human obsession
    to spur your dramatic finesse,
    if you can't walk away
    without destroying them first,
    are you really a true artist?

    The spellbinding mermaid
    has blood on her hands, and in
    her red diamonds, in the very whites
    of her eyes- she forces others
    to become her unwilling participants
    just because she has enough power
    to do it.

    She is not any being's inspiration,
    she only became like all the men
    who had oppressed her for centuries-
    was she ever really
    the artist she believed she was?

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    #fear#story @writersnetwork @miraquill

    It had been a hectic day.Shifting houses is no mean feat.After putting the last piece of my coveted crystalware safely on the shelves,I retired to bed like a worn out jubilant warrior.

    I looked at the watch.It was just past midnight.I pulled up the blankets and fell into a slumber within moments.

    My hard earned sleep was suddenly disrupted by the pitter patter of rain drops on the fibre -sheet shed over the balcony.I just turned over and closed my heavily tired eyes but could not sleep.

    A strange uneasiness was creeping up.I desperately tried to wade off the feeling but it refused to go.May be it was just because I was alone in the house after a long time or may be the unfamiliarity of the new place.

    “Chhumm…chhumm…chhumm..”..the sound interrupted the monotonous pitter patter of thr rain.I tried to dismiss it but it became more distinct.It felt like sound of anklets.It unnerved me now.My drowsiness vanished as I sat wide awake.A sudden gush of wind slapped my face as the window pane next to my bed opened and the glass crashed with a bang.

    The sound was unrelenting and louder.I could feel the pulsations of my heart increasing rhythmically with the sound.Chhumm…..chhumm….chhumm….lub dub lub dub lub dub……
I started cursing myself for buying the house despite being told by people that it overlooked a piece of barren land which was a cremation ground years ago.The window that opened was the one facing it.

    I sat there numbed and motionless not even attempting to wipe off the sweat that dripped down my flushed face.I wanted to put on the light but my hands failed to comply .The sound continued unabated….suddenly the air conditioner switched off ,fan stopped,the lone night bulb went out.”Rains come and electricity goes” was a norm in Delhi at one time.

    The sound was incessant.”Chumm…chhumm….chhumm…I finally mustered some courage and peeped out of the window.I tried to look down as to where the sound was coming from.It was pitch dark and then behold!I could see the apparition of a woman.It seemed she had long hair and was wearing a frilled flowing skirt that spread around her as she sat on the floor tapping her feet.The anklets going chhumm…chhumm….as she swayed her head from side to side.
I stood hypnotised.

    My trance was broken as the air conditioner restarted.Delhi electricity board occasionally does work in time.I looked down again.The ground was lit up now.The apparition had disappeared.

    A lone man was sitting near his bicycle, a large towel covering his head ,his opened umbrella kept behind him,trying to repair his bicycle chain and putting it in place……Chhumm chhumm….. chhumm… the sound continued…..

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    The anklets…

    …….A strange uneasiness was creeping up.I desperately tried to wade off the feeling but it refused to go.May be it was just because I was alone in the house after a long time or may be the unfamiliarity of the new place……
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    The Doll, The Teddy, The Thing and The Night Wanderer
    Chapter 1 (The Doll)
    Intro -:
    For the Kids, A doll means a Lot !
    They play with them,share feelings with them,and even sleep with them . But when they grow up, They're supposed to break that relation with the doll
    ..... The one Who chooses not to ,Are thought to be the bad cases. But when the doll Chooses not to do so ..... It's worse .
    Me and my sister had experienced a lot similiar to this. So I should better start with the latest Incident first

    Latest Incident (Dated Some days ago) -:

    My nani's house is just 2 streets away , and there I have 3 Cousin sisters . Eldest one is 16 y/o ,Middle one is 13 y/o ,And the youngest one is just 4 y/o.And My real Sister's doll (Juju) with whom she used to play in her childhood usually remains At Nani's house as my Youngest cousin sis plays with her . Just a few days ago, Me and my sister were at that place, Sitting on the bed talking to each other about the School, IG , Punjabi songs And other stuff . After a time ,The youngest cousin dropped the doll on the bed , And started playing with her . I said to the middle cousin
    That "The doll seemed a little sad ,when she was laying on The bed.But when the youngest Started playing with her she seemed happy. I don't know if I'm imagining or it really seems to Everyone who notices this" . The middle one said "That's true,when I was a child , I too used to play with alike dolls for hours,And it felt like the dolls reacted to each and every talk and the things...Just like she was a Living Friend".
    Just next day....
    The youngest cousin hitted our door In the morning with my uncle .I was just in a half awake state ....
    I remember seeing her carrying the doll in her arms and approaching me .The Youngest Cousin came closer to me and said "The doll wanted to come here , She wanted to stay with you here"....
    And I was totally shocked hearing this !!
    My sister's Experience (Somewhere in 2013 or 2014)
    It was a complete midnight situation.My sister Was just 7 at that time .So she used to sleep with the same doll (Juju) on the cornerside of the bed.So she was facing towards her doll which was sleeping left to her. She closed her eyes watching the same doll, After a little while when she opened her eyes ,she could not see her doll sleeping next to her , All she can see was just wall. Her body was totally paralyzed,Like she can't move an inch of her body as she can only see the wall and nothing.After a while she was back to the normal state ,Then she turned her eyes to the roof .There she saw something unnatural ...She saw a lot of dolls on the Ceiling, joining hands ,making a circle and they all were staring my sister.But she was astonished more to see that her own doll was not there .And instead of the ceiling fan, In the area between the circle , She could see the darker portal thing which was very shady and hard to identify. Next morning, she was glad to see her doll back and hugged her and everything was back to normal .
    (After hearing that I was having my own thoughts,I imagined maybe they all were trying to open the doors to another world,maybe My sister's doll was doing so because in the whole process she wasn't one of the dolls and doesn't appeared in front of her,And maybe it was all in my head)
    The last incident (Dated somewhere 2 or 3 years ago)
    We had a cradle which belonged to my younger sister when she was a kid. But now as we were having a younger kid (At my Nani's house ,that same 4 y/o cousin was just some months old) we decided to hand it over to her.But the cradle never stayed at the same place .Sometimes ..my Cousin travels to our house sitting in the cradle and leaved the house sleeping in her father's arms .So one day my sister was holding the doll In a silly manner,and we were delivering the cradle and the doll both to my Nani's house. On the way Many people Talked a lot weird things about them Such as ...(The women is so heartless that she handed her little baby to her younger sister and is being careless ,Why they are not placing the little baby in the cradle ...So silly they are". i think they said such things as the doll appeared very close to reality such as it was a reborn doll(Reborn dolls are the dolls which looks total real and are custom made),But our one was a total normal one.
    I don't know why but after hearing this, I was disturbed.
    The Ending - I personally think there's nothing wrong in having a little sweet connection with the doll at any age, But only when we keep in our mind the Difference between the reality and the illusionary world. Because when you start ignoring the difference,It gives her the chance to erase the difference Completely.And if that happens, Your life may turn dark and depressive...you may be left alone and declared a psychopath by the rest of the world and your life may come to a pointless Still.
    .....( Darker Narrative continues )
    Then she'll only play with you, She'll only talk to you, She'll sleep with you every night without you knowing the fact...
    Finally , she'll have total control over your LIFE and Your SOUL......||
    The Narrative style is inspired from The Lore S1 (Horror Web Series)

    Credits -: The reborn doll reference is from The Lore S1E6.

    Special Credits - I want to thank my sister and my mom For telling me the stories,
    And a sincere apology for Over -dramatising the stories too....
    P.S.- The writer's not a crack mind , It's just semi fiction (Half fiction,Half reality)
    #horror #deep #dark #disturbing #tale #story #supernatural #paranornmal #psychological #suspense #thriller #pod #mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork #writersnetwork

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    The Doll


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    It's You

    All my words, are all for you..
    Or maybe they're not for you..

    Because when I wrote them,
    I dreamt something else,
    felt something else...

    Now that's not you anymore..
    Or maybe that's not you yet...

    Either way only time will tell,
    If it's you or it was never you...

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    Its about the doll whom the child loves but abandon it once they grow up,But the doll Doesn't...
    It will not be a Linear story, But in a narrative form form as a collection of events ...(Trying Something New)
    #dark #horror #suspense #thriller #story #series #paranormal #supernatural

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    The Doll, The Teddy, The Thing And The Night Wanderer

    Chapter 1(The Doll) Just Next Post !

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    Something goes right
    Then something goes wrong
    And that is how
    Every story goes on.


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    Sinister Vampire


    Virtuous private detective DI BRITTS HUMBLE is arguing with grateful doctor MR DARYLL WISHMONGER. FRED tries to hug DARYLL but he shakes him off.

    Please Daryll, don't leave me.

    I'm sorry Britts, but I'm looking for somebody a bit more brave. Somebody who faces his fears head on, instead of running away.
    I am such a person!
    DARYLL frowns.

    I'm sorry, Britts. I just don't feel excited by this relationship anymore.
    DARYLL leaves.

    Britts sits down, looking defeated.

    Moments later, grateful scout DR ELIZA GREENWAY barges in looking flustered.

    Goodness, Eliza! Is everything okay?
    I'm afraid not.
    What is it? Don't keep me in suspense...
    It's ... a vampire ... I saw an evil vampire terrify a bunch of baby birds!
    Defenseless baby birds?
    Yes, defenseless baby birds!
    Bloomin' heck, Eliza! We've got to do something.
    I agree, but I wouldn't know where to start.
    You can start by telling me where this happened.
    I was...
    ELIZA fans herself and begins to wheeze.

    Focus Eliza, focus! Where did it happen?
    A Sweet Shop! That's right - A Sweet Shop!
    BRITTS springs up and begins to run.


    BRITTS rushes along the street, followed by ELIZA. They take a short cut through some back gardens, jumping fences along the way.


    MIKERO ROCKA a sinister vampire terrorises two baby birds.

    BRITTS , closely followed by ELIZA, rushes towards MIKERO, but suddenly stops in his tracks.

    What is is? What's the matter?
    That's not just any old vampire, that's Mikero Rocka!
    Who's Mikero Rocka?
    Who's Mikero Rocka? Who's Mikero Rocka? Only the most sinister vampire in the universe!
    Blinkin' knickers, Britts! We're going to need some help if we're going to stop the most sinister vampire in the universe!
    You can say that again.
    Blinkin' knickers, Britts ! We're going to need some help if we're going to stop the most sinister vampire in the universe!
    I'm going to need arrows, lots of arrows.
    Mikero turns and sees Britts and Eliza. He grins an evil grin.

    Fred Humble, we meet again.
    You've met?
    Yes. It was a long, long time ago...


    A young BRITTS is sitting in a park listening to some trance music, when suddenly a dark shadow casts over him.

    He looks up and sees MIKERO. He takes off his headphones.

    Would you like some jelly babies?
    Britts eyes light up, but then he studies MIKERO more closely, and looks uneasy.

    I don't know, you look kind of sinister.
    Me? No. I'm not sinister. I'm the least sinister vampire in the world.
    Wait, you're a vampire?
    BRITTS runs away, screaming.


    You were a coward then, and you are a coward now.
    (To BRITTS ) You ran away?
    (To ELIZA) I was a young child. What was I supposed to do?
    BRITTS turns to MIKERO.

    I may have run away from you then, but I won't run away this time!
    BRITTS runs away.

    He turns back and shouts.

    I mean, I am running away, but I'll be back - with arrows.
    I'm not scared of you.
    You should be.


    BRITTS and ELIZA walk around searching for something.

    I feel sure I left my arrows somewhere around here.
    Are you sure? It does seem like an odd place to keep deadly arrows.
    You know nothing Eliza Greenway.
    We've been searching for ages. I really don't think they're here.
    Suddenly, MIKERO appears, holding a pair of arrows.

    Looking for something?
    Crikey, BRITTS , he's got your arrows.
    Tell me something I don't already know!
    The earth's circumference at the equator is about 40,075 km.
    I know that already!
    I still wear nappies.
    (appalled) Dude!
    While MIKERO is looking at ELIZA with disgust, BRITTS lunges forward and grabs his deadly arrows. He wields them, triumphantly.

    Prepare to die, you sinister turnip!
    No please! All I did was terrify a bunch of baby birds!
    DARYLL enters, unseen by any of the others.

    I cannot tolerate that kind of behaviour! Those baby birds were defenceless! Well now they have a defender - and that's me! Fred Humble defender of innocent baby birds.
    Don't hurt me! Please!
    Give me one good reason why I shouldn't use these arrows on you right away!
    Because Britts, I am your father.
    BRITTS looks stunned for a few moments, but then collects himself.

    No you're not!
    Ah well, it had to be worth a try.
    MIKERO tries to grab the arrows but BRITTS dodges out of the way.

    Who's the daddy now? Huh? Huh?
    Unexpectedly, MIKERO slumps to the ground.

    Did he just faint?
    I think so. Well that's disappointing. I was rather hoping for a more dramatic conclusion, involving my deadly arrows.
    BRITTS crouches over MIKERO's body.

    Be careful, Fred. It could be a trick.
    No, it's not a trick. It appears that... It would seem... Mikero Rocka is dead!
    Yes, it appears that I scared him to death.
    ELIZA claps her hands.

    So your arrows did save the day, after all.
    DARYLL steps forward.

    Is it true? Did you kill the sinister vampire?
    Daryll how long have you been...?
    DARYLL puts his arm around BRITTS.

    Long enough.
    Then you saw it for yourself. I killed Mikero Rocka.
    Then the baby birds are safe?
    It does seem that way!
    A crowd of vulnerable baby birds enter, looking relived.

    You are their hero.
    The baby birds bow to BRITTS.

    There is no need to bow to me. I seek no worship. The knowledge that Mikero Rocka will never terrify baby birds ever again, is enough for me.
    You are humble as well as brave!
    One of the baby birds passes BRITTS a shiny necklace

    I think they want you to have it, as a symbol of their gratitude.
    I couldn't possibly.

    Well, if you insist.
    BRITTS takes the necklace.

    Thank you.
    The baby birds bow their heads once more, and leave.

    BRITTS turns to DARYLL.

    Does this mean you want me back?
    Oh, Britts, of course I want you back!
    BRITTS smiles for a few seconds, but then looks defiant.

    Well you can't have me.
    You had no faith in me. You had to see my scare a vampire to death before you would believe in me. I don't want a lover like that.
    Please leave. I want to spend time with the one person who stayed with me through thick and thin - my best friend, Eliza.
    ELIZA grins.

    You heard the gentleman. Now be off with you. Skidaddle! Shoo!
    I'm sorry Daryll, but I think you should skidaddle.
    DARYLL leaves.

    ELIZA turns to BRITTS

    Did you mean that? You know ... that I'm your best friend?
    Of course you are!
    The two walk off arm in arm.

    Suddenly ELIZA stops.

    When I said I still wear nappies, you know I was just trying to distract the vampire don't you?



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    I wonder what dying feels like
    Would you like a show?
    It's an unknown land
    Some fortunate
    Some not so quite lucky
    In the end, we still die

    I wonder again,
    Why I wonder
    Do I want to die?
    My fellows did die before me
    It's quite fascinating
    The wonders that lie in Death

    Do I stay stuck in limbo?
    Reside in the bliss that is heaven or in the torment that is hell?
    As I share a kiss with Death
    My sins will tell
    And my good deeds will defend
    Saint I may be,
    But even the saints die and so will I
    And so will you

    It's not always a pleasant sight
    For the mountains will shake and fall
    The days will grow short
    And your last day will arrive
    Are you prepared for it?
    Or are all our souls to be imprisoned for life in the flames of purgatory?

  • _rwri_tes 4d

    The Following

    I got injured today
    I fell and hit my head
    It's surprising, I didn't feel a thing
    I stood up and went down to the kitchen
    I start to fix breakfast
    I burnt my hand
    No shrieking
    Not a single sound
    I remained motionless
    Just staring
    Staring at the wound

    Five days later
    I went to the nearby brook
    Just a mile and a half
    All clothing gone, going in for a dive
    After long hours of drifting back and forth
    I stepped out
    I begin to stare once again

    The Scars
    How beautiful they look
    Everyone of them
    Champions they are
    It is I and I alone
    Regally burnt
    They say...

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    It was fairytale in the beginning when we met..

    Then her mask fell off.


  • aceofwords_ 4d

    Jis trh mene har raat tumhe ydd kiya h ussi trh tumhe b meri ydd aati hogi naa??
    Jb tum raaton me chat pr jate hoge aur wo samne wali chat khali milti hogi,
    tb tunhee meri ydd aati hogi naa??

    Jb b tum pareshan hote hoge aur koi tumhe smjhta nai hogaa,
    Tb tumhe meri ydd aati hogi naa..
    jis trh meri aakhein tumhe dekhne ko taras rhi h
    jis trh mere aason tumhe ydd kar gir rhe h,
    thik ussi trh wo taare tumhe mere haalat btate honge naa???

    Naa janee ky likha tha kismatt me jo hum alag ho gaii..
    Pr jb b tum koi romantic couple ko sath dekhta hoge,
    Tb tumhe tumhare hath meri ydd dilate honge naa??

    Wo letters jo hum ek dusre ko books me chipa kr doston ke zariye ek dusre ko bheja krte thee..
    Wo letter tumne aaj b sambhal ke rkhe honge naa?Mana... ab phele jese nai rahe hum..
    Pr tum ab b mujhse pyaar to krte hoge na??

    Agr me fir kbhi tut jao aur jrurt ho tumharii,
    tb tum mujhse milne aaoge naa??
    Meri khatir muje bass ek baar gale lga kr,
    Apna pyaar firse dikhaoge na??

    Tum aaoge naa??

    Story of girl who's hoping smthng from his lover which can't happen bt still,
    Its a hopee!!!
    THANKYOU!! :-)

    #hope #miraquill #story #poetry

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    Will u come??


  • authorravin 4d

    #लाइफ #story #life #change

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    जिंदगी बदलने के लिए तज़ुर्बे के नहीं बस काबिलियत और जज़्बे की जरूरत होती हैं।


  • dumi005 5d

    After A Bad Day

    It is okay to let your weary shoulders drop as you
    trudge back home feeling utterly down. We aren't
    suppose to be invincible, We aren't gods. We are
    mere humans who is to feel all emotions around.
    Don't worry, it is okay to be not okay sometimes.

    -Dumi| @Pagesfromadiary

  • vasu_maddy 5d

    Survival Guide

    All the pain your going through,
    Your experience and your stories,
    One day how you overcome,
    Is going to be the Survival Guide for some one else.....!!

    Never shy to express your story..!!


  • independent_writer1 5d

    Meera Chapter:- 2 the last night

    Subha ka mausam bada hi, haseen hai Aasman me badal chhah rakhe hai or, thandi thandi hawaa chl rahi hai..
    Riya, diya or Naina breakfast ke liye niche aati hai jaise sab niche ja rahi hoti achanak se diya rukti hai or kehti hai, " tum dono mein raat kon kon baar room ke bahar aa raha tha" wo dono diya ko jawab deti " hum to nhi the, shayad piche shamshan ko chudail ayi hogi" itna keh kr hassne lagti hai, or niche jati hai..
    Wo teeno niche aa jati hai, to dekhti hai breakfast lga nhi hota , wo teeno puri haveli mein kaka ko dhundte hai magr wo kahi nhi milte, diya sochne lagti hai kahi sach mein chudail nhi aayi thi, achanak se riya ki chilane ki awaj aati hai, diya wha jati h or naina bhi wha pouchti hai, dono ne wha jo dekha use wo dekh kar darr jati hai, kaka ki lash milti hai magr kaka sar nhi lga.
    Riya , diya or naina jaldi jaldi apna samhan utha tey hai gadi baith kr bhaut tez speed haveli se dur ki or bhaghte hai.. unke bhaghne ke turtan baad kaka ki lash wha se gayab ho jati hai, or haveli mein kisi awaj aati hai khana khalo sb or wo koi nhi kaka hote hai or zor zor se bolte hai khana kha lo main bahar gaya tha abhi aya hoon.
    Itne mein piche se awaj aati hai " kaka apne der kar di" kaka bolte hai "kyu? Or piche mudte hai to dekhte ek ladki khari hoti hai jiske khule baal hote hai aankhon mein se khoon ke aasu aa reh hote hai..
    Kaka puchte hai , " kon ho tum ? Or aankhon me kya hua?" Tabhi wo chila kr kehti hai" meeeeeera" or kaka ka sar kaat deti hai..
    Raat ka samey hote hai, diya apne ghar mein hoti or samey karib raat ke 9 bj rahe hote hai or diya ke darwaje mein koi dustak deta hai, or diya jati hai or bahar Naina hoti hai .. diya naina ko andr aane kehti hai.. diya puchti hai " kya hua? Itni raat ko? Naina kehti hai "mujhe tum kuch dikhana hai " diya kehti hai " kya ? Naina use phone mein ek video dikhati hai or use video mein riya sadak zor zor se bhagh rahi hoti hai or achanak se ek gaadi wli use thok deti hai.. diya puchti hai ", ye kab hua? Naina kehti " pta nhi main uske ghar ja rahi chalogi" wo kehti hai " haan" dono gadi baith kar jate hai sadak par bhaut andhera hota hai samey raat 11;30 bj rahe hote diya dekhti hai samne road se koi ladki bhaghte bhaghte aa rahi hoti hai or jaisi wo pass aati wo riya hoti wo kafi dari hoti hai diya achanak se break marti h jabtak kafi der ho chuki hoti uski gadi riya ko takr maar chuki hoti hai, diya bahar aati ye merse kya ho gya fir wo sochti hai ary naina to video dikhaya hai wo marr chuki ye kaun hoti wo naina ko dekhti hai or naina kehti hai, " maine tumhe future dikhaya "achanak se wo kisi ladki roop mein badal jati hai" diya kehti hai kaun ho tum wo hasste huye kehti hai" meera" or gadi ko diya ke uper chada deti hai..
    Written by:- karan Singh

  • charithaburri 5d


    Let me work on my empire now, I AM DONE WITH THE ROADS......

  • nerjisrizvi 5d

    so monsoon whispered

    there is no space
    for another storm


    little knew the monsoon
    the forbearance of a heart
    and the wrecks it can


  • nerjisrizvi 5d

    Found but Lost

    They found her by the bay
    half withered half consumed

    in her eyes;
    there was but little light,
    but a confession inked,
    in her blood — on her heart

    of betrayal
    of failure
    of life
    of expectations
    of disasters

    as if she was condemned
    by gods just like Sisyphus