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  • localnomad 41w

    The Leaf

    My life is brief
    I grow, I bloom, I wither
    I sway with the breeze
    Dancing with my sisters and brothers
    With unpredictable ease
    There's not much that I do
    But there is much that I see
    No matter how high or low
    No matter where I go
    There is always a lesson for me
    I grow facing the sun
    A guiding beacon and a source of energy
    Feeding me so I may feed others
    It all cycles so elegantly
    I bloom near beautiful flowers
    And although I don't get all the attention
    I make the most of their beautiful powers
    As others feed
    Off the fruits of our labour
    Our influence flows through land, air and sea
    Nurturing birth
    Until we eventually meet
    When seasons change and I wither
    And life springs forth
    After our fall, we nourish the dirt
    We are set free

  • shashankpoojari 53w


    When my soul is thriving for perfection,

    & I am running towards direction,

    Of life's muddling possession,

    Vexed by overwhelmed expression,

    Night & day slipped & changed my perception,

    Towards existence of me in this creation,

    Deeds & time showed me my own reflection,

    Deeds which I thought mass of imperfections,

    Time merely decayed it and made it valorous try towards perfection.

  • winter_moon 53w

    Now that he cries at dawn,
    And during the dusk,
    He narrates to me,
    “Darling, you are my blossom,
    How do I find the fragrance without you?”
    He says, he’d been waiting
    For the spring to bring someone,
    Someone that loves him like the
    Lily’s aromas and that of the tulip’s colours.
    He stands amidst wind to see me bloom,
    To see me shine, to see me smile,
    I bloom in his presence,
    For he makes me feel safe,
    But then he says, “darling, you- a flower,
    And me, - a leaf!
    How do I become part of you?”
    Spring till summer,
    Summer till autumn,
    I need to fall, I need to set him alone.
    “What do I do, if you are not here!”
    People must drag me out of life,
    Or wind must push me into death,
    Someday, darling, someday,
    The autumn must come.
    I need to fall, I need to set him alone.
    He smiles, “darling, what do I do,
    When you fall,
    I must burn in the rage of your loss,
    I must dry in the tears of your death,
    Darling I won’t fall so easy,
    I won’t die so easy,
    For I’m not the blossom like you,
    After all, darling, I’m just a leaf-
    I won’t die a single death, like you,
    I must die, After dying a million deaths!”


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    I won’t die a single death, like you,
    I must die, After dying a million deaths!


  • asmita_chakraborty 53w

    . I
    am a
    Soul in the
    planet. of lives
    Washed by rains and
    lights. I dangle on the twigs
    that hold me tight sensing all of
    the nature's plight I have known my
    mother for all life,my father works in
    an outer horizons and that he cares.
    My Siblings are all so filled with life
    Thousands blossoming over night
    I have learned to cooking dishes of
    Beautiful taste and love feeding
    My friends. I move myself to
    Breeze the world. Wilt when
    I am depressed and mad
    I cry during twilight
    When everyone's
    Sleeping. The
    Dew drops
    Being the
    only wit

    A leaf is also afraid of being plucked!

    I tried to make a concrete poetry.But I am afraid of how it comes out to be, I need guidance about how to make it.please help me.
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for the repost,it means a lot and also all others who supported my views, Thank you all for your encouragement!❤️

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    I Am A Leaf

    In this planet of life
    I am a little soul
    Struggling for life when
    To be here more.
    I can not speak
    But i have thoughts.
    This colour of mine
    Is beautiful indeed
    I am so afraid of losing it.
    My life is very dear to me
    And when I fade I might lose it.

  • theinkdoe 53w

    Story of a leaf

    Shivering with each blowing Breeze,
    I landed on the rugged gravel, finally.
    Fallen far away from my tree,
    And away from everything I know.
    Drenched in the rain with utter loneliness
    With no clue where the next wind would take me,
    I let myself go and be at peace!
    For the wind knows it's path
    And I be a calm passenger!


  • gauravksingh 53w

    ----------------|Refer |------------------------------
    Myrtle - A flowering plant symbolize love
    Aphrodite - Greek goddess of love
    Universe embracing the infancy of life
    Keeping pacifism and euphoria in sight
    Seeds of Myrtle sown by the Aphrodite
    Strewing cordial cologne of love,
    And serene vision of white

    Greedy hordes with sleazy eyes
    Making roots hollow like hideous termite
    It is not enough to finish their appetite
    Forging noxious aura of hate and cries

    The dying myrtle wailing out loud
    Every shedding leaf falling from height
    Scribbled in note of love and delight
    Let us hold the hands and unite
    Rejuvenating myrtle, Enlightening crowd
    Before it get covered in shroud

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    Thank you so much �� @writersnetwork for liking this one.❤️ @mirakee

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    //Universe embracing the infancy of life
    Myrtle strewing cologne of love
    Greedy hordes, the hideous termite
    Its not enough to finish their appetite//

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  • shashankpoojari 53w


    NOTHING is yours and mine,
    NOTHING for you and me,
    NOTHING by & from you and me,
    Not our souls are ours,
    Not we are all you and me,
    We are ONE & only ONE,
    We are ONE in infinite,
    But infinite in ONE,
    That ONE is reality &,
    Forever who is below & above the ALL.....

  • jindalanupama 53w

    ना हवाओं ने बख्शा
    न पढ़ो ने पनाह दी
    वो पत्ता आवारा न बनता
    तो क्या बनता?


  • pallavimaruji 53w

    I am just a leaf
    Wandering here and there
    In search of love and peace!

    I am just a leaf
    Looking for people
    Who would pick me up
    And gift me to beings
    Who would take me where
    There would be kindness and belief!

    I am just a leaf
    Bearing all the winds
    And leaving my peeps
    When I fall from the trees!

    I am just a leaf
    Having some blooms around
    Who show me sympathy
    Whenever I turn yellow
    And love me
    Whenever I become their fellow!

    I am just a leaf
    Who set no limits to learn
    Seeking life in something
    And madness in everything!

    I am just a leaf
    Who scream and dance
    Like it's the last day on the tree
    And shower blessings
    Like the world is to end!


  • _frootee 53w


    I'm just a leaf
    allow me bloom


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  • phoenix_in_ashes 53w

    Falling freely in aloof air
    Caressing the soft atmosphere
    Separated from ancestral home
    Landing on wretchedness of unknown.
    When winds were filled in stormy bellicose.
    While sapiens defiled me for amusements of own
    Pristine madness of this world on show
    Here i go into detritus stages of remorse
    Turning lifeless yellows, my skin wanted more
    I am a figment of verdant allegory,
    A leaf that isn't too oblivious of grandeur
    Will surely preach nature for some love
    While dew drops endear my lonely soul
    And vehemence of clouds sing my song


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  • wordsofsh 53w

    Autumn's child

    It's autumn,
    The leaves are having
    A carnival of colors
    Who said they are falling?
    They are shedding the monotony
    The superfluousness of goodness
    The tyranny of green
    It's time to become autumn's child
    Under its caress,
    Turn from pale to yellow to brown
    And allying together
    To create melodies,
    The rustling, the ripping of leaves
    Creating symphonies
    They call it destruction and death
    While it's the transition towards purity
    Its the regeneration
    The embarkmemt spell
    Not lasting long!
    Call it conceiving of the new
    The seeds that fall
    Inheriting the beauty of autumn

  • sproutedseeds 53w


    I am just a leaf
    I add the beauty to the tree
    The nature look verdant because of me.

    During autumn the trees shed me down
    and my colour turns brown.

    I am just a leaf
    I fall I rise
    that is the way of life.

  • jan_balan 53w

    I always wondered why people compared leaf and it's fall has something sad. Does the fall mean a new growth??? A better or good growth??

    When a leaf is fresh it dances in the air, it shakes with its stem, tries to fly and extend its wings. When they grow old, they change colour and still does the same. So the age or the period is not a matter. It's how we look at the things in our life. Look a life through a leaf's eyes.

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @love_whispers #pod #wod #storyofaleaf #leaf #aleaf

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    I am just a leaf

    I am just a leaf
    Let me whisper few secrets

    "Grew fresh
    Dancing, Shaking
    Flying, Extending wings
    Blooming high
    Loving monsoons.

    Grew old
    By changing colours
    Shades, power
    Trembling, dancing,
    Flying and shaking.

    Together with blush
    Spreading oxygen
    Memories of lush
    Rooted with kin
    Swinging high for you."


  • nimmi_r 53w


    There is a subtle
    In the falling of
    Old leaves

  • taekook_maknae 53w

    I wore you like
    Spring wore floral frocks
    I wore you like
    Winter wore snowy gown

    Still I was just a leaf ,
    fallen from your limb !


  • zeee_zephyrs 53w

    T-H-E D-I-A-R-Y L-E-A-F

    From breathing
    Aromatic fragrances of roses
    To inhaling
    Hate-filled letters,
    From being plucked with flowers
    To present as a proposal
    To fitting myself
    betwixt the spaces of silently weeping paragraphs
    From being the accessory
    beneath jubiliant blossoms
    To adorning
    the crushed, faded petals.

    In contrast to others of my kind
    Grewing green and then yellow
    To get detached
    But not to be decayed in soil
    Rather reading
    The withered pages
    Dressed with broken pieces of heart.
    Unable to die, but only fade
    Suffocating between pages
    Carrying the word imprints on me,
    Hearing the lullaby of memories.

    #storyofaleaf #zeeCollection #januaryjewels

    Are you serious�� This was so unexpected! I just scribbled this��
    Thanks @writersnetwork for the 3rd repost! #WNrepost_Z
    @fromwitchpen you are my lucky charm!❤

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  • msushil 53w

    I am just a leaf,
    I am just a falling leaf.
    The fell world
    leafing through
    my pages of life
    I am leaving
    with ineradicable pain.

    The bud
    that has replaced me
    needs a safe branch
    To lean on
    And prosper.

    Yes, Oh! The callous world,
    don't masquerade
    to render love,
    he would love to breathe,
    he would love
    not to hanker after
    false success.
    Oh! The recalcitrant world,
    change your religion,
    give him shelter,
    give him
    umpteen opportunity
    to live
    And love.


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    I am just a leaf,
    I am just a falling leaf.
    The fell world
    leafing through
    my pages of life
    I am leaving
    with ineradicable pain.

    The bud
    that has replaced me
    needs a safe branch
    To lean on
    And prosper.

    Yes, Oh! The callous world,
    don't masquerade
    to render love,
    he would love to breathe,
    he would love
    not to hanker after
    false success.
    Oh! The recalcitrant world,
    change your religion,
    give him shelter,
    give him
    umpteen opportunity
    to live
    And love.

  • astral64 54w

    That blow me up
    When I lose my hope

    I was a ripen leaf among them
    They make me to believe that
    My destiny is always down there
    At the bottom.....

    one day I lost all my hopes
    I give up
    I start to believe them that
    Yes I am a ripen leaf.

    When I loose my hold
    They laugh at me
    But they never know that
    A ripen leaf can leap
    Over them

  • suranjana__ 69w

    Slowly taking a deep wheeze as the zephyr
    Began to gently blow approaching towards us
    He and I were there with fingers all crossed
    As we turned the outlines of our leaves.

    The only thing we both were praising for was that
    Let the two souls survive in this macrocosm
    Hanging ourselves in those hard branches
    Of our only hope.
    And deity watching us desiring to take breathe
    Didn't let the zephyr take us away through its moves.

    He gently touched my anatomy
    As there occured the last move of the breeze
    Letting me make a promise to be together forever
    Even if we tend to be the deceased ones
    Even if we get ourselves worn out while sapiens
    Would take steps through our rough expired body.

    Looking at the glowing moon and then staring
    At each other with gleaming eyes
    There it came the cracking of dawn
    Birds chirping on our ears and wind giving us
    A signal full of happiness and new journey.

    With smiles on both of our face giving birth
    To an infant with bright green shades full of love
    We left our abode with
    A hope that our new born gets long o'clocks to stay
    In it's abode hanging in those hard branches
    And enjoying the rays of sun
    Droplets of pure rain falling by the cloud bursts.

    And then we holding hands gave our soul
    To let go to the cosmos and our physique
    To get dropped on the cement grounds full
    Of dead bodies of our family members.
    And there came the gentle zephyr, our one and only
    Transport system that let us descend.

    We two together resided there
    Keeping eyes on our little one
    Who was enjoying eveydrop of raindrops
    And each song of the bird whispering onto
    Her ears.
    We two, whirling in the puff of air,
    Making cracky sounds as sapiens leads their way
    Through the body of ours,
    Letting people believe that we can have
    Alluring shades also after our final twitch
    Was all we did after our demise.
    We weren't detached and never broke the promise
    Of leaving each other after our soul vacated.



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    The endearing
    love recital of the
    two autumn leaves