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  • _barbie__ 11w

    Dear stranger,
    Before you I never knew a love like this

    Your deep eyes captivated my heart
    at the very first time,
    The dimples that you wear forces
    me to love you deeper
    In those scary and worst days of my life,
    your voice was like a sweet lullaby calming my soul

    I was just a fallen leaf with no identity left
    Your presence in my life made me a piece of art,
    I was just an another stone around the seashore
    And your watery touch carved me into a gemstone,

    You are the person who accepted me at my worst,
    And still loved me at his best,
    I wish I could have one more life,
    As this life isn't enough to celebrate our love.

    I have loved you from so long
    And still my heart isn't ready to quit you
    Sometimes it's hard to bear the distance
    But for you I will
    As for me the synonym of love is you,

    For people love sets a boundary
    but for me ,
    You are my wings my love


    #love #wings #strangerletter @writersbay

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    Love you till my last breath

  • thisisvidhya 107w

    Happy new year

    Dear Friends, 2019 may break your soul financially, physically or emotionally sometimes in all the way. So now you are too tired of welcoming 2020. It's ok to be tired and broken but regretting is never ok. I won't promising you that 2020 will give you more success and joy,Some stress or pain will chase you again in a new year.So stop expecting, survive everyday and work hard to show your stability then success,happiness everything will come to you and hug you freely. Here I wish you a great new year make it worthy. And believe me.... Broken heart is a sign of majestic success. So please wake up everyday and Never give up