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  • rathiprerana 1d

    Someone will come, someone will leave,
    Someone will stay, that's how it's supposed to be.
    Sometimes you cry, sometimes you smile,
    Sometimes you don't know, you have to walk miles.
    Sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down,
    Sometimes it's rocky, we better not fall down.
    Sometimes we fall, sometimes we rise,
    Sometimes we just stay there, trying to process what's mine.
    Sometimes we are alone, sometimes there are many,
    Sometimes we feel closer with the strangers passing by.
    Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet,
    Sometimes you get to know a new flavor of life's treat.
    Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
    Sometimes you don't know and break down in the process.
    But it's life, this is how it's supposed to be,
    If not so, then let me know freely.

    - Prerana Rathi

  • ezylavenyl 3w


    One must get rid of anything or anyone that they feel is hurtful beyond repair.
    We are in line for death, not a moment must be wasted on toxicity.
    Nice doesn't mean suitable.


  • nidhipinkz 3w

    Hope or Hold

    I started to smile, from that pain which taught me thousand lessons. I smiled that i would never fall for any devil's plan again. Unfortunately right now I'm at the stage where i can't stop smiling, because i met that one who could be never replaced. But i don't know whether it's God's plan or devil's plan, whatever it is, I can take it into my heart.

  • sree_nidhi 4w

    The Story In My Diary

    Stories you read
    Is of us,
    In my diary
    I know you won't recognise it,
    Cause it's the story of us,
    That lives in my mind
    The one where you smile,
    And loves me,
    Like I'm your queen
    Not like some stranger,
    That you sees at a coffee shop.
    Without sparing smile,
    Underneath the masks
    We walk right past each other
    As my heart breaks to pieces.

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    The Story In My Diary

  • wisdomirror 4w


    When Strangers Start
    Celebrating You
    It Is Only Then When
    Your Family And Friends
    Start Respecting You

  • mundanimia 6w

    The midnight stroke and it's shenanigans
    #overthinking #midnightthoughts #strangers

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    All sorts of Summers

    Tonight I'm thinking about all the brief connections I made with many people
    How they define very specific moments of my life, how their presence shaped me, how I am who I am and how I could have been so different. How all of them existed and flourished in my life for one moment and how they just disappeared. Like summer friendships, summer camp friendships, the after summer friendships and the ones which were there a little prior to summer. I don't miss them as much as I should. Don't regret them. But I just think, what if I meet them again, how would that meeting go, would I be the same or just, too changed for them?

  • _clara_ 7w

    It's hard to write about a stranger,
    Whose hands have never met yours
    It's hard to write with so much anger,
    Fearing their loss, that you can't endure

    When I looked into your eyes,
    I saw our beautiful memories
    Along with the ones full of cries

    I noticed your hidden words, wich I wish you'd wanna write
    They would've rhymed with the feelings you hide,
    And the ones you replace, with your pretty lies

    Even for a moment,
    I got lost, I can't deny
    The thought of us drove me away,
    Without you having to try

    I wished this warmth would last forever,
    Oh! To always be close to your arms

    Then a voice woke me up,
    It was the stranger hiding in your eyes...

    It's hard to write about a stranger,
    Whose hands have never met yours...
    So it's hard to write about you,
    With the truth pushing me to cry

  • anonymous43 8w

    By unknown writer

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    Dear stranger

    I wandered, imagining the way we met here, finding that innocent face. Today you were not here the way you used to.

    I wondered whom I missed,

    A friend, a love or a stranger.

    Leaving the place I whispered " I wish we had met earlier, grown up together.


  • blackshadezs 8w

    @majesty_ @the_shruti_raut @palakkkf

    Date : 26/11/2021 08:30 AM
    Lat,Long : 11.706,78.416
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    Dear Strangers

    Hope you are doing well there
    I'm doing good as well.
    Today I was wondering
    What if some stranger would write me a letter as a token of love or may be just a random letter,
    Even though we don't know eachother.
    So I thought why should I wait for the one...
    To dedicate you... Yes you.
    I don't know anything about you either,place where you live, nor your name, not even if your are happy, or you are sad or you are all alone.
    Here If I share about mine....so I was doing homework and now I got spare time to write this, to make you lil special. Infact I believe you deserve more than this..but here small try from my side.

    Finally I really wish you are all doing well,
    But if in case may be Idk if you are going through something. I hope may god's blessing
    Embrace you gently and
    Give you a warmth of apricity.
    If it would have been possible... I will share some chocolates to appreciate up you. Anyways I wanna say you are really very very special,if some circumstances or may be some situations are not favouring you now,
    Remember, just like night never last forever
    After a time the Sun again arise spreading
    It's golden light so we have to move with
    Zig Zag ups and downs.
    Your problem will also end and spring will arise everything will be fine.

    It's not only to please you but God has made
    Everyone very special in their own way and if you wanna feel that, just steal little time for yourself and during that do what ever you love..may be cooking, dancing, singing,, listening to music or just wondering in some fantasies. Don't forget to live that child inside you,Who is longing to be loved,cared, pampered and wanna laugh carefree.

    For sure I'm not here to judge you or anything you have done or your doing.
    But don't waste your authenticity, your preciousness on full filling your greeds.

    One last thing as reminder for you...
    That you not only alone in this world....
    The one who created this beautiful world, he is generous, kind and loves you alot. Even beyond than your imagination.
    He is always with you, in each step of life,
    But you have to keep faith in him ❣️.

    Hope you have a great day ahead,
    Sending lot's of love for you
    And keep smiling ✨.

    Dear strangers please mention something about you or write a letter what you willing to say ⤵️⤵️

    From:- Another stranger ( Blackshadezs)

  • mane_auraa 8w

    I Do Not Feel The Way I Did

    A certain kind of numbness,
    Follows me around.
    Those who were once dear to me,
    Seem like strangers in a crowd.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    When I once sat with them and found,
    That I'm wrapped in a certain kind of bubble,
    Which doesn't let in a single sound.

    And in this bubble there is some light
    But only of the past.
    And the colours that it brings to life
    Don't seem like they will last.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    When I once had a blast,
    A certain fond sadness lingers,
    An evil spell, it seems, cast.

    And this spell it seems to me,
    Is a curse cast by time.
    I seldom find myself alone,
    Yet loneliness is my crime.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    I'm definitely not at my prime.
    I find myself lost in dreams,
    Yes, maybe lost in my rhyme.

    And in this rhyme I dare to dream,
    For a life that I could forsee,
    Surrounded by these familiar strangers,
    Who might finally even flee.
    Yes, I do not feel the way I did,
    And maybe I'll agree,
    The time has come to burst the bubble,
    And from this spell, be free.

  • tshegofatsopelotona 10w

    Your smile
    Keeps replaying with mine
    Why did it have to be just a dream
    One night that left me wanting more


  • cicimoon 16w

    Mixed Emotions

    The right thing chosen despite my fear
    Ashes strewn across the floor, my dad's
    Treated as a child pushes my rebel
    People I don't know, feel awkward
    Double degree in my house, lost love
    To the place they chose, felt odd
    My voice stopped, feeling must be wrong.

  • timeplay 16w

    अगर कोई इंसान किसी चीज को काफी समय से मना कर रहा है,
    और फिर अचानक ही उस चीज के लिए तैयार है तो....
    तो बस ठहर जाओ,
    उसके साथ के लिए, बस उसके साथ ही ठहर जाओ।❤️

  • _barbie__ 17w

    Let's be stranger again��

    Ye zindagi hai janaab
    Yahan kuch bhi ho skta hai

    #life #love #strangers

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    It's sad how the people
    You were once so close to
    Can become just another
    Stranger you don't know

  • isidoredelpierro 18w

    How did we get here?

    At dusk in dark abyss, two strangers meet.
    Out in the wild, by nature led.
    A simple hello, yonder story commence.
    Yet by same nature, drift apart they will.

    Aye, providence another encounter doth make.
    In a box, with wings chopped at the gate.
    To know another, in minutes just eight.
    A simple smile, a broken soul to mend.

    How did we get here?


  • boundless_bound_ 20w


    We started out as strangers
    But very soon we got closer.
    The feelings were same and so was the warmth
    But differences and delusions overshadowed our bond.

    We shielded each other,
    Held tight during highs and lows.
    Compromised, pushing our limits, we tried our best.
    But destiny wanted something else.
    Though connected spiritually, we are
    Still separated physically and emotionally.

    Our bond, those secrets,
    We shared everything but pity, we
    Couldn't share self respect and tolerance.
    We walked together but on different sides,
    You were on the left, I was on the right.
    We were similar,yet so different and
    That's why it didn't work out well.

    Our bond was unique and sacred,
    But still lacked something.
    We complemented each other,
    But couldn't seal those cracks
    And so our red hearts
    Became black as hell at last.

    All those deep conversations made us feel so special,
    All those lame jokes, funny snaps made us feel high.
    Who knew that it would take this turn?
    Our talks turned into arguments
    And memories which used to be happy,
    Now make us feel sad and caged.

    Life wanted us to meet,
    But didn't want us together.
    We spent a grand time,
    But it didn't last forever.
    Our lives were just parallel, we
    Mistook them to be intersecting.

    We don't know what went wrong.
    I want you back but life has
    Something else in store for us.
    We would have made it perfect,
    We would have sorted it out,
    But we had to part ways,
    And that becomes
    the final truth.

  • surrealepiphany 20w

    Lovers to strangers

    Hundred days passed,
    You wouldn't call my name
    You wouldn't say you've changed
    And you had me chained
    Clinging to the ashes
    Of the person who used to love me.

    Soon after another hundred days,
    I changed too,
    I didn't write about you,
    You weren't the one in my head
    Not even when I heard the song,
    The one that told the tale of our love,
    Everything was gone,
    And soon, it was only the audience who had watched,
    That remembered that we'd ever been almost lovers.


  • candid_words3 24w

    Anjaan chehron mein
    koi apna sa dhoondh raha hoon
    Main aane jaane waalon mein
    khud ko dhoondh raha hoon!


  • pranalishah 25w

    - The One -

    You’re the rain that calms my soul,
    As the dews touch the skin and
    soothing away what aches,
    You’re the sun on cold breezy day,
    Nothing new what’s always said for one’s beloved…

    But having said that, might I add,
    That’s utterly not untrue, you know…

    But even then, I’d like you to know,
    There’s always been chaos running within me,
    Name it thoughts, turmoils, troubles, I don’t know…
    Name it what might seem fit to many…

    But then with you, I’m certain of this —
    Everything seemed genuine in your presence,
    Everything seemed calmer with that
    look in your eyes…

    Strangely, never thought that it’d be so, but
    A stranger was whom I found my tranquil in,
    A stranger who now seemed way familiar,
    A stranger who was no stranger anymore…


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    - The One -

    But even then, I’d like you to know,
    There’s always been chaos running within me,
    Name it thoughts, turmoils, troubles, I don’t know…
    Name it what might seem fit to many…

    But then with you, I’m certain of this —
    Everything seemed genuine in your presence,
    Everything seemed calmer with that
    look in your eyes…

    Strangely, never thought that it’d be so, but
    A stranger was whom I found my tranquil in,
    A stranger who now seemed way familiar,
    A stranger who was no stranger anymore…

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  • sylvia_aurora 25w

    Untitled love

    It's a deep regret which I tried to hide ,
    When in the laps of night I cried ,
    Funny how the tears seems interesting much more,
    I rubbed off your existence even if it hurts till core,
    I understand we had flaws yet it's nothing new,
    Because your flaws are what which made my love grew ,
    Then why? Why did you leave?
    Is this what at the end my love receives?
    We are back to strangers but this time with memories strange,
    We were imperfect but we could go on, why did you change?