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  • lady_speaks 19h

    _JANUARY 16, 2022_

    Tears fell, sob heard,
    Alone in room, muttering words.
    She's not fine, She's not okay,
    Day full of sun but her clouds are grey.
    No! She's hurting yet she smile,
    Yes! She's a burden but watch her try.
    Watch what she gain with a smile in your lip.
    Also mock and judge her as she loses her grip.
    No one wants failure! Nobody likes pain!
    Nobody wants to fall over and over again.
    The world changed her, Humanity killed her
    What's right and wrong? She knows no better.
    She's just a child who needs the right direction,
    But you only showed and complains for her imperfections.
    She don't want to be compared or feel inadequate,
    For her,It's painful than being shot with a bullet.
    She is trying! Can't you see?
    Don't let her lose control, Shooting aimlessly.
    She is crying! Can you hear?
    Spitting fire in her words, stone can't even tear.
    Don't just feel, Try to Understand!
    Don't just cry for her beforehand.
    She need you at the right moment when she slip
    Hold her as she felt herself losing grip.
    Don't let her be the next dying proof!
    Your not a fool to be heartless, Don't be a goof.
    Try to understand her,Differ her from you!
    Try to walk on her shoes so you can see what she have been through.



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    Not Just a Reminder

    Try to understand her, Differ her from you.
    Try to walk on her shoes so you can see what she have been through.


  • smartsam 1w

    Stress Depression Subconscious!

    As soon as your doorbell rings
    you feel timid!
    Just as your phone rings
    you get some fear in mind?

    To order something online
    it really doesn't feel easy?

    What is not happened
    you bother more!

    You fear some chronic diseases
    in future!
    Less than often you
    are scary subconsciously?

    Number of people you
    want is to skip or
    you want to avoid many?

    Of your family members
    do you worry too much?

    If your answer is yes to all these questions
    then you are one the biggest part of the world that is knowingly or unknowingly living these days under depression,in some persistent subconscious fear
    and mental oppression!

    Please Take Care Don't Worry!


  • smartsam 1w

    मानसिक दडपण!

    दाराची कडी वाजताच
    तुम्हाला भीती वाटते का?
    फोन ची रिंग वाजताच
    तुमच्या मनात धाक बसतो का?

    काही ऑनलाईन मागवायला
    सहज वाटत नाही का?

    जे ठरवल नाही त्यास
    सामोरे जाता तुम्हाला
    नकोस वाटत का?

    तुम्हाला भविष्याची आणि
    अघटीत आजारांची जरा
    जास्तच भीती वाटते का?

    बरेच किंवा काही विशेष लोक
    तुम्हाला टाळावेसे वाटतात का?

    तुमच्या कुटुंबातील व्यक्तींची
    तुम्हाला जास्तच काळजी वाटते का?

    जर तुमचं उत्तर हो आहे
    तर मग तुम्ही ह्या जगाच्या मोठ्या
    भागातले एक अंश आहात जे आज
    दडपणात अन् दैनंदिन कळत
    न कळत भितीत व मानसिक दडपणात जगत आहेत!


  • bonitasarahbabu 5w

    My brain is a discombobulated mess,
    Finals are over, but the stress still remains.
    Stress of having to socialize,
    Socialize with those who constantly judge.
    Stress that comes from not following the cultural norms,
    Stress from attempting to prove that all is well for a spinster.
    This war needs to stop,
    But the fear and controlling elements do not settle.
    The war will be won,
    But the victors are yet to be announced.
    God, I pray it will be me,
    Lord, please be with me in this war.

  • wmbanje 8w

    "Stress is basically
    your mind BREAKING DOWN
    cause you've given
    You've given ATTENTION to YOURSELF"

    -wes mbanje

  • smartsam 8w


    Don't take stress!

    Taking stress is akin labouring
    without payments!


  • true_me_quotes 9w

    Maybe one day

    It will all fade away ,
    maybe one day it will all be alright.
    Maybe one day......


  • harsh77 10w

    Get it?
    Some time you felt something that you can't tell to anyone and it hard to suffer these days you need to find that person who means you something in your lill world but you have more trouble in life to deal with that stuff after rumbling all day at the night thinking while sleeping that person came in to your mind and smile in front of you that happiness and pain is way better and hurts you more.
    Have you ever felt like this?
    #rant #in #my #mind
    @writersnetwork @gelukzoeker @poursomeink @fromwitchpen @tinytraces
    #harddays #mind #stress #destiney

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    Humare kismat me jobhi hai
    Usko me puri tarah se palat du
    Par vo bhi humare kismat me hi
    Likha hoga ki me kismat palat du

  • muskaanbhatt_ 13w

    I related stress issue with the english punctuations, we should always try something new��
    #pod #wod #stress #english #love #miraquill #life @miraquill @miraquill_assistant @writersnetwork

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    It starts with a comma
    And ends up on ellipses
    Comes all of a sudden
    And traps our every senses


  • harsh77 14w

    Crying in a balcony
    Need someone's shoulder to lend
    Watching every light sparking out
    I know that I'm not perfect but,
    I can myself
    I know that I'm having lots of friends
    But you can't understand me now,
    You told me you'd never leave but
    Sometimes i felt my heart is heavy
    It's pull me to the voice of your mouth
    And now I stopped drinking
    Cuz it reminds me about your sounds
    And now I'm stop sleeping
    Cuz when i sleep you are around
    I never think you'll leave but unfortunately
    Its what got in my pound.
    But i got you honest with baby
    I drew My confessions are which stated as worthless and now thinking I'm dizzy in my own thoughts which comes in the quantity of thousands in some minutes...

    #confessionc #read #write #pod #poet #mind #thoughts #stress #nature #travel
    @writersnetwork @writersbay @miraquill @gelukzoeker @fromwitchpen

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    Pull me to the happiness from my sorrows

  • preetm 16w

    Keep you mind in your dreams and always try to make them reality in your life

    #enlighten #life #feel #feeling #stress #trust #pain #thoughts

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    Life isn't easy as others judge
    Its not a simple mixture
    Its a process of emulsifying
    Your lows and highs

    Where you sometimes feel exhausted
    And thinking about quitting everything
    But then your never give up attitude fight against it and give you a reason why are you doing it.


  • harsh77 16w

    How much you are away from me that much you are mean to me

  • afza147 16w


    When your existence is the cause of your mother stress

  • menokadevi 16w

    On morning walk I saw a man standing beneath an apple tree and speaking to oneself . I finished my morning routine and went to the terrece he was still there in the same position. I went near him and asked him the reason behind. What he replied.is inked above.....In search for peace��

    #covid19 #stress #depression #hope

    #pod #cod @miraquill @odysseus @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    Hide and Seek

    O... beloved peace..All these day's my mind
    Feels pain and Breath brings stress
    Where have you been? O.. beloved peace..
    Where have you been? Under my eyelashes ,
    Below pink dry lip's ..Inside old pics, beneath apple tree, Like snoop dog with the breaking dawn
    Till moon snoors , I search you everywhere.
    But , feel you nowhere, All these day's my mind feels pain and breath is full of stress. Where are you
    O beloved peace...I beg you
    Not to play hide and seek with me
    Where have you been?
    O ...my peace ..please do not play
    Hide and seek with me.


  • mighty_are_the_fallen 18w

    I Remember Waking

    I remember waking.
    Opening my eyes and breathing,
    Yet my life is so distant.

    I grew so cold with myself,
    Like another person,
    That now I find myself learning more about myself.

    Everyday I find I have preferences,
    I did not wake with them,
    Yet I remember waking.

    I find myself,
    In the creaky floors that drive me mad,
    In the gentle breeze that makes my heart swell,
    In the foods that I refuse to eat,
    And the ones I eat so freely.

    My ears used to belong to creaky floors.
    That gentle breeze was such a fright.
    The refusal of food tasted like a swollen lip,
    Gluttony like starvation.

    I find myself so interested with myself.
    All the things I learn about myself.

    It's almost like a dream,
    But I remember waking.

  • andthen 20w

    Clinic Leftovers - 2021

    I broke the mesh stressball
    It scaterred like running pearls
    Aloung the doorway to my bathroom

    I kept the litttle orbs from it on the counter for a while
    Off to the side
    They were so pretty you see
    Like little bits of the pool
    The bluest things you could ever see
    So blue that they could only be made of something horrible
    And I kept forgetting about them
    Everytime I walked though the doorway

    But they spilled over again today
    Out over the tiles and onto the carpet
    I got rid of them
    With the rest of the old blood
    Because I was right
    And Lethe smells of chlorine


  • obscuredwords 23w

    Every smile, every laugh, every happy person has unimaginable pain beneath, just beacuse you cannot see it doesn't mean it does not exist.
    They laugh, loud and hard because they know these moments are rare, just because they have accepted their pain.
    You want them to feel that pain again and again, you become a beautiful reminder of every failure in their life, you question their happiness. You tell them they shouldn't be happy.

    But this is what you don't understand, that they have seen that part of life which was painted black, and now, they see all the colours in the sky.

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  • dianablackhurst 23w



    Just to be clear,
    I didn't, as they say, “wake up like this.”
    It's an old trend phrase,
    But relevant for me today,
    Although not in the same way.

    I didn't get out of bed at 16,
    Suddenly with severe depression and anxiety.
    Been going down this road for a while,
    I just didn't realize what was happening.

    I've been thinking a lot lately
    About how I used to be;
    How I ended up this way.
    I know now I was never really okay.
    Depressed since probably before the second grade.

    Annoying how people always try to tell you your own feelings:
    “There’s no way! You were too young, you didn't know anything.”

    Tell that to the little girl going home crying,
    Who by the third grade would be sent out of class regularly for “disrupting.”
    By that, I mean, for sobbing in frustration and agony.

    I often wonder why no one said a thing.
    Not a single person to this day pointed out it wasn't normal to feel this pain.
    I've felt it for so long, I just thought everyone was this way.
    It was so normal for me.

    I've been faking happy for so long I started to believe.
    I'd laugh and smile all the time...
    A bit too much, actually.
    Pure, genuine joy was never really a feeling for me.
    Smiling was just a reaction out of courtesy;
    Laughing was the icing.

    But that started to fade.
    The emptiness I pushed away came,
    Hitting me hard and blinding me in a different sort of way.

    I was never okay,
    But not born to be in pain.
    Not living just to want to die,
    While others don't have to try.
    It's not fair, but I guess that's life—
    Another thing they say.

    I would do anything to make it go away,
    But I wouldn't change where I am today.
    I've felt shame,
    I've sobbed and sinned in ways that some would say have made me a disgrace,
    I live every day worrying whether or not things will be okay.
    Go ahead, throw your Bible at me.
    I've cut and cried myself to sleep.
    You can try, but you can't hurt me.
    That's a privilege left for only a few people,
    And the main one being me.

    I can't take back what I've done,
    But believe me, I would in a heartbeat.
    I pray that God will judge based on me and not the pain brought upon me.
    I pray what's in my heart is more telling.

  • kay_d01 23w


    Don't let your stress outlet become your addiction cause it leads to mental damage.

  • czarcasm 24w

    Out of synch

    The house a mess

    I sit and stress

    Knowing I can't sleep

    I've been so tired mentally

    That I've struggled just to drag my feet

    Been hearing music out of beat

    Ive been struggling to see

    The reason behind that tired eye

    With a happiness that no one could buy

    I sit here is sadness instead

    I don't sleep enough to be on this earth in a solid form

    I should be a ghost drifting about I should even be able to feel a storm

    For I love sleep don't get me wrong

    It sings to me better than any song

    But when I sleep I'd rather sleep long

    I don't have that alarm saying ding dong

    There's a life to live

    Well last time I checked sure there is but there's nothing left for me to give

    I've used up my youth

    I don't need a kissing booth

    Or a hurting tooth

    I need to be able to get up with a clear mind

    A sound soul is so hard to find

    It's just hard enough to remind

    Myself I have to be kind

    Yet I'm still tired

    No job will have me hired

    It's a mental you're fired

    A mental you need sleep

    So my pace can be more than creep

    No more tears that I will weep

    If only it was an easy feat