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  • jpwriter 7w


    Subtle sounds of tapping on teeth
    With the back of the bic cap
    Black, cylinder filled with ink
    Jotting down mishaps
    Scarcely holding on to time
    To experience another tic
    Gently grazing sidewalk lines
    Lifting legs with kick
    Making self hard find
    Hiding from the riff
    Taking flight without the wings
    Someday I want this


  • subtle__36 23w

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    why me...

    every one of us has problems and difficulties in our lifes
    we all face difficulties
    we all have faced hard times .
    each and everyone of

  • blossomwrites 33w

    Your smile looks like a crescent moon
    Very subtle but cute
    It lights up the surrounding
    Blessed are those who gets to witness this wonder
    Your soulful smile makes up my day !

  • mkp_08 38w

    Zamaane ki reet yehi hai!

    Bade khushnaseeb hai woh log jo asaani se, saralta se, apna, ya kisi aur ka gussa, kisi teesre par hi nikal liya karte hai! Kumsekum unke mann ka boj halka ho jata hai; kyunki yeh bhalai karne ka, gam khake baithna ka daur to ab raha nahi, haina; nikal jaaye kisi tarah bas - dusro ka, dusre ke jazbaato ka, dusre ke sukun ka chahe jo ho! Pehle apna ullu sidha kar lena hi iss zamaane ke reet hai!

  • the_speccy_outsider 48w

    The frame on the wall speaks to me, in a language lost in memories of her. It was as though looking into a mirror, except that there wasn't one. She loathed them for they highlighted her flaws. She felt that the mirrors laughed at her, calling her a chimerical creature. Hence, she loved midnight when everything was dark and pointing out one' flaws was a difficult task.

    It was madness though, for the flakes of winter were announcing their arrival. It was the end of November. The chilly weather worked like a seed for our soulful proximity. It wasn't physical, just plain platonic.

    Never in my wildest dreams I thought that the most romantic thing in this world would be walking down the road under moonlight with cold winds covering us like a cosy blanket. A subtle yet dignified way of expressing admiration. Although, it is nothing but pure madness that makes one do certain things that seem frivolous at first but start to make sense once a revelatory realisation occurs. Of nothing but a feeling, a deep and pure feeling.

    Love is always depicted as a flight of stairs. One goes upwards when a certain chronology is followed. That is how they do it these days, a pre-planned chronological procedure. Gone are those days when one could feel the heat from a distance. When actual fireworks used to take place, bestowing one with the feeling of satisfaction which can be mirrored when November descends into December. Transcending into a world that is astray whilst in the company of tranquility.

    //Like a native shelter it protects us with appease of bewitchingly dignified intimacy//


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    Like the blooming of
    Yellow rose that signifies
    The Platonic Love

  • aashay316 50w

    #मनुष्य #thoughts #simple #subtle

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    Even fire
    That engulfs all
    Can be put out by something as simple and subtle as water.

    तुम तो फिर मनुष्य हो!

  • _mathematics 56w

    Sitting under a blanket,
    Hands quivering in the snub winter
    I used to admire it most before it docks
    on the grassy fields of areas
    tracked down above sea level
    where Zephyr warmly comes backs and forth
    Like your odor urging the blood of me
    to stream down the whole system
    Enduring the memento
    of love with untamed scars
    rather than known Universe
    beholden when clashed

    empty pages no more
    envy the resolutions
    Of froze out vows
    and thawed ink
    engaged in the war
    Between turn on
    exploring the world
    and solely love
    seeking identity
    simply fits
    the corpse
    like mistletoe
    the Christmas tree.

    subtle fragments
    pretends as a
    hidden veil
    wrapping up
    metaphorical notions
    when bodily ink
    crave it most
    enfold within icicles
    frozen to minus Celsius
    plaguing the letters
    eager to get
    posted and surpass
    her mailbox

    #subtle #universe #iciclec #fragments
    #mistletoec #nyrc @writersbay

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    Eager to get posted
    and surpass her mailbox

  • bonitasarahbabu 56w

    In a subtle manner,
    Fear crept upon her.
    Even amongst family,
    She was isolated and lonely.
    The darkness kept coming in waves,
    It was uncharacteristic and worrisome.
    Amazing isn't it?
    The same people who are supposed to protect you are the ones who scare you.
    Subtlety, they are strong with that,
    Fear, I've a PhD in that subject.

  • sproutedseeds 56w


    The crafty ideas behind
    'best out of waste'
    with subtle changes
    giving a new look
    is an art in itself which
    displays the innovative
    talent of the person
    as though it is new.

  • thelunareclipse 56w

    his subtle kiss, that resolute press on my lips leaves me breathless and makes me forget about everything 'cept this moment.
    only he knows how to melt away ,with such
    an easiness, my heart of ice.


  • zarshaq 56w

    Sublte is your image
    Hiding over shallowness
    Yet zeniths achieved

    Syallable count- 5:7:5

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #subtle #haiku

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    Sublte is your image
    Hiding over shallowness
    Yet zeniths achieved

  • shaya_writes 56w

    A short piece on #subtle
    #wod #mirakee

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    One subtle memory
    is enough to
    resurrect a broken heart


  • anavah 56w

    The Stare

    Her discomfort
    Was subtle
    His stare
    The silence

  • artemiswrites 56w


    There's a hint of Change in the air,
    it is not overpowering, it is as subtle
    as hints of the coming Winter in a
    September breeze;
    you know the cold is coming,
    you can feel it in your bones
    but it hasn't taken away the warmth of
    the sun yet.

    Change hangs like fragile fog on
    winter nights
    and when it settles down,

    I hope it beautifies and brightens,
    I hope it doesn't mar and murder;

    I hope things change,
    like the colour green does,
    when it changes to the colour red, in Autumn.

    I hope
    learns to be kind,
    for a change.

  • 300roses 56w

    Yellow Flower

    A delicate yellow flower is
    quietly nestled in a subtle crack
    of the brick wall.
    It's vulnerable to its surroundings,
    exposed to heat, rain & wind,
    yet it stands proud & strong
    in its adversity, unrelenting.
    This tough little flower
    blooms with its dainty petals
    spread gracefully,
    revealing its
    gentle strength within.
    It looks as lovely
    as any flower
    in a well-tended garden,
    yet is hardly noticed.
    Undiscerning eyes miss out on
    this spirited beauty,
    for they look only
    to the garden.
    the keen eyes
    would recognise the value
    of this exceptional beauty &
    embrace its vibrance.


  • phoenix_in_ashes 56w


    Walking through insipid times
    Forlorn deeply, craving for more life
    Dusk and dawn a tapestry they weave
    So intertwined threads sing melodies
    All that goes beyond abstruse signs,
    Every bit of search for meaningful insights
    Annihilated when curiosity dies
    Crystal tender all the unending vibes
    Evanescence through false eyes,
    They're lost virtually but pretending outside
    To be more generous and alive
    Gullible heart too tired to serve the lies
    Mystical were day promises and love nights
    Horrors became such a tolerable vice
    But hey its subtle devastation of mine
    Chaotic tremors, but you'll only hear a sigh.

  • go_win_the_hearts 56w


    How far will I sprint
    from them to live,
    to laugh,
    to elope with you.
    The world is shrinking
    they know every nook and corner
    better than you and me.

    Their reach more precarious
    as eagle's eye, high in the sky.
    They can flow the drain of wealth,
    also can go to any extent for thy honour.
    They can play the game of blood
    to quench their hunger.

    Fists and kicks
    won't scare me any more.
    I'm no longer afraid of their baleful acts,
    red eyes and hooliganism.
    Give me way,
    I have yeilded enough courage to
    wag war against my angsts,
    against my fear and fright.

    How long will they keep you in bar
    quite away from me
    Your people must know that
    blind are lovers' eye.
    Live for love and lover's joy
    oath have taken I
    cuts and gashes bear my body
    breathing a deep sigh.

    Lay I shattered half alive
    will be more strong
    Love is no crime you hear
    neither did a wrong.

    The world is foe,
    thirsty for blood.
    I know,
    they ambush for a chance.
    Still waiting for a day
    they will show a will,
    a subtle fragrance of triumph
    will blow with all glee.



    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Image credit to Printrest.

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  • p_a_c_324 56w


    The love I have for you,
    Is so subtle,
    That the sky blushes,
    Every time I think of you.
    -P. A. C

  • khola_hawa 56w

    A million Deaths I embrace
    and Trillion births I seize
    Just to live as poetry in your eyes.
    You wink
    And I burn
    in the ecstasy of your blue.

    Ask the virgin pages of my diary
    or that stone-hearted pen
    How elegant it is to simmer
    stealthily, slowly, shyly, being a muse
    in the arms of a lonesome night.

    Enquire the subtle dawn
    How glorious it feels
    to rip open its bosom
    and carve its ribs
    to fit in a mould
    Only to inspire this poet
    a few naked words
    resilient enough for his muse,

    Ask the last fading hues of Autumn
    Puffing on the lull betwixt
    last few seconds
    How harmonious it is
    To wait in the meadows
    of time and hope
    for winter to fill it's void
    With snowflakes of pristine existence

    Why not ask Mukesh
    and that empty glass of my wine
    Far apart, yet each sip create ripples of joy
    Enough to fuel muse
    with embers of
    Sweet first love.

    More reasons?
    Why not Love a poet and see yourself
    how it feels to rest underneath
    The tombstone of withering flowers
    Yet live each day, each moment
    Being immortal
    as cosmos of his muse!

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #subtle #wod

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  • soulfulstirrings 57w

    This universe is far and beyond .
    And we each try to paint a picture of her existence as the way we see her .

    Her/your - universe
    Poiesis - Creation , creative power or ability
    Nonpareil - unrivalled
    Sibylline - mystique
    Absume - to waste away
    Whist - silent
    Clinquant - glittering with gold or tinsel

    #universe #subtle @odysseus @sumana_chakraborty @preetkanwal
    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    Her poiesis is nonpareil
    Nothing ever absumes around her
    Sibylline are her depths
    Where life and death tango in perfect tandem

    /Following your trails of subtle whist hints
    Often I paint you with clinquant colours
    Letting my imagination soar beyond
    Framing your essence with my words.. the way I see you through my orbs/