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  • rekhuu 26w

    Set A - I felt a funeral, in my brain
    Set B - Truth
    #combination #paradox #wod

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    Love that never fades. .

    They say you can unlove a person, but cannot unlove love itself and so I felt a funeral, in my brain - a funeral to kill all our memories and to wash away all your sins. A funeral to burn down all the love poems I wrote for you. A funeral to turn to dust all the lies that you lived with me. For true lovers neither desert their other halves nor do they let them suffer in silence. They never hide their truth nor do they hide behind a facade. You are no more my special someone. You are merely a paradox.

    As for the truth, it shall come out on its own, for truth always triumphs. . .


  • miss_silentlyweird 27w

    Set A— I felt a funeral,in my brain
    Wild nights—Wild nights
    Set B— Life & Blaze

    #combination #paradox
    #meeting #wod #miracle
    #sufferc #lineinspc #myheartc
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    ( Just catching up to all the challenges I missed hehe..)
    Cheers for another additional age. HBD self��
    ~Goodnight/ Goodmorning~

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    My heart

    I remember how uncanny my first encounter with pain
    It gives life to numbness and kills my ability to be sane
    I felt a funeral, in my brain while my heart slowly suffer
    Thoughts dress in black courting me like an admirer

    The garden within my soul begins to wither
    Happiness poke by thorns of roses that becomes bigger
    The fantasy I once see gradually becomes a thriller
    I wanted to flee yet I'm a fish already hook by spinner

    Memories run in wild night— wild nights!
    Torturing me with a blaze to block my sight
    I can't go back for who I am for the unfamiliar me deprive
    And how odd it is to be haunted by someone who's still alive


  • bclark2681 28w

    Suffer, In Love

    Globe suffers us together
    Beautifully we stay in love
    Be this our brave endeavor
    Until us this ill world snuffs

  • bonitasarahbabu 28w

    To suffer is to be human,
    It is a part of life.
    Whether rich or poor,
    In some way, shape or form, we will suffer.
    Accept this part of life,
    Pray, and make the best of it.
    Complaining will not negate the suffering,
    It will only alienate one's friends and family.
    Smile and accept the pain,
    For it is not forever.

  • bclark2681 28w


    Forgive the suffer
    That they caused
    Your mental state
    With lines crossed
    Fuck the sculptor
    Friend you entrust
    Appalling mistakes
    Souls holocaust

  • bohemian_ballerina 28w

    #combination #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #sufferc #writersbay @writersbay

    Phrase : Wild nights - wild nights
    Word : Dazzle

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    Ashen was the sky, blown into a darkling.
    High on grief I withdrew my belief to dazzle
    And promised to suffer in silent darkness,
    Just like Wild nights - wild nights.


  • _firefly 28w

    I felt a funeral in my brain
    while lying wide eyed on my 
    brown broken couch, 
    at three during dawn, 
    on the obnoxious friday, 
    suffering eternity of pain, 
    it was in the old cemetery
    with a ruptured church
    glorifying it's agony, 
    the air fragrant with poet's jasmine, 
    all the emotions were
    dressed in black, 
    to mourn over the 
    remnants of the words
    and phrases who died, 
    in the process of my 
    h u m a n  a w a k e n i n g, 
    for writers are not mere humans, 
    for they are beyond the walls 
    of rightdoings and wrongdoings, 
    for their life doesn't end with 
    their breaths, 
    it respires within the immortal
    creations of their fragile existence, 
    the saffron sky turned grey, 
    covered with bleak clouds, 
    ready to escort the corset
    of the dead soul to heaven, 
    my chest ached as I buried them, 
    the furious pain of abandonment, 
    cracked my ribcage a little bit, 
    hurried, I ran,
    I ran to unbury them, 
    but there was no grave, 
    a field of poet's jasmine, 
    I screamed, I wailed,
    and ended up lying on the
    brown broke couch in my room
    with a scarred neck, 
    bruised knees, 
    and slitted wrists. 


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    #combination #sufferc

    Set A : I felt a funeral in my brain
    Set B : Life

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  • bubbly_bluebells 28w


    Sky is blue ocean is blue
    As above so below!

    Within body above 70% water
    Earth content above 70% water
    Body is made of soil
    So our land although!
    Both contains minerals in its depth
    We need to intake for maintaining balance

    We are not more nor less than Gaia
    Or any other being lives here
    Protecting its state is nourishing self & home
    I am nobody! Who are you?
    As with so without!
    Suffer together the same state
    Truth is we are one!
    Impact of our doing is irresistable
    Existence are interconnected
    through conduction and convection
    of space molecules;
    Just visible here in different forms
    Remain awake!

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    Sky is blue ocean is blue
    As above so below!


  • pallavi4 28w


    I wake up in the morning completely aware
    Of the cold that quietly shrouds my heart
    Fully knowing all too well that isn’t just
    My oddity that from others sets me apart

    From the prickly outerwardly demeanour
    To my extremely silent introvert ways
    The fact that I can go without seeing the mirror
    Or saying a word for several days

    The straightforward manner I adopt
    That often makes me deliver harsh words
    I don’t feel the spike of empathy when I utter
    The supposed truth I feel needs to be heard

    My lack of vanity is founded in the fact
    That I constantly feel a funeral in my brain
    Like letting go of some of life’s dazzle
    The clouds becoming devoid of the rain

    Broken, splintered and scattered lie
    The tattered sails of my boat
    Never again to traverse the wild ocean of life
    Always struggling to stay afloat

    Gradually as I go through the days
    I know that on the inside I’ve turned into a stone
    For suffering often brings with it lessons
    And responsibilities that one has to eventually own

    I don’t see my own reflection in the water
    I only see a stolid, impassive, stern face
    Of one who is scared of loving and being loved
    Of affection as simple as an embrace

    But like every hurricane eventually ends
    And the eye of the storm too becomes calm
    I hope there will come a day when I find for this misery
    An antidote, a cure, a permanent balm

    I’m nobody! Who are you ?

    Prompts used:
    Set A
    I feel a funeral in my brain
    I’m nobody! Who are you ?

    Set B


    9th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Tawnie on We Heart It

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  • magical_poems 28w

    I taste liquor never brewed
    In the distant sounds of thunder
    Acting trigger in my current mood
    Turning my exasperation to fury, a wonder

    The distant strains of triumph
    Sounder low and from far away
    Fory own mind was covered with
    Cobwebs of doubts and labyrinth,
    Of puzzles throughout the day

    I search for the light the way ahead
    To uncover the truth in the mass of lies
    But was dazzled myself when saw
    A bright life in the wild nights - wild nights

    I felt a funeral, in my brain
    Seeing the Innocent suffering
    I tried and failed to help again and again
    Not knowing the reason behind that muttering

    Then gazed miserable in my eyes
    Gradually controlling himself
    And shouted, " I am nobody, who are you? "
    Stating again at his cowering self

    I merely helped him out
    From that mess he's been in
    And thanked the nights, shouted aloud
    "Thank you for this new begin".....

    1. I taste a liquor never brewed
    2. The distant strains of triumph
    3. Wild nights -- wild nights!
    (Truth, bright, dazzle, life)
    4. I felt a funeral, in my brain
    5. I am nobody, who are you?

    #combination #sufferc #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    I taste liquor never brewed
    In the distant sounds of thunder
    Acting trigger in my current mood
    Turning my exasperation to fury, a wonder.....

  • sproutedseeds 28w


    Miraquill combination :-

    Set A...I am nobody! Who are you?

    Set B...Life

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    LIFE is only 'one'
    between birth and death.
    In this journey I met
    Sweet and sour moments
    in BRIGHT and dull shades
    through ups and downs lanes.

    The TRUTH is
    I had to silently SUFFER
    without any moral support
    a shoulder to lean on.

    I got tired, worn out and
    tried to shut the doors of pain.
    While doing so, I got a
    CLOSED DOORS from the mirror hung there.

    The reflection on the mirror looked
    different. That was the "new me"
    who has realised to let go negativity
    and GRADUALLY change the perspective
    of life with a positive note
    When I said "I am nobody! who are you?
    I heard a voice from the mirror
    "I am greeting you into the world of
    new possibilities... WELCOME".

  • thefakesheikh_ 28w

    Anytime I put my pen to paper
    With the intent to pour about
    Human suffering,
    I feel like a traitor,
    A hypocrite.
    For taking borrowed griefs and
    Painting them on my canvas,
    To sell it without having felt it.
    To earn from it without having lived it.


  • cruisey 28w

    The heart behind the bars,
    Often bear the most scars.

    The heart is locked away.
    Pierce! It won't feel the pain.
    I felt a funeral, in my brain.
    Of my heart, an ash tray.

    Heart, dead. Life, went on.
    Brain, laughed. Suffer was born.

    But soon the brain yelled.
    Wild nights- wild nights!
    With heart, nights had gleamed.
    He Yearned for those frenzied fights.

    A clandestine greeting, behind lock doors.
    Like a lover, entering backdoors.

    Moon needs sun to shine.
    To make the nights mighty fine.
    Similarly, brain's sun was heart.
    Who held the reins of his cart.

    How they could never be together.
    Then asked his daughter, "Come hither"
    Suffer obliged and hugged him tight.
    Heart said from heaven,"It'll be alright"

    He thought if heart could re-born.
    Like Phoenix after death's horn.
    But then Phoenix willingly die.
    The heart was killed, made to die.


  • thefakesheikh_ 28w

    the naivety of human beings
    thinking themselves to be invincible
    the stupidity of hope
    believing itself to be true
    the reality of life
    revealing itself as a blessing


  • antarraal 28w

    Set A: 1. The distant strains of triumph 2. I'm nobody. Who are you?

    Set B: All of them.

    #combination #wod #sufferc

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    I'm nobody! Who are you?

    Me, I am Truth.
    To many I am lame but
    gradually truth dawns on them.

    Me, I am Life.
    The bright ray of hope that can
    dazzle the depth of black hole.
    Only if you trust.

    Well, then I am willing
    to be a Nobody still
    but a Nobody with a purpose,
    to live, love, suffer, laugh,
    till I hear the distant strains of triumph
    of truth and life over Everybody.


  • _anushka__ 28w

    Hush my queen
    Don't disgrace yourself
    Don't believe those who say
    It was just one heartbreak
    And you should get over it,
    People get there heart
    Broken all the time

    I know it wasn't just
    A single heartbreak,
    I know that when you're
    In a toxic relationship for years,
    Every hour of every day introduces
    You to a completely new way
    In which your heart can be played with

    I know you gave it all you had,
    And I know he took it for granted
    Every time you thought
    Things will get better,
    Everytime you forgave him
    Out of the hope that maybe now,
    He's going to be what he promised
    And everytime he shattered
    Your hopes like a mere piece of glass,

    Your heart broke a little more,
    Everytime forming new crevices
    The shards pierced your chest,
    Perforated your lungs,
    taking away your breath
    Imbibed in your blood
    Poisoning the farthest reaches
    Of your body, mind and soul

    And for the pride that you thought
    You should have in yourself
    You didn't even allow your soul
    To mourn over the pieces of your heart.

    You just brushed them under the carpet
    And pretended like it doesn't affect you
    And they festered in there,
    like a wound underneath a hasty bandage,
    Befouling your demeanor,
    Making you Insanely sceptical
    And deflecting any happiness
    Coming your way.

    Rip it open, let it out
    Let the wound bleed
    Shed those tears that you're
    Holding back, lest anyone
    Judge you as spineless.

    You are not weak.
    You are not weak.

    Acknowledging the pain you suffered
    Isn't a sign of tenderness,
    For it is only the most courageous
    Who can accept their past,
    And allow their hearts to grieve.
    For it is only the fiercest
    Who can face their demons
    And stand their ground.

    For it is only the queens like you,
    Who can take their ashes and bone
    And turn them into pearls and gold.



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    For it is only the queens like you,
    Who can take their ashes and bones
    And turn them into pearls and gold.

    - Anushka

  • shruti_25904 28w

    She suffered a lot, while plucking her unnecessary,yet pleasant past coz they pinched her whenever she started to move on.

  • stardust_writes 28w

    'Out of sufferings have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars'~ my most favourite quote of Khalil Gibran ��

    @writersbay #sufferc

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    Sufferings are a testimony that you're growing in life. Wear them like an armour, to overcome even the strongest of battles. As humans we all suffer, in varying degrees, but it all rests down to how we handle it. There's no joy in walking on a smooth plain, try a hard rocky terrain, without struggle there is no joy.


  • saloni__ 28w

    Phrase : I felt a funeral , in my brain
    Word : Truth

    #combination #sufferc #wod #pod #ceesreposts #miraquill #writersnetwork

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you for EC ❤️

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    A Faded Picture

    On a cold
    Wintry Night
    Beneath the
    Sakura dressed
    In dazzling
    Fresh pristine
    Snow with
    A Faded Picture
    A Faded Memory
    That We
    Concocted together
    I stood benumbed
    Discerning truth
    The hand I
    Yearned to
    Hold Forever
    Evacuated me
    In between
    The murky tides
    I thrived
    For the sunlight
    Drowning and
    Suffering alone
    In midst
    Of deep awful
    Pitiless sea
    I felt a funeral;
    In my brain.


  • queen_butterfly 58w

    3 a.m. and you find me crying,
    Just like every other day.
    A few broken glasses lying on the floor,
    Tears rolling down,
    And a crumbled page, still blank,
    And I, completely lost while staring at the sky,
    Searching for the constellations,
    I read about when I was young.

    You ask me where does it hurt,
    And I look at your face,
    Silently, for a few minutes.
    With eyes that have cried too many times.
    But still haven't learned how to hold back,
    Before turning away to gaze at the sky again.
    I couldn't find the Pole star or the Canopus,
    Perhaps I have forgotten all about them.

    Wait! Didn't you tell me to bring apples?
    Or was it oranges? Or was it something else?
    I don't remember...I can't remember.
    Yesterday I forgot how to spell 'Ahead',
    And then all of a sudden, words lost their meaning.
    I sat there blankly at the page,
    Waiting for the letters to come together and make sense,
    But they never did and I couldn't sleep at night.

    Where does it hurt, you ask.
    It hurts everywhere,
    The crevices of my heart where I keep burying my emotions.
    These tired eyes when I squeeze them shut too hard.
    The skin on my leg where I carved the word 'WHY',
    But I don't tell you any of this.
    Instead I hold my pillow tight,
    And perhaps tomorrow I'll wake up,
    From a nightmare into another one.

    Hoping, maybe it'll hurt less today,
    Or maybe, it wouldn't hurt at all.



    Thank you for the read @/writersbay ❤��

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    //Hoping, maybe it'll hurt less today,
    Or maybe, it wouldn't hurt at all.//