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  • floating_hearts 27w

    Dream catchers

    I have dream catchers at home...they work exactly to the opposite of what they Actually meant to....yes they give you nightmare instead of collecting one... like force you to study something which you don't want ....or with the phrase "we always do what's the best for you"....the worst part is you can never say no to their idealogy but They'll always say no when you address something that you wish to purse in life... yeah exactly ...seems great right....they are the people who holds right to take decision for You're life....you know these dream catchers Actually do catch the dream that you wish to achieve with all your heart and imposes something else as your dream and make us run to achieve that ....sounds creepy and manipulative right...yeah they are ...if you ask why though You're not supposed to ...you'll get an inbuilt answer "we gave birth to you"....yup ...
    That's what my dream catchers do not all night, but all day ... yes my dream catchers work all day catching dreams that i die to achieve...

  • _aesthetics_ 30w

    You know what it feels to be in a toxic friendship? It digs ur soul every minute, it suffocates you so bad ; difficult to even pull a breathe and the only reason you don't let your heart out and tell the other person is because you don't want to hurt them. It's so difficult to say "no" to them when they ask you for a complete useless party even when you have a terrible head ache and lots of assignment to be done, because you will never be understood and will be tagged with words like "you are never there with me", "it's so unlikely that you will help in future if I even need you".. Disgusting! It's so annoying when some so called friends demand reply to their text within a sec even when you're dealing with painful family stuff ! It's ridiculous when you score better than them in tests and their behaviour towards you suddenly changes as if you have wronged them in some way or the other! It's so difficult for them to see you being praised by the teachers. You break down sometimes for not being able to meet certain expectations of teachers , parents, but lovely friends call out as "Oh for God sake stop being so dramatic, you're gonna top anyway " "you're still gonna stay his favourite student" "you always lie about your exam, at the end you always score better than me" "you studied so much, yet u couldn't ?"

    When you couldn't attend the school/college for a day or two because of some deleterious health issues but when you show up after a few days, "you've been absent for so long, you must have completed whole of your syllabus" "oh stop lying about being at the hospital, I know you were busy studying!"
    Every time they talk to you, it's only about how I have wronged them, as in, replying to their stupid text after an entire minute and not binge watching THEIR favourite shows, not having the interest to listen to their gossips about new couple in the class !

    It really is suffocating, drains the soul slowly but entirely!

    #toxic #friends #friendship #suffocating #mentaldisturbance

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    A toxic friendship is more poisonous than all venoms combined.


  • mystical_moon 42w


    I place a smile in front of my sadness.
    I extend my hand while I secretly suffer.
    I laugh to hide the void building inside.
    I offer sweet words that I wish to hear.

    How can one feel numb and everything all at once?

    These complex, broken emotions make it hard to breathe.
    They say that there’s an oasis waiting at the other end of this desert.
    It seems that I barely make progress towards it.
    As if I give the oxygen tank to everyone but myself as I’m suffocating.


  • miss_lyn 79w

    I need to breathe

    Its a tad overcrowded
    -your heart...

  • outofleague 84w

    #suffocating #sanctuary
    Picture Courtesy : Ryoji Iwata / Unsplash

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  • vineyy 87w

    Its suffocating, I wish I could fly...


  • booklover_2210 89w

    Never felt so alone
    Never felt so sad
    Lying in my bed red pooling around me staining the white cotton
    Tell me how to let this go
    Cause I don’t wanna suffer anymore
    Tell me how to breathe
    Cause right now I’m suffocating
    Oh, I’m suffocating

  • maazsiddiqui 94w

    Bits and pieces

    Its 3am your absence is still keeping me at edge. When most of the world is sleeping, am here taking a stroll in park. It was so difficult for me to stay in my bed,as i started suffocating, frequent gasping, want to scream for help but my voice is lost somewhere gulping words with fear,making me believe that I won’t be handling this anymore and with every passing second my life is dragging away from this world to quit. As candle lits up the pitch dark room like wise sudden desire of being with you in future enlightened me to have faith in destiny that tables will turn around. Thats when adrenaline rush thrown me out of my bed. I ran out with my body screeching. It took me a while to gather bits and pieces to feel a fresh air filling me up with perception of my life, like you see the gleam of sun breaking the sheet of darkness and spreading a ray of hope.


  • tessyphilip 103w

    A Glimpse

    A wave of water spouted outward,
    Thumping me of my feet
    Suffocating, drowning somewhere
    I could scarcely see anything or could inhale through the dirt.
    I didn't have the foggiest idea how to swim !
    Yet,I can plainly review ,I wasn't weeping for help.
    There was nothing, not a solitary sound but the sound of my battling hands and feet .
    I knew, If I didn't sob for help, I may not endure.
    Still not prepared to ask out for aid.
    What was I sitting tight for?
    Is it that I was too adamant ?
    Or was I excessively subdued?
    Is it safe to say that I was really anticipating someone?
    Or was I suffocating with only despair ?
    Foggy vision , distinct mind,
    My entire life flashed before my eyes.
    Prepared myself to surrender.
    Complete quietness took over.
    Not even the sound of my hands and feet battling in the water.
    I quit thinking.
    What's more, I opened my eyes
    I checked out my dull dry room
    A sigh of relief.
    Well now what?
    I am befuddled, should I consider this as a bizzare dream and proceed onwards?
    Or should I just simply cry, for the reason that it was all
    A Glimpse of My LIFE ?

  • noor_mehra 106w


    Let it break
    Just feel the ache
    Don't put a cover
    Don't let it recover
    Its not worth the endeavor

    Let the crevices expand
    Letting go, is still not banned
    Let the air register
    Let fresh light enter
    To walk off, is not always surrender

    Is it always perfect, the unbroken?
    For light enters only through the broken
    Breathe the air, feel the light
    Don't let it recover
    Its not worth the endeavor

  • divya_soni 109w

    #restrictions #familyproblems #brokenfamily #fatherdaughter #unlovingfather #unloving family #hatred #suffocating family #divided family #restricted family #society is more important #rules are more important #child's happiness is not important

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    Kehte hai sab ,
    Dikhti hu mai tum jaisi ,
    Par banna nahi hai mujhe tumhari parchayi ho waisi ,
    Sab buraiya khud me lekar ,
    Nahi ho tum ek achcha insaan ho jaise ,
    Nahi banna mujhe tum jaise ,
    Apni zindagi se khushiya dur karke waise .
    Banna chahti hu ek achcha insaan main ,
    Jo ho na tum apni parchayi me bhi ,
    Ho Jana chahti hu mai tumhare in sayo se dur ,
    Manzoor nahi mujhe tumhara gurur .
    Choti si khudki zindagi pana chaha tha maine ,
    Par baar baar tor diya tumne ye sapne mere ,
    Aakhir chahte kya ho ,
    Rahe meri zindagi bhi dur sabhi khushiyo se ,
    Tarap tarap kar jeu main bhi tumhare jaise ,
    Aankhon me bhare rahe ye aasu sada tum rehte ho waise .

    - Divya Soni

  • shakeelah_mowzer 109w

    Sometimes, the best thing to do... Is to embrace what you don't understand ��
    #darkpoetry #hopeless #faithless #drowning #suffocating #depression #studentlife #life

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    Close your eyes and escape
    When you wake
    You’ll still be drowning.


  • singhlakshmi 113w


    Being a coward-
    Isn't it easy for anyone...

    Being a coward-
    Need courage: Courage to hide one true self...
    Just in the fear-
    Maybe, their intension should not hurt out their beloved.

    Being a coward-
    Need to sustain their own war of thoughts:
    Just to make others comfortable.

    Being a coward-
    Need to broke oneself
    Just to not broke others
    They know the value of broken heart
    Not everyone can survive it.

    Being a coward-
    Need to put oneself into dolour
    Where only hopes are the only vindication for their survival.

    Being a coward-
    Need to be subtle
    Just to survive their struggle
    Or to overcome their weaknesses

    It will not be wrong-
    Cowards are the one who admire others inspite of their ownself...


  • mighty_are_the_fallen 128w

    Broken Ribs

    My ribs hurt with creaky bones
    My muscles endlessly giving up
    Suffocating without notice
    Drowning in my own blood

    I want to surface
    I want to die

    It never stops
    It never rests
    I can't fucking breathe

    This weight on my chest
    It's a key to my death
    I just wanna unlock it

  • vasubandhu 134w

    Gyaat Verses

    How does it feel when you can see but can't touch and embrace, which, once was yours?


  • tinazzzb 136w


    This pain,
    A resting bear
    Seven months in hibernation.
    It’s breathing in my chest.
    Timed with my heartbeat
    Together sounds louder;
    Dubb-dubb, Dubb-dubb!
    When will he wake up?
    I need to breathe again.


  • callingcrows 137w

    Golden Glade.

    Sunlight through the gaps illuminating our clearing
    The way their golden trunks grow
    With countless arms reaching toward the sky
    As if they could upturn it, twisting in agony
    The sheer number of them making a prison
    Out of something so serene.

    May 19, 2019.


  • wavewalker3 139w


    I was suffocating in the darkness
    Gasping for air
    And all you did
    Was sit back and stare
    A smirk on your face
    And your hair in your eyes
    No one else could see
    Thru your brilliant disguise
    You wore yourself well
    Presented a sense of joy
    And I guess for the night
    I was merely a toy
    A flip just switched
    And your eyes turned cold
    As the evil you could do
    Began to unfold
    I wasn't aware
    I just didn't know
    And for you, that meant
    It was time to go
    I still remember the water
    And the beer cans bobbing
    I don't remember much else
    Except for the sobbing
    That followed for days
    And even still
    But hey ...
    Atleast you got your fill
    Nothing else mattered
    Atleast not to you
    But you just didnt care
    Of the damage it would do

  • expresso 142w


    The walls I built so high are crashing down
    I stare in horror as my solace turns into ashes and burns to the ground
    I try to protect the one thing I have left - I desperately seek a new hiding place but none can be found
    I caress my Precious, assure her everything will be just fine
    She accepts my comfort, completely oblivious to my Lying

    The walls are closing in on us and even I am afraid
    I couldn't give her what she wanted, the thing that she craved
    As I fell to my knees, I held her to my chest and prayed
    I tried to scream but not even one sound would come out
    My cries relinquished into silence released into the abyss
    I felt her slipping away from me and I blew her one final kiss

    Lost is my Sanity to the monsters that ravish my mind
    And I knew that when I lost her, there would be pieces of her I would never again find