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  • vibe_ana 69w

    Tender love

    After a long day, I stand and stair into the mirror
    As I slowly allow the silky shirt slide down my shoulders
    As it falls to the floor my skin is left open
    To the breeze and the soft tender touch of your fingures
    As you glide them from my lips to my naked busom
    I feel your hands caress them and hold them with content
    Your lips they leave me breathless as you suckle away my pain
    As you enter my temple all my worries fade away
    As I am intangled in your passionate thrusts

  • lady_irons 143w

    Ain't No Sweetheart

    You are
    Everyone's favourite sweetheart
    Everyone loves you
    And can turn a blind eye to
    All your little mistakes

    You've been calling men
    Like little kitties
    Who will run quickly
    And eat from the palms of your hand
    Facetiming your boss at midnight?
    No problem!

    You've been treating
    All your female friends
    From the money you obtained
    From your sugar daddy
    Just to keep everyone happy
    And they can be oblivious to
    Your deceptive personality


  • yucewrites 149w


    Coffee in this exotic place perfectly brewed

    Brushing fingers while passing sugar cubes

    For a moment our eyes meet, and we skip 

    My legs up your breeches, playing, fondling. 

    We book a private space, tell the waiter off

    In the pretence of cleaning your mouth,

    I come over, guiding your hand to my bra

    Sucking on my teats, while I am rubbing your cock.

    Only then do we have a taste of each other

    I am swooped by the experience of the lips,

    You are letting me go, seizing the moment

    We are both high, lustful, ready to leave. 

    I will be Queen, and you will be my King

    Let's pretend we are something more

    Even if this lasts just for one day

    Behind the curtains of a hotel room. 


  • bayanh7 171w

    Sweet as sugar

    On a white horse with roses in his hand , and magic in his eyes he will approach me
    Charming me with his love
    He would turn my whole life around, that whenever i see him I become the happiest princess on earth.
    His cherished princess.
    He would be so perfect, I will melt when he calls my name, or when he calls me babe.
    Sweet as sugar we will be.
    His kiss,
    Oh honey it will taste like chocolate .
    I am addicted to chocolate.
    He will wake me up with a kiss every morning, and make me pancakes on fridays.
    He knows I love pancakes.
    Our life will be like a valentine's chocolate box.
    It has a mixture of flavors , but all of them are sweet and beautiful.
    like our days.
    At first we will meet by chance, he will hit my by mistake.
    He will say sorry a million times while i look at him with rapture thinking how perfect he will look with me.
    He will look at me and we will know we're meant to be.
    He will love my flaws, I woll adore his.
    We will be perfect, sweet as sugar.

  • hope_godusedtoknow 193w


    I thought I drew the line that we'd only be friends.
    He liked me. Cared. Bought me dinner.
    I broke down because I wasn't allowed to have fun and I was happy we did. I felt deprived.

    But as the second "hang out" came...
    I felt like a sugar baby.
    I was broke and he had lots of money.
    He later showed disappointment if I didn't hold his hand or acted as his girlfriend.
    He's 10 years older than me.

    I used to say that age didn't matter but his weird personality and bad english came out.
    Age really didn't matter but I started to not like him and his age made me uncomfortable.
    I felt forced.
    He cared but I felt the need to force myself to make him happy.
    I cared.
    But I certainly do not like how it felt as he did a surprise kiss or asked for a hug and said " I want to kiss you" and he just did..

    I felt like a piece of meat payed with dinner for a kiss.
    It was disturbing.
    And I can't block him because I still want to use him for the future... and that's the worst thing.

    I'm disgusted with myself.