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  • mrspectacular 17w


    Everyone is bright with smiles.
    Excited and agile,
    They keep aside everything that makes them feel like bile.
    The workload that, in previous time, chopped on them like the crocodile
    And did, their peace, flagrantly defile,
    All of that is kept aside in a shelfed file.
    They would not allow the ruination of this moment by anything hostile.

    Peaceful tranquility is lain, like a flying mat, under
    Taking them to heights of joy, nothing can by any means yet tear asunder.
    Later on, they will handle whatever professional blunder
    But with this moment, they must grow fonder
    And fight off whatever may seem to try to launder
    Their joy and happiness. It's a perfect opportunity to maunder.
    Every sort of hold, worry has got, must be done a plunder
    In such a manner that the onlookers would wonder,
    Do they have worries at all?