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  • thanewb 124w

    I Promise,

    If you let go of the limitations, the expectations, the stipulations and the generations of what is believed of everyone but you

    Live your life as if it's never been lived before

    This is it and ain't nothing after

    However you live your life

    just remember we are to love one another no conditions follow


  • thanewb 130w

    You ever find something you didn't know you were looking for

    Something you didn't know you needed but now that you have it, it helps

    Like running in to someone and getting a hug that just blesses your life

    In a moment where you let go in that hug cause you know they're holding you

    It don't hardly ever feels like but right now, It's okay?

    Me either, but it sounds good don't it?

    Here's to 2020 where whatever that is I'm hoping it finds you

    And maybe me too!