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    પપ્પા... ❤

    કમાયેલું ધન દિકરાને આપવા અને કાળજાનો કટકો બીજા ને આપવા માટે આખી જીંદગી સફર કરતું વ્યક્તિ એટલે પિતા..... હેપ્પી ફાધર્સ ડે...

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    Three Chances - Part 1

    Akash lost his wife. She suffered from cancer. He loved her very much. Now he is the only one having responsibility of his work and children. By the way, he does not have any stable job, so he works as a labor at a construction site. He is quite well educated, but could not get a job. He worked as a labor for almost a decade. At the age of 27, he is having responsibilities of two kids; Ankush, and Tannu. He loves his children so much that he feels guilty sometimes, because he cannot give them good education, good food, and good clothes. He has his own house from his father. House is quite old, but it is the only sure thing he has.

    It’s Sunday. Akash very enthusiastic, because he gets more work on Sundays. More work means more money. As Tannu is the elder sister, she takes care of her brother and house.

    Akash reaches at his work site on time and started working as daily. His friend Krishna came to him and said “Sir is calling you in his cabin”. Akash went there. Contractor told Akash not work there. Instead, he gave him an address on a paper and said “it’s a special work. Be careful”. Akash nodded and reached at site very quickly. He was well aware of the place.

    He rang the bell. An old man came at the door and invited him inside. He introduced himself as Mr. Khanna. He offered him a cup of tea, but Akash denied as he had to finish the work as quickly as possible. Remember! more work means more money. Mr. Khanna told him to relax. Akash drank a cup of tea and asked what the work was. Mr. Khanna insisted him to be comfortable.

    He said “what I am going to tell you, can surprise you”. Akash did not understand anything. He was confused. Mr. Khanna took out a picture and showed him. It was a picture of Akash, his daughter, and his son. Akash got scared, but when he saw the picture closely, he saw that her daughter looked older than what she is right now and same with the same. Mr. Khanna told him more that Mr. Khanna had come from future. Mr. Khanna was actually Akash himself from future.

    Akash was shocked, but he still asked “if you are me, why don’t you help yourself by yourself ?”. Mr. Khanna explained that he was 58 years old and he suffered from cancer too like his wife. He said that he did not have much time to help himself. Akash started getting the things up. He asked “how can I help myself now ? tell me”.

    Mr. Khanna explained “I have a time machine. You have to use it and change something in your past. When you change your past, it leads to a chain reaction. It will change your future too. It can save my life and our children too.” Akash asked “what should I change ?”. Mr. Khanna said “I do not now much. I forgot my own past. You are quite young. You must remember something about your childhood.”

    Mr. Khanna took Akash to time machine. It looked like a chair. He taught him to set timeline and a button which starts the process. Akash understood the things, but he was afraid still.

    Suddenly, Mr. Khanna vomited blood. Those were his last breathes. His last words were “you can change it. Remember, time machine has fuel for only 3 journey.” He died.

    Akash sat there and started thinking what he had to do. He thought about his daughter, and son. He always wanted to give them a better future. He gradually gained confidence and told himself “I can do it. I will do whatever, but I will be rich in future.

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    The Last Man Alive!

    7 July, 2023 was the day when all people of Mumbai disappeared. It was not the first time when it happened. Before this also many people disappeared, but not like this. Normally people thought it was kidnapping or something.

    When Mumbai disappeared, all the governments in the world started finding reasons. It happened. This means that it could happen anywhere. People in India were so scared that they stopped going anywhere. They started spending more time with their loved ones. Slowly, we kept losing people. According to news, the last place with people was Uttam Nagar.

    No-one knows what was causing people disappeared. I live in Uttam Nagar, but when people of Uttam Nagar disappeared, I was not there. That’s why I am the only person here left. I am not sure if there are more people left in the world, but there is no one here.

    I have been living alone for 3 years in here. Today is 13 October, 2026. This three years were not as difficult as your think. I do not know if someone would read it or not in future. First few months were difficult. I was trying to find people. I was scared, but then I realized that there was nothing left that I should be scared of. Now, I live my life with enthusiasm. After all, I am the last person on the Earth. This made me realize “Time and resources matter only for Human”. There is no human on Earth, so I do whatever I want and whenever I want. I am living in a bungalow. It was my dream and now I have. I have a collection of 30 Pairs of shoes. All are extremely expensive. I have food everywhere. There are shops everywhere, but no people. I wear whatever I want. This is dream life, but also taught me that what I do now, is what I do for myself.

    You must be thinking of Animals. All the Animals are also gone. There is no Animal. I wish if there were some of them, so that I could play with them. It is foolish that I wish for Animals when there is even no Human.

    Luckily internet works, but everything is 3 years old. No one updates anything new here. I am always trying to find people, but no one is alive anymore. I wish I am wrong.

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    To be a Superhero!

    We all see many superheroes with special abilities. They attract us and we admire them very much. Their thinking, goodness, qualities, and ideas to save humanity is something that attracts us the most, but we end up wishing for the power they have. It’s no bad thing to admire. I also wish for that, but that superhuman ability does not make a human a superhero. It’s the qualities and never give up attitude on goodness.

    We see superhero on TV and admire them. Have you ever thought how it feels to be a superhero in real life ? Maybe yes or no. Whatever! But it is completely different from what we see in cinema. It is extremely difficult to criticize a superhero in TV, but in real life, people do. It is important also.

    People with good intention are not superheroes. Rather the one, who take a good action to make a change, are superheroes. The reality is that they will not famous like TV. Very few people appreciate their contribution. They may not get what they are serving. Neither, they will be treated the same way. There can be many more things which will be different from cinema, but I think I have made my point clear. Movies make us realize how difficult it is to be superhero, but reality that being a real life hero is more difficult.

    It takes a lot of willingness and efforts to be a hero when you know you would not get the same from society. Rather, you get opposite. But you keep up the good work. You do not give up. That’s what makes you a superhero.

    I am a superhero. You are a superhero till we do not give up on goodness…..

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    When you lead
    I follow

    When you ruled my world
    I obey

    When your not active
    I stay proactive

    When your not N sync
    Im sinking in

    When your voice is'nt heard
    I know you hear me though


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    My superhero

    I called him my superhero,
    He laughed it off.
    But isn't someone a superhero when his smile is brighter than the sun, isn't someone a superhero when you are having a worst day and a text from him makes the best out of it, isn't someone a superhero when he says exactly what you were dying to hear, isn't someone a superhero when he refills your life with hope and love.
    Yes he is my superhero

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    Rescuing yourself from anything bad
    Is the best way to become a superhero

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    For the first time I wrote something about my father. Writing about mother is easy.. writing about a lover is so easy that it's a cliche.

    Writing about fathers is a difficult task (at least for me). So here is one.

    #first #pod #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill #lungi #superhero #batman #cape #clerihew #portrait

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    Went to school via
    An enchanted forest.
    Fought with a
    Demon which is
    Still infamous.

    A plot he missed
    Decades ago is
    Worth crores.
    Could have married
    Someone better.
    But was hitched to
    My mother.

    Snores so loud,
    Roofs can collapse.
    Belches so hard,
    Even Jet engines feel
    The drag.

    Shameless farts,
    Deep thrust toothpicks.
    Hunts ear-wax with
    Almost anything
    That's sharp.

    Head buried deep
    In news channels,
    He has defaced
    Won wars against
    China and has
    Defeated Corona
    With blessings of
    A local baba.

    With a holes
    Adorned white vest.
    Big belly as his
    Net worth.
    Lungi as his Cape.
    My father is a
    Who swears.


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    The hardest part
    of being your Superhero
    To let you cry alone,
    To let your heartache annihilate you
    While me
    In the middle of battlefield
    trying to survive...

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    Story of universe

    In 2000 .there is a boy born name satyam his childhood was perfect. But after his childhood when he enters in teenagehood .situation becoming tense. Kids start making fun of him when he was in 7th .in 8th situation goes more complicated when his teacher punish him hard .but after 10th. He'll is waiting for him. Yes this is the story of boy name sundarum. In 11th he became numb and emotion less .his parents scold him for poor marks and in school he has no friends. In 12th he failed . Than he decided to leave study once and for all. But his thinking about that 'this is my worst nightmare ' will be wrong . After school over for him .he spend all his time in home no friends no social life . He is just waiting for right time .but for him right time never comes for him. Slowly slowly year passes and he get more depressed and anxious. He has only one hobby . Play video games .he always play games atlest half an hour daily . But after some years in one room of house . Video games become rarely fun for him now. 2 years has passed .now he is hallucinating like he is thinking that there is spider in his ears. He thinking he has insect in his eyes. His family think he is normal . But only sundarum knows what he is suffering from. He now getting panick attack. ....after sometime his body became like stick. He is fighting for long now against depression. Now he decided to end his life . He try to commit suicide but .... his elder brother save him. Now his family take notice that sundarum is not well .they decided to take satyam to phycatrisht . Phycatrisht give medicine to him. Now it's 4 years has passed since sundarum left school. Slowly slowly there neighbors knowing that he is depressed. Now many people doing sidelong when sundarum walk close by them . Some neighbors laugh slowly when they see him. Yes this is our human society for you. Sundarum is not quitter .he is just strong long enough.but now he is broken . He has no female friends in his life . Every girl who live in his neighborhood hate him .because he is useless and he is ugly. No one sees him driving a motorbike or car. Yes he don't know how to drive to. There is 99 percent chance he will do nothing in his life.but still he has 1 percent. That is enough for God to change his life. Sundarum is well known what society thinks about him. AND MANY MAKE FUN OF HIM. In 2013 scientists discover God particle by hydro collider machine. But God particle vanished like magic.before scientists do there research. 2021 it is now 9 years sundarum left school. And now he is well to . Now he goes for walk daily . There is a railway station near his uncle house. One day he is going to his uncle house. Then he stumble and fall on railwaytrack. Train is coming getting closer to him second by second .but he has enough time to get out from track. But suddenly he thinks about his past and he knows about his future that he had no future .so he take deep breath and smile .and sit on the track. And split of second train cut sundarum in 3 pieces and his body fall in gutter which is in side by track. After 3,4 hours when Sundarum not comeback . His family start looking for him. But after 2,3 days of searching by police and family they unable to find him. Now it's 6 days .and sundarum body is on gutter. But 7th night god particle which is discover by scientists in 2013 is enter in sundarum body and its resurrection of sadist . And about sundarum he is dead 7 day ago...... 13 billion years ago when there is nothingness god created everything . infinite universes including our universe. Slowly slowly time passes and life spread in the out universe and others. Than few millions years after big bang first civilization devlop in this universe. Name inkarus. inkarus motive is to find God. And achieve immortality. But there motive is not easy to achieve. Becouse god created three undefeatable soldiers to maintain peace in our universe. But after creating three soldiers god vanished out of nowhere. And after that no one see God in this universe. After some thousand years inkarus king creat galactic federation to maintain peace in this universe till . But after some time second strongest civilization preparing to back stap inkarus civilization to rule this universe. For that .oonum which is second strongest civilization in this universe hire 29 strongest creature and assassin's to fight war against inkarus army. Inkarus king has no idea what is oonum king is thinking. Because there goal is to achieve immortality and maintain peace in this universe is first priority for inkarus king. There is shield which protect inkarus king space ship. But shild has one weakness which is .shild stoped working for 6 hour in a day .inkarus planet 1 day has 51 hours . When inkarus king shild stopped working than strong inkarus soldiers take command of inkarus king. Onnum king is ready for war and 37 civilization is ready to support them . After 8 days of inkarus planet. Onnum army declare war against inkarus civilization with the help of 29 strongest creatures and assassin's. Including 37 civilization which is supporting them . There is 15 civilization who control galactic federation. And inkarus king is big boss of galactic federation. He is strong as he'll and he fight against oonum army with his soldiers. Unfortunately oonum king has 29 assassin's and strongest creatures who fought against inkarus king . In the end of war inkarus defeated. Inkarus king kill 17 assassin's but rest of assassin's manage to kill inkarus king and his army. In present sadist is born . He goes on earth atmosphere and absorb Chinese virus in his body . And after few hours sadist became headlines of every news in the world . Sadist body smell like gutter. He wear hood ,jeans,shoes . And his blood is like black water of gutter......in past 3 warriors which r created by God himself. R now young and ready to begin there adventure. Jintakuts which is first warrior name decided to find out where is go's right now . Who created them .but after there creation he vanished. There is only few creatures in this universe who know his answer. And loctic is one of them . Loctic is in the list of few creatures who survived black hole gravity and escape from it alive . Now where he is no one knows. But jintakuts accept this chalange start his journey. Present sadist and other super heroes try to change there world .but for that they have to work together as team . Enlightment is leader of his super hero team . He is from Norway. Nova(female) is from Poland .kaynat(male) is from Phelistien. Enlightment first motive is to find sadist. And try to talk to him . In meanwhile sadist digging darkest place of earth .not colmine. It's a dark web .dark web is the place of internet where psychopath, murderer, rapist do there experiment and no government in this world can stop them . Even for sadist it is a chalange . Because he has super strength, speed. That it .it's difficult for him to find red room in world map . Where this crime happens. Dark web is created by anonymous group. Anonymous group job is to exposed nations government but anonymous has dark side as well to. Some say illuminati is created of anonymous. Past jintakuts start his journey in his first objective to find loctic is the planet where loctic born. Loctic birth planet is like living heaven where everyone lives happy like there is no tomorrow. No racism, no war,no crime. There civilization is not advanced but there society is like positive world. Jintakuts start roaming in loctic planet sky . He sees forest,river fall and kind people who r seeing him with their shoking eyes. Jintakuts don't want to find loctic home .he just want to find a guy who knows loctic behavior well so he can tell where loctic might be right now. Present every superheroes has there power like enlightment has super strength as well telekinesis,.nova has power to get back dead people to living world .but one condition. Nova only can bring people back to live who r dead 4 minutes ago. Enlightment team and sadist has big challenges to face . Sadist need one guy who can help him to find red rooms of dark web and locate crime which r happening right now .....2021 7 December . There is a home in Switzerland forest .where one red room was active . 5 psychopath r torchering one boy in dark room in that house. No one can hear his voice . He cry and pray to God for help .but no one is listening becaus that house is miles away from living society or small town.....will be continue

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    Do you know of any superheros or a real life hero in your life?

    #superhero #superheros #pod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Superheros are people too
    Plaster a smile on their face
    To hide the fear in their eyes
    Can't show weakness

    Superheros always ask others
    If they're okay
    But has anyone asked them
    If they're okay?

    Superheros need a hero too
    Sometimes all they want
    Is a shoulder to cry on
    Someone tell them they'll make through it

    Superheros get scared too
    Everytime they can't save someone
    It tears them apart, feel the need to become
    Better, stronger, braver

    Superheros make mistakes
    And that's okay, everyone does
    They're flawed just like me and you
    Can't expect perfection even from a superhero

    Superheros arent just a cape
    And a costume
    They've got a heart and feelings
    Sometimes they break

    Superheros are people too.


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 71w

    My Superhero

    My world was doomed,
    And she made it all good,
    She is my pious superhero,
    One that I desperately needed.


  • alexte867 84w

    SUPERHERO of Imagination part 2

    After 5 years he had mastered many of his powers and almost every single present form of knowledge on earth ( excluding ancient knowledge and Alien society knowledge) he was still mastering it. 

    And that Alien spy accidentally met this kid who's now of 22 years and coincidentally they became besties where that Alien was helping him in mastering his powers and he was teaching him humanity , creation instead of destruction.

    That kid was always helping poor and weak people instead of crushing , he always utilise his powers to benefit mass of people instead Using them in making destructive weapons ( same concept as we can utilize nuclear energy to create missile and also to create mass of energy which will provide electricity to human kind for years) also many positive uses , which exactly opposite of Alien's nature also that alien lost their power of evolving and learn something new like humans were evolving always and also learning many thing new day by day so he was amazed of it.

    And since he had knowledge of everything he already knew about dirty Politics in his country that how politicians actually misuse their powers and always take benefit of innocent public , entire system is corrupt. They took every single blood from body of a poor to fill their bank accounts.

    Because of this his uncle(youngest son of his Grandpa) is now a gangster infact biggest name in the state, once he was an extremely talented student & topper of his class but got rejected for clerk job many times cuz he couldn't afford to pay lakhs of rupees as corruption money to get that job , his all marks all medals and achievements were nothing but garbage.

    So he took a loan of 10lakh(1M) INR from a local gangster on remand of 21 days, thinking he'll pay it once get the job. 

    But someone snatched that packet of money when he was carrying it to gov. Office ( actually home minister was behind all this corruption thing he can easily make 100s of carore through these job applications) 

    And after 21 days that gangster warned him to return his money within 24 hours or he'll kill every single member of his family, then he forcely did a crime very first time a kidnapping which gave him 10 lakh rupees and later , he got caught by police then opposition leader ( who was biggest criminal of state himself) gave him bell and made him his right hand and now after 10 years he is biggest gangster

    *Back to present*

    Once again the clerk job advertisement was published and same thing is set to happen again but this that kid (superhero) who already knew everything interrupted here by applying for job then recording everything he were told to do so and later after getting job of assistant of district magistrate he was recording every single time how many money that officer takes for doing which kind of work and exposed all officers included in this corrupt operation only leaving politicians and he warned all those who're involved in it. ( actually opposition makes money through crimes and ruling party through scams in gov jobs funds etc) 

    Later he keeps on exposing all corrupt gov officers, MLAs , MPs and even big business tycoons , by working for them and showing them that he is trust worthy or by other spying ways too ( he was not having much problem in getting proof since he himself was knowledge and technology) and opposition was supporting him in this. 

    Later all political parties attend a meeting together where they discussed that if this guy will be alive we're going to die even opposition won't be safe since they are the one who do crimes such as heist , kidnapping , murder , bomb blast etc and we rulling party are the one who do scams.

    So it's better to kill him and for this purpose they were about to call his uncle(that gangster) but suddenly that kid teleported in another room of that building from no where and appeared in front of them saying "well well well so y'all are planning to kill me han , I'm here do it" 

    Everyone pointed their gun towards him then he showed all hidden camera in room and since he was technology himself he had already hacked all TV channels and everything they were talking was directly live telecasting on TV. These political leaders just exposed themselves in front of everyone , also all those big business tycoons. 

    This led the anger of public they burned their house buildings and all other properties they were hailed for such crime. 

    Then later they were living life of King in jail (by giving some money to jailer) and that too was love telecasted on TV that hailer got suspended , thousands of the officers around the state got suspended and instead of them all skilled , educated and well deserved officers got the job.

    There were 100s of thousands (lakhs) of youngersters who were forced to be gangster just like his uncle due to condition and dirty corrupt system are now living life of responsible citizen since all of their gang were demobilized by honest police officers and on basis of proves shown by SUPERHERO  that they were forced to do such things their punishment were minimized 

    He strictly warned all new politicians that think 100 times before making any promises and you must have to complete it within your working period( 5 years) and No Religious , no cast , no black white not any dirty politics focus on GDP per capita not GDP all of election topics should be on development ( transportation , unemployment , education , Starvation , Homeless people , health , proper recources , least inflation etc) if opposition is doing well appreciate them if they're doing wrong tell their mistake expose them in public no second chance and if you won't do such I'll handle y'all to public then they don't even what will they do 

    After few years everything was going well not in that state he started spreading it all around nation , leader of terrorist organization LSIS came to meet him and called him at PM house by saying it's PM who called him (PM was also involved in it) actually it's terrorist who controls business tycoons , it's business tycoons who controls government and it's government who controls these gangsters 

    Then they surrounded him and said now who'll save you then he said "hahaha on my one sign even your own bodyguard will Kill you" then he snaps his finger and his body started firing just ahead of his foot without harming him(terrorist) then everyone got shocked wth is this and how it happened (remember his powers he was technology himself so he can control all machines including his weapons and he was form of knowledge means every single knowledge which includes hypnotism too so he can even control his body if victim is mentally weak enough)

    "But but I won't do it this way I'll chose another way , common guards" 


    Then all guards tied SUPERHERO's arms and pointed gun on his head terrorist leader + PM was still confused that wth is happening and suddenly all cameras started working every channels were covering them that how PM is working with terrorist leader and how they're going to kill their hero( actually that SUPERHERO) suddenly all commandos present in capital surrounded that area snipers shot all terrorist body guards then that terrorist leader tried to escape and got shot at sight too 

    Later on PM with his some ministers imprisoned in same prison where already thousands of corrupt politicians and businessman were imprisoned ( on the special request of SUPERHERO who actually was hero for nation so everyone in nation supported his request all the politicians and business tycoons were imprisoned in same prison)

    But in return they said one word to SUPERHERO , "This is Politics kid , and mind manipulation of public is not that tough , we'll rise again this country gonna be trouble again" 

    Then that kid said you know nothing about me and smiled against said even Lord Shri Krishna used way of cheat to erase evilness in dwapar , I'm only his devote and this is kaliyug , how would you think my charecter is like Shri Ram? I'm same as my Lord Shri Krishna for demobilizing evilness and badness I'm going to follow his ways then after few hours in night time entire jail was blasted by the bomb carried by those terrorist and everyone Blaine's terrorists for doing such thing and by doing this all the dirty minded politicians died at once.

    Also many gangsters who were forced to do so due to their condition are now living peaceful life in country with no corruption now everyone is rich value of rupees is continuously going up and up , as he warned everyone politician only focusing on development topics , no officer is corrupt now since extra advanced Ai(Artificial intelligence)are present everywhere and since he himself is form of technology he is everywhere in country and he won't let any such activity happen , since police is no more corrupt and lazy and all deserved officers are their crime rate is also at it's least position everything was going well it took 10 years in making everything good and a corruption free nation , that 32 years old man is very happy now with is alien best friend 

    But but but..... 

     Superiors of Alien planet waited cuz normally it took around 5-6 years for spy to know everything about an unknown planet but they keep on contacting him 

    But Since that Alien spy wasn't replying to his superiors from years 

    They sent and extremely advanced Robot on earth to know the situation and what exactly is happening and why their spy ain't replying to them since many years.....

    What's happens next stay tuned to know 

    Will that alien society which is expanded in thousands of solar system destroy our earth or that SUPERHERO and Alien spy will save us.....

  • alexte867 87w

    Super Hero of my imagination

    So this story is of a boy from a village who was strongly addicted with mobile phone , he always use phone doesn't matter what's the situation is , in result his life was fucked up , his 12th exam was near in next 2months or 1.5 but he didn't even touched the book once , he knew he is going to fail in it but still his addiction towards his phone not letting him study.
    There is a secret agency on earth who deal with the matters related to Aliens known as E.A.S.D (Earth's alien safety department) and since it was very secret know one on the earth knew about it not even their own retired agents ,Since they erase all work period memory of that agent once they get retired. they're having exceptionally advanced technology (some kind of technology which normal human would get to use maybe after 200-250years) also they knew a lot about existence of life outside this solar system this galaxy and many more.
    *Back to the kid*

    One day he was using his mobile phone on rooftop(was browsing YouTube) and suddenly a highly reactive serum poured on his body from space , which was actually a serum made from most genius scientist group of some hyper advanced alien community and E.A.S.D got it somehow but 2centuries advanced tech of E.A.S.D also wasn't able to understand what this serum actually is and how they made it , this serum accidentally was dropped from a space station.

    Later that boy lost his consciousness for a period of time his phone became dead,
    Since that serum was poured on his body and on mobile phone whose internet connection was on at that time , everything which is on internet directly copy pasted into his mind it was like everything , he himself turned into an alive form of technology and knowledge since E.A.S.D was also technology , that kid now knows all secrets all tech and literally everything about that agency

    But sudden this much transfer of data in his mind usually used to give him shock and he usually lost his consciousness , his family members felt worried about him that what actually is happening with him but doctors were unable to find main cause of his illness

    And here exams of 12th board were shifted in may due to a global pandemic known as covid-19 and in may after 7 months of that accident kid's mind actually started mastering all the knowledge hidden inside him that actually was entire technology & every single information on internet which includes 2-3 centuries ahead techs and science of E.A.S.D as well also knowledge about that super advanced alien society since this serum was made by them and it was directly connected to source of all knowledge of that Planet and serum had already turned him into technology so he can use all techs too
    Since his mind just started mastering which actually is a long process but still his knowledge was more than any normal scientist of the earth (excluding E.A.S.D) in any field without even studying a single word

    But he limited his marks upto 65% to not get into limelight and secretly+ slowly mastering his all abilities and knowing about all hypertech knowledge and tech of firstly E.A.S.D then that super advanced alien society (almost 10k-15kyears advanced than normal earth) which is hidden somewhere in his mind

    Later he keep on mastering his abilities for years and it even took almost half of a decade(4-5years) to master 20-25% of his abilities also helping helpless people secretly and silently
    Some of his well known and major abilities after mastering his powers would be

    ★His speed , endurance , stamina , healing ability , strength , agility , intelligence and everything were enhanced 1000 times more than any E.A.S.D agent
    Which now was *100 times than E.A.S.D agent

    ★He can shift his shape and not only shape shifting but also he will copy voice , finger print , blood , eyes and everything of the person whose shape he acquired even DNA (since he was technology and 10-15k years later tech were very advanced) He can't copy DNA by now he would after mastering 100%

    ★Teleportation (He can teleport anywhere he wish to be only caution is that place must be known by either Earth's society or by that super advanced alien society because he was form of knowledge but only that knowledge which is either known by that particular Alien society or by Humans) but since he only have mastered 25% he can only teleport to a limited known area of that Alien society

    ★Density control (since he himself was technology he can control density and mass of his body through which he can pass through any transparent or non transparent object With ease)

    ★Future prediction and projection ,Since he was knowledge himself He can almost predict incidences of future through movement of living being, all 5 elements ,gasses ,whether, planets , stars and nature by projecting them on ground in visible form (only visible for his eyes) because he was technology himself and calculating all things through mathematical and scientific ways

    ★Regeneration [He can regenerate from a single atom or even single sub atomic particle(single electron proton of neutron) of his body]

    Apart from this He was himself knowledge and technology (every single knowledge and tech present on either earth or that advanced alien society he was literally everything) which he still didn't mastered and this this actually was 75%+ of his abilities which were unmastered yet

    Even after such kind of powers he didn't had single arrogance and never showed off his powers to anyone and keep it secret and keep helping all helpless poor people silently but as he was thinking it is secret it actually was known by some superior officers of E.A.S.D but they didn't interfered till now since they knew this kid who actually is a man now after years is really good hearted person and can never harm anyone but they keep and eye on him and his activities ( but they also knew only few basic abilities of him which actually was 1-2% of his full powers) and even that man had mastered like 25% of his all powers most of knowledge and tech knowledge related to that alien society were still unknown to him

    And here that super advanced alien society which actually was 10-15k years advanced than earth and their only aim was destroy everything comes and their way and expand their empire got to know where there serum actually were so they sent a secret agent on earth for inspection and to know every secret thus they'll attack here

    ★Pt. 2 will come soon stay tuned to know that will that super advanced society destroy earth or something else will happen★

    Alexter out....

  • ananotherindiangirl 89w

    Sometimes we are also feel tired
    Sometimes we also get hurted
    Sometimes we also have a boring day
    Sometimes we also need rest
    Because we're Human Being just like you...
    We have feelings and emotions just like others...
    But Dear Society ,
    You teach me that I'm a "Hero" actually
    A "Super Hero" , who've a Frozen Heart
    Without any feelings and emotions !!
    You forbid me to cry by saying "Boys Don't Cry !!"
    I learn how to tolerate insults , failures and rejections
    Without saying a single word ...
    Just because we're Men !!
    Dear people ,
    We are Human Being with flesh and blood ,
    Not a superhero with super powers !!
    Please don't point us like Superman !!
    Leave us as we are ,
    Try to understand our emotions ,
    Your ignorance pushes us to Depression
    And at last we are forced to commit suicide !!
    And then you say we're escaping from life
    Because we're not worthy of being alive ...
    On this International Men's Day try to
    Understand those men who are there for you
    With a smiling face , Hiding all their pains !!
    Try to Love those men who shows sweat
    Instead of their Tears !!


  • pepper_1512 92w

    Let your daughters know
    That she can be a superhero
    And it's not only a princess she has to be.

    Let her know
    That she has everything
    Fir anything she wish to be.

    Whether it's a sword or an armour
    It's her choice to wear
    She has the heart of gold
    And nothing she has to fear.

    Let the girls know
    It's alright to have a fight
    And it's okay to have a scar
    Beauty is fragile
    She needs to know she is right.

    And let the daughters know
    She ain't a butterfly
    To be caged

    She is the superhero
    With fire in her gaze.

  • storyofadhi 95w

    Be a superhero

    Every hero is an ordinary individual
    Individual who finds strength to preserve
    And endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles
    And helping others
    Every individual have supreme Power
    to help others
    Be a superhero !

  • akdpoetry 95w

    I am Batman

    I am the ray of hope in the blackest night
    I am the savior of the weak and the punisher of the guilty
    I am the one whose name makes criminals tremble in their boots
    I am vengeance, I am the dark knight, I am Batman

    I am the one who brings evildoers to justice
    I am the one who has pledged to keep Gotham safe forever
    I am the one who will rid this city of its evil filth
    I am vengeance, I am the dark knight, I am Batman

    I am the one who assures that no family falls prey to villains and anti socials
    I am the worst nightmare of every criminal
    I am the one who acts in the darkness to ensure that this city witnesses the brightest days
    I am vengeance, I am the dark knight, I am Batman

    - Ananda Kamal Das


  • suddenlyme 96w

    Saving the World

    People say that I need to stop "saving the world". I don't do it because I think I'm superman or anything, just because if I could change the situation in anyway and I did nothing about it that would eat me alive

  • vakilankita 118w


    Abhi hai baaki kucch logo mein jaan,
    zarur yeh hi woh log joh kar rahe hain deshbhar ka kaam.