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  • gutfeeling 23w

    Three Chances - Part 1

    Akash lost his wife. She suffered from cancer. He loved her very much. Now he is the only one having responsibility of his work and children. By the way, he does not have any stable job, so he works as a labor at a construction site. He is quite well educated, but could not get a job. He worked as a labor for almost a decade. At the age of 27, he is having responsibilities of two kids; Ankush, and Tannu. He loves his children so much that he feels guilty sometimes, because he cannot give them good education, good food, and good clothes. He has his own house from his father. House is quite old, but it is the only sure thing he has.

    It’s Sunday. Akash very enthusiastic, because he gets more work on Sundays. More work means more money. As Tannu is the elder sister, she takes care of her brother and house.

    Akash reaches at his work site on time and started working as daily. His friend Krishna came to him and said “Sir is calling you in his cabin”. Akash went there. Contractor told Akash not work there. Instead, he gave him an address on a paper and said “it’s a special work. Be careful”. Akash nodded and reached at site very quickly. He was well aware of the place.

    He rang the bell. An old man came at the door and invited him inside. He introduced himself as Mr. Khanna. He offered him a cup of tea, but Akash denied as he had to finish the work as quickly as possible. Remember! more work means more money. Mr. Khanna told him to relax. Akash drank a cup of tea and asked what the work was. Mr. Khanna insisted him to be comfortable.

    He said “what I am going to tell you, can surprise you”. Akash did not understand anything. He was confused. Mr. Khanna took out a picture and showed him. It was a picture of Akash, his daughter, and his son. Akash got scared, but when he saw the picture closely, he saw that her daughter looked older than what she is right now and same with the same. Mr. Khanna told him more that Mr. Khanna had come from future. Mr. Khanna was actually Akash himself from future.

    Akash was shocked, but he still asked “if you are me, why don’t you help yourself by yourself ?”. Mr. Khanna explained that he was 58 years old and he suffered from cancer too like his wife. He said that he did not have much time to help himself. Akash started getting the things up. He asked “how can I help myself now ? tell me”.

    Mr. Khanna explained “I have a time machine. You have to use it and change something in your past. When you change your past, it leads to a chain reaction. It will change your future too. It can save my life and our children too.” Akash asked “what should I change ?”. Mr. Khanna said “I do not now much. I forgot my own past. You are quite young. You must remember something about your childhood.”

    Mr. Khanna took Akash to time machine. It looked like a chair. He taught him to set timeline and a button which starts the process. Akash understood the things, but he was afraid still.

    Suddenly, Mr. Khanna vomited blood. Those were his last breathes. His last words were “you can change it. Remember, time machine has fuel for only 3 journey.” He died.

    Akash sat there and started thinking what he had to do. He thought about his daughter, and son. He always wanted to give them a better future. He gradually gained confidence and told himself “I can do it. I will do whatever, but I will be rich in future.

  • gutfeeling 23w

    The Last Man Alive!

    7 July, 2023 was the day when all people of Mumbai disappeared. It was not the first time when it happened. Before this also many people disappeared, but not like this. Normally people thought it was kidnapping or something.

    When Mumbai disappeared, all the governments in the world started finding reasons. It happened. This means that it could happen anywhere. People in India were so scared that they stopped going anywhere. They started spending more time with their loved ones. Slowly, we kept losing people. According to news, the last place with people was Uttam Nagar.

    No-one knows what was causing people disappeared. I live in Uttam Nagar, but when people of Uttam Nagar disappeared, I was not there. That’s why I am the only person here left. I am not sure if there are more people left in the world, but there is no one here.

    I have been living alone for 3 years in here. Today is 13 October, 2026. This three years were not as difficult as your think. I do not know if someone would read it or not in future. First few months were difficult. I was trying to find people. I was scared, but then I realized that there was nothing left that I should be scared of. Now, I live my life with enthusiasm. After all, I am the last person on the Earth. This made me realize “Time and resources matter only for Human”. There is no human on Earth, so I do whatever I want and whenever I want. I am living in a bungalow. It was my dream and now I have. I have a collection of 30 Pairs of shoes. All are extremely expensive. I have food everywhere. There are shops everywhere, but no people. I wear whatever I want. This is dream life, but also taught me that what I do now, is what I do for myself.

    You must be thinking of Animals. All the Animals are also gone. There is no Animal. I wish if there were some of them, so that I could play with them. It is foolish that I wish for Animals when there is even no Human.

    Luckily internet works, but everything is 3 years old. No one updates anything new here. I am always trying to find people, but no one is alive anymore. I wish I am wrong.

  • gutfeeling 23w

    To be a Superhero!

    We all see many superheroes with special abilities. They attract us and we admire them very much. Their thinking, goodness, qualities, and ideas to save humanity is something that attracts us the most, but we end up wishing for the power they have. It’s no bad thing to admire. I also wish for that, but that superhuman ability does not make a human a superhero. It’s the qualities and never give up attitude on goodness.

    We see superhero on TV and admire them. Have you ever thought how it feels to be a superhero in real life ? Maybe yes or no. Whatever! But it is completely different from what we see in cinema. It is extremely difficult to criticize a superhero in TV, but in real life, people do. It is important also.

    People with good intention are not superheroes. Rather the one, who take a good action to make a change, are superheroes. The reality is that they will not famous like TV. Very few people appreciate their contribution. They may not get what they are serving. Neither, they will be treated the same way. There can be many more things which will be different from cinema, but I think I have made my point clear. Movies make us realize how difficult it is to be superhero, but reality that being a real life hero is more difficult.

    It takes a lot of willingness and efforts to be a hero when you know you would not get the same from society. Rather, you get opposite. But you keep up the good work. You do not give up. That’s what makes you a superhero.

    I am a superhero. You are a superhero till we do not give up on goodness…..

  • poetrynz 76w

    Just tell me I am your Superman and see how I will fly for you.


  • once_upona_time 97w

    Who is you favorite super hero? #Batman #Superman #Blackwiddow #Heros This is a short story I love this website #mirakee

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    We could be heroes

    We fly and save the world. We want the world happy and nice. Not scary and dark as some of our souls. If I were to be a superhero.... I would save the world instead of the city I live in. Yes things are tough but we have to stay to together. Together, we could be heroes!

  • suddenlyme 97w

    Saving the World

    People say that I need to stop "saving the world". I don't do it because I think I'm superman or anything, just because if I could change the situation in anyway and I did nothing about it that would eat me alive

  • white_painter 105w

    Even heroes have the right to bleed


  • 3unspokenwords__ 112w

    I've always wanted to meet a superhero as a kid.
    Be it batman or superman.
    But as I grew up I realized I've been living with one.
    And that is my Dad.

  • ciara1 113w

    Fantasy World

      Does Heroes Shape Our Reality?            

    Why do we live in a fantasy world of television? Well, Americans are so drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, action, and superheroes. Predominantly, there are young adults, ages 8-29, who are enthusiastic about superhero films. Teenagers, preteens, and young adults are fascinated by superhero shows on TV as well. Do not get me wrong, I know a lot of elderly people who are crazy about their superhero movies and superhero shows too.
    Regarding young adults, teens, and preteens are more fascinated and are deeply drawn to the idea of superheroes. That is because a superhero can be a reflection of someone's life experience. A hero can be a sentimental aspect of someone's childhood of wanting to become a hero of what they encountered. For example, bullies, rapists, robberies, and murderers. Those are reflections of someone's life experience of wanting to protect that individual from harm, or someone wanting to stand up from a bully. That individual can be drawn into a fantasy world of creating their villains and heroes into a comic book or reading a comic book novel. Some children grow up wanting to be a police officer, firefighter, nurse, doctor, therapist, and preacher for the greater good. It can be a sentimental aspect of what they had been through in their childhood, or they just want to do the right thing. 
     Myself, I love Sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero films. Sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero films are America's escape from reality. Heroic and Sci-fi movies are my escape from the real world as well. I am so drawn to watching superhero films and TV shows such as The Dark Knight, Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash. Those shows and movies are relatable to me. Superhero movies are a reflection of my life experience of dealing with bullies and standing up to them. When I watch a superhero movie I get a glimpse of my past bullies. The villains that would hurt me and me being the victim of wanting someone to stand up for me; or me wanting to stand up for myself. That is why I tend to create comic books and write a lot about bullies and victims. That is another reason why I love to write poetry and informative poems to help others with their problems. I get the good out of writing poetry and through my comic books and artworks as well. As a woman of God, God is always my hero. Everybody is not religious and I understand that.  Everyone has their inspiration for who their hero is that they look up to.
     American culture is so rationalized that we do need movies to remystify life for us. Movies speak to us in the sense. Meaning, we as the audience look at the good in films. Movies bring us hope and escape from what is going on around us. Remorse and empathy is the key in films, and that brings out the heart of the film. We use movies as a projection of ourselves, and we gain comfort knowing that we are not alone in our emotions, struggles, and conflict. Even if a movie is fictitious, a film is for every kind of mood. For happy occasions, we want to watch a comedy or stand up. We all have been through a messy break-up that we would go into watching a drama romance, or a chick flick. The audience chooses what genre of a film to watch, based on their own emotions at that moment. 
    Going back to superheroes. The beauty and the concept of a superhero are aspirational. At the same time, heroes relieve the pressure of becoming a superhero. That is why most children like reading comics or watching it on screen.
      The ideological vagueness in superhero movies, is that it prepares us for the actual world of how to face danger. It can be towards our cowardice of facing the dangers that would come. 
    I think the dark vision of Batman is so much more popular than the brighter vision of Superman since the 1980s. That is because Batman is so much more complex than Superman. To society, Superman is just a more simple man wearing a cape that is flying and saving the day. Batman does so much more with his enemies than just fighting and dealing with them. Batman is dark and psycho. He does not put on the happy image as Superman does. American society responds to darkness because people can relate to it and it always brings out the good. The world is darker than happier, and most people can relate to that in superhero films.


  • ciara1 113w

    Fantasy World

    A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.
    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.

  • sarahrachelea 121w

    Just because
    She's strong, fierce and independent
    Doesn't mean she doesn't need
    Love, affection and tenderness

    Just like Sia said in Helium:
    Even super woman
    Sometimes need super man's soul


  • just_neil_2 130w

    When I take a step back,
    It doesn't mean I'm scared
    It means I might come back at you
    With a frickin Superman punch.

  • beautynbeasty 152w

    Being a superman
    is not about
    having the super powers
    or defeating the villains,
    but about
    helping the people
    who need it the most.


  • lightning_strike 154w


    If you are very strong
    You could fight enemies life long

    I just wish to be fast as flash
    Or do the hulk smash

    I want a Brian just like iron man
    But superpower doesn't exist in real world
    I wished if they can...

  • chabala_vii 157w

    Superman's greatest weakness
    Wasn't kryptonite
    It was the love he had
    For the people he cared for


  • writeendlessly 165w

    Bizzzro / Mirror

    Staring back at me,
    I don't see what she sees.
    Reflected is a man,
    With cracks and breaks,
    Tarnshised armor
    Is what my skin is called.
    I see the greys,
    Slight forming around his mouth.
    The mouth that,
    Wish it could say all the things that,
    The parasitic mind writes,
    But the words,
    Making they're way out,
    Only to lose the true meaning once they leave my tounge and travel that short, yet long distance to your ears.
    I look at my reflection,
    I stare into my own eyes,
    I see the brown, hints of green,
    The red lines spiderwebbing across them.
    I watch as my pupils dilate and I try to see
    What she sees.
    What am I missing?
    How in my eyes,
    I am a this.
    Old, worn out, tired
    Ready to hang up the cape.
    She sees,
    Something that drives me,
    Pushes me
    Pulls me
    Like gravity, I am drawn to her.
    Call it a hallucination,
    As I watch and try to decipher myslef,
    I see her, glide into the reflection.
    I watch,
    As she places her hand on my shoulder,
    And in that moment,
    I'm still.
    She turns me towards her,
    Takes off the cape
    Removes the stress,
    Scares away the fear.
    Places her hand on my cheek,
    And kisses me.
    Though it's like watching a movie,
    I feel the kiss.
    I watch as they part,
    She tells me
    "I got you, I am here, I'll save you, as long as you promise to save me. Endlessly Forever"
    I watch as the Bizzaro self, takes her hand,
    They walk away,
    Getting smaller with each passing moment.
    I reach out my hand,
    Craving that moment.
    Only to have my hand
    Hit the mirror.
    Its possible,
    Its tangible.
    Call it a premonition,
    Call it a hallucination,
    Call it a dream.
    Call if clarity.
    I have that
    I have her
    This is real.
    Stop dreaming about what is real
    Reach out grab it.

  • identitiles 165w


    I'm dancing with my demons tonight☣️
    they might be my kryptonite,☢️
    but it just feels so fucking right.☣️

  • writeendlessly 166w

    Superman Complex

    I use to believe I,
    Was Superman.
    I would chas after the bad guys,
    Save those in need.
    Have zero weakness
    But a green rock,
    And my heart.
    I thought I was the Man Of Steel.
    I thought this
    For 29 years.
    For 29 years,
    I took anything and
    Everything thrown at me.
    I lost people,
    I sacrificed
    My entire self.
    I selflessly,
    Made myself
    Stronger then I thought.
    I can't leap tall buildings in a single bond.
    I am not stronger then a locamotive.
    I am not faster then a speeding bullet.
    I am not Superman,
    I am not a victim that needs saving.
    I am human.
    I have flaws.
    I have cracks
    I am damaged.
    I have a hero,
    That is her.
    She doesnt need a cape.
    She doesnt need a shield
    I need her,
    She needs me.
    We save eachother

  • writeendlessly 167w


    My body,
    Has scars.
    My heart,
    Has scars
    My brain,
    An organ made of strick scar tissue.
    The synapse still connect,
    Sending vivid reminders
    Of all my scars.
    They are scars for a reason.
    Constant reminders of choices.
    You cant change the past.
    Your choices define who you are.
    You are who choose to be.