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  • llewravenpoetry 8w

    Old inherited #superstitions

    No shoes on the table (especially new ones)
    Saluting/wishing good health to 1 or a group of 7 Magpies (as per the rhyme)
    No stepping over 3 drains
    No walking under ladders
    No opening umbrellas indoors
    And don't get me started on reading Greek coffee grounds....
    I can't be the only one!

    A lone magpie grins
    bringing sorrow to my door
    I wish him good health

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    A lone Magpie grins
    bringing sorrow to my door
    I wish him good health


  • in_fragments 27w

    We can come to understand one other, if we put in the effort. Get to know your superstitions, challenge them and encourage those around you to do the same. Impartial and honest conversation and patience.
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    (Beyond the Static)

    Some people live their lives by ideas unfounded,
    Unsubstantiated notions held close to heart, and
    Preconceived thoughts never challenged in childhood;
    Every human has the same tendency- to
    Rationalize fallacy in place of the unknown,
    Startled by what we'll never see beyond the static.
    Those who never question their own beliefs
    In fear and avoidance of the introspection,
    Those who shelter themselves in flawed concepts,
    Intolerant dogmas and oppressive realms
    Often need the most patience to change, for
    No ideas will shift, all will remain rigid until
    Some brave souls can stop and ask each other why they exist.

  • poukii 36w


    "oh !! You don't look sick".
    "What ? you are disabled? But you are too young to be
    " You know, if we told our parents about our illnesses,
    the only medicine is shouting and beating.
    I think you need to have this,so your disease will go away".
    " Young people can't be chronically ill".
    "Your disability will go away as you grow up".
    "Ohh!! who will marry you if you are disabled?".
    " Don't tell people about your illness,hide it".
    " Good girls don't question anything, they only follow the things told by elders".
    "How will you live if you are not like others?"
    " Just let it go. There is no such illness".

  • poukii 36w

    A wandering lost soul in the world of superstitions.

    Croacking of frogs, droning of beetles,
    Soft patting sound of rains at window curtains,
    flashes of fireflies, lightning of thunder,
    rainstorms in summer,
    She was too scared of everything and everyone.

    Nobody got the reason behind it.
    She panicked and screamed without reason.
    Midnight troubles haunted her like a ghost.
    She started to feel like,
    something is missing within her.

    She stood alone, crying by the river,
    with her footprints in the sand.
    Small pebbles on the river side,
    Slowly moving river water,
    Unbound shadows of old oak trees,
    Wildflower growing in the mud,
    All listened to her grief in silence.

    People asked her" why you look so pale?."
    " Why there is void in your eyes"?
    She felt breathless,
    walking each step felt like a big task.
    She felt very unique and different.
    She understood that,
    she is on the path where lost souls walk.
    Still, she didn't tried to find out herself,
    fearing that she will be left alone.
    She went extra miles,to fit within the herd.

    She became a directionless soul,
    following the rules of conventional society.
    With disconnected hear and mind,
    and a dissociated body,
    She became a wandering lost soul.
    She was frozen and stuck.
    She longed to escape from reality.
    She longed to find out herself.

    She understood that we are all trained,
    to believe the enchanting lies about our life.
    It has created faults in our foundation.
    The scars in our body are painful reminders of our past wounds.
    It reminds us to be true to our self.
    She perceived that many of us are,
    faraway wanderers, moving towards our
    unknown destination in life.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 36w


    Breaking of a mirror,
    walking under a ladder.
    Giving clock as gift,
    Owl flying over a house.
    Bad all this is.
    Oh bad luck all this brings!

    Eat curd and sugar before heading out,
    Don’t wash or cut hairs on certain days or you will invite bad luck at home.

    Lizard falling on human is bad,
    Use lemon and chilli to avoid evil eye.

    Bats entering the house means death,
    Ghost resides on peepal tree,
    So beware of such place!

    Bad omen brings the black cat crossing one's path,
    Birds going from left to right,
    is a bad experience to have.
    Bad all this is.
    Oh bad luck all this brings!

    Drop or throw coins in fountains and river,
    Follow certain number and colour, to have good luck with you.
    Do this do that,
    To have good luck along your side.

    How long can go the list of such superstitious belief ?
    It may be uncountable as such new beliefs can always exist,
    If the person is subjected to think like that,
    If the person is used to think nothing beyond bad.

    No doubt there might be a story or experience behind every belief,
    No belief take place simultaneously,
    It grows in mind, when its seed is self planted within.

    There might me a reason that made the first person, who told such beliefs, to believe and share,
    Oh the fool were those who believed on it, mere by being a listener.

    Without science world would have gone really ignorant.
    Naive and poor we might be without having science as our companion.

    Every such things that is without the base of science,
    and are rejected or marginalized by scientific culture,
    surely, is mere a disbelief and nothing more than a superstition.

    Poles apart reality and fake world is,
    Accept what you hear, only if you have strong valid resons to believe.

    Superstitious beliefs are blockage towards one's progress,
    Believe on yourself,
    your life is in your hands.

    The things you can't control,
    You can't avoid it to happen.
    What you can't control is termed luck.
    You can never change your fate,
    You can never change the path destiny takes you to,
    You can never fix your luck.

    By following silly things instead of doing your karma rightly,
    You may suffer immense disappointments.

    Don't confuse yourself by falling in the prey of superstition.
    There's difference in being faithful, hopeful and in being superstitious.

    Be faithful and hopeful,
    Nothing wrong in that.
    Only if it takes you to the progressive world and productive life,
    Surely have them whenever you want.

    Our inner conscience guides us,
    We somewhere from inside know what is right as well as how and why, right something is for us.
    That's because we are part of this universe,
    And everything in this universe is Godly and holy in itself.

    The fear and the belief that guides us towards goodness,
    The feeling that makes us stop, when we do something wrong,
    It is all our self conscious that guides us through.
    The God is in all such good thoughts and in those instinct that control us in life's hues.

    The upbringing and notions we have within ourselves matter a lot,
    which makes us different from others and unique too.

    Balancing is what is required for anything,
    Don't fall in superstition,
    For it is unrealistic and not true.

    Balance faith, believe and hope in everything you do,
    Leaving the rest on fate to take care for you.

  • arya_ballal 36w

    The truth is that superstitions are more believable than the truth

    Rules of this futile world,
    Who makes them,
    Who breaks them,
    Who bears the honesty,
    Who gives into the duplicity,
    Who is real, who is fake,
    The one who guards, often leaves off-guard,
    The one who protects, dosen't know what is there beyond a ship-wreck,
    The one who is blamed, is often the most sinless,
    The one who blames, dosen't bear the consequences,
    You see yourself in the mirror,
    Yet there's another persona conflicting,
    You see behind the light,
    There's always a shadow hiding,
    For every other black stamp,
    There's a white hue tinted anonymously,
    For every anonymous smile,
    A famous torture smiling mockingly,
    Or maybe it isn't?
    Maybe what we see isn't contradictory to verity?
    Maybe what we feel is just what is the truth lying beneath?
    The accused may be guilty?
    The one blamed may be filthy?
    The one who blames may be the one who has seen clearly?
    The black stamp is a sign of insincerity?
    The white hue isn't as doubtful as it seems to be?
    Who is real, who is fake?
    Who gives into the duplicity?
    Who bears the honesty?
    Who breaks them?
    Who makes them?
    The rules of this futile world?
    The truth is that,
    Superstitions are more believable than the truth

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @_create_23
    Image credits- pinterest

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    Who makes
    the rules of honesty?
    Who defines
    the white and black?


  • treble_clef 36w

    #wod, #superstitions, #blackteeka

    A black teeka,
    It may be a superstitious act, followed without a second thought, but if you think of it, it says much more..

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    Black Teeka


    What do you see in the black teeka? 

    A mother's heart, full of love

    A wish, to keep her toddler safe

    A prayer, to keep the bad at bay

    A promise, of protection even from afar

    A belief, that her child is the brightest of all

    A pride, that declares of the asset precious


  • najar7515 36w


    past experiences are base
    For future actions
    Nevertheless dwell not in the past
    Look forward to a new experience
    Be not unhindered with fear
    Doubt or uncertainties

    Certain believes making you err
    Away with them
    Create new believes that surges you ahead
    A new experience comes along it
    Relish the moment look towards a bright future

    Noah Ademola 22.3.2021

  • the_unfiltered_ink 36w

    This is my take on superstitions... Do read and Share your views on the same. @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #wod #pod #superstitions #superstition

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    The Mirror of Superstition

    I grew up the day I realized not only those hollow but deeply rooted unrealistic practices or beliefs are superstitious, but every misconception we have for our lives counts as one.
    Rushing for money, not happiness is a superstition.
    Believing in others, not your own self is a superstition.
    Relying on some miracle, not fierce determination is a superstition.
    Judging people, not looking in the mirror first is a superstition.

    And how wrong were we to blame superstitions that were just a bit old and ignore those we have sown from early days of our existence?

    Simran Ahuja

  • prakashinin 36w

    Superstitions often seek support of science. but science don't have to do that.It is proven truth.

  • dos_thrice 36w

    (Superstitions mentioned here are popular in our country. Not sure if I have mentioned ones that is known worldwide.)


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    -The one who suffers from superstitions-

    The one who doesn't know
    how to look back
    at his starting point
    wouldn't reach its destination.

    I gambled for turning back again,
    hoping I'd still see you there
    but I was wrong.

    I looked at my calendar
    on the wall,
    looked for the day you left.
    It wasn't holy week
    when I was wounded
    but the pain wouldn't rest.

    I strolled the utensils
    and plates we used after dinner,
    so you'll be safe outside
    but the fork fell
    and I was hoping
    you would come
    and surprise me again.

    I bought a needle
    at the middle of the night
    hoping I'll get blinded
    and wouldn't looked again
    at the false promises
    we gave at the 13th of November.

    But I will never be blinded
    by the shine from your grave.
    Clearly seeing you resting below
    with your grief.

    I would leave the door open,
    so you will know
    I'm still waiting for you.

    All mentioned above
    are just mere superstitions.

    Maybe our frantic love is one of them—
    Mere superstition.

  • vinayak_mehra 36w


    Once I was walking along the road,
    I saw people staring at me like I am a goat!
    They wanted to push me away,
    They wanted to kill me,
    Just because dogs were barking at me.
    Later I understood that 'dogs can see ghosts'
    It's said that they bark at them, they run away from them,
    Etc. Etc. Etc!
    What a superstition this is!
    Do dogs have an x-ray vision?!
    A device in their eye that helps them see ghosts?!
    What has this world made up by themselves?!
    This is neither proven, nor tested!
    Just people believe, so others do!
    If the world was totally made of this,
    I will just kill myself,
    Rather than letting people,
    Stare at me like a ghost!!


  • ensymi_1329 91w

    If a practice has existed for a very long time,
    It doesn't mean it is right


  • shraddha925 104w

    The beautiful wings of a pretty warrior were nuanced by the filthy shades of superstitions to hide the weakness of the society

  • followerofartemis2 109w


    I wish I could say, I wasn't afraid,
    Of what kept repeating.
    For in the fall, it takes us all,
    To notice its indiscreet.
    Why must all be accounted, noted.
    All to only bail.
    We've regrouped, remounted, loaded.
    But yet again we fail.

    Is it that our textbooks aren't highlighted?
    Perhaps the font is to small.
    I can see it so clearly because we
    always seem to stall.
    The direction is pointless as
    the destination is always the same.
    No matter the way it happens
    Death will always end in pain.

  • captainfatimahabiba 112w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #raven63 #yaminiread #writerstolli #pod #readwriteunite #13 #fear #superstitions

    Ghost of number thirteen
    Did your eyes turn green?
    How long it has been
    Nowhere happy you're seen
    Let's make your picture clean
    Blamed hideous but claim's sheen
    You're a part of reign of queen
    Being ominous what does mean?

    Bella, the only daughter of Mr & Mrs Daniel was recently selected as a commercial pilot. Being the only and lonely child she was more dear to the entire family though she was always looked at mysteriously through the eyes of her grandma. Bella has always wanted to know the cause but could not find it.
    Fear is something that is unseen but has an ability to make you see the way it wants and sometimes can make it happen too. Bella soon was to join the job and was just waiting for the schedule by the airline. Finally she got it and left for her first flight. It was a successful one and in a year she was promoted to rank of senior Captain.
    The first day when she had joined the field, her grandma asked her mother to give Bella an amulet ; a safety measure. Bella kept it on her mother's insistence but never wore it because she thought herself rational enough to believe not such superstitions and secondly because she could not trust her grandmother who had always been mysteriously anxious towards her.
    By now it was the eighth year of Bella's job. She was at home to spend the off . Her father enquired her about the flight schedule on the breakfast table and she spoke while confirming from her phone,

    it's going to be on 13th , next week.

    A sense of fear ran in the veins of grandma and this time her mother too. Bella could not bear the scene that was though pivoted not around an action but expressions. It was just before she was leaving for the airport when her mother stopped her. At last Bella broke her silence and asked the reason of this weird restriction.
    That day she came to know that she was the thirteenth child of Mr & Mrs Daniel however the early twelve ones could not survive. She spoke nothing but left.
    This time Bella wore that amulet for the first time. Flight took off the co pilot announced to fasten seat belts and told the passengers of normal weather conditions while Bella had her eyes focused on front. The moment she flew to 13000 feet , suddenly the EARTH shook with a heavy struck and 130 bodies turned into ash.

    Bella was blessed in ignorance. Despite the claims of education of rationality, she could not fight FEAR.
    She felt guilty for the twelve dead siblings. This is how TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA works.

    Image credits to the rightful source

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    Fear of number 13

  • jainmary_ 121w


    Right now Women are going to the planet Mars, and the Indian Patriarch roared "Women can't go out on Tuesdays and Fridays"

  • manishmaltare 137w

    . Satire - 2.

    People are so obsessed to superstition related to cat, .
    that they don't deeply think before being in a relationship with someone, than to cross a road after seeing a cat. Its ridiculous.

    Another one,

    It is contradictory that if people believe in both "karma" as well as "cat superstition", then why do they wait for any stranger to cross a cat's line first???


  • psychosammyr 149w

    You see, with eyes open
    Yet you don't see at all.
    How will you perceive when
    Your eyes are veneered with
    The veil of
    Superstitions your mind concocts?


  • connecting_nicky 152w

    The dread of unknown—
    The hunger to know
    what’s to happen, in all of us,
    is as dense
    as superstitions are.