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  • faygold 2d

    SURRENDER ©faygold

    Here and I'm closer
    Grace now is stronger
    Don't have to fear
    Don't walk away
    Don't say not today
    Hand it all over Selah
    it's easy to say.
    But can you SURRENDER your all to me
    Not talking about material things. Selah
    Can you lay your life down
    As a sacrifice
    Lay your dreams down
    As a sacrifice
    With sincerity, when you let go
    I'll reveal my spirit to you.
    SURRENDER ©faygold

  • cassiopeia_sky 1w

    Surrender to Me

    Surrender your ego to love me...

    Let our souls connect as it was meant to be...

    Surrender to what was look at what is...

    Once surrendered to the light no darkness can ever take flight...

    Choosen ones are we that will make history...

    Surrender to the Divine for we all are running out of time...


  • mandah88 1w


    You keeping me in the dark
    Has finally illuminated my path
    I can no longer torture myself
    Just so you can feel my wrath
    When all I ever really achieve
    Is showing that ugly side of me
    I love you, but I’ll watch you go now
    Cause I want to make you smile but I don’t know how
    I’d swallow my pride and give you all of me
    If only you thought there's something inside of me
    That made you want to give me all of you
    In reality, only half of that would do
    Cause I can't fathom a life
    Where I am fine when you’re not around
    My sad sense of despair right now
    Has got me really feeling down
    And this is the horrific part
    Where I become somebody else
    As my mind starts to enter
    Different levels of my own hell
    This time I may not make it back
    To the me that I prefer to be
    Cause this horrible other side of me
    Has gotten in way too deep
    So if the me that’s been fading
    Doesnt make it back this time
    Don't pretend to care at all
    I know you'll be just fine
    and know that I tried to love you
    but each time you broke my heart
    i broke a little more inside
    & I surrendered to the dark
    © Manda H.

  • wordsofwonder 2w

    Where I answered the Calling

    On a day where beautiful uncertainty was forecast, I could feel the calling.

    Although the warmth of my home held me throughout the morning, noon was approaching, and golden glimmers of the sun teased me through the patchy sky.

    I softly sigh and close my eyes to try to connect with the calling once more.

    Synchronicities aligned, I knew it was time to step out of my home, out of my mind, and let my heart wander.

    Soon I found a quaint raised wooden path. A familiar sight in a new adventure felt like a friend strolled beside me.

    Twists and turns journeyed me deep into welcoming nature, that gifted me with options to explore. I smiled, and allowed my intuition to decide.

    I worn, yet sudden turning arrived where the ending of the path brought a hidden spot. I stopped and in my stillness I could hear the swish of tall reeds dancing.

    Leaving the path behind, I step into the ground that call me. The crisp crunch of the fallen Autumn leaves before my feet bring my such joy. Suddenly I felt truley emmersed and my thirst for more dissolved.

    In awe I stand, my eyes drawn to nature's hand. An offering of a fallen tree. That beckoned me to simply be. So I rested, so grateful for this moment, grateful for this morning where I answered the calling.



  • shrihari_nandini 3w


    By Bhavya Gogia

    Sailing through the winds,
    My heart stops for a while
    I seem to soar above in heaven
    While the water's pushed behind
    The rumbling of the waves below
    The echo of birds in sky
    Two of us in a boat
    Are leaving the world the behind

    The water is too cruel
    Blue waves as merciless knives
    Cutting through the plants and fish
    Who seem to pay their price
    The underworld is busy
    In the affairs harsh and wild
    Two of us in a boat
    Are leaving the world behind

    We adore our pretty flowers
    And birds come follow flying
    The sun shines on your complexion
    And I have left my crying
    You take the oars while I,
    Sing for you to never sigh
    Two of us in a boat
    Are leaving the world behind

    What would it feel like to leave all that hurts the soul (you) and move forward to where it belongs? Going with the one to whom we belong? The one who is the path and the destination, one who will sail us through this Bhavsagar (ocean of miseries)

    This journey is all yours. You and God, he sails you sing, go on and never weep again. Take along all those things that link you to him, take along your love and gift it to him and finally submit yourself to him ��

    (Today I complete four years on Miraquill ��)

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #love #sail #surrender #bliss #joy #happiness #boat #world #ocean #birds #flowers #weep

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    By ShriHari Nandini

  • madalasa 3w


    ఉజ్వలరథోపస్తేహం భవ్యజ్యోతిం ప్రజ్వలామ్యహం

    उज्वलरथोपस्तेहं भव्यज्योतिं प्रज्वलाम्यहं

    మదర్పణం సదాస్వామిచరణ శరణదాసోహం

    मदर्पणं सदास्वामिचरण शरणदासोहं


  • dirty_storyteller 6w


    Lockdown stuckked me in aprtment
    Where I found him
    His eye contact yelling at me to grab him
    But thought of naive girl stopping me to do that
    One I passed smile on his door
    And he grabbed me in
    I wanted it so long still tried soft resist
    But he grabbed my ass and neck tightly
    Giving bites on my ear and neck
    That's how I surrendered my self to Master

  • hk55555 14w

    Dear Society

    Dear Society you love your traditions and boundaries
    Dear Society you hate the person who is out of the box
    Dear Society you have the fear that others will also behave in the same way
    You always tried to kill the out of the box person
    You always outnumbered out of box people
    Many times out of the box people surrender in the end out of fear.
    But now they are nothing more than a dead body wandering here and there
    Dear Society one side you encourage us to ask questions on the other side you hate out of box questions
    Dear Society you gave us the freedom to lived & worship in our way
    But when you see it's out of the box you started teasing
    Dear Society why don't you tried to solve that problem of indigestion
    It's my suggestion please met some good doctor
    Dear Society if I have the power and money then my all out of box things are right for you.
    Dear Society you don't like when people started thinking differently.
    Dear Society you are my inspiration you trained me how to kill other people dreams
    Dear Society I think now I have to surrender because you left me with no solution.
    Dear society now I understand you love dead people than alive one
    Dear Society you love your traditions and boundaries

  • cosmicpoet 19w


    I'm done with my emotions,
    So let me surrender.
    I'll kneel down to my feelings,
    Let me rise like a vapour.

    Feelings making me lame and
    emotions trying to conquer,
    I'm tired of controlling them so
    let me surrender.

    I can't handle any longer,
    I won't be strong enough farther,
    I know I'm breaking once again,
    But this time I'll surrender.

    I'm loosing my grip and I'm weak
    once again,
    Too heavy to resist,
    So let me surrender.


  • darkness_of_the_sky 21w

    27th August 2021

    I thought about tears today, and all the memorable ones I’ve encountered. I remember the ones on my sisters face. My best friends and ex girlfriends. I remember my friend crying upon my shoulder. My first love caught in a fight with her friend. I remember my best girls face as she cried on the grounds. I remember the best man as he teared during the prayer. I even remember tears spoken over the phone before I fell in love again. As for me it’s been six years since my last tear.

    Although I am not one to eagerly show a tear on the cheek. I remember each of these and more vividly each year. It’s a proof that not every tear will go by unnoticed, and by the the breaking of your hearts they broken into my walls and now they’re names are carved into my heart.

    Now that I remember all their tears, I wonder will someone one day remember mine?


  • madmans_diary 24w


    எனக்கும் ஆசை தான்
    உன்னை மட்டும் காதலித்திட

    விழி எங்கும் நீயே நிரம்பிட

    உன்னோடே என் பயணங்கள் தொடர்ந்திட

    உன் நினைவிலே நான் இரவையும் பகலையும் மறந்திட

    உன்னோடு சொர்கம் சேர்ந்திட

    விரைவில் விழிகள் திறவாய்


  • figura 25w


    Oh heart that has been cracked once, twice or thrice. May you be set free..

  • _manasi__ 28w


    I miss that person
    Though we've never met, I miss
    Somewhere, sometime in future
    I know our paths will cross
    For once and all
    The sense of belonging to you,
    I've been yearning for edges
    My longing for you will finally be over..!
    The weight of the layers on my soul
    Will finally drop out!
    And I will Strip my soul naked
    Only to you, only to be perished by you!

  • pradeept 30w


    Spirituality is all about FSTD.
    1) Forgiveness
    3) Trust
    4) Discipline . @healingsoulnminds
    If you are willing to go ahead on spiritual path , You learn to forgive everyone including yourself. You surrender to Universe and no logics used ,no judgement , Trust in energies and God's plan . You need to follow discipline @healingsoulnminds

  • themystique 37w

    The Depths of the Sea

    Because I'm tired of being surrounded by disingenuous people who feel it is not only acceptable to tear others down but powerful.

    I'm tired of fighting to get through the day just to wake up and do the same meaningless task and routines again. Tired of selling my life to survive.

    I don't want to survive.... I want to live! I want to wake up and appreciate the way the clouds are filtering the sun. For my first breath of the day to be full and fresh. To feel as though my bones are filled with helium rather than weighed down by lead. I am no longer interested in using my happiness and time as a currency in society. I want to open my arms and jump, letting the wind pull me where I am meant to be. I no longer care about fighting against the current to prove ANYTHING to ANYONE!

    From this moment forward, I will drift through the open sea and embrace the depths and mysteries of life. I will stand at the edge of a cliff smiling, daring for someone to push me down. For even if I fall, I will still reach for the clouds.

  • tuckerdinnes 39w

    Free Falling

    free falling
    she lets be and surrenders
    to the winds that change
    like a feather floating freely
    towards the hand of her Creator
    she succumbs to flight


  • hrishi 41w

    What Have I Become?

    How do we normalize agony?
    Am i too deep to come forth?
    If you were never understood
    Would you love, or will you disappear?

    Dreaded are all my experiences
    Should I feel or can we believe?
    Take me to a dark place tonight
    I need to run from your shade

    Through the blistered years
    Shine through the irrelevance
    I've gone numb
    Hope you pull through, hope you let me breathe!

  • wind_in_the_hairs 41w

    Please God, I know you will always protect me and help me help myself.
    Please help me keep myself out of troubles and disappointments.

    #god #faith #life #surrender #temptations #expectations #prayer

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    Dear God,

    Please give me the strength to do what I know is right for me,
    and to avoid temptations for anything,
    and expectations from anybody.


    Your sincere child,

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  • jeetspeaks 42w

    Never surrender to the circumstances

    There may come in your life such worst circumstances when you won't be able to think or take a right decision but to surrender to it. But, such situations are the real testing times. Never bend down to such situations but take your time to get over them slowly and smoothly.