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  • queeraadi 5d

    Do not depend on someone in love this much, that you'll lose your identity

    #pain #memories #selflove #breakup
    #love #hurt #struggle #survive
    #miraki #mirakiquill #sadpoetry

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    Lost or Live

    God of poetry, now weeps in pain
    unable to draw or sing for his love
    who lost himself in human fame.

    He watches the stars, remembering the past
    Suffocating under his own breath looking for a gasp
    He finds himself in a labyrinth lost
    where he hides teary eyes to fake smile.

    Once bloomed in after blue and played in noon meadows
    has become a gold leaf of autumn like a dead with soul
    unable to fall, unable to fly

    Being a victim of dark story he wants to survive
    yet struggling to face unblind truth of a new start
    He is no longer a god, nor a human
    but somewhere between, both or maybe?

    will he resurrect as a pheonix or end up burning to ashes?
    Time will unravel where his fates reside


  • n3rdl18 8w


    When you invest your mind, body, and soul into one singular entity, failure no longer becomes an option. It doesn't exist. Because you become that entity, and in order to continously invest into it, you have to survive. Torturous, isn't it...

  • mane_auraa 9w


    sometimes i wonder if it will be enough, looking away when you look towards me wondering if i'd recognise you from the not-so-distant past. sometimes i wonder what you'd do if you were me and i was you? would you look away, pretend we are strangers and not lost souls wandering in the depths of abandonment, just trying to survive? or will you smile at me and reminisce the beautiful past where strangers were just people we saw on the streets and not broken bonds and distant promises? will you try to solve the mystery of why we are apart or leave me in silence, hanging on a thread of hope that it isn't as loud as the demons that haunt you when you close your eyes, dancing in the flames of wanting retribution for crimes i do not remember? will you remind me of all that went wrong and all that could have gone right if we had just spoken and not held on so tightly to our need to be right? will you prompt me for wanting a bit more and not wanting to concede to the life we lead right now, following ideas like mindless sheep and words of idle men? or will you question all my desires and leave when you get tired, because it's not enough and it never will be? i do not know, for I am Me and You are You and while i wonder if all these questions are really ever enough, you become even more distant in the not-so-distant past.

  • rahmahdi 11w


    Celebrate every clear breath
    Celebrate every bite of food
    Celebrate every sip of drink
    Celebrate every steps taken
    Celebrate every hug
    Celebrate every sleep
    Celebrate every wake up
    Celebrate celebrate celebrate
    Celebrate to beat the choking sorrow

  • summer_air 12w

    Who do u think is "she"?
    #survive #live #heal #wod #pod

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    Off balance

    Withering weathering surviving.
    Put her off of balance,
    She's still the only one living.
    In the world that's self prioritising,
    We are withering, weatheting, and surviving.


  • sk_zikardh 14w


    Stick it out, until you stick it to your worst moments

  • abhishek_y7 19w

    I have nothing to write,

    All i have is to just survive.


  • meghapal 19w


    She was a free bird trapped inside a cage.
    A cage that trapped her body but not her soul.
    Though her soul was free, yet trapped.
    Trapped within the claustrophobic cage of this society.
    "Let me free! Set me free!" - The voice within cries.
    "Let me free! Set me free!" - The voice gradually dies.


  • claralynne 20w


    Fill your lungs.
    Exhale your fears.

  • ep_poetic 21w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 3)

    Fatherless symptoms 

    i couldn't bury

    And when i looked around 

    i saw so many 

    shared a similar story

    We are a tribe

    generated by a heartless kind

    Different methods

    to deal with anger 

    so we could survive

    Enoch Piankhi 

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • ruuts_ 21w


    I wish I was a paper letter,
    like the ones that mama gets.
    written so dearly
    with a lover's scrawl
    and kissed on the head
    like a blessed child.

  • kinishinai 22w

    #newmir #writersnetwork #survive #hopeless

    /for we're homesick
    for a home
    which'd never exist
    and never was/

    (it was supposed to be my first post but, yeah ��)

    Edit: ty @writersnetwork for the read (ps. Repost's a click away ��)

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    Words before I pass by, emotions before this mortal frame ends

    There's this infatuation of mine towards lies which has now made me vulnerable to pretend more. My heart hustled several beats at once as I wrote this. I could feel the rumble deep inside my bosom, the chains of fate ruling their way through to hold me a little longer. (Little did they know I've made my way) The ambivalence of powerful emotions surged their way through me while I was down to decide my final destiny.

    You'd never know that I was once ebullient and bubbly. Being raised by people who'd absolutely give me anything I've always been more than satisfied. Fate smiled at me and I knew for sure I'd be writing mellifluous tales of my life. They say, time welcomes the admirer of present, I was never one of them. Somewhere I'd still wished till the last red trickle down my wrist to go back to the days when I was falling in love (with myself). I've never had the same life ever again. With each day seeing itself end, I was halted to pessimistic remorse, deepening silence and to a more handsome lonliness.

    I broke my nib a thousand times writing all the truthful truths here. Oh! How used I was to pretending that "life is beautiful as hell". They also say, people who give up are the ones who'd suffered the worst thorns. They'd even say *us* weak. The conscience of a suicidal hum-an is as orphic as life itself. You'd never know their personalities swapping themselves up so often that they eventually forget who they ever were. They're hiraeth for a home that never will be, and anxious to know what lies beyond it. I wish I'd write more but the darkness seems to engulf me in with each passing seconds. I've wanted to.....................................

    /blade falls, descending silence/


  • ssunayana 22w

    The War is Worth It

    If you have to,
    Fight the bloody wars,
    And stand your ground for the truth of you,

    For the times when you chose to survive,
    Even when it tore you into pieces,
    Just to breathe your days through,

    For the days that seemed not to end,
    And yet, the moon found you standing strong,
    Because you kept on doing, just you.

    If you really have to, my dear heart,
    Fight the bloody wars,
    And stay kind to the beautiful Flawsome You!

    For that's the only time when,
    The war is worth it.

  • theoffendedteddy 28w

    You Will Survive

    How much life have you seen? Pain, death, how much life have u seen flash right by your eyes? How much loss have you experienced? Of having and THEN being taken away? How much emotion have you had to sacrifice, ‘coz you couldn't weep over them? How many times have you said to yourself 'it is what it is' and shoved things so far in a deep unbothered corner that they have now decayed and decomposed, with nothing left for you to mop over? How many times have you slapped yourself 'okay' ‘coz you couldn't let your mother see your eyes red and swollen? How many times have you hushed yourself to sleep saying, what happens is for the best?

    There are people that have never tasted life and have been caged in a cage with painted walls SO pretty they think that their life is and that's all they learn to love. And when they're freed, they refuse to fly away; they peck at the ones with a lending hand. They refuse to be shown the colours of life and return to the cage and weep.

    But imagine the ones that had wings to fly, they have tasted clouds wrapped in sunlight gold. The mountain, oceans, rivers and grass - they have had it all. Birds like that losing wings to fly, can you fathom the pain they felt? And if they survive, how can u not? For our hearts is the same device.

    Have you cursed the people around you for being weak, for breaking down with every whiff, where you could hardly shed a tear - when your world was falling apart? Have you loathed the ones moping over men when your parents kill each other? Have you scoffed at those that hurt themselves and cry that they are hurt?

    I overcame death, pain, hatred, fraud. I overcame being used, a broken heart. I overcame failure, rejection, backstabbings and rape. I overcame all that, ‘coz there are people who've had it worse and they've survived. They have served, and grown and overcome all that they have. They inspire me to do the same, for there is no other way. There is so much I wanna do in life, so many places to see. So many colours I wanna dye my hair and so many pets to feed. So many clothes I wanna fit in and so many poems to read. There’s so much love I wanna give to the world and a little bit receive. I deserve the world and shall settle for no less. No loss will take me down.

    If I can survive burying my mother, I know ill survive it all. I will collect the pieces of my broken heart, plant them and water them, nourish them anew. I will strengthen my heart to survive for just myself. I need to love me more, caress me more, I need my life to belong to me. No boy or man, love or friend, dead or living soul can change my mind. They’ve done what they did, bygones have gone by. All that’s left is me, and I will walk my own path, make my own amends, be happy with myself and give me love. I will survive, so will you.


  • emyflorencemoses_ 30w

    It's night, Sleep time, I sleep, I survive.
    It's dawn, It's right to fight the day, I survive.
    It's lunch time, I take my food, I survive.
    Of course there are a few that survive, we survive.
    On and on like this, when shall I live?
    You make it purposeful, you make the valleys bloom.
    Doesn't make sense now, So I'll continue to survive, till I live for you.

  • lunatic_pen 32w

    I'm the black rose that rises
    from the dry desert floor
    My thorns are razor sharp
    and I'm evil to the core

    I'm the only rose to survive
    So proudly I stand
    All the others are mere petals
    dancing across the desert sand

    The wind blows me to the left
    then blows me to the right
    I open at dawn
    then close down for the night

    I've survived winter and summer
    even the bitterness of fall
    While the others just wilted
    I remain here standing tall

    No one can break me
    or ever cut me down
    I'm at home being alone
    No one around

    My black petals, they shimmer
    they shine in the light
    I rise and kiss the sun
    for giving me it's awesome light

    Although I'm alone
    I'm never lonely or scared
    I'm always ready for battle
    Standing proud and prepared

    I'm the black rose that rises
    from the dry desert floor
    My thorns are razor sharp
    and I'm evil to the core

    trying to embrace myself today
    after such things happen to me (good or bad) I'll stand and say I survived �� later after one minute of rejoicing I came to realize I'm still alive and breathing �� but half dead ����

    #miraquill let's spread good vibes today
    #life must go on right? #love #fight #survive etc. ��

    why people can't stay where they belong?
    from me to you black rose ��
    Anyway highways �� bye for now

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  • olujobs 33w

    Comfort is for the weak.

  • stellaire_mystique 34w

    Happiness In Pain

    Khabhi Dard ko Na Dil Se Feel Karke Dekho....
    Usse Bas Ek Bar Gale Laga Ke Dekho....
    Usse Saggi Or Sachhi Koi Or Feeling Nahi Hoti....
    Kuki Usme koi Sharing Nahi Hoti Na....
    Jo Hota Hai Jaisa Hota Hai Sirf Apka Hota hai...
    Bas Dard Ke Na Maze Lena Seekhna Padta....

  • vanya_saxena 35w

    Damaged people are dangerous.
    They know that they can survive.


  • hemantjangid 40w

    मैं शहर भी आया तो कर्ज़ लेकर
    अपनी हर जिम्मेदारी का फर्ज़ लेकर

    किसने सोचा था बिक जाऊंगा
    चंद पैसों में हजारों का दर्द लेकर

    ~ हेमन्त जांगिड़