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  • tshegofatsopelotona 10w

    am okay
    but some parts you took
    my cute laugh is gone
    am fearful of what else the years have robbed me off


  • writified 10w

    I don't think I will survive this world.
    Somedays the clouds are too heavy to carry and the sun won't even shine.


  • queershubh 11w


    My honor and my pride has all dissolved;
    Since I have been labelled selfish,
    And been told that I think of none at all.
    It seems like from the beginning I am taking,
    Shamelessly receiving,
    Leeching myself onto…
    Never ever
    Stopping once, to think of giving.

    I am disgustingly self obsessed,
    Nonchalant, heedless, self-serving.
    I wonder why I am still not frozen;
    From all the coldness in my heart.
    Never thawing it warm to cherish the,
    Warmth and joy in devoting.

    I have always been complaining,
    Pondering hideously about my petty form.
    So evil of me for not understanding,
    That this grotesque figure of me;
    It is made for destruction.

    Nothing around me is ever capable of surviving.
    I am from the world of darkness;
    I drink my wine with the devil.
    I tarnish what I touch and I never miss, no.
    The air around me is putrid;
    I smell of rotten flesh,
    Beware! If you ever come around me.

    Sometimes I wonder, why the hell have I;
    Come to this world of sane sentient beings.
    Maybe I would find the arena of the deads,
    More deary and humbling.
    So that I stop being the selfish being I am;
    Get started with devoting my life,
    To charity of the lifeless, unearthly entities.
    Leaving the living alone,
    That I have,
    Since long been selfishly burdening.


  • fearlessforever 17w

    We all carry
    Heart breaks and emotional emptiness with us in a world
    that considers us as a whole.
    The outward confident reality is many a time, just a facade for survival.

  • khushi_07 22w

    All friends are not loyal like some �� #broken #alone #surviving #sad #depressed #blackhearted

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    FRIENDS can too break your heart;
    They can easily leave you a apart.
    They can easily leave you in life without any clue;
    Telling you a simple reason that you are not "TRUE."
    From declaring that no one is as best as you;
    They will start cursing you like you are existing in their life as a "TABOO."
    They will not be bothered about after all this what will you be going through;
    Only at last they will easily forget you like you didn't existed according to their view.
    So it's better to distance yourself from every fake individual near you...

  • scaredycat2222 23w


    Im sorry
    if the way
    that I love you is too soft
    My hands were bound with promises made With words that meant
    to break them

    My cries were muffled with sheets twisted in silk
    That mopped up the milk That dripped from a broken cereal bowl
    He threw at the wall
    Right above my body
    where my head broke my fall

    I was naive in hoping for the end when I knew it was just the beginning

    I tried to shut my eyes
    but my world just kept on spinning

    My nails numb to the carpet and
    they just cant stop digging
    I cant claw my way outta here
    I can scream or yell my way out,i fear
    the only thing that stops them is ny blood on their hands
    and im just not bleeding yet

    who knew there could be so much pain inflicted
    with out leaving so much as drop baring witness
    to the wickedness that hid inside.

    who knew I could loose faith
    In everything and still beg for anything other than what he was doing to me right fucking now

    I just dont have the strength to fight back right now

    I vowed
    I would never, ever, ever
    never ever, ever again
    trust another person, lover, or friend
    with even the smallest piece of me thag they could beat, bloody, break or bend

    So im sorry
    If the love I give you seems like a tiny quiet cry that gets carried away
    In a soft summer breeze
    when its compared To the way you can love somebody it looks like you love blindly with the greatest of ease


  • unimaginative_world 28w

    What about you??

    Drafts 24th feb., 2021


    #mirakee #drafts #surviving

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    Are you actually living?
    Are you just surviving?

    I thought for a moment and surprisingly i got a mixed answer as my heart quietly whispered to me
    "you are half living and half surviving".


  • nocturnal_enigma 34w

    * 5.11.2021; 3.29 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * 777th post ��

    #survivingc @writersbay #surviving #challenge

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    -ving ~

    I'm a survivor of this harsh world; Surviving.
    I'm a lover, who love you, so much; Loving.
    I'm on an endeavor of true-love; Endeavoring.
    I'm on a path of life. God's believer; Believing.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nandini_5 34w

    There's a time when I feel everything I do is wrong .
    Every little things that goes wrong is my fault .
    I feel tired and sick everytime .
    There's a time when I don't want peoples company .
    I just want to be alone . Want to Live by myself .
    I feel uncomfortable with lots of people .
    Even with love ones .
    Sometimes It's hard to breathe .
    I feel like lots of worry is moving in my head .
    Lots of questions to ask but whom I don't know .
    My voice shakes when I speak loud .
    I wasn't like this earlier .
    Maybe my anxiety is increasing .
    Or I'm so depressed .
    I'm holding my tears like a cloud .
    I don't want to cry . Cause I don't want to seek sympathy.
    Sometimes rubish things come to mind .
    I don't want to leave .
    I want to live but happily .
    Wants to tell my friends about my feelings .
    But I'm scared to be judge .
    Offcourse they will judge me .
    Cause not every friend is true .
    Sometimes they pretend like they know everything but no , they don't .
    I used to hate writing but now it's the safest shelter I could find .
    I'm just surviving with lots of hateful thoughts :)


  • vixx1013 57w


    Your loved one is gone but not forgotten.
    Leaving your mind forever haunted.
    They start taking over your dreams.
    Before you know it thats all you see,
    Even if its brief.
    Alls you ever feel is the grief.
    Its unbearable
    You will dig deeper,
    Sitting there waiting for the touch of the reaper.
    Just know that you dont have to carry this solely.
    You have someone you can console in.
    You will never be alone as long as i walk the earth.
    Reach out and hold my hand
    I will take some of your pain
    And pull you from the rain
    Though grief never ends
    The heart will eventually mend.
    Especially if you open up and find comfort in a friend.

  • rachelatherton 57w

    This mortal path I wander

    Along this mortal path I wander
    Away from the crowded clusters
    Longing to dance with the music
    That's just out of reach
    Yet here I am
    Empty, alone
    Thorns ripping my feet apart
    Fire burning in my eyes
    Ice freezing over my heart
    That I tried so hard to protect
    Alone in this world
    Sometimes it isn't pretty
    Watching my time run out
    Right in front of me

  • lum_nk 59w

    Delapidated bird hopped around desperate to live.

  • thetramp 64w

    Alive (?)

    You're not strong for surviving-

    They're selfish in asking you to stay.

    Staying alive is much too abhorrent.

  • fayemi_13 72w

    The dead, decayed girl you see today
    Was once a lioness.
    Giving up fighting,
    She's breathing serenity
    But life wouldn't agree on losing
    A warrior it had made.
    Shoved into the battlefield,
    She stands defeated
    Broken and bruised,
    But stronger than ever,
    Back to her old ways,
    Roaring, struggling and

    S u r v i v i n g


  • fayemi_13 72w

    It's not over. Not yet. This is simply not how it was supposed to end.

    #mirakee #life #fightinglife #surviving #depression #nevergiveup @writersnetwork @mirakee
    The last lines are nothing but a glimpse of how you changed my perspective, how you inspired me @the_late_night_tales brother❤️

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    Why is it so chaotic inside?
    Something's reaping me apart,
    yet all I feel is nothing.
    Why can't I feel the life
    rushing through my veins?
    Something's killing me.
    I've lost track of the tic-tock.
    There's nothing left in me now,
    There's nothing left for me now,
    But still I want to see how far I can go,
    If I don't give up now !


  • tshegofatsopelotona 73w

    tiny steps never hurt
    a fall there ,a forever to get
    back up
    but still
    you get up


  • tshegofatsopelotona 76w

    All I wanted to do was laugh
    while all he wanted was to put his hands
    on my body and weep.


  • secrecyofthemind 77w

    Some days

    Some days make me feel light,
    When I rummage through my actions
    When I step back from my responsibilities
    And realize my mistakes

    Some days make me feel heavy,
    When I realize that hours passed by
    When I laugh so hard over nonsensical things
    And binge-watch shows like no tomorrow

    Some days I look for antidote
    To cure my sadness and happiness
    And some days I don't feel alright
    While most days I just attempt to get by


  • mercileie_zealeaous01 78w

    ©mercileie_zealeaous01,#death & life , fight until mine death ,#surviving ,fighting ,but not meant for defeating to accepting.

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    Death and life ......

    Tumbling down sometimes in mine life ,
    In order to create a sustainable vibe ,
    Just like a little boy watching for the help ,
    Looking upto the clouds,
    wavering winds flowing over the sky .

    Sometimes I think just why not I had died ,
    But something inside keept me aside
    to make me in this life to be alive ,
    Then one day it showers from the sky ,

    Heavily rain's flowing through the hovering drops over the skies,
    I'm keep on telling me to myself lies .
    That it came to nourished me with from the heavenly lights,
    Then suddenly a light came turns the huge scene with the beautiful colours of rainbows
    Over the skies ,
    that are inside one another which is intertwined,
    and see this what's the gameplan of this life, when I want to live it tried to disguised ,
    but I always never give up and tried,
    what a miracle when talent tried ,
    It faces a message that you had to live and still had to survive ,in order to create a meaningful life , in order to create a meaningful life, & that's it , #death and life ,
    true game of life's ,
    # eternal truth .


  • sillysadar 80w

    A war has begun

    All around this land you'll hear cries out for help as a battle has begun
    People try to give others a hand but,
    This land that you stand in was once grand now it's in ruins
    You'd stand and hear soldiers screaming "grenade, grenade!" trying to warn others as everything becomes a blurry
    Many fears would be rushing inside your head fearing your alone yet again but,
    You get up bearing the pain you feel so you see how everyone is as you spot a solider bleeding

    You tear off what you wear to wrap it around a soldiers leg to try to slow down the bleeding
    As you do so you hear others begging for you to come help them
    So you hear they're yelps and try helping but,
    You see the many fallen soldiers that thought that if they fought everything will be fine but,
    Those they fought crossed the line of what's right and what's wrong
    So a war has begun and many are still fighting for what they believe is right as you try to survive