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  • antalashia 4w

    Me for myself

    I hold on to my shoulders enveloping myself in hug.
    I want myself to feel safe, as snug as a bug.
    I wipe away the tears of my heart
    Holding it tight so it doesn't fall apart
    I'm my greatest enemy, hero and friend.
    I've been with me forever, now till the end.
    The shit I've been through I wish for no one else.
    I hope this kind of pain is absent from stories that anyone else tells.
    Each moment I remember the moment,
    It brings back fear and anger so violent.
    Each memory haunts and hurts like hell.
    Though I type it, it's a story hard for my mouth to tell.
    Each time I go through it I break, and each time I get back up.
    Cause no matter what I go through, I'll keep moving forward, I'll never stop.

  • sidh_ru 7w

    My mind knows
    Where I should brag
    "I am the best",
    And where I should whisper
    "I am not that good".
    While my heart knows,
    My efforts can crack every barriers,
    My skin can take scary scratches.
    So I'm neither the irritating narcissist,
    Nor the clumsiest fool,
    I'm a survivor in here.

  • angels_halo_shines 9w


    I know what’s ahead
    A blow to my head
    Might as well be
    Then I could see
    When my vision is blurry
    I try not to worry
    As might sight will remain
    Making me want to refrain
    My memory is not so great now
    My therapist says I’m sick that’s how
    My therapist just sees me when cry
    I apologize, he says he knows why
    With all the nightmares he’s there
    His face, his evil face he didn’t care
    He was in it for my pain
    What did he have to gain?
    His grubby hands, on imagery alone
    Why I taken to the steps and shown
    I mustn’t have been the only one
    Me, I was on my own and done
    I hope you took everything you could
    You will be paid in full, karmic rules
    The stakes are high for you
    Doubling up not a good idea to do
    With no place to hide or run
    Signing your name as you were done
    Hoping you choke on your guilt alone
    I will take that credit, karma’s a bitch


  • mayukha 11w


    We all have a story
    With thousands of up's and down's
    Things and past to survive
    And battles to fight
    This is what life is
    It makes us strong
    Makes us a warrior


  • dalisayagape 12w

    Phoenix Soul

    The hammer that has been dangling precariously from my now frayed heart string has finally become to heavy of a weight for it to bear.
    With one final tug on the weakened string the hammer falls!
    It falls fast and without care, breaking first through the wall in my soul that I so perfectly built that seperates my strength from my vulnerability! What took me years to build it OBLITERATED in a mere second.
    As it found its way to the bottom of my being it shattered EVERY part of my soul into a million jagged little pieces, leaving nothing of my prior self to be salvaged! An empty space, a blank canvas!!!
    The jagged little pieces are removed one by one carried with the current of my tears! Each tear cleansing as it flows taking with it the toxins that polluted my being, one by one.
    The toxic thoughts
    The toxic feelings
    The toxic doubts
    The toxic insecurities
    Flowing fast and freely! I surrender to their current. I do not fight it. Im tired of fighting.
    The rush of tears slowly becomes a trickle. Their job is complete.
    The cavity where my toxic soul once resided is now vacant and scrubbed clean.
    Ready for my soul to begin renovating itself on a solid, pure foundation. One free from toxic waste.
    Each piece fitting with the next seamlessly, without friction. Piece by piece my soul emerges.
    A piece added for each person I make laugh and two for each time I laugh.
    A piece for every person I make smile and two for each time I smile.
    A piece for each word of encouragement I give and two for each time I welcome encouragement
    A piece for every time I offer my shoulder to cry on and two for allowing myself to cry on someone elses
    My old souls one and only focus was to make sure everyone elses soul was unscathed.
    My renovated souls one and only focus is to make sure it remains unscathed. A healthy soul can help alot more people than a dying one!! So two pieces of the whole are given for each time my own soul is nurtured and only one when I nurture someone elses.
    MY SOUL IS VALUABLE....and deserves nurturing!
    My old soul absorbed everyone elses negative energy in order to keep them from feeling any pain.
    My old soul had an open door policy, allowing everyone to drag in their toxins and dump them there.
    My old soul, in its quest to heal everyone that was hurting, internalized that hurt.
    My old soul in its mission to protect all it loved from pain became oblivious to the pain it was in.
    With time my old soul became so convuluted with everyone elses toxic waste that I was turning in to the person that needed to be saved instead of the one saving everyone else.
    Now that I needed to be saved, who was going to save me?? Nobody but myself!!
    My old soul was shattered when it could no longer bear the weight of the toxins that had collected there. Self destructed in order to self reflect and renovate itself with self love being its number one priority.
    My renovated soul

    will still do all that made my old soul so special but will not do it at its own expense.

    does not have any walls within it. There is no wall to seperate my strength from my vulnerability. They are one in the same!! Allowing myself to be vulnerable without fear is the ultimate show of strength!!

    will surrender to cleansing as often as it needs it. It will let the tears flow as fiercely or softly as they need too for as long as they need too.

    is okay with the fact that its okay to not be strong all the time.

    knows that reaching out for a hand or asking for help is not a sign of failure or weakness.

    will embrace the good that people are willing to share with me with open arms, without guilt.

    will no longer have an open door policy. I will no longer allow negative energy to get past the threshold and pollute all the positive energy coming to me and from me!

    will always put my feelings above all others. They are valid and should be vocalized, heard and respected with as much weight as I put in everyone elses.


    If by chance I slip back to the ways of my old soul and the weight yet again becomes to much to bear, I vow to surrender all power and give myself permission to accept defeat without feeling like a failure. Defeat is not failure. Failure would be allowing myself to continue hurting when I have the power to stop it. The worst kind of failure is failing yourself!! I refuse to fail myself anymore! There is more than enough things/people that can and will fail me in this world, the only one i have control over is myself. Accepting defeat is the first step on my way to victory. I will stumble, I will slip, I expect to renovate my soul numerous times before i get it just right and im okay with that. In the end no matter how long it takes I will claim victory and my permanant soul will be impenetrable ♥

  • sheispoetic_21st 15w

    i was a prisoner
    of my thoughts
    a victim of tormentation
    by my emotions
    a slave to my ordeal
    i did no crime
    yet i fought this silent battle
    in the adamantine cage
    many were held captive
    and perished away
    though anxiety and depression
    left its spillage on me
    i still remain a survivor
    because i stood firm
    and found a reason to see the serein

    Originally by
    Instagram: ___.sarahhhh_

    This is to u who has conquered all

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  • taytay_nicole424 18w

    *Sexual Assault Trigger Warning read at your own risk*

    "Aren't you afraid to let them show"
    What's there to be terrified of
    Each crack in my foundation
    Contains a different story of my life

    Hidden deep in this jagged line
    Lies my sobbing childhood
    Poisoned by dads draped in Captain Morgans and fierce anger
    Tainted by Epstein creeps and Barbie perfect bullies

    Here within this gaping one
    Lies my traumatized 2016 Summer
    Tormented by an ex who didn't care for the meaning of "no"
    Haunted by a first true friend taken too soon

    The final one I'll dare to present
    Lies grieving countless years wasted on a first love decieving Prince Charming
    Confused by Sour Patch Kid words
    Torn apart by sweet and sour memories

    So you see
    I'm not ashamed of these imperfections marring my heart
    Each contributed into the shaping of me
    Creating a warrior, a true survivor

    #confessionsofapoet #scars #memories #mystory #dark #deep #feels #warrior #survivor #tough #unbreakable #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #poet #poem @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you to all of y'all who reposted my poem it means a lot to me<3

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    Confessions of a Poet

    Confused by Sour Patch Kid words
    Torn apart by sweet and sour memories

  • taytay_nicole424 18w

    *Sexual Assault Trigger Warning read at ur own risk*

    I'm nothing more than a mere painting
    Tarnished by your touch
    You took all these beautiful colors I once harbored
    Splattered them across my canvas
    Ruining the once beauty and brightness of my soul
    Now when I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind
    Forever taunting me
    Always reminding me that my purity was never truly mine to hold

    #painter #wod #ruinedcanvas #rape #feels #metoo #sexualassault #victim #survivor #warrior #struggling #drowning #deep #dark #cruel #art #depressed #ptsd #writer #poetry #poem #poet #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill

    *I want to give a very grateful thank you to @writersnetwork for reposting my poem, it truly means so much to me<3

    *Giving another grateful thank you to everyone who reposted my poem, just knowin that y'all enjoy my poems enough to share them just makes my day:)

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    Ruined Canvas

    When I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind

  • sugandh_ankahi 22w


    I've breathed storm and
    I've burnt the night ,
    I'm not gonna kneel down ,
    so show me your best fight
    My poems don't rhyme
    and I don't care ,
    I relish darkness,
    try burying me, I dare.
    Sunk in my veins, running too deep ,
    My attitude is the only armor my bones gonna need .
    I lick my pain , I own my wound ,
    I am not tired ,
    let's have one more round
    Don't just dip your fingers ,
    I won't let you ,
    I am the sea, I will consume you.
    Not here to cry, not here to whine ,
    I 'll keep smiling ,cos Its not a crime.
    it may not my day or my year to shine ,
    But I am survivor ,
    will last till the end of time.

  • deadlittlesongbird 23w


    Walking along the riverbank with you
    When I was young.
    Oh, how I once idolized you.

    Tears pooled around the corners of my mouth
    Before dripping onto clasped hands,
    Listening to your your pain, your traumas.

    I laughed with you, cried with you
    Let my guard down around you.
    How much of this was a lie?

    You should have shot yourself
    With the rifle you pointed at my face.
    Taste the tears, lead, and bitter fear.

    I mourn for you, who you once were.
    Never able to truly grow up,
    A beaten sad boy, forever.

  • gwencanfield 30w

    Social Masks

    But please hear what I've been thinking
    If we all could but agree
    To one big great and honest unmasking
    We could then all but see
    That we are all made with a little of both
    The holy and the unclean
    The comedian was once pied piper
    He would sell his jokes with a frown
    Just like a modern day circus
    Hidden in the painted on mask of its clown
    Those masks are all but anime
    A farce told clear in truth,
    The truth that we all wear masks as well
    Secrets of our own making we wear
    Its in the comedians jesters that we find
    Him holding the only real nugget of truth
    That once popped like a kernel of popcorn
    It becomes a more apparent
    And more deeply rooted and seed of truth
    The poets and bards of long ago
    Learned that that was easier
    To tell the audience the actual naked truth
    Hidden behind the mask of joker
    Because as we all joined in laughter
    We don't realize our masks run clear
    Leaving us open and laid bear
    Cause our laughter acknowledges as truth
    What we already knew inside as truth
    But were so humanly afraid of its light
    Scared that it must be a blinding guise
    Or something that if others see
    We'll be made fun of or lose class in society
    So we assume that since our sinful
    Nature, chained with the knowledge
    Of good and evil, was exposed as much darker
    Than we're prepared to admit next to truth
    It gives us such disconcerting shame, we feel
    Like Adam and eve, naked and vulnerable
    And choose to cover it with masks
    Layers of shaded makeup, polite etiquette
    And a long list of human stupidity

  • melcus86 32w

    Like the sea moves 
    We move 
    Where no breath is needed
    And Soul connects without speaking
    Swimming to the deep 
    Into the depth 
    Of anything and everything 
    Between the two of us
    Symphonies melodies 
    memories and the music 
    Mesmerizing me every time 
    I see you moving 
    Bodies in motion 
    Wandering the vastness 
    Of the ocean 
    Where wet is living 
    And living gets messy 
    Energy says everything 
    Never said 
    Telepathically sent
    Of another realm 
    So soft and gently done 
    We float off together hand and hand

  • skyenet 33w

    The wave

    A chill on your nape, a crawl on your spine, the vision transcends dimensions, time freezes, palms sweat, the only thing agog is your beating heart,
    Crest of the wave, you no longer feel your body, the soul for an infinitesimal moment hanging in ether.
    And just as your sanity appears to crack, the sweet sweet trough,
    Awashes you..
    Time unlocks,
    Your heart slows down almost abruptly,
    The vision shifts,
    The lights have turned green.

  • mariateresa 36w

    When I started sharing my writing publically almost 3 years ago, that was the moment my motto "Triumphing over Trauma" was born. Shining light into darkness, having the courage to be vulnerable by sharing my experience, strength and hope. We do heal, as long as we feel: Maria Teresa, Emotional Musings ��

    #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquill #truth #courage #triumphingovertrauma #thisisme #mytruth #authenticself #survivor #empowerment #healing #raiseyourvoice #feelingishealing #human #humanity mystory

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    Triumphing over Trauma

    Inner whispers of mystery speak
    While leaning into feelings so deep
    Observing as they come and go
    Holding onto the belief that with time abundance will grow
    No need to feel shame or worry
    Rainbow aura keeps me shielded when intuition is blurry
    Instincts sharpened by experience, teaches me to carry on
    Passionate heart is the vehicle that drives me towards dawn
    When darkness threatens to shut out the Light
    Ranges of emotions are the waves I surf at night
    "Triumphing over Trauma" as my battle cry
    Accepting this truth becomes my only guide


  • neeraja 36w

    Penniless and broken,
    A man came between his thoughts and desire,
    Unshakeable by his dying hopes,
    He stared at burnt-out stars and half smiling moon,
    Waiting for night to end and sun to shine,
    Alas! The beholder didn't know that was last glowing light of the night

  • broken_glass_words 40w


    Bones breaking under his weight
    Screams muffled by his palm
    Heart shattering from his words
    Eyes showering from the pain
    Arms shaking from pushing uselessly
    All of her hope for freedom ends in vain
    For she would never forget this night
    Never get rid of the feel of his touch
    The scars on her neck
    She would always see the bruises
    Always hear him saying awful things
    Words that would haunt her at night
    Words that would kill her every day
    And she cries knowing
    She'd never be the same

  • broken_glass_words 40w


    The ghost of your touch
    Traces every inch of my body at night
    The ghost of your words
    Fills my ears with painful whispers
    The ghost of your prying eyes
    Watch me even under the blankets
    How could you do this to me?
    How could you leave me with a demon
    That haunts my every second?

  • broken_glass_words 40w


    You gave me sleepless nights
    You caused hopeless fights
    You made me stop believing
    You gave me lose my life
    You caused these nightmares
    You made me hate myself
    Blame myself
    Lose myself
    In these memories

  • broken_glass_words 40w


    Knock me down
    And take my hope with you
    Tear me down
    And destroy my everything
    Rip me up
    And blame it on my clothes
    Crumple my bones
    And fill me with nightmares
    Take my last hopes
    And kill them with a touch
    Leave blood on the leather
    Like you did that day
    And break me apart

  • broken_glass_words 40w


    The disgust in your eyes
    Felt like knives to my soul
    The menace in your glance
    Hit like a storm to my home
    The way you blamed it on me,
    Were disgusted by me,
    Claimed it was all an attention play
    Makes me believe it was my fault
    Was it all my fault?
    Maybe I'll never know.