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  • authorsahiilkatoch 1w


    He is on the door
    He is breathing flames
    And I have already told you
    You should be running
    He is coming with a wrath and rescue
    There will be no voices left in the world
    For what you kidnapped me
    Will cost a devastation....
    A pure devastation

    - your world is about to end

  • crazynori 1w


    I am an artist's statue sitting on a platform for all too see
    They call this place a gallery, a museum, a library of finished pieces
    But why am I the only one here that's broken?
    Why is it that the only information about my making is question?
    Who is my artist ?
    Who is my mother?
    My father?
    My maker?
    Am I not wanted?
    Why are my broken parts on the ground for all to see?
    Why didn't the janitor at least sweep?
    Sweep my carcass underneath a rug
    Throw it in trash
    Throw me in a trash
    Give it to my sculpter
    Why am I the only one without a divider?
    A velvet red rope
    Keeping onlookers from taking me to their homes
    Why don't I have small spotlights?
    Illuminating the rugged edges of my carved smile
    And missing eye
    Am I so worthless
    That they don't worry the risk of me being stolen?
    Or am I so unwanted
    They wished someone would?
    Why am I the only one here that's broken?
    Why is my only description question?
    Was I made at all?

  • authorsahiilkatoch 5w

    The world can be scary place it will scare you but if you stare in the scare, it will be scared to scare...So have no fear of good you have done because bad will always be guilty

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    I forgive but never forget

    Lantern flying in sky
    Taking my wishes to the sea
    Rolling off the ocean
    Will consume you, for fidelity
    Sin and sinned
    You caused disharmony
    Win and won
    I am Defeated the treacherous sea
    Learn and unlearned
    Rolled down the heaven to see..
    I finally got a closure


  • sleepinghermit 12w

    Where to my dear balloon?
    As I hope worries ends soon
    I wish to float in the skies
    See another ray of sunrise
    Enlightening the abyss of despair
    So I may leave this nightmare
    Ending chapters of sorrow
    Towards a brighter tomorrow

  • pallavi4 17w

    Mind Cave

    I closed my eyes and widened my mind
    Like Alice I chose to fall down a rabbit hole
    Who knows what I would discover ?
    Maybe be able to touch a fragment of my soul ?

    As the meditation deepened so did my dive
    Strange images I saw in my mind
    I’d travelled into the deep recesses of darkness
    There’s no telling here what I would find

    I think I hoped to see scary and horrifying scenery
    Dismal and destitute as I felt inside
    Nothing I thought of could bring me peace and calm
    Because it was my mind that I’d choosen to run and hide

    However when I came upon a placid lake in blue
    I was taken aback by its quiet tranquility
    There were doves flying above it in glee
    The sky was not clouded by austerity

    I saw a white owl perched on a tree nearby
    Hooting calmly in the fading light
    I felt soothed by the musicality of his notes
    Till he took off into the sky to glide

    The dark turned the lake into a black mirror
    Into which I tentatively dipped my feet
    Who would have thought this mysterious wonder
    Would render my soul internally complete

    So I stepped out of the cool water
    Traced my steps back as I’d arrived
    I was elated to have been witness
    To such vivid pink and purple skies

    As I slowly opened my eyes, I realised
    A new sense of purpose I’d found
    All it took was a trip into my own mind
    For me to feel refreshed and unwound


    Everyone has a field of energy that surrounds them at all times. This layered combination of physical and spiritual bodies called the aura looks like an oval-shaped field of colorful light to those who can pick up its frequencies.

    The color of your aura is always significant, because it tells you which chakra is the most dominant, which personality traits are most likely, and where you tend to focus your time and energy. Different emotions and actions create different shades of physical and mental energy, and pink is often manifested through acts of love, sensitivity, and loyalty. Having a pink aura means you’re a sensitive soul who values love, art, and freedom.

    A spirit animal is characterized as a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship to an individual. This can be discovered through deep meditation and walking into your “mind cave”.
    The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge.

    Symbolic meanings for the owl are:
    * Intuition, ability to see what others do not see
    * The presence of the owl announces change
    * Capacity to see beyond deceit and masks

    29th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #wod #travel #mind_cave #mind #aura #spirit_animal #astral_form #symbolism @writersnetwork #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • thefool_thehermit 24w

    My heart is a cemetery,
    Of all the people,
    And their memories,
    It's my last hope,
    And my sanctuary.

  • our_fallacy 26w


    When the trees cast their leaves into wind
    Their branches crash and collides
    Untill they could wave them bye
    They blow into the petrichor
    And got engulfed by the tempest

    The winds argue with sophism
    Contemplating to not blow with zephr
    Only filled with blasphemy
    As they spew colours of vignette

    Purple hyacinths bows in silence
    For the halcyon they lose in the blustery
    And can only look on helplessly
    For they got caught in the argument
    Between the trees and the wind

    They cannot escape it nor run
    For i am like the purple halcyon
    That got caught in their controversy


  • thefool_thehermit 31w

    गुम है

    दिल उसकी याद में बैठा,
    गुम है कहीं,
    वो जिसे,
    खुद के आज का पता नहीं,
    जिसके साथ कोई चलता नहीं,
    जिसे किसी मंज़िल की तलाश नहीं,
    जो खुद गुमशुदा है कहीं,
    दिल बंजारा पलके बिछाए,
    उसकी याद में गुम है कहीं।

  • steffy2110 32w

    What do I, know about Love

    The cold breeze by the shore, fluttering her sundress,
    caressing her wild curls in the air.
    The sun kissed her goodbye,
    before dunking into the horizon,
    making a silent promise to come again tomorrow by the dawn,
    making her cheeks pink and her eyes smile.
    Like this was how they made their pinky promise each day.
    An emotion so strong beyond words, the faith to let go and wait to return, the faith in his return, the faith in her wait.
    Charmed by the keeper colors, wondered I, 'Is this what Love looks like ?'
    May be it is or may be not, for what do I know about Love.

    "Its not all roses and kisses", whispered Apollo*.
    Says He, there'll be days, they won't meet , when the dark clouds glooms over the skies.
    Sometimes he'll go behind the fluff playing hide,
    Sometimes her sad face doesn't want to wake up to his ray of sunshine,
    Sometimes it's just a bad day, so just take a raincheck!
    Not everything is black and white, it's the grey times testing your waters.
    You see, the beauty blooms when the Greys are embraced, because as rightly said,
    'Even with all your freckles, I'll still love you.
    Even with all your goofs, I still want to keep our promises.
    Even with all Greys I'll still come back and kiss you, for it is the Faith that runs the course.
    Forgive me, for I'll mess up and so do I when you do.'
    Hooking our pinkies we vowed,
    "I'll come for the morning kiss in your waiting arms by the dawn, for I need to see your beautiful smile to start my day".
    And that's my silent prayer as I kiss you each time,
    for You are my forever agápi mou*.


    (*1: Apollo is the Greek mythology God of Sun, Logic and Reason, also a fine musician and healer.

    *2: agápi mou means 'my Love' in Greek)

  • writesmahe 33w

    A huge white wall
    as old as the whole wide world,
    Was it empty ?
    Was it peace ?
    Was it clean ?
    Noone knows.

    A cute little kid
    as new as a fresh dew drop,
    With love in his eyes,
    threw colours at the wall.
    Was it red?
    Was it yellow?
    Was it blue?
    Noone knows.

    A smile on the lips,
    with a satisfying look,
    what did he achieve,
    to have this pride ?

    They looked at the wall,
    more colourful than ever.
    Was it freedom?
    Was it future?
    Was it equality?
    Everyone knows.

    It is Love.
    It is Pride.


    #ink #wod #pride #symbolism @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

    Picture credits : Pinterest - to the rightful owner

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  • bushbaby 34w

    The sun came out at night;
    In the dark, it was entirely too bright,
    So I shielded my eyes in spite;
    For I'd grown to trust,
    Only fickle, blinking lights.

  • thefool_thehermit 37w

    Ye mausam ke mijaj
    Fir se badalne ko hai
    Jese koi haseen khata
    Fir se katne ko hai
    Ya to kisi se rooh-b-rooh hone ko hai
    Ya fir kisi kafiyat mein
    Fanna hone ko hai
    Sambhal ke
    Waqt fir se badalne ko hai

  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 43w

    Cookies is a weed strain and arbol is tree in Spanish backwoods are blunt paper #rap #wordplay a upper case "i" looks like a pillars Symbolizing the ego and pride Samson broke pillar Samson from the Bible he broke the pillars in the end where he sacrifice himself to kill philistines in God name he hid his hair which what gave him.power and Alice literally sailed in her tears to open the door in the movie #symbolism oh and our bowl meaning the bowl of the bong

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    The baby face Trojan horse

    Opening doors

    To the other side

    Following rabbits

    With Alice

    Sailing the tears that he surf and slides

    Standing under

    These pillars of I's

    Coming down

    Like Samson with a hair full to hide

    Grabbing thunder

    Declaring ain't no one iller than i

    Running round

    Like the son of sam as he kills off his mind

    Turning everything backwards

    Like Kriss Kross

    Triple x

    Yeah all he do is criss cross

    Burning everything with his rap verse

    Making a hip hop

    Once he cripple legs

    And detached them outta their Gucci flip flops

    Symbolizing time is money

    With a Rolex wrist watch

    Tryna roll less

    but all these problems

    got him lost in the backwoods Breaking these trees off

    Ask around (ax around)

    Our bowl (arbol)

    Is full of cookies that would put a chip on Your shoulder


  • thamez 44w

    @mirakee #dove #bird #heartbreak #love #symbolism #bleeding #heart

    There is something poetic about the bleeding heart
    This is a dove with red marks on its chest
    The kind of red that resemble the color of blood
    And its always on the chest
    Makes it look like it got shot
    Right where the heart should be
    But its not in pain though
    Thats just how it looks
    And this is a real bird

    They say doves
    They symbolizes peace and love
    But what about this dove
    Pain and heartaches?
    A symbol for the broken hearted
    But the bird isn't broken
    The bird itself is just fine in the inside
    What do you think?
    To me its just fascinating

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    The Bleeding Heart Dove


  • goldenthoughts 47w

    The Moon

    Just the robust moon
    Lighting up every shades of darkness

  • puchka 47w

    The Third Eye

    It's not just to draw attention
    It's not just to make a fashion statement
    It's not just to declare her marital status
    It's much more than that
    ...symbolizing the third eye of a woman
    astute enough to see through the evil
    lurking in minds behind the facade
    ..symbolizing pride in femininity, ability to handle
    the toughest situation
    ...symbolizing she is different but equal

  • _writer_at_heart_ 47w


    A symbol of joy and life-giving power,
    Ultimate reality and like a goodness shower,
    Divine illumination and intelligence it seems,
    Especially while one finds it in darkest hours and wildest screams.

    A source of power and immortality,
    Light is a symbol of re-birth,
    re-stand and re-start too,
    If stuck somewhere,
    Don't forget to search for your light within you.

    Energy that makes something visible,
    Electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength,
    Visible or not visible,
    Both are light,
    An important element of life.

    Visible or not,
    Light is always a light.
    Just as you folks,
    Visible or not,
    Noticed or not,
    in other's eyes,
    in other's state of mind,
    You are still there,
    Present, to shine and excel,
    Very special and rare,
    Uniquely defined.


  • anusudeep_ 47w

    Fluttering in the air

    Fluttering in the air
    Trying hard to be there

    It was almost gone
    But then bursted back to fire

    Glowing with all its charm
    Just a blow and it will be out

    Or just a palm to cup it
    And it would reignite

    Keep it bright and it would shine
    Swallowing the darkness around

    The flame that keeps you warm
    Can also be a sign of alarm

    The meek and the furious
    Both are my parts

    I would reveal the one
    That you ask for.

  • sammiegirl 48w

    The Blue Guardian

    The bird is big and stands at attention
    Light blue bird of myth, provided us with protection,
    Nested they remain and still maintain a connection
    Love is a bird blind, seeing another dimension
    Nature truly survives with a natural intention
    Finger pointed in a disappearing direction,
    It is no weapon unless put in the wrong hands of perception
    Word spreads fast, the bird is not one to be threatened


  • likwidsay10 48w


    She's a flower dancing in the rain
    Tears run down her petals like rain
    A rose armed with thorns
    That grows in the light
    She is silent an' deeply rooted
    budding, blossom an' parish
    Her radiant beauty fades away
    Leaving behind the green stock
    That supports her;
    The skeleton that she forgot