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  • that_freak 12w

    My love for twenty one pilots (tøp) just keeps growing stronger everyday. #tøpappreciationday #twentyonepilots

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    twenty one pilots Supremacy

  • athena_abi 19w

    Of the year

    31 days of month starting with M
    Where she wanted to be with them
    The day of 22nd when she came earth
    Whole family welcomed her with warmth


  • teijojussila888 19w

    SUNDAY - Sun 1,8,15,27,28 - Dimanche
    MONDAY - Moon 2,9,16,21,29 - Lundi
    TUESDAY - Mars 3,10,17,22,30 - Mardi
    WEDNESDAY -Mercury⚪4,11,18,23,31 -Mercredi
    THURSDAY - Jupiter 5,12,19,24 - Jeudi
    FRIDAY - Venus 6,13,20,25 - Vendredi
    SATURDAY - Saturn 7,14,21,26 - Samedi

    Every month. First Monday is always starting between numbers 1th-7th. If first monday is 7th then last monday is always 28th. 1th then 29th. 2th then last is 23th or 30th. 3th then 24th or 31th. 4th then 25th. 5th then 26th

    After the sun is always moon.
    After the moon is mars. Mercury is
    Always before Jupiter and Venus
    Is after Jupiter. Saturn is always before
    SUN. Thats how your calender is done.
    When the month is gone. The other start
    So this order never broke. This is not a joke.

    Month first day is starting from new moon to other How long moon is taking time
    Around a world. Every new month first monday is starting from the new moon day

    T. @teijojussila888

  • tolu_writer 25w


    I'm unashamed of the scars on my back
    Or the things I lack.
    The times I cry
    Or when I can only ask why?

    I'm unashamed of my mistakes
    Or when I miscalculate the stakes
    The times of regret
    Or the times I could only fret.

    I'm unashamed of the hole in my heart
    It's proof of the love I took part
    Oh! I'm unashamed of my flaws
    'Cause me being great is already a law!

  • ritesh18 30w

    Strange things for this Ind vs Pak t-20 World Cup match
    Lost 1st time yaar, but congratulations to pak for their performance...!!!
    10 wickets victory

  • seraiah_smiles 32w

    {The Life of a T(h)ree and Its Seed}

    A "That To... Is To" Poetry
    by Seraiah


    That to hold on is to break, but to hold on is to heal.

    That to break is to "fall", and to fall is to die.

    That to die is to sprout, and to die is to live.

    That to sprout is to toil, but to toil is to endure.

    That to endure is to gain, and to gain is to "live".

    That to live is to break, but to "live" is to heal.

    That to hold on is to break, but to hold on is to heal.


    Poem Title:

    {The Life of a T(h)ree and Its Seed}

  • work2rise 36w

    ALJ: Affirmation: Joyful Choices

    ALJ: My joy makes all my choices for me!

    ©work2rise Affirmation #454 Day#454

    #ALJPersonal: #T

    "Our differences are becoming a gift to each other."

    I'm starting to remember what it feels like to be naturally in contact with someone for hours or through the whole day. Especially, if the exchange (energy) or interest is mutual . I once had a traumatic history of immaturity and lost a great person ( best friend), but since I have grown, I am starting feel like I am on the verge of having this closeness again, but with someone else. Yet although , we are different in some ways, I am considering that the differences are a gift to each other. And because of this gift of difference and knowing them ; they are attracting new possibilities and many new experiences into my life.

  • ritesh18 38w

    #indvspak #t-20worldcup2021 #uae

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    Did you know that out of 132 ODI matches between India vs Pakistan,
    India Won-55
    Pakistan Won- 73

  • work2rise 39w

    ALJ: Affirmation: I Joyfully Care

    ALJ: I am joyfully capable of supporting other people with care ,love, and compassion.
    ©work2rise Affirmation#436 Day#436

    #ALJPersonal: #T

    I am a very empathetic and compassionate being. Even when others are guarded emotionally .I do my best to be supportive, and present . While also, respecting their right to process their own private experience. I do worry, but I try to keep myself present and available , to allow them to express whatever support or comfort needed from me when they're ready.

  • _anikamal 41w

    Looking in her eyes he asked , " dear, do you also think that if one doesn't want negativity then he too should not disturb other people's private life and positive energy?" ...
    "Yes , ofc darling " , she replied .

  • _anikamal 41w

    Lines from film

    "Sinister should be punished", he said.
    "Brutally punished darling, ik you can give that person his treatment" ... she corrected.

  • kingofdarkness 42w


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    किसने सजाया है दिल में तुम्हें और
    तुमने किसे मेंहदी दिखाई है..
    कहीं महफ़िल का हो चाँद तुम्ही ,
    कहीं तुम बिन फैली तन्हाई है ...

  • akshadajadhav 43w

    #theseven #trisv #�� #taeda
    You can count on me

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    Here is the seven.
    A place where you seek and find.
    Time to trust the truth inside.
    With the patience whispered dream.
    The future calls, listen close.
    Bridges of positivity,
    Always grow a thorn less rose.
    A place to call peace for humankind.
    And let the calm reach the mind.
    Conquer hate with dream of hope.
    Let us dream of a big kaleidoscope.
    Behind the crystal waterfall,
    Faith flows like a mighty stream.
    Just beneath a silver lined cloud,
    Promising a rainbow the ocean mets the sky.
    Purple universe of far away winters,
    Falls in love with pearl so shy.
    To a snowy peak,
    Reign of kindness is a secret trick.
    And I know it so well.
    The sea residing is in the seven shells.
    And a story never to its end☃

  • akshadajadhav 46w

    From Asian poetry collection
    Link in bio
    #trisv #taeda

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    Calmness, it is a hidden inner peace.
    A piece that positivity brings in you in a while.
    It is like a star whose light doesn't reach the earth but marks its existence.
    While being surrounded with chaos or raging thoughts in mind, or when you can't control what's happening right beside, keeping your heart calm is the right choice.
    Just because of some insignificant actions of others you can't let your mood get spoiled, so mastering the calmness in such, is a great advice.
    Staying calm is an ultimate weapon in the storms where your mind and heart falls apart.

  • akshadajadhav 47w

    Fom debut poetry book' the seven'
    Link in bio

    #theseven #trisv #taeda

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    From standing out your best

    to serving under your worse

    the day falls down

    and night lits up the sky

    it seems peace in war

    with ocean of stars

    slightly clouds moves

    apart then here comes

    the magic card

    the secrets that are locked

    a limiting belief of your heart 

    the self that is taught

    to live like noble sofar

    dream of colossal

    and a desire of winter cold

    moon knows it all

    your every worry, 

    your every shedded tear, 

    every regretted decision, 

    every cherish snippet

    he knows it all 

    and cares for all


  • akshadajadhav 52w

    it is our nature to change
    a feasible gain
    if it is in the
    positive good way
    praise the change
    being in loop
    makes it fizzle and worrisome
    but when change peeks from
    the closed window
    there's nothing to fabricate
    it shows up like
    the alluring spring in you
    even the moon changes its phases
    from being so full to hiding its halve
    even when far from full
    showing the Crescent and
    inspiring the change
    blessed and cursed
    you know that sofar
    it imbibes the intuition
    and tries to make you
    a better person
    it is like dewdrop of seven colours
    painting a different
    picture when it rains
    the change

    #trisv #taeda

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    Praise the change
    It got lot much efforts to got in you

  • ishu_deepthinker 54w

    #t h o u g h t

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    जो नहीं मिला उसकी कोई आस नहीं,
    जो अब चाहिए ज़िन्दगी उसकी तलाश में ही।

  • teijojussila888 65w

    ✨ Kuin tähtien pieni pilke tulee menneisyydestä. Niin myös on oleva tämä musiikki nyt. On kulkenut matkansa. Niinkuin tuo valonnopeuskaan ei pysy mukana tuolla syvän avaruuden äärettömyyksissä ja ajattomuudessa. Sieltä kaukaisuuden käsittämättömistä etäisyyksistä.

    TEIJO JUSSILA 888 @teijojussila888

  • citlalli0215 65w

    Te extraño

    Te extraño pero de que me vale hacerlo si tus pensamientos ya no van dirigidos a mí si por las noches ya no sueñas conmigo  si todo el amor que una vez sentimos se ha vuelto en cenizas, entendí que debo dejarte ir para no perderme por dentro que por más que fueras mi deseo prefiero dejarlo así y no complicar mi existir.

  • dk_writes 72w

    Kept you in my thoughts and prayers in hope that you are happy somewhere out there. I don't know how it works, but wherever you are now, know that you are deeply missed and loved. We love you. I love you #T.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

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    Remembering you today on the first day of a new year..
    It felt weird wishing people who lost you happy new year..
    Because even I know that no one is happy without you..