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  • dosbambi 38w

    Irrespective of the size of a dream, goal or plan, it still has to kick off with a step.

    Be bold and take that step!

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    The journey from dream to reality,
    is a function of millions of steps.
    ...that begin with a step!


  • dk1111_ 55w

    Never give up!

    People will say what they want to say-

    Just shake it off and grow one step what they have said then shake it off and grow one more step and so on...
    The trick is that not to booged down by it
    We can achieve anything by not stopping
    Never give up! Shake it off and take a step up!

  • sauravsinghchauhan 138w

    If you'll take step for your future in future then your future will actually become future.

  • byintrovert 176w

    Not forever, hopefully.
    So wake up and don't be silly!

    It's another food for thought!

    Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA! I am busy multitasking with lots of things! Beside recently I have taken a full day job so I have little time to materialize my works here tho it is screaming at the back of my head repeatedly. LOL. Just I need to arrange this and that. You know pick the font, background, thinking on how make the work fits nicely, then editing and tagging people! Besides! I am taking part on @writerstolli event! Please check it out the due date is indeed today! Such an awesome person and generous to handle me so kindly about the event!

    Mmmm. So I will be busy about that too! I hope there are people here who will be willing to expect my works on the book! Please wish me luck! *bows* ������������... I hope some of my lovely people here will be willing to get the book if I made it! Thank you so much for all the people who have visited my page, frequently or not, followers or not, likers or not. But! I am truly grateful for all the awesome supports you gave to me especially who follows and had been generous in reposting and loving my works. You are the life and love of a writer like me! Do check their website too! ������

    So moving on! I promise to tag new people on my page! So expect it in the first edit (I hope)! Please be patient madams and sirs! I would also hope for the usual tagging routine to be able to be proceeded as usual! Wish me luck (2)!

    All in all, I love you all to the moon and back!
    This particular work is kinda different I hope you still can enjoy it! Pardon some errors or mistake! I will definitely fix is when I have time! I was writing it in one go.

    Keep shining! Keep supporting! ������ *bows*

    Much love,


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    Soooo! Here is our newcomers! Or uh some of them aren't so new.. but! Thank you for coming onboard nevertheless! I hope you guys enjoy my journey in writing! I wish I have more time to engage with all of you!

    @zarshaq Hi beautiful! My long time lurker! *chuckle*. I am so honored to have you onboard! *bows*. Please check her out! ������

    @432hertz Hello friend! I really thank you for giving my page a chance and for you to be here of course! *bows* I really hope you will enjoy they ride! You are welcome to tag me if I am too busy to check you out! Guys! Please welcome and check their works out!❣️❣️❣️

    @dhivya I think I have seen you around a couple of times! it is really a pleasure to have you in! *bows*. Please enjoy your stay I hope you won't get bored too fast! *laugh*! Guys please also check their works out! ������������

    @ashmita__dutta @kitha_cottonvoice @un_known_mystry

    Okay guys this is the first time I see you around? I am sorry if I am wrong but please enjoy your stay. I am happy to have you here! Please keep supporting and guys also check their works out! Spread the love! ����������

    @ampragya17 Hey! i think I have seen you somewhere! Welcome to my page of sappy rants (mostly). Haha. It is my pleasure to have you here on my page! Guys, again please also check their works out! ❣️❣️❣️

    @oceanwaves Yeshhh I have definitely seen you somewhere! Thank you for coming to my page and welcome onboard! Please enjoy your stay! Check this guy's works out too! Happy reading! Happy writing! ������~

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    About Life

    Repeated intuitions lead to ways of life
    Repeated ways of life lead to beliefs
    Repeated beliefs lead to core values
    Repeated core values lead to principal
    Principal, when held firmly, makes the real you.
    The person who you always long to be
    But are too scared to embrace it wholefully
    As social norms and moral values
    Most definitely clash with it.
    But beneath it,
    Is the secret to happiness.
    Human is funny isn't it?
    They denied what their true self have had wanted since the beginning
    Leading to this downward spiral of sadness.

  • sunshine00 208w

    You can't think limited results for anything in your life.
    The world has vast number of opportunities for which you have to step forward and keep your head strong.