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  • royalqueen 4d

    Loneliness as left alone
    Or loneliness as staying alone.
    Amidst people feeling lonely
    Or staying alone feeling blissful.
    Being desperate to have someone
    Or feeling content with being one.
    In a large group to pass time,
    Or tasting moments that are mine.
    To utter million words
    Or to unleash unlimited silence.
    Leaving others to judge yourself
    Or striving to know your self.
    A party hall full of fake laughters
    Or a reflection of one's smile.
    A tale of thousand stars
    Or the legend of the moon.

  • prakharsrivastava_ 1w

    Smokin my lungs out
    Liquor in my glass,m all burned out

    What’ve you done?here,m on a run

    Poppin Psychedelics,to alter this consciousness

    See?What a mess!

    This pen now bleeds more than these eyes
    ….oh,you n your gimmicks,made me an addict
    moments which felt like daydreams are all comin back like hallucinations of your lies


  • kaach_ka_panchi 2w

    दिल दिल नहीं लगता, लगता हैं कोई हॉन्टेड हाउस!


  • kaach_ka_panchi 2w


    The two of us meet somewhere by destiny.
    Like passing the same streets or sitting the next same seats.
    Or Having the same coffee at the same cafe.
    Buying the same books at the same store.
    Passing to a bar drink the same wine.

    The moment when we're caught staring at each other.
    And Refuse to speak back but nod.
    And both of our eyes become moist but at the end smiling.
    Then we got our ways you at yours, I'm at mines.


  • mahtobpensdown 3w

    Ps - please take out time to Read and then only comment, repost or like ! Giving a few minutes to read this tale might make your day, and in turn mine maybe ! Appreciate a writer's efforts if you really mean it ��

    Happy Wednesday �� and come lets participate in Animals Party by being a Good Human ����

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    I woke up one morning and tried to say Good Morning to all but no words came out of my mouth! Surprised I tried again, but no effects. I gargled and woke up my family ..but none could speak ! Suddenly all have been robbed of their voices ? That's crazy to think but yeah! It happened

    Turned on the Tv and it only showed bullets but no anchor could utter a word! Lol
    The camera shifted to a meeting, an usually unusual one - the one with animals and birds!

    If God made humans mute , what was this political convo between them -

    Lion : My rule has been granted on all earthlings (Grrrr ...)

    Tiger : You are the King of the World

    Elephant : Let's raise a trunk (hehe)

    Wolf : Aaaoooooo

    Eagle : Now I will fly, even high

    Dolphin : Let's do merry go round like Human kids ( enjoying in water)

    Shark : They are not humane ! They just lethal ( shouts )

    Giraffe - I will get Animal Oscar award finally for being the tallest (yayyy)

    Snake - psssss I will coil you up when you get the prize as your apparel

    Duck - Quack quack let's tip tap ( dance )

    Humming bird is singing songs of Rihanna and in a melodious voice

    The sparrow is giving rise to a soul tapping Qawalli

    Squirrels mumbling words of ecstasy and bears enjoying a lot of honey as all go in celebration mode

    Lioness - ahem ahem ...

    Hyena - yes QUEEN ! just command and it will be followed

    Lioness - I know you all are in a joyous mode and want to have party tonight (laughs)

    Crocodile - aur ye Hamari party chal rahi hai party chal Rai hai ( We are having a party we having a party

    Crow - salute my Lord Bappa salute as Homosapiens go mute ( singing )

    Swan - Where's the party tonight?? (Swirling and arranging her feathers) I am gonna wear my favourite White dress

    Panda - Will we have a bamboo corner ? ( Thinking about the party )

    Viltures - and some fresh meat as well please

    Cattle - we will give a jar of fresh Milkshake for all animals as an after drink

    Fox - What about before meal then ? Some starters or wine ? I am not getting the grapes but

    Chimpanzee - Lol don't worry about grapes I have lots stored in my Animal fridge already .. readily rotted and tastes just like fine wine ...

    Tigress - An evening to remember ... Starts singing parodies of animal kingdom using the tone and lyrics from Lata Mangeshkar songs

    Lion - (casts a look at his family and is happily glad at the smiles of all ) roars in this momentous occasion

    Rats scurrying around and cats jumping along ..dogs barking with owl Hoot Hoot
    displaying mid air song

    Flamingo showing a single leg dance and an extraordinary performance as all water Kingdom cheers

    Mermaid doing a water walk to show off her fashion

    Lord Bappa smiling through heavens , pleasantly surprised to understand and know the Animals Kingdom is so like humans but couldn't convey as they dint have speech ! And look at Now - Aloha !!

    All in enjoyment mode, celebrating in their own way and so cheery atmosphere! ( They also feel sad about the Humans gone mute ... Such a kind hearted species of mine - blessed you all always)

    Wolfgang howling in this party mode

    Lion and lioness, the king and queen pray silently to Lord Bappa from their heart -

    Don't be so harsh on our friends , humans .. just give them a lesson of a lifetime for some days and tell , yeah it needs to be soft in this kindly cruel World.

    Words matter and prick the heart ❣️ cannot be forgotten easily and can leave the relations stranded Lord !

    We hope they are watching us and will understand what we mean to convey!

    The Humans across the world, glued to TV as they watch this live performance and hear deep message!

    Would they able to control and mind their language ? Have they really got the lesson ? Will they have a soft tongue and sweet words for all now ?

    Lord Bappa also thinking on this lines and only time will prevail the ultimate Truth

    Humans digesting the LESSON just learned and mutely go to sleep, rewinding the thoughts just recieved in a not stereotype way !

    Moral - Be kind with what you say for your mouth could be the lethal weapon!

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 3w

    Why Does it Snow?

    Before the Sapiens roamed, the yetis played on a big snowball called Earth. White were not just the mountains, but the trees, lakes, oceans and everything in between. And the sky was blue and black speckled with distant stars and a spotted moon. Mama Earth was happy for a while but soon she wondered what other colours exist beyond white, black and blue? She asked the moon, "Do you know of a colour that is not white black or blue?"
    The moon replied, "Oh Yes! A bright and shiny yellow friend I have, I shine cuz of his bright light".
    Wow, wondered Mama Nature, what a beautiful colour it must be to make everything so bright.
    "I want to meet this friend of yours, Moon. What's his name?"
    "Sun," she said.
    Snow, who was quietly listening till now, jumped right out of her snowy blanket and said, "No, not the Sun. She melts me away."
    Mama Nature was ready to hear, she wanted to meet the Sun soon. And so they met.
    Sun came over and together, the Sun, Moon & Mama Earth played for months, leading to years. Snow, sad and lonely took shelter in the clouds. Mama Earth was happy seeing the colours around her. Red, yellow, green, pink, turquoise and teal ~ and other colours thrived on her. It was so beautiful. Decades passed and all seemed great but one day Mama Nature noticed there was less of pink and green and more of red-orange and burnt brown true. Yellows turned orange and brown and all turned to brown-grey around her. She remembered what Snow had said. Suddenly she missed Snow. She looked everywhere. But he was nowhere to be found. High and low she set her friends out to search for him and that's when the clouds said - "Snow is with us, he will meet when the Sun is far".
    Mama Earth did not want to lose either of her friends, so she asked the moon for advice.
    The wise moon gave the best reply:
    " Like the Sun & I share the sky and you have day and night; let the Sun & Snow share a year and you will have Summer and Winter and all the colours will be with you through all times."
    All agreed and we got Snow!
    #myth #snow #tale @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    The wise moon gave the best reply:
    " Like the Sun & I share the sky and you have day and night; let the Sun & Snow share a year and you will have Summer and Winter and all the colours will be with you through all times."

  • thebhavnasaxena 3w


    The cuckoo sings on my windowsill,
    And I sit in the company of my solitude
    Thinking of home, wondering, if a box
    Of expectations hidden within a fortress
    Of steel and brick can be called one,
    Who is more alone, this cuckoo that has
    Flown far from her nest, or me, clutching
    At myself as dusk looms over the horizon,
    Signalling to me, that a monster will soon
    Knock on my door, expecting to be fed,
    I will have to yield again, but as my body
    Is ravaged, I will close my eyes and pretend,
    I am a wanderer, roaming valleys full of
    Flowers, my skin warm from the kiss of
    The sun, and in this realm of fantasy,
    I will be free.

  • greeshma_p_varghese 9w


    Travelling down the lane,
    At the rise of dawn,
    Surrounded by the magnificent beauty
    Without any locks.
    She seems to be young
    Even when her barks are hard and dark.
    Her alluring beauty jinx the street
    And the nature fall in heels for her.
    With a smile she bedazzled the streets
    And stands proudly.
    As the favourite of the nature.
    With a breeze do her petals fall
    Yet she stands cheerfully
    Swaying her little branches.
    Her root pierces into the earth.
    But her head is held high
    Oh... Its a mystery to see the vivid colour
    Cast by the glittering rays.
    She in her hands
    Are those little birds
    Who chirrup in talking
    Flame tree do some say
    But beauty tree do I say.
    The Gulmohar leads a path
    Into the horizon.
    There I stand not knowing
    Where I am onto the end.
    I wish no one wakes me up
    I still have to explore more
    And reach the end
    Till the path leads on.

  • madinah_writes 9w

    This is a myth/story/forklore about how Osun river came in existence. Osun is a river found in osun state, Osogbo, Nigeria. It is seen as saviour to the people. Osun was invaded by fulanis, popularly know as herdsmen. They're immigrate from City to city around Africa. The name of the town was derived from the water which was once, a small river. Now, millions for worshippers visits her from across the world. Osun had a deep history and rich culture. It's origin is Elemi, another river from the town where my mum hails from. Elemi (The owner of spirits) is believed to have supernatural powers. As it is, fishes from there can never be cooked. So are other aquamarine that lives in the river. Africa is rich is history. Many are yet to be found.

    Osun// Our Guide


    Long ago,
    In time of war and fights between tribes. Travellers flooded in with bows and arrows.
    Taken over the indegen's land and brides.
    Citizens flee,
    Letting strangers take over their country.
    Migrating like lost lambs into thick forests,
    They were faced by a river despite the burning detest.
    Eating fruits and leaves,
    The river satisfied them.
    Every night, their priest would hear a female's voice he just couldn't condemn.
    Every night, he would walk into the water, begging it to show them light.
    The river, however,
    Had a queen with skin like moon.
    Her body truly radiant, her name was Osun.
    She then proposed to the priest.
    If your people can worship me, I would grant all your wishes and assist.
    Every night, the people would pray.
    Show us light, lead to the right way.
    Meanwhile, when the day boasters.
    The water queen sent spirits to poison the imposters.
    One after another, they died.
    All their hard work went asunder.
    Rivers flow, worshippers increased.
    They gave last rights to all their deceased.
    Food grew in aboundance, so is fish and clear water.
    With Osun's assistance, the city and population grew wider.
    Osun river,
    Till this very day.
    Has more followers,
    And expands all the way.
    © Madinah_Writes

    #Osun #ocean #river #myth #nigeria #miraquill #writerscommunity #tale #truelifehappenings #war #reality #writersbay #Africa

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    Osun; The River Goddess


  • ruby_sun 9w

    One thing we all learn at some point, is that no matter where you are:
    Love, hatred, kindness, good, evil...
    All the emotions feel the same everywhere.
    And people, despite of speaking different tongues and having different appearances, are all the same.
    Same flesh, same bones, same blood.
    We love, we make mistakes, we learn. Each of us living our own story.
    Entwined to one another in some way or the other.

  • ruby_sun 10w

    If only

    Our truth written by fate,
    Was learned by us when we were too late.
    We had quit our destiny, when together we could have been unscathed.
    Farewell, we bade.
    If only, just a little longer we had stayed.
    If only we had held onto each other a little longer that day,
    Alas! we let it fade...

  • brisky 11w

    Small tale

    Far far away a girl lived...she is such a sweet girl but everyone teased and body shaming her...but her reply is always that pretty smile ..she too human wright? She started to get irritate she can't hold her angerthen started to show angry face on thenbut they can't accept that they thinks this is just fun


    They didn't understand her but leaved her
    She is now alone but HAPPY


  • ruby_sun 9w

    Waldorf Apple Story

    Long time back the world had just one apple tree,
    A seedling with small roots and no branches, just a baby.

    One night, while watching the sky and admiring the stars.
    He wished to touch them, so he stretched his fragile arms.

    Everyday he tried, but failed miserably,
    His branches kept stretching till he became a great apple tree.

    Sadness came over for he still failed to reach the stars,
    He cried in the endless nights so dark.

    A star fairy passing by, heard his sobs and came near
    She asked him if he was crying out of fear.

    He replied, "Oh, star fairy, I want to touch the stars up there,
    But I dont know how cause I'm way down here!"

    Smiling, the star fairy said, "I will bring you back a star,
    But it will be awhile cause the stars live too far. "

    The star fairy flew back to the sky, days became months,
    The tree left in wonder, awaited for her return.

    In spring, he grew blossoms-pink and beautiful leaves,
    The blossoms turned white after the summer reached.

    He noticed the flowers turn into fruits tiny,
    In fall they became apples, big and shiny.

    He forgot of the stars for which he had cried,
    He was happy with the grown adornments he held with pride.

    One night the fairy returned with a basket full of stars,
    "Oh your branches hold apples! So how would you hold these? "; she asked.

    "Oh, thank you, Star Fairy, " the tree exclaimed,
    "but I don't want the stars now, I want my apples to remain. "

    Star fairy thought and then said, "I will give each apple a star deeply hidden,
    Every time someone cuts open an apple, they'll find a star within!"

    And with that, on every apple her wand she hovered,
    To this day, every apple has a star buried for you to discover.

  • gayatri_barnwal 16w

    #microfiction #tale prompt word was "suitcase"

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    He emptied his heart and house, and finally arranged enough to satiate the suitcase.

    "Let's begin the seven vows", priest said. 


  • ruby_sun 16w

    Flowers wither

    Flowers wither, wither and fall..,
    That is their fate which they can't deny.
    I recall the day this one was first born,
    A newborn with immense beauty but essence too shy...

    Seems like only yesterday, it was a bud fighting the harsh winter,
    Confining all those wonderful colours in.
    Closing away itself thinking it's unnoticed by the world,
    Like a baby with filled hands trying to hideaway what's within...

    You can't percieve fully but still can espy the magic,
    It had to open up, so the Mother Of All: Nature, showered it with her light.
    The springtime came in prancing, the bud listened spring's music and peeked out,
    Unknowingly it blossomed while seeing the scenery come to life...

    It was surprised by it's own charm;
    And felt joyous when it was adored & it's enchant it showed off,
    Alas! Destiny had some other plans for it,
    Soon its colours started to fade off...

    Bit by bit it aged,
    And it's perfection declined
    Everybody overlooked it,
    No matter how much it smiled...

    One day its patience peaked,
    It could no longer hold its tears.
    It wept day and night with huge sobs,
    Ignoring that even its petals have disappeared...

    Nature hugged it in her cozy self and consoled it,
    She kissed away the flower's blue,
    She said, "It's just a phase sweetheart,
    hold on for your purpose is still due..."

    The withered one, waited and waited,
    Until it lost everything in its pursuit.
    It took days & months but at last,
    It grew into a giant and alluring fruit...

    That fruit fell off the branch,
    It rot in soil for weeks.
    Young seeds inside sprouted,
    And gradually each one of them became a mighty tree...

    You might be thinking, where is the flower?
    It had disappeared from the story, did it survive or was it killed?
    Worry not, God still holds that epitome of sacrifice,
    'Cause his purpose, he fulfilled..

  • abhishekkamble 16w

    #shayari #hindi #kuchalfaz #alfaz #kahani #zindagi #romance #tale #life #monsoon #summersky #rains #qoutes #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    @theultimateinsane @_still_in_mess @sou_scribbles_

    "Woh Hawa bhi gumsum si hai,
    shayad kisi ki khwaish Kano ka intezaar Kar Rahi hai"
    - ©abhishekkamble
    "Kuch din dhup aati hai Lekin Chhav Nahi, woh kuch aise hi dhup hai, Jise dekhar me din manta hu"
    - ©abhishekkamble

    1) the wind blows the loneliness, maybe someone's awaited wish yearns an ear

    2)some days it is bright but no clouds surround, she is such a Sun ray whom I call a day

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    Kuch alfaz


  • uttkarsh_15 19w

    The Doll, The Teddy, The Thing and The Night Wanderer
    Chapter 1 (The Doll)
    Intro -:
    For the Kids, A doll means a Lot !
    They play with them,share feelings with them,and even sleep with them . But when they grow up, They're supposed to break that relation with the doll
    ..... The one Who chooses not to ,Are thought to be the bad cases. But when the doll Chooses not to do so ..... It's worse .
    Me and my sister had experienced a lot similiar to this. So I should better start with the latest Incident first

    Latest Incident (Dated Some days ago) -:

    My nani's house is just 2 streets away , and there I have 3 Cousin sisters . Eldest one is 16 y/o ,Middle one is 13 y/o ,And the youngest one is just 4 y/o.And My real Sister's doll (Juju) with whom she used to play in her childhood usually remains At Nani's house as my Youngest cousin sis plays with her . Just a few days ago, Me and my sister were at that place, Sitting on the bed talking to each other about the School, IG , Punjabi songs And other stuff . After a time ,The youngest cousin dropped the doll on the bed , And started playing with her . I said to the middle cousin
    That "The doll seemed a little sad ,when she was laying on The bed.But when the youngest Started playing with her she seemed happy. I don't know if I'm imagining or it really seems to Everyone who notices this" . The middle one said "That's true,when I was a child , I too used to play with alike dolls for hours,And it felt like the dolls reacted to each and every talk and the things...Just like she was a Living Friend".
    Just next day....
    The youngest cousin hitted our door In the morning with my uncle .I was just in a half awake state ....
    I remember seeing her carrying the doll in her arms and approaching me .The Youngest Cousin came closer to me and said "The doll wanted to come here , She wanted to stay with you here"....
    And I was totally shocked hearing this !!
    My sister's Experience (Somewhere in 2013 or 2014)
    It was a complete midnight situation.My sister Was just 7 at that time .So she used to sleep with the same doll (Juju) on the cornerside of the bed.So she was facing towards her doll which was sleeping left to her. She closed her eyes watching the same doll, After a little while when she opened her eyes ,she could not see her doll sleeping next to her , All she can see was just wall. Her body was totally paralyzed,Like she can't move an inch of her body as she can only see the wall and nothing.After a while she was back to the normal state ,Then she turned her eyes to the roof .There she saw something unnatural ...She saw a lot of dolls on the Ceiling, joining hands ,making a circle and they all were staring my sister.But she was astonished more to see that her own doll was not there .And instead of the ceiling fan, In the area between the circle , She could see the darker portal thing which was very shady and hard to identify. Next morning, she was glad to see her doll back and hugged her and everything was back to normal .
    (After hearing that I was having my own thoughts,I imagined maybe they all were trying to open the doors to another world,maybe My sister's doll was doing so because in the whole process she wasn't one of the dolls and doesn't appeared in front of her,And maybe it was all in my head)
    The last incident (Dated somewhere 2 or 3 years ago)
    We had a cradle which belonged to my younger sister when she was a kid. But now as we were having a younger kid (At my Nani's house ,that same 4 y/o cousin was just some months old) we decided to hand it over to her.But the cradle never stayed at the same place .Sometimes ..my Cousin travels to our house sitting in the cradle and leaved the house sleeping in her father's arms .So one day my sister was holding the doll In a silly manner,and we were delivering the cradle and the doll both to my Nani's house. On the way Many people Talked a lot weird things about them Such as ...(The women is so heartless that she handed her little baby to her younger sister and is being careless ,Why they are not placing the little baby in the cradle ...So silly they are". i think they said such things as the doll appeared very close to reality such as it was a reborn doll(Reborn dolls are the dolls which looks total real and are custom made),But our one was a total normal one.
    I don't know why but after hearing this, I was disturbed.
    The Ending - I personally think there's nothing wrong in having a little sweet connection with the doll at any age, But only when we keep in our mind the Difference between the reality and the illusionary world. Because when you start ignoring the difference,It gives her the chance to erase the difference Completely.And if that happens, Your life may turn dark and depressive...you may be left alone and declared a psychopath by the rest of the world and your life may come to a pointless Still.
    .....( Darker Narrative continues )
    Then she'll only play with you, She'll only talk to you, She'll sleep with you every night without you knowing the fact...
    Finally , she'll have total control over your LIFE and Your SOUL......||
    The Narrative style is inspired from The Lore S1 (Horror Web Series)

    Credits -: The reborn doll reference is from The Lore S1E6.

    Special Credits - I want to thank my sister and my mom For telling me the stories,
    And a sincere apology for Over -dramatising the stories too....
    P.S.- The writer's not a crack mind , It's just semi fiction (Half fiction,Half reality)
    #horror #deep #dark #disturbing #tale #story #supernatural #paranornmal #psychological #suspense #thriller #pod #mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork #writersnetwork
    Click this hashtag for other upcoming parts #dttn

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    The Doll


  • uttkarsh_15 19w


    From A Little While , They're Hitting me So Bad, And scaring Me A Lot

  • pallavi4 20w

    Cat and mouse

    “Yours is such a long tale “
    Said the cat while talking to the door mouse
    “Yes indeed it is a long tail “, he said
    “It has been in a bed of flour
    But somehow still looks red”.

    “Red? What tale are you talking about ?”
    Said the cat gently licking its paw
    “My long tail that you were talking about,
    It has been looking rather raw”.

    “It seems to me there are a few screws
    Loose in that warped brain of yours.
    You seem to have lost your head while
    Trying to put on that pair of drawers”.

    “Pair of drawers! I was born in a drawer
    On the second floor bedroom of this house”.
    Indignantly huffed and frustrated with the cat
    Said the little but mighty door mouse.

    “Born in a drawer? Indeed you’ve lost your head
    I knew something was terribly wrong …..
    When one fine day you decided to dress up
    And appear all spruced up in a new form”.

    “What a shiny coat you have sir”, you expected me to say
    As if I’d ever let that slip out if my mouth “.
    “I do have a silky, shiny coat”, stroking his smooth stomach
    Said the flattered door mouse .

    “Silky, shiny no matter what you wear
    You will always remain a nobody here.
    They love me to bits in this house besides
    It is me you need to fear”.

    “Why would I fear you Tinkle Bell,
    You are after all such a doll.
    You are cushiony and plush and jolly
    Of white snow a huge ball”.

    “Tinkle Bell ! Tinkle Bell ! Don’t you dare
    Call me anything else but Sir “,
    “Who would have thought a little rodent
    Like you would address me as a ball of fur?”

    “I have a red tail and you are a fur ball
    Aren’t we a pair to be seen ?
    I think it is high time you start being sweet
    And for tiny things stop being so mean “.


    17th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you @miraquill for EC !

    #wod #pun #stories_in_poems #funny_poems #cat #mouse #tale #story @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill #pallavi_editors_choice

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  • uttkarsh_15 21w


    When I downloaded the Paranormal Activity 1 ,It was midnight and all were asleep except me.
    Then I checked My phone charging after the download ,It was 66%
    (And some the horror lovers can tell you,6 is the no of the devil )
    After I screencasted my phone to TV,It started acting silly as i have no controls on the video player .....
    After some time I tried to switch to other app ,
    Then it automatically played the same movie itself .
    When I was going to call my sister for the movie,The screencast just got cancelled Itself.
    And the most weird Part is
    When the movie was running around 5 minutes time, There was a sudden black out at our house , Even though we have a good inverter, And when we checked the inverter
    It was switched off