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    People tell you what they’re ready for you to hear.


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    I am helpless
    Don't know what to do
    Somehow I stopped the tongue
    But the eyes are telling everything

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    If there is no person by your side, to talk, to laugh, to share, to just be there.. is it loneliness or freedom?
    Will it make you stronger or more weak than you already are ?


  • guided_liberation 5w

    The love we give
    Let it be enough
    It's all we know
    It's all that we have

  • bodhii 8w

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    we talk least about the things
    we think about most

  • terbell 10w

    Talk to Me

    Come on talk to me
    What's your deal
    Tell me how you feel
    Is it me or is it you
    Did I stir something up within
    I'm only trying to win
    Tell me what's going on
    I can't wait for to long

  • velrus 11w

    Talk, talk, talk,
    But we're getting nowhere.

  • raman_writes 12w


    अजीब शक़्श है इंसान के साथ चुप रहता है पुतले से बाते करता है ।

    वो किसी और ख़ुमारी है मय को छूता नहीं पर मदहोश रहता है ।।


  • guided_liberation 12w

    How I live my one life, on a floating rock, in the middle of outer space is none of your fucking business. Go find a hobby and leave people alone.

  • kirukka 13w

    Truth is always spoken briefly ...
    Lying is always talked about in detail.

  • shk_huzaifa 13w

    Talk with your patience
    Not without patience.....

  • loginfaith 13w

    T A L K

    I want to have a deep talk
    With someone who understands me,

    I want to talk while watching the moon
    And pretending that the night planes
    Are shooting stars,
    So that we can make a few wishes.

    I want you to feel that sharp
    Iced cold blade that flashes through your Heart in a blink of an eye when
    You think of a particular someone.

    I want to tell you how my breath Reek
    When I'm hyped.
    I want to tell you why Coitus with
    blindfold on is so romantic.
    I want to show you what star to talk to
    When your heart is stuck on hold
    I want to teach you how to extract feelings From ink
    I want you to smell and taste desire.

    I want to talk about why
    "butterflies in my stomach"
    is an understatement,
    I want to talk erotic, sensation,
    tell you how purity is never a priority
    And how love just hypnotizes,
    no matter how long you stand on ice,
    it never breaks.

    How one person can give you a whole damn Zoo
    I want you to talk to me and I want you to listen to me
    because it will give me a whole hunch of enjoyment.

  • sumita_panigrahi 14w

    Sitting on a couch for so long, doesn't make any sense at all for a whole day.. There's no one to talk to, somedays we feel that we should talk to a stranger about our worries..But we know we couldn't...��

    We all experience highs and lows in life.. We are physically present at a place but to be very unfortunate not present mentally. Whole day the mind is somewhere else. Is this type of life we need!!!?? No.Not at all..��

    There are nights you overthink, you can't sleep, you get anxiety attack, you feel sad, you have no one to talk to, you can't even yell, you cry tucking your head to your favourite pillow. And the next day, you pretend to be "ok" and show a smile the whole day, like nothing happened!!��

    What does this mean!!??

    To every other person, who text us, asking, how you doing!?
    Our straight forward answer is, I am good, what about you!?
    And there comes an answer, I am amazing..��

    But you know what there's a loophole in this small closure communication. And that is, nobody from both the side is telling that aren't ok. They aren't doing good lately. They are sad and all.��

    Can we ever rely upon that "one person" to whom we can tell our heart out loud.

    Don't we all deserve this!?

    There are so many days, moments, some time the whole day, when we are sad, just sad. We don't like anything, we don't like to go outside, we hate eating our favourite food, we hate picking up our favourite person's call. We just lay down the whole day in the bed being sad...��

    When you are going through the same phase, don't get stuck there, just keep going. Believe in the process of life. ��
    Find a friend whom you can trust. Whom you can tell your pain. Talk to someone. If you find no one. Make your parents your friend. After one time, everyone trusts you. Your parents are the most trustworthy people in this world. Pick a hobby. Write your feelings and emotions on a dairy. And yes, just "Love yourself".♥️♥️♥️

    Look at the mirror everyday in the morning and just smile. Do your smile make you feel that you are the most beautiful person in this world.✨❤️

    If that's so, you are winning the game. But if not, keep trying and keep loving yourself everyday a little more.��

    In the end, it's just you, who matters, and nobody else will matter.❣️

    And if these things won't work for you,

    Just a very humble request, do talk about this and please consult a doctor.. trust the process... It needs to be treated sometimes.������
    It will heal, promise yourself. You will smile looking at the mirror one day, and the mirror will smile back at you ✨..

    You are beautiful ❤️

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    World Mental Health Day


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  • lifeistooochota 15w

    Gharwale kehte hai etne ache to dosti hai tumdonu ki,shaadi kyu nahi karlete ?

    Ab unhe kaise samjhau ?
    Yeha to dhang se baat tak nahi hote hai hamdonu ma ajkal


  • goardhan_ 19w


    i'm fake
    i'm masked
    i'm a cheater
    in other's View point

    i'm Frank
    i feel wrong

  • jpwriter 19w

    A Talk with God

    They say you work in mysterious ways 
    So Creator I am just curious hey
    Why did you make humans in such a delirious way
    I have my own theories, will you hear me if I pray
    What about today will you hear me if I say
    Why do you giveth and then taketh away
    I lay in a bed of red roses, yet roses have thorns
    But you already know this
    Can I part the red sea like Moses
    Like hair that you part a comb with
    Or should I be in this comatosis
    Old Testament you're so ferocious
    The new one is you, son, and the holy ghostness
    I'm not trying to atrocious,  
    I just want to act on the facts for those I go with
    I don't need magic hats or hocus pocus
    I'm just needing back on track with my focus
    I guess God that's the real reason I wrote this


  • raman_writes 21w


    तेरी ख़ामोशी अच्छी नहीं दिल घबराता है ।

    तू नाराज़ रहा कर पर बात भी किया कर ।।


  • yourstrulybysl 21w

    22 08 20 21

    I listen more than i talk;
    I think before i talk;
    I walk the talk.

    Or else

    I Dont F*king Talk..


  • priyanshusinha 21w

    कहा डाँलू अपना घोंसला आखिर
    हर तरफ तो सुखा हैं
    तुझपर ना डाल सकती मैं
    तू भी तो मुझसे रूठा हैं।

    क्यों करूँ मैं बाते तुमसे
    तुम्हे बचाने मैंने पत्थर खाये
    उड़ गई छोड़ मुझको
    दिन बिता दिया कहीं और दिन भर सोये।

    क्या करूँ मैं आखिर
    आक्रमण जो मुझपर हुआ
    डर आया था सीने में
    मुझसे ना जड़ा से भी काबू हुआ
    भाग उड़ी जान बचाने को
    तू तो यहीं अटल हैं
    नहीं हैं तो पेड़ कोई आम
    तू तो मेरा प्यार कटहल हैं।

    मत बहलाओ बातों में तुम
    पेड़ है सख्त मैं
    तुमसे ना पिघलने वाला
    आखिर कब तक करोगी कोशिश तुम
    मैं नहीं तुम्हे आश्रय देने वाला।

    क्यों जिद पर अड़े हो भाई
    मैं तो नन्ही सी जान हूँ
    आज यहाँ तो कल वहां जाउंगी
    पर एक छोटा सा ज्ञान दूँ
    कभी कभी रुक जाना मत
    बदला उनसे भी लेना
    हाँ देखा है तुम्हारे परिवारों को
    उनकी तरह तुम भी खुद पर काटें लगा देना
    दूर रहेंगे सब तुमसे
    पास मगर बस मैं आउंगी
    घोसला जो बनाना है मुझको
    हमेशा यहीं बनाउंगी।

    कितनी मिट्ठी बाते होती तुम्हारी
    रास मुझे आ जाती हैं
    मैं हूँ पेड़ फल वाला
    काटे नहीं लगा सकता
    धैर्य रखना होता हैं हमे
    ऐसे ही किसी को भगा नहीं सकता।

    बड़े दिल वाले हो तुम पेड़ भाई
    जो ऐसी सोच रखते हो
    लेकिन होता होगा ना ऐसा
    जिस दिन तुम भी अपना आपा खोते हो?

    मैं शांत मिज़ाज़ का पेड़ हूँ बैठा
    खुद में ही डूबा रहता
    किसी की प्रेम निशानी होती मुझ पर
    कोई आकर अपना आँशु बताता
    कुछ को छाव देता हूँ मैं
    कुछ पेट के लिए अंग ले जाते मेरे
    अब बाते ना बनाओ मुझसे
    देखो अंधेरा हो आया हैं
    बैठ जाओ शाखा पर मेरी
    सो जाओ अब तुम
    या बातें सुनते रहो मेरी।

    भैया मैं तो चली सोने
    नींद अब बर्दास्त न होती
    दिन भर उड़ते रहना पड़ता हैं
    अब ना सोउ तो आखिर मैं कब सोती।

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