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  • porcupine 4d

    English teachers

    The two most memorable teachers
    That I can recall
    One is from middle school
    The other from high school

    My grade seven and eight English teacher
    Mrs Wharram was a very fine teacher
    She was nice and easy to talk to
    I wrote my first story in grade seven
    She was very supportive and helpful
    I credit my early interest in writing to her
    Kind and friendly and polite
    I wish there were more teachers like her

    Second my high school English teacher
    Mr Barker encouraged me to write
    His grade ten class I wrote my first poem
    I also wrote a story that Mr Barker chose
    To do the class movie about
    It was taped and edited
    And then aired on our town TV channel
    I really respected Mr Barker
    He was fair yet firm
    He let us listen to Walkmans in class
    Also we could have a snack if we chose
    He cursed in class which I think
    Made students feel more relaxed

    These two teachers are
    The best at what they did
    Both have passed now

    But they will
    Always be remembered

  • disha_sikka 1w


    कुछ साल पहले तक,
    अजनबी से थे हम एक दूसरे से
    कौन जानता था
    इन्ह अजनबी क्लासमेटस् के साथ,
    दोस्ती का ऐसा गहरा रिश्ता बन जाएगा,
    कि इन्हें अलविदा कहना मुश्किल हो जाएगा।

    कितना आसान था पहले कहना,
    कि जा यार मुझे तुझसे बात ही नहीं करनी,
    पर अब देखो,
    सोच कर ही डर लगता है ,
    कि यार अब फिर ऐसे स्कूल में मिल नहीं पायेगे,
    फिर कभी ऐसे बेफ़िक्र
    एक दूसरे के कंधों पर हाथ रखकर चल नहीं पायेगे।
    ना ही फिर कभी ऐसे मिलना होगा।
    ना ही फिर क्लास में बैठ कर ऐसे पढना होगा।

    याद उन्ह टीचर की भी आयेगी,
    जिन्होंने इतना काबिल बनाया,
    याद आयेगी मुझे आप सभी की।

    कैसे बताऊ मैं आप सबको और अपने यारों को,
    बताना भी मुझे मुश्किल लग रहा है,
    कि आप सबको अलविदा कहना मुझे बहुत मुश्किल लगा रहा है।

  • disha_sikka 4w

    मैं ठीक हुँ,
    सब ठीक है,
    पर ना जाने क्यूँ,
    ये आँखें नम है,
    ना जाने क्यूँ,                                     
    यहाँ से जाने का मन नहीं है।                      
    मालूम था, कि ये दिन आएगा,
    पर सोचा ना था ये,                              
    यू आँखें गिली कर जाएगा।
    कौन सोचता था, कौन जानता था,
    कि जिस जगह पर,
    ना जाने के लिए बहाने बनाया करते थे,
    एक दिन उसकी जगह को,                
    दूसरा घर कहकर पुकारेंगे,
    और उसे अलविदा कहना इतना कठिन हो जाएगा कि,
    उस नम आँख से अंत मे, हज़ार कोशिशों के बाद भी,
    वो आसु बह ही जाएगा।।

  • deannarabb 11w

    Some People

    Some old people
    are soft, gentle and sweet
    while others
    are as tough as untethered meat

    Some young people
    are sharp, as quick as a whip
    while others
    move slower than a fast snail can get

    Some teachers are passionate
    they teach because they care

    Others teachers are miserable
    secretly wishing they're weren't there

    Some parents learned love
    because it was given to them

    Other parents didn't get it
    they either sink or they swim

    Some kids have fun
    without a care in the world

    While other kids suffer
    without parents to spoil

    Some people forgive
    because they want to be forgivien

    While others refuse
    to them, healing is forbidden

  • princess_3 18w

    #teachers # �� best

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    I had my life creaters with me who had build me as a sweet ❤ a little angel ✨ of their their inspiration is what had me stand in top of sky I am the luckiest one that I have their spot always at my side they are the inspiration which made me write so beautiful... that's why they are the sweetest thanks to all of u

  • thoughts__around__ 20w


    Some people are good teachers
    at advising but poor students
    in following the same.

  • khushikhatri 22w

    Teachers make the future of students
    shine like the sun.

  • anuradhasharma 28w

    इन कंधों के बोझ तले , देश का

    भविष्य बौना नज़र आ रहा।


  • feflourflowers 32w


    I like when you get straight into details ,cause while your talking I'm creating my own story

  • writernoble 33w

    Happy World Teachers' day. To all the teachers out there I hope you'll reap the fruit of your labor

    #miraquil @writersnetwork #teachers #poets

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    My life opened up
    And flooded with color
    When you walked into it
    Your arms gave me warmth
    Just hearing you speak blesses my day
    How can I repay
    You for your guidance
    Which made me who am I today?
    All I can say
    Is thank you for loving me as I am

  • y54280jfyj5 35w


    Paint their minds and guide their thoughts.
    Share their acheivments and advice their faults.

    Inspire a love of knowledge and truth.
    As you light the path
    Which leads our youth
    For our future brightens
    With each lesson you teach.

    Each smile you lenthen and
    Each goal you help reach
    For the dawn of each poet

    Each philosopher and king

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 37w

    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #teachers


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    Lost in the maze of prolonged barrenness,
    She was made to curse her womanhood,

    Death and life felt alike, she was numb,
    Burning in the furnace of humiliation and taunts,

    She turned into ashes, a lifeless life,
    Every fraction of second she missed being a mother,

    Rivers of pain flowed and soon a time arrived,
    Damp eyes too became infertile, they ran arid,

    Dreams of cradling a charm appeared to be real,
    Lost in her own world, world of hallucination,

    Nothingness brimmed her soul, silence filled with cries,
    Summoning voice of a baby in an empty cradle, 'maa' made her go crazy,

    Yearning to be a mother, she was gradually being pushed,
    Down into the swamp of depression and sickness,

    Sound of baby cries which actually didn't exist,
    Turned her mad when she couldn't yield any milk,

    Knew she not, her breast won't even fetch a single drop,
    Pressed to lactate, all in vain, trying to calm her imaginary newborn,

    Nothing could help, her education or beauty, fame or riches,
    She lied unconscious until husband arrived,

    Days and nights, weeks and months passed, years flipped,
    Day dreaming once, she was walking on the footpath,

    Heavy rains pouring got a new mother cat to lose her life,
    Encountered she, motherless hungry kitten crying,

    Got down, she lifted it up, fed the kitten, wiped it dry,
    "You were so hungry, I had no choice but to feed you with my baby's milk",

    Kissed the kitten and said, "it's Okay my baby slept",
    "Time for you to sleep as well", she comforted the cat,

    This melted the heart of heavens, her sacrifice,
    Emitted silver lines splitting the clouds, blessed her womb,

    Bore a baby later that year, she safely delivered,
    Darkness of depression vanished, her newborn ignited,

    Dreams of her, reality was far more beautiful than what she dreamt,
    Turning a barren into mother, a single deed to please the divine was enough.


  • gthinks 37w


    അറിവില്ലായ്മയുടെ അനന്തതയിൽ നിന്നു അറിവിൻ്റെ അനശ്വരതയിലേക്ക് വഴി തെളിയിക്കുന്ന ദീപനാളങ്ങൾ..


  • jirajatsir 37w

    Happy Teachers Day Zindagi

    एक चेहरे के बहुत सारे नकाब दिखाने के लिए,
    हर रोज़ नई ठोकर से परिचय करवाने के लिए..
    रिश्तों को नाम से बांधकर,
    बिना एहसास ताउम्र उनमें बांधने के लिए,
    बहुत कुछ दे कर, सब कुछ छीन ने के लिए...
    अपनों में अपनेपन की झूठी तस्वीर दिखाने के लिए,
    पलकों पर बैठाए लोगों से, नज़र अंदाज़ करवाने के लिए...
    बिना मरहम के एक से एक घाव देने के लिए,
    खुशियों को गिरवी रख कर, यह सांसे देने के लिए...

  • wise_stranger 37w


    Teacher, one who is selfless.
    Teacher,one who stands side of students.
    Teacher, one who is the second parent.
    Thank you to being there at all times in need.
    Thank you for standing at the position a student need.
    Thank you for everything teachers ❤

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 37w


    English Sir: Hi, ma'am what's up?

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: नमस्ते सर, बोलिए l

    English Sir: Actually, I wanted to make a request to you.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: क्या सिर?

    English Sir: Humko apka sayta mangta.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: आपका मतलब सहायता, हेल्प?

    English Sir: Yes yes, that only.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: हां, तो बताइए न, क्या मदद कर सकती हूँ मैं आपकी?

    English Sir: Actually, 10th std English syllabus of ICSE board is too tough. I mean I am finding it really difficult to explain.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: सर, आपकी तो इंग्लिश में इतनी अच्छी पकड़ है, फिर भी?

    English Sir: No no. Not like that. To teach them without using any other language which they are familiar with is getting really difficult. There are a few students who are new comers, some have their fundamentals totally shaken.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: ओह! अब समझी l

    English Sir: So, summer vacations are on, I thought this is the best time to ask for a favour. Can you please teach me basic Hindi so that I can explain in Hindi whenever situation demands?

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: हां जी, वैसे भी हिंदी हमारी मातृ-भाषा है, उसे तो हमें सीखना ही चाहिए l
    हम पेपर चेकिंग के लिए तो रोज़ मिलते ही हैं, रोज़ एक घंटा भी आप हिंदी के लिए समय निकालेंगे तो बहुत फर्क पड़ेगा l

    English sir: Thank you so much, fees?? (Smilingly)

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: कैसी बात कर रहे हैं आप सर? आपने ही मुझे ऑनलाइन पढ़ाना सिखाया था, याद है आपको मैं उस वक़्त कितनी परेशान थी?

    English Sir: Yes, I remember Ma'am.
    हिंदी शिक्षिका: यही तो खासियत है एक अच्छे शिक्षक की, चाहे वह ज़िंदगी में कितना भी बड़ा शिक्षक क्यूँ न बन जाए, पर विद्यार्थी हमेशा रहेगा l

    English Sir: Exactly, You need to be a good student to be a good teacher, if the thirst for learning dies in a person, the teacher within him dies too.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: जी बिलकुल सही कहा आपने, कल मिलते हैं l


  • cosmicpoet 37w

    Happy teacher's day ❤️❤️
    Our teachers made us learn and understand everything since our childhood and we owe them...
    #teacher'sday #teachers #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    From reciting poems to solving differentiation,
    From phonetics learning to calculating the force of gravitation,
    From stammering to giving a whole long speech,
    From struggling to learn spellings to writing tougher
    words that exists,
    A lot of efforts were made by someone before us,
    You know who...?
    Well I call them my ' Teachers '.


  • unnatural 37w

    ನಲ್ಮೆಯ ತಂದೆ-ತಾಯಿ,
    ಮುದ್ದಾದ ಜೀವನವೇ,
    ಸರಿಯಿರದ ಸಮಯವೇ,
    ಜೀವನದ ಪಾಠ ಕಲಿಸಿದ ಗುರುಗಳೇ,
    ಶಿಕ್ಷಕರ ದಿನಾಚರಣೆಯ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು

  • aparajita_67134 37w

    स्मृतियों के मानस पटल पर...
    दिव्य दृष्टि से उभर आए...
    मेरे जीवन का तमस हर...
    पूज्य गुरु मेरे कहलाए!

  • anuradhasharma 63w

    तालीम मिले हज़ार,
    ज़िन्दगी को बनाने गुलज़ार ।
    लेकिन आप जैसी ,
    न हासिल हुई कहीं ।
    आपकी अमिरी मुस्कान,
    मोहतरमा, आपका ये गहना ।
    जाने कितनों को, करता हैरान।
    Love you mam
    --Anuradha Sharma