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    #smk_collab_ch I present to you team GREENIE.
    We wrote in the order raika--> @sangfroid_soul -->@lily_love


    As I sat by the window, I saw rain fall on the terrace floor with strength but as soon as it'd touch the floor it originated a ripple afterwards slowly mixing with others of its kind. Rain pushes these buttons of my heart I didn't know exist. It's adrenaline and dopamine at the same time. The compound of water is not only mixed with minerals but reminiscence, longing and vehemence. I stretch my hand as raindrops gently settle on my hand embracing the scars while pain diffused out through the cicatrix.

    Rain rhymes with pain and how it drains your energy leaving you in vain while the pitter-patter against your brain turns you insane. A few moments pass by and you let it sink in and rain which rhymes with arcane now maintains your heart rate while the chain holding on your smile loosens.

    Blinking with a blurred vision I put my palms softly over my eyelids with drenched eyelashes. I wipe off the tears and hear a knock on my door. I wonder at the time of shimmering afternoon melting into a dusky sky, who's here and most importantly to visit me who had no visitors. I check the mirror and open the door with quivering hands to find a man in his late forties probably with eyes so melancholic and features so pleasingly and handsome standing against the warm sunlight. I realised without asking his name, he is hope tinted with sunshine. His smile was capturingly tired and hair reaching his sharp chin. I realise his eyes reflected my heart unblinkingly with brimming emotions I could only feel but not express. I stood transfixed under his hazy gaze and he opens his mouth to say, “I'm hope. We were best friends till the age of seven until you met your second love after loving your experiences with emotions you realised you were simply not lovable. I'm here to give you something important.” And he pulverized into thin air floating magically like pixie dust and that’s when i finally walk out of my house for the first time in 7 months and see a perfect rainbow and the arc I see there makes the curves of my corner open into a wide smile and happy tears come out of my eyes. I understood what Hope intended to give me, rainbow. I whisper to the skies I love you. You matter in my life. The nature seemed singing the tunes of melancholic mellifluous soothing to my ears. The birds added mirth to my mood and butterfly sat on my cheeks and shoulders and for the first time I felt complete. A new end, a new beginning.

    Chilly wind made me shudder as my eyes were adapting to the darkness, until I finally could see clearly, this vast dusky sky. The blowing breeze addressing the ramping mist to prone, soothing me from my tears, Heart beat raised drifting the mindset off into the deep space, searching for it my mind echoes Loud thunders and rainstorms, A cold place could ever be. As the wind of secrets occupies my ears an endless see of monsoon. Like a typhoon I keep listening to our love song. Reminds me of the wrong person, bringing me back to where i belong in your arms? But I'm solely the faint Whispers of a summer wind in winter times, A fleeting breeze of hope repeated again and again with changed times, flees from its sleeplessness and burns for not to exist again.

    Winter stars sliding away allowing the new ones to have a dance in the dark until the moon appears, illuminating the desire of love, where its wings are not buried like the steel in my heart. Dressed in the night with elegant grace of thousand galactic stars,
    Cuddling the dove feathers of clouds, And her flaws and scars smiling, full of airy grace,
    But the torment increases, and starts searching for the native sky with no further horizon, and failed noticing it, Thus vanished into the mist, into absence, an absence as soft as child's skin, where oblivion dwells. I realise I would live for myself and go back home.


    Happy birthday Mirakee.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #teamgreenie

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