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  • eusmaph 36w


    The sun rose in the east
    The birds flew high up in the sky
    Shouting joys of happiness
    That my heart didn't heed to
    And so here I am
    On my bed
    Pondering about the way of life
    How tiring and monotonous it is
    And how ready I am to give up

    The smiles long ago became fake
    The twinkle in the eye faded to nothing
    A small frown greeted my morn
    And a melancholia settles my heart
    Nothing makes me move
    As my arms freeze like lead
    My eyes still like a statue — emotionless
    My heart frozen in its own rhythm
    And a buzz in my brain
    Yet nothing frees me from my reverie

    Hunger pangs make me move
    And every step is forced
    Yet my feet silently glide me
    Down the well known path
    My thoughts not processing
    My eyes still to the on lookers
    And in the bright, loud dining room
    My heart felt lovelier than ever
    Music blasting in my ears
    And I feeling nothing

    Maybe I had given up
    Monotonously I wait
    Monotonously I fake the smile
    Monotonously I face reality
    Life was monotonous
    Every second was tedious

    Maybe some day I will snap
    Till then I will hide the darkness and skip
    Till then I will wear a mask ...
    Until then... Goodbye!

  • samael_eitr539 49w


    Dancing in the moonlight as my soul forgets all of my troubles, lost in this bliss I called a dream only to start over once agian, a repeating pattern lost among the labyrinth thoughts,
    Your mind an endless corridor of doubt.

    It seems simple to agree with many strangers as these false answers to the arisen questions lie about what this state of mind truly is, even though they are pleasent to know and continue this dream, the more I listen the deeper I fall into the abyss of failure.

    Why continue to do for others in kindness and generosity when I know they will never return unto me the same curtsy, as they know I do things in good faith and never expect back, unconditionally.

    They abuse it continuesly, and in the end I am left with nothing, but anger and frustration.

    So I hold back my temper and bite my tongue once more, and use it to assist me carry on with my life tasks, Infinite.

  • arya_ballal 96w

    Time was going so slow,
    Watching every minute pass by on the clock,
    Staring at the paintings below.
    Loads of books on table,
    Yet so much left to read,
    Mind is filled with thoughts not so stable,
    Heart is an empty bead.
    No missed calls from friends,
    I'm sure they don't miss me,
    Neither any recent texts from them,
    No new posts on ig.
    Can't go out, the world is suffering,
    Can't stay in, my mind is buffering,
    No passion left for any art,
    Neither will my passion for life start.
    So I write this, as my mind gets more and more tedious,
    The time could go faster I wish, when my heart grows more devious....


  • sumi_de_dazzler 141w


    Blister is style,
    Insaneness is intelligence,
    Its sophisticated to be
    sure as hell stupid than
    utterly tedious.

  • umartanwar0357 156w

    "If It doesn't satisfy you, even thought it gives you money:
    Then stop the work done in sheer monotony...."

  • rosatan 161w

    How it lifted

    It was a wait
    Till that green dot appeared
    To engage in a chat
    And be gaily lost.
    The wait was sometimes endless
    But also tireless.
    When it became tedious
    Exits slowly beginning to be plotted
    Excuses to leave googled
    It was now evident
    The smoke has cleared
    The veil has fallen
    Murk of love has risen.

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    #bleedingpoet #english #writersnetwork
    #writerscommunity #writerofmirakee
    #seekingahighertruth #longing #search

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    The smoke has cleared
    The veil has fallen
    © Rosa

  • the_scratches 169w

    The Tedious Hide & Seek

    Is that you??
    I mean the one that's been showing up lately.
    Or was it you??
    I mean the one you portrayed formerly.

    Yeah I know it might be difficult to juggle between the One that cares to the One that Leaps over. But could you maybe save us both from this tedious play of Hide & Seek; Come Clean.


  • theenigmaticwriter_divyapriya 184w

    I don't want those dead seashells basking on the seashore. I'm a pearl hunter. I travel deep into the vast sea to fetch my treasure. I'm not easy, I'm tough. And my path is tedious.

  • maliciouslybrutal 214w


    A lot of things irritate me... here are a few in a list....


    the rainbow goldfish dont really look like rainbow goldfish. I buy a bag and expect to see the the wizard of oz version of dorothys rainbow but all i get are offset vomit inspired looking goldfish.. its like living a dream but waking up under dorothys house next to the witch. *cries in utter disbelief by mislead fourtune*

    I get Chip shrapnel..... definition: Eating a chip, and you barely breathe in for a second and a tiny piece of chip debree torpedos down your throat making you cough so hard you cry. So you drink water but cant stop coughing which results in more coughing which then leads to choking and you face the reality that the bag of doritos you were enjoying will possibly be your last meal on earth. Damn you cool ranch. 

    People drown their oreos. I call them Oreo drowners... no explanation needed.

    You enter the isle with the Rude cashiers that has a price scanner gun. You know when youve got a fed up cashier when you set your items on the rubber belt and the cashier looks at you like you just ruined her 4 second daydream of magic mike so she begins to bag your items like shes a bitter divorcee out of xanax. Um hey lady? Can you like maybe nottttttt squish my twinkies, i kinda meed them for my mental breakdown that is scheduled for 4pm in my closet. Thx

    When there is Hair in my food. No i dont want a refund. I want a damn dna test to ensure that the hair i just swallowed wasnt attached to a serial killer or possibly an animal. Then i think, wait.... that hair was on a person and suddenly i begin to wonder about that persons life and wonder how theyd feel knowing i ate their hair while ingesting a bigmac. 

    Being around Silent farters... i mean come on, if youre willing to leak small amounts of methane out your ass with no warning, you cant be trusted. Its a fart, if you have to hide a fart, what else you hiding? Hmm? Got some secrets there bro? 

    Standing behind indecisive fast food orderers. lady, Im starving, please read the menu, its taco bell, not iron chef. Your going to eat processed food wrapped in a tortilla. Can you stop asking what kind of black beans are black beans... theyre black beans! Nothing else! You cant throw them on the ground and make a beanstalk, they arent magic.. they do however cause uncontrollable flatulents. Theyre beans.. the musical fruit.. omg now youre asking about fruit! Finally! Shes gone! Shit.... now i cant even remember what i wanted to order.. ugh

    Microwaves lie you. You get up to check your food because it sounds like a civil war broke out inside your microwave only to be utterly disappointed that your food is colder than kim kardashians personality, so you press the button for 2 more minutes then youre food comes out hotter than megan fox. 

    Life gives you Bubble baths. The water runs, making a frothy white wonderland, you get in and immediatley regret the last 4 seconds of your life because your bubbles hid the dark secret that your water has now become a boiled cauldron from hocus pocus. Which then causes you to panic and youre suddlenly faced with the choice to sit and be boiled alive or freeze to death as your vulnerable naked body runs covered in soap frantically searching for a towel.

    Infomercials use you as bait.. yes i want to make dump cakes, i want that copper skillet, i want to cook a whole turkey in the nu-wave, i want those things, all of them but i dont want to make 3 low payments of 19.99 even though you promised to double the products at no extra charge. I waited 28 years for this? 

    Seeing hair on a bar of soap. I dont know bout yall but i panic.... whose hair is this, why did it get on my soap, who used my soap. Ugh i hope it was a hair strand from a pony tail. Wait... is that a..... oh god. Oh god! 

    People take the Wrong orders.... i said no mayo, why did you put mayo on my sandwhich... after i said no mayo. What were you so focused on during the last 3 seconds of you taking my order? I aksed for no mayo, you said okay, but yet there is mayo. Why is there mayo? Even my reciept said no mayo, but yet, there is mayo... why? #condimentslivesmatter

    Bank tellers are age racist. Yes i know my account is negative. I realize im broke, why must you remind me? Im not worried about it, i just want to know why youre denying me a sucker.... why am i too old to get a sucker. Thats really unfair to have a wicker basket full of dum dums and not have the privlige of getting one. You just gave that ladys dog a treat, i deserve a treat. Why didnt i get a treat???? I just wanted to get a sucker. 

    Im not leaving this bank until i get a sucker!

  • lucinda 230w


    I walk into an empty conference room
    The sun has not yet risen today
    The clouds block the light of the moon
    But it’s peaceful, in a way
    I wonder if I will ever lead the meeting
    The ones that I hate to show up to
    My confidence in my work is fleeting
    But you know, what can you do


  • shibanikrishnatraya_ 269w

    Vapid hour. ~Shibani

    Humdrum moments fill my life up to the brim,
    The meaning of adventure has shrunken, it seems.
    Everyday even the time drapes the same moments,
    Adorning emotions so despondent.
    The more rare is the word 'new'
    As much as it's hopes of being true.
    The zeal too comes packed in tedious wrappers,
    That everything has to wait for 'sometime later'.
    The Heavens aren't as generous as people preach,
    They have unswervingly dismissed my wish for some moments of relish.
    I wonder hard every fine day,
    If I never find the 'road less taken' way.
    If my raggedy journey will only be about this doleful euphoria
    The day is not far that my future will just be a forgettable nostalgia.