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  • sanveda 7w

    The Age of Teen

    The age of learning through your flaws
    The child where mind wants to skip all the laws
    The age of change, it a turning point
    It's up to you if you're decided path is wrong or right
    The age of internal conflicts, where it's hard to balance emotions
    Where we all hate advices and suggestions
    The age of going through a lot
    The age where you are confused in all
    The beginning of the your career in life
    The age of teen is just hard to survive
    Where a wrong step can show you the worst
    And your steps slips the most

  • alfaaz___writes 10w

    Ke koi adhura khwab fir kahan pura hota hai
    Nadani me hua pyaar samajhdari me kahan hota hai

  • houseofnovice 12w


    [Our bond was prickly thorns,
    our minds poles apart,
    we grew up under the roof,
    we were like oil and water in the glass.

    I call him a younger sibling, by blood,
    and a cunning bully, by deed,
    once I'd stack my memories with him,
    all that I'd get is a bottleful toxic.

    Now deciding to dump him in the past,
    and make peace with my chance,
    years later, I proudly say,
    bro, I don't even miss you,

    not even for once.]

    (#wordoftheday #wod #bonds #family #sibling #brother #toxic #bullying #abuse #memories #missing #moments #past #childhood #teenage #living #miraquill #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #writersnetwork)

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    Our bond was prickly thorns,
    our minds poles apart,
    we grew up under the roof,
    we were like oil and water in the glass.

    I call him a younger sibling, by blood,
    and a cunning bully, by deed,
    once I'd stack my memories with him,
    all that I'd get is a bottleful toxic.

    Now deciding to dump him in the past,
    and make peace with my chance,
    years later, I proudly say,
    bro, I don't even miss you,

    not even for once.


  • a_kalita 21w

    //Last Monsoon//

    Memories of last monsoon are still fresh in my mind
    And the chills still return by the wind
    I have no regrets of dancing my heart out
    And get drenched in the rains with thee.

    The noise of the loud thunders do not scare me no more
    Nor do I flinch when the lightning strikes
    The feeling of the arrival of monsoon revives me
    Washing away the worries of melancholic days I've passed.

    Date: 18-12-21

  • sameen_ 30w

    I hopped with the stick in hand
    Driving my herd grazing the land
    It was time, the sun was setting
    The green grass turned yellow, unforgetting
    It was a task, taking them downhill
    Ain't no human, hence, still
    I called them out, and whistled and squeaked
    Alert as they were, followed my lead
    The sun was setting right in front of me
    The far off field shone beautifully
    Crops swayed to and fro
    Trees casted a long shadow
    And there, at the foot, I saw a shack
    Lone in its place, missing track
    I stood on the hill, wondering of life
    Shut from the world, can anyone thrive?
    I started descending like a routined task
    Gathering my stock, adjusting my cask
    The pond glistened, an ocean of gold
    Sun neared the horizon, a story to fold
    Sky turned yellow, then orange, then red
    My eyes gazed with a thought in head
    Nature is pretty, a pure bliss
    How lovely would the Creator be, if creation is this!
    'It's time to leave', my friends voiced
    I obliged, I knew I have no choice.
    I will return tomorrow, for I have experience to add
    Going home today, a rich twelve year old lad.

    #pastoralpoem #pasture #pod #life #country #teenage #perspective #view @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @readwriteunite

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    Sky turned yellow, then orange, then red
    My eyes gazed with a thought in head
    Nature is pretty, a pure bliss
    How lovely would the Creator be, if creation is this!


  • kasminastro 30w

    My Strength

    My Strength is a line
    Precisely balanced between the two points
    Of present time and state of mind.
    Under some light,
    It gleams like an iron rod
    Alloyed with strength and virtue.
    Under different light,
    Shines like that of a dewy spider web
    Tinted with strength and vulnerability.

    Sometimes the line
    Threatens to fall or shatter,
    But I always pick it back up
    Within a few days or years.
    As long as the two points in space
    Of that of my blazing mind
    And the flow of time, exist
    My Strength, my line, cannot disappear.

  • prakhar_sainii 35w

    "उम्र लड़कपन की"

    यूं ही आजकल वो गमजदा चुप चुप सा रहता है ,
    दुनिया के ताने खाकर भी हंसता रहता है ,
    यूं ही नहीं हो जाता इस तरह शांत कोई ,
    लगता है इसे भी लड़कपन की उम्र के फेर ने मारा है ।

  • kasminastro 35w

    Word Search

    All of the gossip and chatter
    Threatens to shatter
    My mind.
    Their insensitive laughter
    and hypocritical demeanor
    Make it harder
    to bring my thoughts to a stand still.

    I open the book.

    If only I could scream
    That what they deem
    Is a lie.
    The truth is a
    World that won't tolerate
    Their selfish day dream

    I strike F-R-I-E-N-D-L-Y,
    goes sideways.

    If only I could shout
    That without a doubt
    No matter how much they act about
    They have always been mean.
    And I always have been
    Trying to see the better
    In their letters
    But can find nothing
    but undertones that taste bitter.

    The last word, B-E-T-R-A-Y-A-L,
    goes downwards.

    If only I could tell them....
    My words only ever fall on deaf ears
    And oversized egos.
    This Word Search I have at hand
    Is much more interesting than the
    Ever-annoyed high schoolers around me.

    I turn the page.

  • parzivalmorningstar_ 42w

    Teenage Blues

    Teenage mind is a stage where we are mixed up with feelings and Messed up by decisions

  • dk1111_ 43w

    Vho din bhi kya din hoga
    jisdin mujhe
    vho mill jayega
    Jiski mujhe
    Teenage se talash hai....

  • ravindra_singh 43w

    Tutta hi h

    Kisi ne kaha bahut sundar h wo !!
    Maine kaha ha... Dil todegi!!!


  • devilfish 44w

    Red Light At Twilight

    In the distance a sullenness seeps from sonorously sweet siren
    Making sound sort of sound like song
    But depleted the iris and turned my sight into a narrow and seemingly tight bright exit where I left myself that night into booming bass on a circular song ringing through sound
    Where solace is found and light when it’s only darkness that surrounds my life like vultures leaving me like meat to be in the ground
    Ground flesh is not sweet or sound
    I’ve walked on blackened paths where I can’t get and won’t take my indifference back where I lost it on the path trodden with perversity and a shimmering infection a new collection of cells coming together for my eyes to be dissecting it’s not my fault the light is deflecting my pain into my back beating me with bounds of pain struck with the sheer singing pangs that rearrange my organs as I change and waste away I must be doing something wrong or else I wouldn’t be shoved hurriedly down the sewer drain is my reality too scary for you to try and relate?
    Is your pride and ego so small you have to deflate the whole truth and inflate lies pollute your children’s plates with lies and subversion in the messages that lie inside plain sight on T.V
    Screens are shining in a dark room
    Fiends are trying to shark you and end you in doom as they do to you to them back to you to them to us to me back to you then it becomes us

  • devilfish 44w


    Daliesque petals softer than angel’s
    Imperfect vessels are our mother’s and father’s words that haunt what we have kept and what hasn’t parted in death kept but less is all we get we wept as the truth of all our interest is about to undress while they slept
    Crawling into the bed and now the stranger in the mirror wants me dead the same as the strange figure head who left me like a stain on my bed
    My bed was where I used to lay my head before I was snapped off like a thread and I’m not sure if I can dream
    And I’m not sure if I am awake
    Am I asleep?
    Am I alive?
    Will I have the leave quietly like the secret threatening to consume me
    So menacingly inside me

  • john_felix 44w

    She's Gone

    You left me, my dearest,
    Even without saying goodbye,
    All my dreams now are just dreams,
    It was a good era,
    Well, at least for me,
    But now I regret everything,
    All the chances I lost,
    To tell you how much I've loved you,
    But my fears wouldn't have let me,
    I was so afraid,
    That you'd hear me say the magical words,
    I love you.
    Now you're gone,
    And I'll probably never hear from you again, For a while there, you took over my soul,
    You lived in me,
    And I don't know if its the same for you.
    Well, either way, may the Almighty be with you, Wherever you are, I loved you.
    That's the most I can tell you.
    I hope that one day we'll meet,
    Under different circumstances,
    But as for now,
    I hope my love flows forever like ink from this pen.

  • pink_splash__ 45w

    Teen age

    Teen age

    It’s is one kind of love.In this age,people ase feel the pain,love.....In this age,they get attached with some loved ones.....In this age,people know how really hard to match step with this cruel world.....In this age,they get heart-broken,hurt,cry without sound etc...

    But this age is the best and beautiful period od life

  • shanthi_yella 46w

    Judged and Compared

    We face it in different situations of our life.
    We are compared to other kids in Childhood life.
    When our parents say, look that Y got more marks.
    Look your friend got a good rank and seat in College.
    When our teacher says, you are nothing and you will be nothing in life, only the first ranked will succeed in life.
    When we hear this every time, we bare it every time.

    When we hear our parents saying look at your friends getting settled at a young age.

    They compare everything from appearance to earning.

    Yes! Our parents love us.
    They are concerned about us.

    But we don't compare them with other parents and say
    Look at my friend's parents who have a big house, who earn more than you.
    We don't compare our teacher with the teacher of other school and say he is settled in a good life and earning more than.

    It's about comparison and getting compared.

    Sometimes children compare their parents with others, saying you are not doing like them.

    We as children, teenagers, or young adults keep on repeating these words and comparison and de-motivated.

    But when we think in a reverse way, maybe I would say positively and say to inner ourselves that

    All my Dearest persons,
    Please wait one day you will find an incomparable me. The one and unique me, with my own identity.
    It's about self-satisfaction, rather than thirsting for stopping someone to "STOP COMPARING" me and "STOP JUDGING" my life.

    They compare us only once when they say but keep on thinking about their words and compare ourselves for N times.

    Is this life or reality show! Why are we judging each other?

    If this never happened with you, great you are a lucky and blessed person.
    If you never did this as a Teacher, parent or Child, you are great! Keep going...

    If comparison and judgement happened with you, great! You are blessed to say on one day, I'm incomparable, My life is not meant to be compared and judged.

    Life is not a race to compare and judge, let's connect emotionally with self-respect and mutual understanding and love.

    The base of my next Book "The Times of 1965"
    AV trailer available in my Instagram account @yellashanthi and YouTube channel @shanthi yella

    Shanthi yella

    Yay or nay..add your opinions..
    @miraquill @quotes

  • deadly_writer 46w


    Shyness is the curse of every teenager wishing to have anything like a normal social life. That unfounded anxiety when talking to people, the debilitating reluctance to speak up.


  • ankeetaa 47w

    The unique love bond.

    Those Ineffable feelings of love,
    those prattle everyday before sleep,
    your taciturn and my voluble nature,
    your possessive and my lachrymose behavior.
    Aren't we a seraphic couple...?

  • ankeetaa 47w

    The confused soul...

    She was in the last year of teens,
    Confused and afraid.
    Now she had to bid a goodbye
    to her teens.
    She was an adult now.
    Every night as she slept, her heart told,
    "Do you really deserve to end your teens,
    are you prepared to take responsibilities?"
    She struggled to find answer
    of these questions, everyday
    her friends were so fearless and tension free.
    Why was all those darkness hitting her?
    Why she felt so insecure?
    Her head was full of confusions.
    These lockdowns ate up all the
    confidence she stored in herself.
    She was impatient and felt dizzy.
    She probably wanted to see her future.
    She wanted to see herself in the place
    where she wants to be.
    She was scared to have so many dreams.
    She was afraid to have a huge
    expectation from life.
    She was tired of the daily
    dissensions in her head.
    Tired of those people who constantly
    broke her confidence.

    Will she be able to stand up?
    Will she be able to touch her dreams?
    Her huge dreams, colorful as a rainbow!
    Or a wave of adulthood will drown her?
    Drown her to fulfill her responsibilities.
    Will she be left with sources
    to build her own sky,
    after carrying those responsibilities?

    No! she is not a loser.
    She is brave, she is ready to face
    whatever comes in her life.
    No! She is not selfish to fulfill
    only her dreams and not her duties.
    She had only two years left to prepare herself.
    Prepare herself for the war.
    Aim at a right direction,
    and make time her books.
    No! she was not scared of adulthood
    just a bit concerned.
    A single fault can drown her and
    a single victory can fulfill her.
    She is at the transformations of her life.
    At the height of success,
    or at the height of failure.
    All up to her, her decision, her struggle,
    her perseverance, her hardwork.
    And that one percent of luck.

  • sarangkore 48w


    Hey stranger,
    I don't know you
    But I am jealous of you.

    If you score good grades
    And your smile never fades
    You are your parents' pride
    On a wild and successful ride
    If you have nothing to worry about
    You don't hear your soul shout

    Yes, I sound mad
    Depressed and sad
    Even though I tried my best
    All I ever got was second-hand happiness
    In my chest, even my own heart pitied me
    My ego is broken, life is a mess.

    I sound selfish but the truth is truth
    I don't know you
    But I am jealous of you.