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  • leena_afsha_ishrot 7w

    1:41 a.m. 8-5-22

    Tell me how many times
    You have erased and re-typed your thoughts
    Tell me what do you love most
    Besides ignoring my existence
    Tell me about your nightmares
    Tell me about those beautiful nights
    When you are flying high without worries
    Tell me about your birthmark and phobias
    Tell me what changes do you require in actual
    Tell me what made you utter to be loved with me
    Tell me about the cosmos
    Tell me what bound you to say, "I will repay your debt of love"
    Tell me about the unplanned goodbyes

  • thehaiku 7w

    Tell me if you feel pain,
    You don't need to hide under that blanket
    Which makes your heart cold
    While you die in the pool of your tears
    This one time trust me and let me save you


  • khushhi 7w

    Putting an end to the never ending darkness that screams out loud

    @writersnetwork #tellme

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    Tell me the poem the stars narrated
    Under the influence of those cold breezes
    Shaking voice , unfolded chapters
    Tell me those words ,
    wake me up from the nightmare,
    Narrate me the poem those stars left


  • lipsaxd 7w

    The 1975

    tell me,
    does your pain go through a euphorial transformation when you listen to The 1975 in the halflight?


  • lipsaxd 7w

    Tell Me

    Tell me the difference between not believing and forgetting
    Is it denial or just mere insensitivity?
    Tell me if you remember
    When I asked you to believe
    Did you forget? Or did you deny?
    Is it not wanting to remember
    or just not needing to?
    Tell me;
    Do you want to live in the truth
    or the illusions you believe are the truth?

  • lipsaxd 7w

    tell me

    tell me if you feel colours run through your veins when i touch you

  • bohemian_ballerina 7w

    It's pretty long!��

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    Tell Me

    Tell me,
    When the winds tease
    My hair strands,
    Is that you?

    Tell me,
    When the butterfly sits
    Quietly over my fingers,
    Is that you?

    Tell me,
    When the neem tree
    Dances in merry,
    Is that you?

    Tell me,
    When the heart flutters
    And does a somersault,
    Is that you?

    Tell me,
    When the Spring Sun
    Brings colour to my world,
    Is that you?

    Tell me,
    When the starry sky
    Bows over my dark night,
    Is that you?

    Tell me,
    When the moon shines
    And bends into a smile,
    Is that you?

    Tell me,
    That this is you
    And I'll tell you
    What am I


  • shivanic 7w

    Tell me

    Tell me where is the place where the sky and the land meet and also tell me is it the end of this world? Tell me does magic exist in this world or are there elves in the form of humans somewhere out there? Tell me do soulmates really exist and how do we know the otehr person is really that one? Tell me what the birds sing and are their songs really about love? Tell me when does one pass the thin line between care and love? Tell me the stories about all the good things that i dont know but i want to find out. Tell me about everything you want to before there is no time left! Tell me dear, tell me!

  • shayanaaaaa 7w

    “Tell me you love me” I screamed at his grave but he didn’t responded. I was heartbroken💔

  • varshuahuja 7w

    Tell me why do boys have all the fun
    I need to know if girls are too human.
    Tell me why girls are not allowed late nights
    I need to know do they love sleep and peace.
    Now tell me why girls can't raise their voice
    I need to know whether God gave them muted mouths.


  • azrulhafiz 7w


    Tell me how far can I go,
    In the vast unexplored space,
    Where stars twinkle and planets rotate,
    Tell me where would I be,
    If I let my mind wander,
    Would there be a world so bizarre,
    That awe me to wonder.


  • puchka 7w

    Tell me how deep is the ocean?
    I assure you, it can never
    exceed the depth of my love
    for you.

  • anitagorai 7w

    Tell me,
    If your head too feels heavy at the end of the day,
    And you seek for music to calm and pray,
    Tell me,
    Do you feel scared when past seems repeating,
    Out of nowhere, you again feel the insecurity
    Tell me,
    Is the childhood still alive in you?
    Or life murdered it with the dagger it threw,
    Tell me,
    Do you still believe in moon and sunshine,
    Or it became a fairytale and a bunch of lies..
    Tell me

  • 2chinmayee 7w

    Tell me the story of the twinkling of stars
    adhering the caligos of dear Earth
    When stars can smile holding the mirk
    then why don't I....
    Why do i need someone to share??
    Are they pretending to be happy or they are happy??

    I jumped into clouds to get my answer
    being a philosopher but they showed a sarcastic smile
    saying ~ Don't you know atmospheric refraction
    And my hope got broken like the thunderstorm
    And slapped my madness .. ...

    Darling ! ! Tear ,thorn and my ink
    I know you will never give me cold comfort
    cos you have accepted being me
    so accept my madness too....


    #madness #Tellme #wod #pod

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  • layersofdesires 7w

    Tell me
    All the things you are afraid
    If you utter you'll be fallen out of love with
    Handover your secrets
    For me to kiss

    Tell me
    The tears you drink afraid
    If you show and let them flow
    They'll question your masculinity
    Handover your burdens
    Weighing you down for me to kiss

    Tell me
    Have you found anyone ?
    Who listens to your stories with same pique
    Because you are still my favourite narrator
    Share your high with who so ever you like but
    Handover your lows for me to kiss

    Tell me
    Things you think about when you smile sheepishly
    Zoning out in the middle of on going conversations
    Be an idol for others
    Handover your demons for me to kiss

    Tell me
    Are you held and felt how you always wanted ?
    If yes , I'm happy
    If not , I hope you never forget
    Someone is here scattering love notes on your way
    To comfort the amber marks on your feet serching love
    Handover your scars for me to kiss

    Tell me
    What do you crave ?
    Staring at the moon
    Engulfed with darkness
    You made a poetess
    I need to know more, more and more
    To write you , To live you
    Handover your desires for me to kiss

    Tell me
    Do you think of me ?
    Or am I already a forgotten melody
    In your absence I've learnt
    To dance with my own shadow
    Wearing shades of your expressions
    Handover your fights for me to kiss

    Tell me
    What do you do when memories pay you a visit ?
    Do you sleep on it to escape
    Hoping to diminish distance in dreams
    Or am I the only one
    Searching your warmth
    Handover your sleepless nights for me to kiss
    © Layersofdesires

    #tellme , #writersnetwork

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    For me to kiss

  • hmxvibe 22w

    Tell me

    Give me a word in Urdu
    And I'll write something for you

    Please go ahead


  • margaret_anita 39w

    Tell Me

    Tell me
    what you are thinking
    I would love to know
    Why the furrow on your brow?

    Tell me
    I would love to know
    My darling child
    Whats weighing heavy on your mind ?

    Tell me
    What the problem is ,
    I promise you ,dear
    When I am there you need not fear !

  • nocturnal_enigma 44w

    * 585th; 93 posts till 678th
    * 26.8.2021; 2.07 A.M (Malaysia)

    Tell Me ~

    Tell me. Why were you like that?
    Tell me. Who is in your heart?
    Tell me. When is your free-time?
    Tell me. Where shall we meet at?
    Tell me. What shall we talk about?
    Tell me. How to open your heart?
    Tell me. Do you really hate me?


    Tell me. Did you really liked me?
    Tell me. You still feel the same?
    Tell me. You still wanna meet me?
    Tell me. Why you broke your promise?
    Tell me. Why you stopped chatting me?
    Tell me. Why you kept ignoring me?
    Tell me. Blocking me give you peace?

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


    #questions #wod @miraquill #NuEmQuestions


    * Also entry for 3 other challenges by @Miraquill

    1. #TellMe

    * Tell Me in Kpop song

    "Tell me x2. Tell x5. Tell me." ��

    Tell Me by Wonder Girls


    "Tell me why
    Ain't nothin' but a heartache
    Tell me why
    Ain't nothin' but a mistake
    Tell me why
    I never wanna hear you say
    I want it that way" ��

    I want it that way by Backstreet Boys

    2. #Kwansaba (Mine is double)

    * Kwansaba:

    7 lines. 7 words for each line.

    3. #Anaphora

    #tellmec @writersbay #tellme #challenge


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    Tell Me ~

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  • 2write 46w

    Tell me

    Tell me, there will be serenity
    After this chaos
    Tell me, there will be rainbows
    After this storm
    Tell me, there will be light
    After this darkness
    Tell me, fireflies will twinkle
    On starless nights
    Tell me, there will be smiles
    Without hidden sorrows in them
    Tell me, there will be tears
    Only for joyous occasions
    Tell me, this is the transition
    From sorrows to happiness.